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Chapter 516 – Greed’s Trip

After Sun Yunshan finished speaking, a ray of purple light rushed over like lightning. It quickly closed in, landed on the ground, and revealed Wang Lin inside.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and clasped his hands. “I was met with a little delay on the way here. I didn’t think brother Sun would be waiting.”

Sun Yunshan laughed and said, “No problem. I was originally going to head to the East Demon Spirit Sea yesterday but heard that brother Wang was someone the All-Seer picked to go. I thought about it and decided to wait a few days for brother Wang so we could go together. I’m not in a rush.”

Wang Lin gave him a warm smile and said, “Thank you for your consideration.” With that, he looked at the people around Sun Yunshan.

Sun Yunshan laughed. “These three are the Xuan Yuan Sect’s elders responsible for my safety, as my cultivation can’t match brother Wang’s. Ah, if it wasn’t for Father’s order, I wouldn’t go to the East Demon Spirit Sea.”

Wang Lin smiled. “Brother Sun is funny!”

As for the girl wearing pink, her gaze shifted as she stared at Wang Lin and showed a hint of surprise.

Sun Yunshan pointed at the girl and said, “Brother Wang, this is my little sister, Sun Rounan!” With that, he gave her a stare and shouted, “This is the All-Seer’s core disciple, Wang Lin. Why haven’t you greet him yet?!”

Sun Rounan wrinkled her nose as she greeted Wang Lin with her voice that was like a bird singing. “Rounan greet elder brother Wang!”

Wang Lin smiled and nodded. He didn’t take more than one look at her before his gaze fell on the transfer array.

Sun Yunshan was very smart and naturally knew Wang Lin’s thoughts, so he said, “Brother Wang, it is getting late, so let us get going!”

Wang Lin nodded, then the two of them walked side by side toward the center of the transfer array.

As Sun Yunshan walked, he didn’t even turn his head and as he slowly said, “Xuan Yi, come back!”

Xuan Yi didn’t say a word as he turned around and walked toward the transfer array along with the other two elders. The only one left outside the transfer array was the pink-dressed girl. She stomped her feet and shouted toward Sun Yunshan, “Big Brother, just let me go!”

Sun Yunshan said, without any hesitation, “No!”

“Activate the array!”

After the shout, the hundreds of disciples outside the transfer array opened their eyes and started using their spiritual energy, causing a large amount of spiritual energy to enter the array.

This array wasn’t a normal array but one that sent people into space. The amount of celestial jades and spirit stones required to activate this array was enormous.

A series of rumbling sounds came from the array as a powerful force began to spread out from it like a shockwave.

Those hundreds of disciples’ clothes were blown back and created a lot of flapping noises. Their faces were all pale, but none of them moved an inch.

Shortly after, a rainbow hundreds of feet wide suddenly shot upwards and pierced into the sky. Rings of light began to spread out in the sky and a majority of the sky on the planet was covered by this ripple of rings.

The ripples lasted for half a incense stick of time before disappearing.

At the moment the rainbow shot into the sky, the girl next to the array revealed a hint of pride. Her right hand touched her bag of holding and a jade appeared in her grasp.

“Hmph, if you don’t want me to go, then I’ll just follow you guys secretly! I stole Dad’s Thousand Transfer jade, and with it, I can follow along. Maybe I’ll even find some treasures in the East Sea!”

The moment the jade appeared in her hand, it released a white light and surrounded the girl in an instant. With a flash of white light, her body turned into a strand of white light and fused with the rainbow.

East of planet Tian Yun, location of the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea.

There were only three days until it would open!

The number of surrounding cultivators had increased to a frightening amount; there were at least 10,000 people here. However, among all these cultivators, not all of them were going to go inside. In fact, a majority of the people present were just here to view the tide phase.

After all, this only happened once every 5,000 years, and for some cultivators, that was their entire life.

If one can’t step into the Yin and Yang stage and break past the first step, they can’t live for 5,000 years.

Even old monsters that rarely appeared were here outside the East Demon Spirit Sea. Some of these old monsters came by themselves, some had their disciples with them. Every one of them that appeared caused an uproar and took an area for themselves.

But the more they acted like this, the fewer people would be willing to offend them.

Luckily, these people all knew each other, so even if they took an area, no one would mess with each other. For example, the Blood Ancestor’s daughter, Yao Xixue. No one has taken a step into the area 1,000 feet around her.

