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Chapter 515 – Why The East Sea

There is a mysterious place in the void in planet Tian Yun’s vicinity.

From a distance, this just looks like a place where a lot of floating objects have gathered, an endless sea of floating objects.

There are only two colors here: green and red. All of the floating things here are these two colors.

Every 5,000 years, this sea of floating stuff emits a mysterious power, and a lot of mysterious things are absorbed into this sea by this power.

Among these mysterious things are corpses and treasures. Anything and everything can be absorbed.

This place is like a giant treasure trove that only absorbs and never emits. If you want the treasures, you must go inside!

No one knows how this place was formed. Rumor has it that when planet Tian Yun came to be, this place had already existed for a long time.

Some people say that this place was a palace of a powerful celestial general. Later, when the Celestial Realm collapsed, it was somehow impacted and turned into ruins. However, this ruin that everyone sees is only a state created by a powerful spell. If one is fortunate enough to go inside, they can definitely recover the celestial palace.

There are even rumors that this place is a tunnel that links to another space. Maybe people can find a passage to the realm beyond the Celestial Realm here.

Overall, there are countless rumors about this place, and every one of these rumors are filled with confidence as if they have some definitive facts.

This sea of unknown origin is on the eastern side of planet Tian Yun, so after a long time, it was referred to as the East Sea!

Back when the All-Seer first completed his dao, he invited several friends, including Sword Saint Ling Tianhou before their relationship broke down, and explored this place three times!

The first two times they came back empty-handed, but on the third time, only half of the people that went returned!

It was also after that time that Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s and the All-Seer’s friendship broke apart. Even until now, they have never talked about what happened on that third expedition.

However, after that time, the All-Seer said one thing!

“There is an ancient demon inside there. From today onward, this place belongs to my planet Tian Tun, and this place will be called the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea!”

The words “ancient demon” spread during that time and were remembered by countless people.

Even someone from the Cultivation Alliance came to check the East Demon Spirit Sea. However, in regards to letting outsiders enter the East Demon Spirit Sea, the All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, and all the other old monsters around had a rare, uniform opinion about it.

They would never allow anyone from the outside to enter. This place was the forbidden area of planet Tian Yun!

After the situation stayed like this for a very long time, this East Demon Spirit Sea just naturally became a forbidden area that belonged to planet Tian Yun.

There aren’t many mysterious places like the East Demon Spirit Sea, but they aren’t very rare either. The Cultivation Alliance doesn’t want to have a bad relationship with the cultivators of planet Tian Yun over such a place, because for them, it is not worth it.

The opening of the East Demon Spirit Sea every 5,000 years is a big event for planet Tian Yun. At the moment it opens, there will be a tide phase that lasts for several months!

The tide phase is when the mysterious power from within the East Demon Spirit Sea spreads out across a very large area. As long as the cultivators are there, they can see that countless treasures, countless spells, countless corpses of demonic beasts, and countless strange things are pulled and absorbed into the East Demon Spirit Sea.

Every time it opens, all the old monsters around Tian Yun send in their disciples. Although it is very dangerous, it only opens once every 5,000 years. It is too good of an opportunity to miss, so might as well risk it!

Every time the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea opens, a large amount of people enter. On the lower end, there are a few hundred, but on the upper end, there are more than 1,000. The weakest are at the Soul Transformation stage, while the strongest are people who have touched the Yin and Yang stage.

That is the highest cultivation level allowed, because planet Tian Yun has a very strict requirement on people who can enter. Anyone above the Ascendant stage is definitely not allowed to enter.

After all, this place is used for training everyone’s disciples. Even when it is open, it is only half open so they won’t all die inside.

However, nothing is absolute, and everything depends on what gets sucked in during the tide phase. If there was something so heaven defying that it would even tempt these old monsters, then the East Demon Spirit Sea would become very lively.

At this moment, there are still five days until the East Demon Spirit Sea opens.

But there were already countless cultivators outside the East Demon Spirit Sea. These cultivators were all people who were going to enter this time around. They were wearing various different clothing, and although they mingled, the distinction between each sect was very clear. The disciples of each sect were all grouped together and it was very lively.

As time passed, more and more cultivators appeared outside the East Demon Spirit Sea. Even some old monsters that never showed their faces had come with their disciples. Every time one of them appeared, it would cause an uproar among the cultivators. All of the cultivators would make way, as they didn’t dare to block these people’s path.

