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Chapter 499 – The Purple Division’s Sixth Brother

Zhao Xinmeng looked at Wang Lin. After pondering for a while, she suddenly smiled and softly said, “I underestimated you. Seventh Brother, I give up!” With that, she moved back to where the Purple Division disciples were.

However, just at this moment, a ray of purple light suddenly rushed over from the horizon.

The disciples of the other six divisions looked into the distance at the ray of purple light. More than half of them made a weird face after seeing the purple light.

The All-Seer’s expression remained the same. He didn’t even look at the purple light; he had his hands behind his back and his face was calm.

The purple light rushed over and stopped 1,000 feet away, revealing a middle-aged man inside. This person’s cheeks were pale and very skinny; he looked like sharp longsword that gave off a cold aura.

This aura was very similar to the aura of the disciples of Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

He was wearing a purple robe; his clothes were almost exactly the same as Wang Lin’s and Bai Wei’s. He stood there as he clasped his hands at the All-Seer and said, “Disciple Chen Tao greets Master!”

“It’s him!” Bai Wei’s eyes became serious.

A complex expression flashed cross her eyes as Fourth Sister Zhao Xinmeng also stared at this person.

“The Purple Division’s Sixth Brother!”

“The holder of the true disciple title before Sun Yun!”

“It is said that he followed Master for a very long time. When he lost to Sun Yun, he left the Heavenly Fate Sect to train himself outside!”

Waves of soft discussion came from the disciples of the other six divisions.

The All-Seer’s gaze fell on Chen Tao. He revealed a look of admiration and said, “You were able to make it back. Very good!”

Chen Tao had a stoic expression as he said, “Disciple originally wasn’t going to be late, but when I passed planet Black Ink, I saw a rare treasure there. I wanted to give it to Master as a gift and was thus delayed.”

The All-Seer laughed and asked, “What kind of treasure caught your eye?”

Chen Tao’s expression was calm as he slapped his bag of holding and an item appeared in his hand.

This item was a flower with six colors. The flower itself was white, but the six leaves were red, orange,yellow, green, cyan, and yellow.

The six different colors did not make the white flower look out of place. Instead, they gave it an out-of-this-world feel.

Chen Tao sent the flower forward and respectfully said, “It is because of this mysterious flower! Disciple’s knowledge isn’t enough, so I am unable to recognize what this flower is. But on planet Black Ink, there were three high quality desolate beasts fighting over it. Disciple was curious, so I took it.”

The flower slowly flew toward the All-Seer and stopped before him. The All-Seer looked at the flower, pondered a bit, and said, “This flower is call the Seven-Colored Glaze. It takes 10 years for it to take root, 100 years for the leaves to grow, 1,000 years for it to bud, and 10,000 years for it to bloom. Every time it booms, it release one color until it has bloomed six times. On the seventh bloom, it releases a seven-colored light.

“Beasts love this flower, and if a beast were to devour it when it releases the seven-colored light, it would benefit a lot. It is considered a heavenly treasure. I believe it is ranked 93rd by the Cultivation Alliance. Elder Sun, am I correct?” As the All-Seer spoke, he looked toward Elder Sun.

Elder Sun faintly smiled and nodded. “That is correct. It is the Seven-Colored Glaze, but it’s not complete yet and hasn’t formed the last leaf. However, with the All-Seer’s spell, it won’t take long for its seventh leaf to form as well.”

The All-Seer raised his right hand and caught the flower, then he smiled and said, “OK, I’ll accept this!”

Chen Tao’s eyes lit up. He then looked at the three Purple Division disciples and calmly said, “It looks like my Purple Division is becoming smaller and smaller. Bai Wei, Zhao Xinmeng, how have you guys been?!”

Bai Wei’s expression was a bit unnatural. He didn’t say anything.

As for Zhao Xinmeng, she revealed a complex expression. She sighed and said, “I just knew that you would definitely return for Master’s birthday celebration!”

Chen Tao looked at Zhao Xinmeng before taking a glance at Wang Lin and then no longer paid any more attention to Wang Lin.

“Where is Sun Yun?”

Zhao Xinmeng let out a sigh and sent out a voice transmission. Chen Tao’s expression sank. He jerked his head to look at Zhao Xinmeng before sweeping his gaze toward Wang Lin and saying, “You are Seventh Brother? Speak your name!”

“Wang Lin!” Wang Lin’s eye were calm. From the moment Chen Tao appeared, he wasn’t hiding his cultivation. Wang Lin could vaguely see that his cultivation was past the Soul Transformation stage and should be at the Ascendant stage.

