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Chapter 495 He!

The three-eyed sable was completely purple except for its three eyes, which gave off ghostly lights. It lied on Wang Lin’s shoulder and studied Wang Lin. It’s eye stared at Wang Lin and were completely motionless.

Wang Lin stared back at the sable. He felt a sense of familiarity when he saw it.

There seemed to be starlight coming from the third eye of the sable. Anyone who looked at it would be lost in its gaze.

“Star-Marked Sable! It is a baby Star-Marked Sable!” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious when he recognized the sable.

There were memories related to this sable in the memories he inherited from ancient god Tu Si. This sable was a mysterious lifeform that lived in space. Once it has reaches adulthood, it can transform into anything. It’s not surprising for it to transform into human form, and it’s the best material for making puppets.

During its childhood, it doesn’t have many powerful attacks, but its speed is unimaginable. In addition, this kind of sable likes to devour metal and use it to slowly grow.

There were many memories of the Star-Marked Sable in ancient god Tu Si’s memories. Engraving a teleportation formation on the core of a child sable allows the core to become a magical treasure that can reach unimaginable speed. However, too much time had passed; although this kind of sable wasn’t extinct, there weren’t many remaining.

During the age of the ancient gods, the Star-Marked Sable was the best kind of pet. The ancient gods especially loved its speed. At the same time, Star-Marked Sables liked the aura of child ancient gods. Most of the time, they wouldn’t need to capture one, as one would come to them.

The Star-Marked Sable benefits greatly from being with a child ancient god. As the child ancient god grows, the Star-Marked Sable absorbs a massive amount of spiritual energy, speeding up its growth by several fold.

This little sable’s third eye was filled with starlight and hadn’t reached the state of returning to origin yet, so it was less than 10,000 years old.

While looking at the sable, Wang Lin had an idea. He touched his bag of holding, took out a high quality spirit stone, and put it next to the sable’s mouth.

The purple sable didn’t even look at the spirit stone, it just stared at Wang Lin with confusion its eyes. Then its body flickered and it disappeared from Wang Lin’s shoulder.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin. It was clear that the spirit stone wasn’t enough to catch its attention. When the sable was staring at him, could it have noticed the scent of an ancient god on him?

Although Wang Lin’s body had the aura of an ancient god, it was very weak. This bit of aura was only lingering from when he was fused with his original body. After a while, it will disappear.

The purple sable came because of the aura, but it was very disappointed because the aura was simply too weak. Although it didn’t know what that aura was, when it felt that aura, it felt very comfortable. This kind of feeling was something it had never encountered ever since it was born.

After putting away the spirit stone, Wang Lin took out something else. This time, a celestial jade appeared in his hand.

The moment he pulled the celestial jade out, there was a flash of purple light. When Wang Lin looked at his left hand, the celestial jade had already disappeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a smile and then he took out another celestial jade. This time he focused all of his attention on the jade. With another flash of purple light, the small sable moved at an unimaginable speed. It didn’t even pause for a bit as it grabbed the celestial jade with its mouth and flew away.

When the purple sable reappeared, it was already on the shoulder of Elder Sun, eating the celestial jade. It would occasionally look toward Wang Lin and pay special attention to his bag of holding.

When Elder Sun noticed this, he faintly smiled at Wang Lin and nodded in acknowledgment.

The All-Seer sat in the lotus position on the cloud and began teaching dao.

“The Heavenly Art is about seeing the 99 cycles as one origin. Although I can’t say I’ve seen through every spell throughout my cultivation life, I have a bit of comprehension of the essence behind those spells. Cultivate dao, cultivate dao! What is the point of the word ‘cultivate?’ What is the point of the word ‘dao?’

“Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Soul Transformation, and Ascendant are considered the first step of cultivation. This old man believes that all of these stages belong to the word ‘cultivating’ in ‘cultivating dao!’”

When Wang Lin heard this, he suddenly became serious and focused all of his attention on the All-Seer. Ever since he started cultivating, he always relied on himself, and he controlled a random assortment of spells. The one thing he needed the most was a higher understanding.

“The Incorporeal and Corporeal realms after the Ascendant stage, as well as the the three stages of Nirvana, are where some of the fellow cultivators here are stuck at. This is the second step of cultivation!

“This old man believes that this second step is the bridge between the words ‘cultivate’ and ‘dao.’ When completely moving the soul from the word ‘cultivate’ to the word ‘dao,’ the key here is this second step!

“Unfortunately, even I haven’t been able to completely comprehend it. It is as if there an invisible force that’s endlessly interfering with me as I try to comprehend it.”

The All-Seer’s voice slowly spread across the area as he spoke about how he cultivated dao.

