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Chapter 533 – demonic spiritual energy Crystal

After he was done with the jades, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and covered the entire valley. Every villager inside the valley was unknowingly being observed by him. He found that almost all of them had really good talent, much stronger than his body when he started cultivating.

While feeling regretful, Wang Lin was also happy. Although there wasn’t any spiritual energy here, there was demonic spiritual energy. Maybe by using demonic spiritual energy to cultivate the soul flag, they might gain some benefits.

With this idea in mind, Wang Lin’s divine sense found Ouyang Hua, who was planning attacks on other villages and looking for potential places to live.

After sending a message into Ouyang Hua’s ear, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense.

Not long after, Ouyang Hua quickly ran to Wang Lin with a respectful expression. When he was pondering earlier, he suddenly heard Wang Lin’s voice. He was startled for a moment and then quickly rushed over.

Wang Lin threw the two pieces of jade at Ouyang Hua.

Ouyang Hua was startled. He carefully looked at the jades and then became very excited as he asked, “Supreme Celestial, could these be demon jades?”

“Demon jade… pretty much!” Wang Lin searched though Lou Yun’s memories and found that Lou Yun’s ancestor had a record the word “demon jade.”

Ouyang Hua held the jade and took a deep breath. After looking at it for a long time, his old face turned red. A little embarrassed, he whispered, “Supreme Celestial, I only know that these things record things; I don’t know how to read them…”

“Press one against your forehead and imagine yourself viewing inside it. If your mind is firm, you will be able to see. If not, try it a few more times!” With that, Wang Lin closed his eyes.

Ouyang Hua took a deep breath as he sat down in the lotus position with the jade pressed against his forehead and tried to imagine viewing the jade. After a while, he revealed a bitter smile. No matter how hard he imagined, he wasn’t able to see inside it.

Although Wang Lin had his eyes closed, he was still observing Ouyang Hua.

This person was the elder of this valley because when he went to Ancient Demon City to study, it was found that he had one rank of demonic spiritual energy. Although it was not enough to live inside the city, his status in the village increased greatly.

Wang Lin could clearly see a thin, silk-like aura slowly moving in Ouyang Hua’s dantian. However, this person’s meridians were all blocked. Not only was the cycle of that sliver of aura slow, its range of movement was limited.

Even so, this aura was able to act as the catalyst for the formation around the valley. With it, he could control the formation and even create a fake body.

One hour later, Ouyang Hua couldn’t help but give up. His face was filled with bitterness as he silently shook his head.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and they lit up, then he waved his hand. Ouyang Hua exclaimed as he flew toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin held two fingers up from his left hand and suddenly pointed at Ouyang Hua’s dantian.

With one point. Ouyang Hua immediately let out a groan. There was a sharp pain coming from his dantain and large beads of sweat fell on the ground from his forehead.

Although it was painful, he clenched his teeth. He knew that if Wang Lin wanted to kill him, there was no need to do all of this. If Wang Lin was doing this, it was most likely to help him.

Someone of his age would normally be stuck at rank 1[1] forever, and it would be impossible for him to gain anymore ranks of demonic spiritual energy. However, he had a feeling that if he grabbed hold of this chance, breaking through would no longer be just a dream.

Wang Lin’s finger that was pointed at Ouyang Hua’s dantian slowly moved up. Every time he moved up half an inch, the pain Ouyang Hua felt would increase one fold. The sweat from his forehead fell like rain, his entire body trembled violently, and his face was completely pale.

Wang Lin’s expression was still normal. After raising his finger three inches, he calmly looked at Ouyang Hua and said, “Endure it!”

With that, his left hand suddenly rose from three inches all the way to Ouyang Hua’s forehead.

A miserable groan came out from Ouyang Hua’s mouth and echoed across the entire valley.

Ouyang Hua’s eyes rolled back as he fell to the ground and became motionless.

Wang Lin didn’t look at him but continued to sit there. All of the villagers heard Ouyang Hua’s miserable groan, but no one dared to go check. The tribal law was like a sword above their heads, so no one dared to break it.

Several hours later, Ouyang Huan slowly opened his eyes. At the moment he opened them, he was completely stunned. The entire world suddenly seemed different to him. The flowers were still flowers, the grass was still grass, and the wall was still as sturdy as always, but in his eyes, everything was different.

A feeling of being reborn echoed in Ouyang Hua’s heart. He couldn’t help but let out two streams of tears. He didn’t need to check if he had reached two stars, where he can see tiny things. He respectfully knelt down before Wang Lin and kowtowed three times.

“Thank you, Supreme Celestial!”

Although he didn’t say much, the excitement and shock inside those words couldn’t even be expressed in 10,000 words.

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Check if you can see what is inside the demon jade.”

