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Chapter 532 – The New Soul Refining Sect

Wang Lin was standing outside of the crack. At this moment, his eyes lit up, and he reached out with his right hand and said, “Collect!”

After he said that, there was a series of angry howls from the heavenly ghost. At the same time, a ray of black light charged out of the crack and pounced at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin quickly backed up, but the black light chased after him.

Wang Lin coldly snorted as he touched his bag of holding with his right hand and took out the Soul Lasher. He waved the whip, causing the heavenly ghost to let out a painful groan and slow down.

The Soul Lasher specialized in injuring the soul, and the heavenly ghost had no real body and was the soul of a first class spirit.

The heavenly ghost became even more fierce under the pain. It decided to ignore the pain and charge toward Wang Lin. Its face was extremely fierce and filled with killing intent.

The two strands of grey gas moved through its body like needles and continued to absorb large amounts of the heavenly ghost’s life force. But at this moment, the heavenly ghost ignored it completely and charged at Wang Lin. Everywhere the heavenly ghost passed by, the grass withered and turned yellow; it looked very strange.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He stopped moving backwards and waved the Soul Lasher. With a series of lashings, the heavenly ghost began letting out miserable groans. Finally, it couldn’t withstand the pain anymore and turned around to escape.

Wang Lin knew that this was the heavenly ghost’s weakest moment. Once it escapes and recovers, it will be very troublesome to deal with. After searching Lou Yun’s memories, he knew that the heavenly ghost first needed seven days and then 49 days to recover.

He almost didn’t hesitate at all as he threw the Soul Lasher. The Soul Lasher shot out at the heavenly ghost like a fierce dragon.

The heavenly ghost was very vicious. Seeing that it couldn’t escape, it turned around and opened its mouth to spit out green fire. A large amount of green fire appeared and surrounded the Soul Lasher in a sea of green flames.

This green fire was the heavenly ghost’s life flame and also its most powerful attack. The hatred the ghost had toward Wang Lin was light compared to the hatred he felt toward the whip; what the ghost really hated was the whip.

In its eyes, this whip was made especially for dealing with heavenly ghosts. Even if it died, it had to destroy this whip. In its memories, it had only heard of one treasure that was like this, but that treasure has long disappeared from this realm and should no longer exist.

It decided that it must destroy this strange treasure that was designed to deal with heavenly ghosts. That’s why even though it was so weak, it still used its life flame.

At the moment it spat out its life flame, Wang Lin’s expression changed. Wang Lin knew how powerful the heavenly ghost was and was hesitant, but this was the weakest the heavenly ghost will ever be, which is why he came to capture it.

But at this moment, when he saw the flame, his heart trembled. Even though he wasn’t being hit by it directly, he still felt its power. Instead of burning the body, this flame burned the soul.

In almost an instant, he felt a burning pain in his origin soul. Right now he had no time for his heart to ache for the Soul Lasher, so he quickly retreated.

But just at this moment, crackling sounds came from the Soul Lasher. Then a ray of golden light came from the whip. This golden light only appeared for an instant and then disappeared without a trace.

But just that one flash caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow.

With one flash of golden light, the green flames immediately extinguished. They didn’t slowly extinguish, it was as if there was a giant hand that smashed down and extinguished them all in an instant.

After the flames were extinguished, the heavenly ghost revealed a strange expression as if couldn’t believe what just happened. It let out a sharp scream before quickly running away.

But it was too late. That flash of golden light not only caused the flames to extinguish, it also made the heavenly ghost’s body more transparent. The heavenly ghost let out a terrified scream as it quickly dissipated.

Wang Lin moved as fast as lightning and reached out toward the Soul Lasher. The whip trembled before quickly flying back into Wang Lin’s hand.

While holding the whip, Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. The golden light from the whip earlier was simply too strange.

He then looked at the heavenly ghost again. If it wasn’t for Wang Lin quickly grabbing the whip, the ghost would have already died. Even now it was dying and its body was slowly dissipating.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out the soul flag. With one wave of the soul flag, he captured the heavenly ghost, and due to the special environment inside the flag, the heavenly ghost stopped dissipating.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin carefully looked at the Soul Lasher. There was some change to the whip after being burned by the green flame. There were now some pieces of the leather that had curled up and were very sturdy.

While examining it, Wang Lin suddenly had a weird feeling. After being burned by the flame, it seemed like a python that was shedding its skin, only it had just started and was not even close to being done.

Shortly after, Wang Lin put the whip away. He then looked into the distance, and after figuring out the right direction, he bolted away.

Three days later, Wang Lin saw the valley in the distance. At this moment, the formation around the valley was giving off a powerful pressure.

Wang Lin was very familiar with this pressure; it came from the restriction flag!

When Wang Lin left, he took out the restriction flag. With the restriction flag helping the formation, the people of the valley were safe from the waves of demonic spiritual energy.