On this day, a ray of red light almost covered the entire area outside the East Demon Spirit Sea. At the same time, a thick smell of blood spread across the area. This caused the surroundings to look like a world of blood.

“Blood Planet’s ancestor!” Some cultivators immediately recognized the person from the smell of blood. At this moment, everyone stopped their chattering.

From within the blood-red light, a giant, blood-red jade slowly floated toward the East Demon Spirit Sea. On the top of the giant jade sat a woman. She had red phoenix eyes, her beautiful brows contained killing intent, and she was wearing a white robe that when compared to the blood-red jade below her, it created a powerful visual contrast.

Although she was sitting in the lotus position, one could still see her slim figure. She had a head of silky, black hair, a tender and white sunflower seed face, skin as smooth as crystal, an exquisite nose, and her red phoenix eyes glowed like the blazing sun shining on the lake on the surface but contained well-hidden depth and coldness within. If one were to accidently get caught inside her eyes, they would be out of luck…

She sat on the blood jade and flew over. Everyone who saw her moved out of the away, allowing her to reach the outside of the East Demon Spirit Sea. She stopped in an empty area.

Along the way, the woman didn’t say a word. When the blood jade finally stopped, she closed her eyes and began cultivating.

“Blood Ancestor’s daughter, Yao Xixue!” Some cultivators immediately recognized her.

Blood Ancestor Yao Xinghai was a famous old monster around planet Tian Yun. This person’s cultivation level was really high. He has challenged the All-Seer total of seven times, and although he lost all seven times, his cultivation level was higher each time. Especially the seventh time, when he showed off his terrifying blood spells.

This person owned his own cultivation planet around planet Tian Yun. He captured natives to provide him with blood to cultivate his demonic techniques.

This Yao Xinghai has never accepted any disciple except for one girl. This girl was his beloved daughter. He taught her all of his techniques and even helped change her life by defying the heavens to allow her bloodline power to awaken.

This father and daughter duo spends most of their time on the Blood Planet and never interacts with anyone. But the more they stay isolated, the less people are willing to mess with them.

Let’s not talk about the matter here for now. On Earth Planet, one of the five planets orbiting planet Tian Yun, outside the large transfer array in the Xuan Yuan Sect, the junior master of the Xuan Yuan Sect, Xu Yunshan, was silently standing there. Although he looked calm, he was constantly hitting his palm with the fan in his hand and looking at the distance.

Behind him followed three people!

These three people were all white-haired old men. Although they wore simple clothes, they gave off a terrifying aura, making it feel like the air around them was becoming thin.

On the outer rim of the transfer array sat several hundred Xuan Yuan Sect disciples. They were sitting at various corners of the transfor array and were silently cultivating. They were waiting for the command to use the spiritual energy inside their bodies to stimulate the Celestial Energy inside the transfer array to activate it.

As Sun Yunshan softly tapped the jade fan in his hand, his face was without any hint of impatience and was still calm.

Not long after, a ray of pink light came from the horizon. Sun Yunshan frowned and revealed a look of helplessness. He then put away the fan and looked at the pink light.

The pink light was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived. The light made a circle around the area before landing 10 feet away from Sun Yunshan, revealing a girl in her 20s.

This girl was wearing a pink dress and her skin was as smooth and clear as crystal; she was like a person made of jade. She gave off a fragrance that would cause people to be completely intoxicated by her.

The girl puffed her cheeks and quickly said, “Elder brother, you promised me that as long as I could make it, you would let me go!”

Sun Yunshan looked at her and shouted, “What nonsense! The East Demon Spirit Sea is not a place you can go with your cultivation level! Although father is in closed door cultivation, he has already ordered that you are not allowed to go! Xuan Yi, bring her back to the sect!”

One of the old men behind Sun Yunshan took a step forward and stood next to the girl. He clasped his hands and said, “My lady, please don’t make it hard for Xuan Yi.”

The girl snorted. She didn’t even look at Xuan Yi; she looked at Sun Yunshan and said, “Mother agreed!”

Sun Yunshan was about to speak, but his expression suddenly changed. He no longer bothered with the girl as he looked at the horizon and revealed a smile.

“Brother Wang, I have been waiting for you!”

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