On this day, there were only two days until the gate would open.

A large amount of specks of light appeared in the void. There were simply too many specks of light, so it looked like all the stars in space were charging toward this location.

Just these lights created a powerful pressure like a huge storm was about to arrive.

At this moment, aside from the famous old monsters, all the other cultivators’ expressions changed. Even the Blood Ancestor’s daughter, Yao Xixue, opened her eyes to look at the endless specks of golden light.

Yao Xixue softly muttered, “Sword Saint…”

The golden specks coming from the distance turned into ancient swords. Then rays of sword energy suddenly closed in, creating a powerful pressure. As they closed in, all of the cultivators around the East Demon Spirit Sea entrance moved out of the way.

This scene was more grand than any of the other old monsters that arrived.

Among the large amount of sword energy, there was a giant Qilin beast. Sword Saint Ling Tianhou was sitting on the head of the Qilin, and his eyes were as bright as torches.

Behind him were four flashing illusionary swords, making him look even more fierce.

There were 12 people behind the Sword Saint!

These 12 people each had an ancient sword on their back. There were illusions of various beasts coming from each sword, forming the 12 beasts.

“The 12 Swords!” Some of the people here recognized these 12 people.

All of the people of planet Tian Yun knew that Sword Saint Ling Tianhou was always in competition with the All-Seer. It has gone on for countless years and it still continues.

The All-Seer was already one head above the Sword Saint, but the Sword Saint was never discouraged and never stopped.

The All-Seer had the Seven Heavenly Fate disciples, and he went on to make the Da Lou Sword Sect’s 12 Swords!

The Seven Heavenly Fate disciples had celestial spell inheritances, while the 12 Swords had demonic beast spirits protecting them.

The moment the Sword Saint arrived, a large opening of 50 kilometers immediately opened up, and within it was only the Sword Saint and his 12 disciples.

Ling Tianhou’s expression was very gloomy. He originally wouldn’t come here this early, but this trip was very important to him. He looked at the sea of floating stuff and revealed a look of reminiscence.

Back then, when he returned from the Celestial Realm, that sword spirit chased after him. What shocked him the most was how powerful the sword spirit was. In the end, he lured it here and used a special spell to trap it inside the East Demon Spirit Sea.

This time he was going to borrow the power of the tide phase to drag the sword spirit into the depths of the East Demon Spirit Sea so that it can never return.

“That sword spirit belonged to that female celestial general. Although it is very powerful, it won’t listen to me. Since it won’t listen to me, then no one else can have it, especially that old thief, the All-Seer!” Ling Tianhou let out a soft snort and revealed a gloomy expression.

Ling Tianhou was thinking when his expression suddenly changed. He looked into the void and revealed a mysterious light.

A large cloud of cold air suddenly appeared in space. This cold cloud was dark green and was filled with skulls. There were countless skulls inside this dark green cloud, at least 1,000!

There was even some flesh still remaining on some of the skulls.

Among those skulls, there was one that was very large. This was clearly the skull of a primordial beast. On top of this giant skull sat a middle-aged man.

This person was surrounded by a death aura that obstructed his figure. The images of skulls flashed all around him; they seemed to be endless like a forest of skulls.

Along the way, he charged directly through, not bothering about anyone else, and directly entered the 50 kilometer area around Sword Saint Ling Tianhou that no one else dared to enter.

The middle-aged man surrounded by the dearth aura and sitting on the giant skull let out a raspy laugh. “Old friend Ling Tian!”

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou faintly smiled and said, “Greed!”

This Greed was the one on planet Suzaku that wanted to devour ancient cultivators to recover his cultivation. He also wanted to find where that divine retribution came from and unknowingly was looking for Wang Lin.

This person was one of the main culprits that tried to steal the heaven defying bead from Situ Nan.

In order to avoid Situ Nan, he escaped here to find his old friend, Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

“How did you become so seriously injured?” Sword Saint Ling Tianhou was able to immediately see that Greed’s injures still hadn’t recovered.

Greed’s eyes give off a ghostly light as he slowly said, “It’s a long story. I went to the Da Lou Sword Sect to look for you. When I heard that you were here, I quickly rushed here and wanted to give you a great opportunity! If you and I team up, then you will be able to be one head above old man All-Seer!”

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