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Chapter 528 – Forbidden Devil

The black-robed man secretly cursed and quickly backed up. He had no confident in beating the person before him, so rather than wasting time, it’d be best to leave as soon as possible.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. At the moment the sword fragment and flames arrived, he used two layers of life force seals to block the power of both spells.

After all, the black-robed man was a powerful cultivator at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. However, the amount of celestial spiritual energy the man in black robes controlled was not something Wang Lin could compete with. So although Wang Lin stopped the attack, one of the life force seals had collapsed and disappeared forever!

The life force seals were Wang Lin’s insurance for the future. He spent all that effort to barely make three, and now one of them was destroyed by the black-robed man. Although Wang Lin’s heart ached for its loss, he was also filled with killing intent.

Seeing that the enemy was not going to fight and going to retreat, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he quickly chased after the man in black robes. He touched his bag of holding and the Soul Lasher immediately appeared in his hand.

As he chased, he suddenly waved the whip.

The black-robed man’s face was gloomy as he suddenly turned around to try to grab the whip and shouted, “Ungrateful brat! Fine, today I’ll teach you a lesson in place of your master!”

At the moment his hand reached toward the whip, five red points appeared on his fingers. The five red points seemed to move as his hand moved, creating a very mysterious feeling.

At this moment, if one looked from a distance, the black-robed man’s right hand wasn’t moving but rather the five red points were.

Then his right hand moved as fast as lightning and directly grabbed the Soul-Lasher, which was flying over at a crazy speed. At the moment he grabbed the whip, the five red points on his fingers glowed brightly. Then the five points of light connected together to form a five star seal!

The black-robed man shouted, “Restrict!”

Wang Lin sneered. He wasn’t worried about the Soul Lasher at all, so he took a step and teleported toward the black-robed man instead of withdrawing the whip.

At almost the moment Wang Lin teleported, the black-robed man’s hand touched the Soul Lasher. Just as the black-robed man finished shouting, a ray of black light appeared at the tip of the whip and quickly spread across the whole whip.

At the same time, the black light spread across the black-robed man’s arm, and he let out a miserable groan. There was a sizzling sound coming from his arm, and even strands of white gas were coming off of it.

The black-robed man quickly withdrew his hand and his eyes were filled with shock. He knew in his heart that his Five Blood Seal was considered a top quality seal, and it was used especially for sealing an enemy’s treasure. In all his years of cultivating, he had used it against countless cultivators and it never failed. This was the first time it failed.

At the moment he let go, all of the battle intent in his body disappeared. Just as he was about to retreat, the Soul Lasher flew out at a weird angle toward him. With a loud, whipping sound, the Soul Lasher hit his back as he was retreating.

With one strike, his face immediately turned pale and his eyes revealed a never-before-seen mysterious light.

“A treasure that specializes in damaging the origin soul!”

The black-robed man took a deep breath. His feet didn’t stop at all as he continued to escape. However, at this moment, the space around him bent and Wang Lin caught up.

The black-robed man’s eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort as he spat out a cloud of black smoke. After the black smoke appeared, it quickly surrounded Wang Lin.

After doing this, the black-robed man didn’t pause as he quickly moved through the incoming waves of demonic spiritual energy and disappeared without a trace.

Just as Wang Lin appeared, he was surrounded by the black cloud that the black-robed man spat out. This black cloud was a very powerful poison, and he immediately felt a sharp pain when he spread out his divine sense.

Without any hesitation, his hand formed a seal and he said, “Wind!”

With one word, a gust of wind flew through the black cloud, creating an opening. Just as the opening appeared, it began to close, but Wang Lin’s body turned into a cloud of green smoke and escaped.

After he reappeared, he dreaded the black-robed man even more. This black-robed man obviously had a lot of spells and treasures that he hadn’t used. The reason he left was because he was shocked by Wang Lin’s fame. He had probably heard about how Wang Lin had fought and lost to an Ascendant cultivator but still had countless treasures to use.

“Although I don’t know what sect he is from, for him to be here must mean he’s from planet Tian Yun and knows that all disciples of the All-Seer have a life-saving treasure. This matter is not a secret, and with his mental prowess, he probably considered it a ton of times. He probably realized that killing me wouldn’t be easy, so he decided to retreat!”

