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Chapter 517 – Greed’s Thoughts

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes lit up and he slowly asked, “What kind of fortune would make you, Greed, care so much about it?”

Greed pondered a bit, then he clenched his teeth as he looked at Sword Saint Ling Tianhou and whispered, “Does Sword Saint remember when the Cultivation Alliance sent out a notice looking for an item tens of thousands of years ago? This item is a bead, and the reward is a complete high quality celestial spell! This is a high quality celestial spell, the biggest reward the Cultivation Alliance has ever offered! According to my sources, there aren’t more than 10 complete high quality celestial spells within the Cultivation Alliance!”

Ling Tianhou’s eyes became serious and he slowly asked, “Are your injuries related to this bead?”

Greed nodded and bitterly smiled. “Let’s not talk about the past. It was because my cultivation wasn’t strong enough. However, if Sword Saint acts, then it will definitely be easy!”

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou raised his head as he looked into the void. After a long time, he said, “It won’t be too late to talk about it after the East Demon Spirit Sea is over, but before that, you have to help me with one matter, Greed!”

Greed’s eyes lit up and he said, “What does the Sword Saint need me to do?”

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou seriously said, “Go into the East Demon Spirit Sea and protect my 12 disciples until they complete the secret mission I gave them. If you can do that, then I’ll help you.”

Greed’s expression sank. “Ling Tianhou, what do you mean by help me?” he asked.

Ling Tianhou turned to look at Greed. His face was expressionless as he calmly said, “Greed, when I was making my name among the stars, you hadn’t even started cultivating. Your scheme is clear before my eyes. If you hadn’t been forced to by the owner of the bead, why would you rush here to find me? If I were to push you away now, I’m afraid that shortly after, we would be separated by life and dead!”

Greed pondered. After a while, he smiled and said, “Sword Saint worries too much. As long as I’m there, I promise to keep your disciples safe! However, I heard that the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea is mysterious, so I don’t know if I can enter with my cultivation…”

Ling Tianhou calmly said, “You don’t have to worry about it. You are injured, and it is my turn to open the gate, so I’ll naturally let you in.”

Greed nodded and no longer spoke.

As the two people spoke, a large, seven-colored cloud came from the distance.

Greed’s eyes lit up and then he completely disappeared. If one looked closely, they would see that he had turned into a shadow that stayed very close to Sword Saint Ling Tianhou and remained motionless.

Before the seven-colored cloud closed in, a sense of peace surrounded the area. From inside the seven-colored cloud, a white-robed All-Seer slowly walked over.

As the All-Seer walked over, he smiled and nodded at people he knew. Behind him were nine people.

These nine people were wearing robes of different colors, but their eyes were all sharp like lightning and they each had powerful cultivation. Among them was someone who fought with Wang Lin for the title of the Purple Division’s true disciple, Wang Lin’s sixth brother, Chen Tao!

The current Chen Tao was wearing a purple robe and gave off a powerful pressure. He was like a sword that was about to be drawn, releasing its sharpness.

The All-Seer’s group of 10 calmly moved toward the gate. Every cultivator respectfully made way, and the scene was even more grand than when Sword Saint Ling Tianhou arrived.

In the blink of an eye, the All-Seer’s group arrived before the gate. They were only about 1,000 feet from Ling Tianhou’s group. Everyone’s gazes were locked onto these two groups.

In addition to those people, all of the various old monsters were looking over at Ling Tianhou and the All-Seer with expressions of watching a good show.

At this moment, it could be said that almost all of the powerful cultivators from planet Tian Yun and the surrounding planets were here. What was gathered here was almost the full power of the rank 7 cultivation plant of Tian Yun.

Only one more day until the grand event that only happened once every 5,000 years!

When the gate opens the tide, which will be an unforgettable scene for anyone seeing it for the first time, this trip to the East Demon Spirit Sea will reach a new height. After that, it will be time for the cruel trial inside!

The All-Seer’s expression was neutral as he stood there and many cultivators came to greet him. As he talked, his eyes occasionally looked into the distance as if he was looking for something.

The nine disciples behind him all had their own friends and were chatting with them. All besides Chen Tao, who was also occasionally looking around as if he was looking for something.

“Why isn’t he here…” Chen Tao frowned slightly.

The final day before the East Demon Spirit Sea’s opening slowly passed.