As for which stage of Ascendant, Wang Lin wasn’t able to tell.

“You aren’t worthy of being my seventh brother! Sun Yun is my only seventh brother!” Chen Tao’s expression was calm as he moved his gaze away from Wang Lin.

The All-Seer was still observing his disciples. He smiled but didn’t speak.

Chen Tao looked at the All-Seer with respect and decisively said, “Master, disciple came back this time because I wanted to regain the my title of true disciple. I hope Master can agree!”

The All-Seer faintly smiled and said, “Right now, in the Purple Division, only you and your seventh brother have the right to the title of true disciple. Between the two of you, only one will get it.”

Chen Tao revealed a chilly smile and took a step forward. With one step, he was able to arrive before Wang Lin. His hand moved faster than lightning as he threw out a seal that arrived one foot away from Wang Lin.

A series of thunderous roars could be heard as Wang Lin’s body quickly backed up and the Giant Demon Clan axe appeared before him to block the force of the seal. At the same time, the metal celestial spiritual energy on his left arm was used, and that was how he was able to stabilize himself after backing up a few dozen feet. He stood there and stared at Chen Tao with a gloomy expression.

Wang Lin had been on guard the whole time. The attack earlier wasn’t to attack him but to shock him. Even though the attack landed in the air, the shockwave was able to knock him away. Wang Lin clearly couldn’t compete with this kind of power.

Wang Lin didn’t know that Chen Tao was even more shocked. The spell he used just now was very powerful, and even though it didn’t land directly, the shockwave should have been able to send a brat merely at the mid stage of Soul Transformation flying hundreds of feet. In the end, he should have been able to suppress Wang Lin and wouldn’t have to do any more to obtain the title of true disciple.

But he only caused Wang Lin to back up a few dozen feet. Not only did this not suppress him, it made it look like he pushed Wang Lin away because he wanted to battle.

Chen Tao frowned as he coldly looked at Wang Lin and said, in tone that Wang Lin couldn’t refuse, “You, give up!”

As Wang Lin looked at Chen Tao, his gaze gradually became cold. This person’s overbearance was extremely obvious. He raised his left hand and sent out the five cycle metal celestial spiritual energy.

The five cycle metal celestial spiritual energy spun as it shot out. In almost the blind of an eye, it arrived before Chen Tao.

Chen Tao looked at it and softly said, “This is not how you use this spell!” With that, he pointed his right finger forward and then the vortex of metal celestial spiritual energy suddenly stopped and released waves of loud, humming sounds.

Chen Tao flicked the golden vortex, causing it to spin once and the power to increase even more. It had clearly reached six cycles.

Chen Tao didn’t stop and flicked it three more times. An aura that felt like it could destroy the heavens and earth spread out from the golden vortex. At this moment, the vortex reached its limit of nine cycles!

Chen Tao raised his head and looked at Wang Lin with disdain. He pressed his right hand forward, causing the golden vortex to change directions and charge toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy as he quickly backed up. He grabbed the axe, jumped into the air, and swung the axe down.

After a thunderous roar, a ray of axe energy more than 10 feet tall came out from the axe and descended on the golden vortex.

After the axe energy landed on the golden vortex, it caused it slow down for a bit, but it was still rushing toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin felt danger closing in, but he didn’t panic at all. He raised his hand into the air and slash it across the sky. Silver light suddenly appeared above the golden vortex, and at the same time, the teleportation skill was used by Wang Lin. However, his target wasn’t himself but the golden vortex covered by the silver light.

Wang Lin formed teleportation spells one by one and in the blink of an eye it was all complete. He softly said, “Greater teleportation!”

At the moment he spoke, the golden vortex was already three feet away from him, so he could feel its destructive aura; however, he didn’t have a trace of panic on his face.

The nine cycle vortex quickly closed in, but when it was one foot away from Wang Lin, the silver light surrounding it began to flash violently. Then it disappeared as if it never existed.

This scene caused all of the surrounding cultivators’ gazes to become focused.

A hint of admiration appeared in the All-Seer’s eyes and he nodded.

Chen Tao’s eyes lit up. He no longer underestimated Wang Lin like before.

All of this happened in a short period of time. Almost at the same moment the vortex disappeared, Wang Lin put the axe away. His hand formed a seal, which he threw toward the war chariot not far away, and he said, “Spirit beast, appear!”

Earlier, Chen Tao only took a glance at the war chariot and didn’t pay much attention to it. Now he suddenly turned his head toward it as a monstrous, unyielding aura spread out from it.

At the same time, the giant spirit beast quickly condensed and released a thunderous roar.

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