Ouyang Hua quickly picked up the jade, placed it on his forehead, and began to imagine. The chant inside the jade quickly imprinted into his memory.

Ouyang Hua’s body trembled as he took a deep breath to contain the excitement in his heart and said, “Junior has seen it.” He unconsciously changed how he addressed himself.

Wang Lin nodded. Earlier, he used his finger to open a meridian for Ouyang Hua by force. This method was simply too tyrannical and would have a lot of consequence in the future, but it was the quickest way to increase his cultivation!

Wang Lin looked at Ouyang Hua and slowly said, “This chant is called ‘soul refining.’ Listen carefully because I will only explain it to you once. Once you learn it, you will teach it to the villagers here.”

Ouyang Hua’s excitement today was like one powerful wave after another.

The increase in his cultivation already made him very excited. After seeing the chant inside the jade, his heart couldn’t help but beat rapidly. He had a guess in his heart because he couldn’t believe it was true. After all, spells were very rare in the Demon Spirit Land, so there was no way for normal people to obtain them.

Ouyang Hua took a deep breath and asked, in disbelief, “Supreme Celestial… Supreme Celestial, do you mean you will teach me this spell?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he nodded and said, “Not just you, I’m going to teach it to all the villagers here.”

Ouyang Hua’s body trembled as he respectfully bowed and said, “I, Ouyang Hua, will never forget what Supreme Celestial has done!” These words came from his heart and were filled with sincerity.

It has to be said that things like spells were controlled by very few people. With Ouyang Hua’s ability, he would never have a chance of learning one, not to mention all the villagers.

Wang Lin pointed out the key points of cultivating this spell. Ouyang Hua listened like a good student and his gratitude toward Wang Lin became even stronger.

After Wang Lin finished speaking, Ouyang Hua did his ritual to pay his respects as a disciple and left.

Seeing Ouyang Hua’s actions made Wang Lin feel a bit shocked. However, he had just taught Ouyang Hua cultivation, so Ouyang Hua doing this ritual wasn’t wrong.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, three months went by.

Ouyang Hua was very diligent. He spent all of his time cultivating and studying the soul refining spell. He even withheld the plans of attacking other villages and focused on studying this spell.

His talent was already pretty good, and the Soul Refining Sect’s techniques were the easy to learn but difficult to master type, so after three months, he had made some progress.

Not only him, but all of the males in the village had been cultivating under Ouyang Hua’s teachings. Each of them had achieved different results.

Wang Lin spent all three months of time cultivating to study the demon crystals. In three months of time, he was able to fuse the two crystals into one.

This demon crystal contained a powerful amount of demonic spiritual energy, and around it were many tentacle-like things that moved around in a strange way.

“Rank 3 demon crystal…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he opened his mouth and devoured the crystal. The crystal went into his dantian, then waves of demonic spiritual energy came out from the crystal and spread across his body.

After allowing the demonic spiritual energy to cycle through his body for a week, Wang Lin’s aura began to change. The current him no longer had the ethereal feeling of a celestial. He was now covered in demonic spiritual energy and looked very strange. Even his face was much more demonic, and his eyes would cause anyone’s heart to tremble from just looking at them.

This was a pair of extremely demonic eyes! His sharp, oval eyes would cause anyone’s heart to tremble.

Wang Lin raised his right hand, then he gently closed it and frowned.

“My body is filled with demonic spiritual energy, but unfortunately, there isn’t enough. Even after using it all, I’m only around the Foundation Establishment stage…”

With one thought, all of demonic spiritual energy inside his body withdrew into the demon crystal and not a sliver was released.

After the demonic spiritual energy withdrew, celestial spiritual energy quickly moved through Wang Lin’s body, giving him an ethereal feeling once more.

“This demonic spiritual energy is interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

In these three months, he walked out of the valley three times, and he taught the people cultivating the soul refining spell each of the three times.

The people of the valley all knew that this spell came from Wang Lin and that it was Wang Lin who gave them the chance to learn a spell. All of the fear and misunderstandings about Wang Lin completely disappeared and were replaced by endless respect and gratitude.

All three times when Wang Lin came out, every villager who saw him dropped whatever they were doing and greeted him.

Among the people that were cultivating the soul refining spell, aside from Ouyang Hua, who was advancing quickly, there was another person that caught Wang Lin’s attention.

This person was the young man who Wang Lin followed to find this valley!

This young man was very talented in cultivating the soul refining spell. In just a short three months, he had already reached the third stage, which was when one should make their own soul flag.

[1] TL Note: The thing with ranks is kind of awkward. Sometimes it’s used as actual ranks (like rank 1 in this case), and sometimes it’s used as a unit of measurement (like three ranks of demonic spiritual energy). We couldn’t think of a good way to keep it all consistent, so we left it the way the author wrote it. Just keep this in mind for future chapters.

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