Today was when the grand event would start, today was when the East Demon Spirit Sea was going to open!

The sea of floating stuff that was called the East Demon Spirit Sea began to change. The speed at which all the stuff was moving through space became notably faster.

This change attracted the attention of all the surrounding cultivators.

Just at this moment, Chen Tao’s eyes suddenly lit up as he turned to look into the distance, and he slowly revealed a smile.

Several rays of light came from the distance. Their arrival didn’t attract the attention of the other cultivators, but Chen Tao’s eyes locked onto a purple figure.

“Seventh Brother…” Chen Tao’s eyes revealed a mysterious light.

As the All-Seer casually looked at the purple figure, he let out a faint smile but didn’t say a word.

When Wang Lin saw the All-Seer’s group from a distance, he clasped his hands and said, “Brother Sun, I need to go meet with my master, so we will part ways here. If there is a chance, we will meet inside the East Demon Spirit Sea!”

Sun Yunshan’s face was covered with dust. They clearly had to rush at full speed to make it here on time. He smiled gently and said, “After we enter, I’ll depend on brother Wang to look out for me!”

“No problem!” Wang Lin faintly smiled as he took a step and turned into a cloud of purple smoke before flying toward the All-Seer.

Wang Lin moved like lightning toward the All-Seer, and before he got close, people heard the sound barrier breaking. His expression was calm, and there was a hint of grey gas in his eyes. His appearance right now wasn’t anyway weaker than the current Chen Tao’s.

His movement immediately caught the attention of some cultivators. When they saw his purple robe and token, some well connected cultivators immediately guessed his identity.

“The Heavenly Fate Sect’s Purple Division’s seventh disciple, Wang Lin!”

Yao Xixue, who was sitting on the giant, red jade, opened her eyes to look at Wang Lin. After taking a few glances, she withdrew her gaze.

Yao Xixu secretly thought, “I don’t know why Father asked me to pay extra attention to the new disciple of the Heavenly Fate Sect. This person’s cultivation is normal, and it doesn’t look like there is anything outstanding about him… However, to be able to selected by the All-Seer to come here right after joining the Heavenly Fate Sect is indeed shocking.”

Wang Lin flew straight forward and arrived before the All-Seer shortly after. He respectfully said, “Disciple Wang Lin greets Master!”

The All-Seer smiled and said, “Stand properly behind Master. This once in every 5,000 years grand event is about to happen, so pay attention. Maybe a treasure fated for you will appear as well!”

After the All-Seer finished speaking, he meaningfully looked at Wang Lin and then no longer spoke.

Wang Lin nodded in response, then he stood behind the All-Seer and formed a row with the other nine disciples.

These nine disciples’ gazes all landed on Wang Lin. Aside from Chen Tao, whose eyes contained a hint of a mysterious light, everyone else’s gazes were emotionless; it was as if they were looking at a stranger.

Wang Lin didn’t carefully look at these nine people. He casually glanced at them and knew that there were three women and six men.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhous’s eyes became a bit serious when Wang Lin arrived. He had always felt like this child was a bit familiar ever since he saw him at the All-Seer’s birthday celebration, but no matter what, he couldn’t remember.

“Eh?” Greed’s exclamation came from behind Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

Ling Tianhou softly asked, “You know this child?”

“I don’t know this child, but he gives off a familiar feeling… Maybe he is the descendent of an old friend…” Greed’s eyes lit up brightly, but he immediately hid it.

Wang Lin’s appearance also attracted the attention of the famous old monsters. The only reason they were paying attention to Wang Lin was because the All-Seer would never accept a disciple for no reason. The All-Seer left everything to fate, and if it wasn’t fated, then there was no way he would accept a disciple.

They just didn’t know if the fate was for him or the other disciples.

Just at this moment, a soft rumbling came from the East Sea. This rumbling was like throwing rocks in a calm pond, creating waves of ripples.

At this moment, the gazes of over 10,000 cultivators focused on the sea of floating stuff, and the entire area was silent.

Among the surrounding cultivators, some of them had seen the once in every 5,000 years tide phase more than once. However, instead of making them more calm, their hearts trembled even more each time.

Almost all of the cultivators that had seen the tide phase were sure that this East Sea must have been an amazing place before turning into what it was now.

Otherwise, there would be no way for it to create such a shocking tide phase. This was like a mystery that still hovered over the heads of the people of planet Tian Yun.

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