“I can’t allow that person to live!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold, and he quickly chased after the black-robed man.

The two of moved one behind the other through the waves of demonic spiritual energy.

The deeper one goes into the waves of demonic spiritual energy, the stronger the demon spirits become. They can take many different forms, but the one thing that never changes is that they all have horns on their heads.

There were great differences in the power of these demon spirits; it depended on the amount of horns on their heads.

Wang Lin and the black-robed man’s location wasn’t at the center of the demonic spiritual energy anymore; they were at the edge now. Here, the demon spirits were very weak, and that’s why the black-robed man was able to survive and absorb demonic spiritual energy.

As the two of them charged through the wave of demonic spiritual energy, many demon spirits popped out. However, they were all very weak and were destroyed by the two of them with just a simple wave of their hands.

Every time a demon spirit died, a strand of demonic spiritual energy was absorbed by the person that killed it.

As the black-robed man escaped, he frowned very hard. His body suddenly twisted to the side as if it had no bones, and just at this moment, a ray of black light scraped by his body.

The black-robed man let out a cold snort as his body returned to normal. He then spread out his divine sense and found that Wang Lin was still chasing after him.

“Ungrateful bastard! This Wang Lin is stuck to me like bone marrow sticks to bone. So troublesome, especially that half-moon blade; it is simply too fast. If it wasn’t for the fact that I came prepared, I would definitely suffer from it! If it wasn’t for the fact that he has a treasure protecting him, I would kill him no matter what sect he was from and absorb his demonic spirit crystal!” The black-robed man’s expression was gloomy as he let out a cold snort. Then his hand began to form seals and the wave of demonic spiritual energy began to spread as if it didn’t dare to get close to to him.

There were now stands of black smoke coming from his hands, and they circled around both of his hands. He took a deep breath and suddenly pressed them on his chest. At the moment his hands touched his chest, those strands of black smoke quickly entered his body.

The black-robed man revealed a painful expression and his eyes became bloodshot. At this moment, he looked very terrifying and as if he was enduring a lot of pain.

As the black smoke continued to enter his body, he finally wasn’t able to withstand it and began to roar madly into the sky.

His voice shook the heavens, and the wave of demonic spiritual energy was pressured back by the roar. If one were to look from above, they would see that there was no demonic spiritual energy within 1,000 feet of him.

The demonic spiritual energy that moved like an army of more than 10,000 galloping horses was forced back, creating this 1,000-foot-wide dead zone.

At this moment, Wang Lin caught up. He stopped 1,000 feet away and coldly looked at the man in black robes.

The black-robed man was standing at the center. He suddenly raised his head as he stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, “You are courting death!” With that, he raised his left hand and pointed at Wang Lin. Strands of black gas started coming out from his left hand like tentacles.

“Forbidden Devil, the fourth Heavenly Ghost, appear!”

With that, his painful expression intensified, his eyes became even more bloodshot, and veins began to bulge on his body. The bulging moved all over his body, making it look very strange.

It was as if there was an endless, mysterious force coming out of his chest and from his right arm into his left arm. The black tentacles began to move rapidly until they formed a ghostly figure.

After this ghostly figure appeared, it let out a roar, but there was no sound. However, his roar caused the demonic spiritual energy to back up several dozen feet more.

Wang Lin quickly backed up. Although he couldn’t hear the sound with his ears, he could hear that roar that was trying to tear the heavens apart with his origin soul.

The black-robed man shouted, “Release!” Although it was just one word, his voice was trembling. This showed just how much pain he was experiencing.

With just one word, the ghostly figure spread out from the black-robed man’s arm. The ghostly figure’s eyes released a ghostly light as it stared at Wang Lin. It then let out a grin before charging toward him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and with one thought, the celestial sword flew out before him. With a slash, the celestial sword sent out a wave of sword energy. However, the ghostly figure opened its mouth and devoured the sword energy.

As for the half-moon blade, it charged through the ghostly figure without doing any damage. When it tried to attack the black-robed man, the black tentacles intertwined, forming a thick layer of protection that prevented the half-moon blade from flying inside.

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