He moved like lightning and quickly arrived outside the valley. With one step, he walked through the formation. He had already broken the formation once, and with the restriction flag inside it, it could be said that Wang Lin could do as he pleased with the formation.

At the moment he appeared inside the valley, he saw the people that lived inside. They were listening to Ouyang Hua talk at the center of the valley.

Ouyang Hua immediately saw Wang Lin and revealed a look of joy. He walked past all of the people and bowed to Wand Lin from a distance. “I welcome your return, Supreme Celestial!”

There was not a hint of disrespect in him at all. He personally saw Wang Lin leave with another foreigner, and now Wang Lin had returned on his own. That could only mean one thing: Wang Lin had killed the other foreigner!

In Ouyang Hua’s view, once two foreigners met, they would be in a life and death situation.

“The deepest part of the valley is a restricted area. Don’t go there!” After Wang Lin left those words, he disappeared before everyone’s eyes and went into the depths of the valley.

Ouyang Hua revealed a hint of ecstasy. With Supreme Celestial holding down the fort here, their safety was assured! Also, it would make expansion a lot easier!

Thinking about this, Ouyang Hua revealed a hint of fanaticism. He turned around to look at the villagers and shouted, “No one is allowed to enter the depths of the valley! All of you, watch your children well; don’t break the tribal law!”

The surrounding villagers all nodded, but there were also those with an unhappy expressions. One of them muttered, “Why can’t we go there? That is the only cool place in the valley.”

Ouyang Hua stared at the person and shouted, “This is the tribal law! From today onward, that is added to the tribal law, and anyone who breaks it will be kicked out to fend for themselves!”

With that, everyone who was opposed to it became silent and no one dared to say anything more about it.

Feeling that he had said it a bit too harshly, Ouyang Hua coughed and said, “This valley is too small; we should move… Your families should have more women… Our tribe should also get a bit bigger…”

The surrounding villagers’ eyes became red and revealed hints of madness. One of them took a few steps forward and asked, “Elder, are we about to go to war?”

Ouyang Hua ruthlessly nodded.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position in the depths of the valley. The reason Wang Lin decided to stay here was because he had other plans. To stay in the Demon Spirit Land, he needed to have a foothold, strength, and military exploits!

He had to go to Ancient Demon City, but before doing that, he had to make some preparations.

There was a certain difficulty to creating his own foothold in Ancient Demon City. Also, according to Lou Yun’s memories, the left wing general’s mansion had many experts. These people were all original inhabitants of this place. Their cultivativation was focused on demonic spiritual energy, and so were their spells.

Although Wang Lin hadn’t met anyone who used demonic spiritual energy, Lou Yun had met them, and Lou Yun’s ancestor interacted with people like that for a long period of time.

If it was before searching Lou Yun’s memories, Wang Lin would have gone to Ancient Demon City without any hesitation, but now he changed his mind.

“Instead of going to Ancient Demon City to join the left wing general’s mansion, I’d rather stay here and teach the inhabitants of this place so that they will listen to my commands. I will teach them spells so that years from now, I’ll have a force that belongs to me.”

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression which then turned into a determined expression.

“People who achieve great things don’t worry about trivial matters. I’ll teach them the soul flag spells. These spells are easy to use and are good for killing. The more one kills, the more souls one can gather, and their strength increases along with it.

“I can also use this chance to see if I can repair the one-billion-soul soul flag. If I can repair it, then I won’t even have to be afraid of Ascendant cultivators. I can definitely become top 10 out of all the cultivators that came in!

“Only by doing this will I have a chance of getting an ancient demon spirit at the end!”

While thinking about this, Wang Lin took a deep breath and touched his bag of holding. Two pieces of jade appeared in his hand. He spread out his divine sense and left behind some chants within them.

The Soul Refining Sect had three spells: soul refining, soul extraction, and soul sealing!

Soul sealing is something only the true disciple of the sect can learn. In fact, the soul sealing spell was made for the one-billion-soul soul flag; it is the spell to control it.

As for soul refining and soul extracting, they are the roots of the Soul Refining Sect.

In addition to learning these two spells, creating their own soul flags is also an important part of truly becoming a disciple of the Soul Refining Sect. Only after refining a soul flag can they be considered a real Soul Refining Sect disciple.

Soul refining is to refine already existing souls, and soul extracting is to extract the soul of a living person.

Wang Lin only left the early stage of the soul refining and soul extracting chants inside the jades. Then he pondered a bit and left simple instructions on the production of soul flags. Using this method to create a soul flag would have a fatal flaw that only Wang Lin knew about.

It could even be said that with this fatal flaw, he wouldn’t even have to refine the person’s soul flag to control it like it was his own.

Wang Lin was a cautious person, so it was natural that he wouldn’t teach someone without any reservation.

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