The surroundings became silent; even the Cultivation Alliance’s Elder Sun was silent and revealed a helpless expression.

Among the surrounding cultivators, one person asked, “Senior All-Seer, what is the third step of cultivating dao?”

This person was wearing a black robe and there was no one within 100 feet of him. There was also a vicious aura surrounding him.

There was a ferocious scar across his face that went from between his brows and reached his neck.

All-Seer looked at the person and said, “The third step is the true realm of the word ‘dao.’ Cultivating for countless years only for dao. Once one reaches the ‘dao,’ then their cultivation will reach an unimaginable stage. However, as for how to cultivate to that stage, this old man doesn’t know…

“This old man’s dao is the heavens’ fate. If the heavens’ fate wills it, then everything will be successful. If fate hasn’t arrived, then all will to dust and will be swiped aside.”

The surroundings became quiet again. Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression as he carefully comprehended the All-Seer’s words.

“Cultivating dao has three steps. I haven’t even finished walking the first step, and the later steps will be even harder and more difficult. People say that cultivation is a heaven-defying matter, and they are not wrong.”

Wang Lin pondered. “If even the All-Seer doesn’t know the path to the third step, then does this third step even exist…”

The All-Seer’s gaze sweep past Wang Lin. At this moment, Wang Lin raised his head, and his gaze met with the All-Seer’s.

As if he had seen through Wang Lin’s thoughts, he gently smiled at Wang Lin and asked, “Wang Lin, do you have any questions?”

After the All-Seer said this, all of the surrounding cultivators locked their gazes on Wang Lin, especially the disciples of the other six divisions.

It has to be said that in this situation, for a master to personally ask a question was a great honor.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he clasped his hands and respectfully said to the All-Seer, “Master, disciple indeed does have something he doesn’t understand.”

The All-Seer rubbed his white beard as he nodded and smiled. “Let me hear it.”

“Disciple has a question about the phrase ‘cultivating dao.’ Us cultivators often say celestial cultivation, cultivating truth, and cultivating dao. Master only explained cultivating dao, but what about celestial cultivation? Cultivating truth? Could those two sayings have just appeared out of nowhere?”

The All-Seer faintly smiled and revealed a look of admiration. Even Elder Sun from the Cultivation Alliance let out a smile and gave Wang Lin a meaningful look.

“The celestials are gone! Celestial cultivation came from ancient times. The Celestial Realm was the holy land of cultivators back then! This is how celestial cultivation came to be! What is truth? Truth is the source of everything. After the Celestial Realm was destroyed, the cultivators were trees without roots, homeless and forced to drift. At that moment, celestial cultivation lost its meaning and at the same time, ‘truth’ became the core of cultivation. It is said that cultivating truth is also cultivating one’s self.

And now, both celestials and the truth are things of the past. What we chase now is dao. But this dao isn’t the dao of the heavens!”

The All-Seer’s voice was low, and when he got here he suddenly paused.

The surrounding cultivators suddenly lost control and began to debate.

The fact that people that cultivated dao were, in fact, not cultivating the dao of the heavens caused a huge uproar. This seemed contradictory to what the All-Seer said before. At this moment, many questions rose among the cultivators.

However, at this moment, all of the powerful cultivators had calm expressions and revealed looks of regret. They all understood the All-Seer’s words, but some matters shouldn’t be spoken out loud, because it would create some trouble.

Elder Sun from the Cultivator Alliance frowned. He coughed and looked at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer faintly smiled and continued, “The dao of ‘cultivating dao’ is the dao of seeking a path to the third step. Because no one knows the way, we have to cultivate our own path to reach there. Wang Lin, does that answer your question?”

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression. After a while, he shook his head and said, “Disciple wonders if the third step really exists!”

The All-Seer sighed. His face revealed a rare trace of reminisce as he said, “30,000 years ago, I was like you. I wondered if the third step really existed until I met him!”

Elder Sun obviously knew who “he” was, and after hearing these words, his expression became ugly. He revealed a look of reminiscence, but there was also trace of fear in his eyes.

After those words were said, all of the cultivators became quiet. Only those powerful cultivators revealed a mysterious light in their eyes.

“Senior All-Seer, who is ‘he?’”

“Old friend All-Seer, could you please explain it clearly?”

“All-Seer, what happened?”

More and more questions about the “he” that came from All-Seer’s mouth popped up.

Elder Sun’s expression was ugly as said, with a heavy tone, “Enough! All-Seer, don’t talk about this matter anymore!”

The All-Seer took a look at Elder Sun and smiled. “In truth, I’m very lucky that during my life’s most confused period, he appeared. That person has definitely reached the third step!”

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