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Chapter 494 – Elder Sun!

The All-Seer only taught dao once every ten thousand years, and the amount of time that this lesson lasted varied each time. This was a great opportunity for anyone who came seeking dao. This was an event unique to planet Tian Yun that started after the All-Seer came into being.

Among all people that came from far and wide, there were some extremely powerful cultivators. However, even they would carefully listen to the All-Seer and take it to heart.

On the morning of this day, the disciples of the seven divisions of the Heavenly Fate Sect walked out starting with the Red Division.

The Red Division had a total of seven disciples, and none of them were missing. They all wore red robes with golden dragons embroidered on the sleeves and warm, green sashes around their waists. The seven of them flew out of the Red Division in seven rays of red light. In the sky above the Red Division, they respectfully bowed toward the direction of the main sect.

After the Red Division moved, the Orange Division followed closely after. The Orange Division also had seven people wearing orange, and they respectfully bowed after the Red Division.

After them were the Yellow, Green, Cyan, and Blue Divisions respectively, and after all six of these divisions appeared, it was the Purple Division’s turn. After all, the Purple Division was the weakest division in the Heavenly Fate Sect.

Only three rays of light flew out of the Purple Division and stopped in the sky.

The gazes of the other six divisions shifted toward them. There was coldness, mockery, disdain, and such in their eyes. These gazes landed on the three of them like sharp swords.

Bai Wei’s expression was normal; he was clearly already used to this.

As for Fourth Sister, her face was filled with killing intent. She bit her lower lip and didn’t say a word.

Wang Lin stood there with a calm face and coldly looked at each disciple of the other six divisions. The more he saw, the more shocked he was, and his pupils shrank by an unnoticeable amount.

Of the disciples of the six other divisions, he only knew three people. One of them was Sima Rufeng, who was rank 3 in the Blue Division. He was at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation and was only one step away from the Ascendant stage!

Another was the man named Wang from the Green Division. When he saw Wang Lin look over, he revealed a look of indifference. His cultivation level was higher than Wang Lin’s; he was half a step into the Ascendant stage.

Aside from the two of them, there was another person. This person looked very familiar to Wang Lin. It was the middle-aged man that fought Chi Hu and used the killing intent crystal.

Back then, this person’s cultivation hadn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage yet, but now he was at the late stage of Soul Transformation. This person was standing at the fourth position in the Orange Division, and he was also looking at Wang Lin.

At the moment their gazes met, this person revealed a confused expression as if he recognized Wang Lin, then he revealed a strange smile.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Back then he didn’t know much about the Heavenly Fate Sect, but now he was sure that back in the Celestial Realm, that person was hiding his cultivation level.

Even now Wang Lin still thought that he was hiding his cultivation level, but the difference in their cultivation levels was too great, so Wang Lin wasn’t able to see through this person.

He looked at all of the disciples of the other six divisions one by one. He wasn’t able to see through the cultivation levels of more than half of them. Even though he was able to spot some clues, his guesses were only based on the traces left behind after they hid their cultivation levels.

“The Heavenly Fate Sect is really powerful… any one of these divisions, other than my Purple Division, could easily sweep across planet Suzaku. Even if Zhuque Zi had the titled seal, he wouldn’t be a match!”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, but his heart was gloomy.

After the core disciples of the seven divisions arrived, the normal disciples flew up. Not all of these disciples had the right to seek dao; only those with talent or with high cultivation levels were allowed to listen to the dao teaching up close.

One by one, the normal disciples of the seven divisions appeared and stood behind the core disciples. Their numbers were immense, and they formed a large fan behind the core disciples.

As a result, the difference in strength between the divisions became obvious. The Red Division was the strongest; it had the most disciples behind them, and there were many strong cultivators amongst them.

As for the Purple Division, the disciples behind Wang Lin were clearly a few steps below.

“Does Seventh Brother see our Purple Division has declined?” While Wang Lin was pondering, Fourth Sister’s voice, which was filled with melancholy, entered his ears.

He pondered a bit before nodding and sending a voice transmission back. “The Purple Division is too far behind the other six divisions.”

Fourth sister sighed and asked, “Do you know why?”

“Please tell me!” Wang Lin’s demeanor was calm.

“The main problem is that the Purple Division has too much infighting, and the position of the true disciple changes too often, unlike the other six divisions, where there have been true disciples who have lasted for over 1,000 years. As a result, the Purple Division gradually declined and no longer has the vigor it had when junior brother Sun Yun was around.” Fourth Sister let out a bitter sigh and no longer spoke.

After the normal disciples of the seven divisions had all appeared, even farther away from the center were the people who came to the celebration. Among those that came seeking dao, their cultivation levels and position positions didn’t matter; as long as they came to the celebration, they were allowed to come here to seek dao.

As more and more people arrived, the surrounding 10,000 kilometers were gradually filled with cultivators.

Wang Lin took a glance and couldn’t even figure out how many people had come. This was the first time Wang Lin was able to see just what exactly the All-Seer’s position in the Heavenly Fate Sect was.

Shortly after, a ray of rainbow-colored light suddenly flew up from the main sect of the Heavenly Fate Sect. The ray of light arched across the sky over to where the disciples were. An old man wearing a rainbow-colored robe slowly walked over the light toward them.

At this moment, all of the core disciples of the seven divisions bowed and said, “Greetings, Master!”

Wang Lin followed the others and respectfully greeted the All-Seer.

Behind him were all the ordinary disciples of the seven divisions. There were many of them, so when they all said their greetings, it was like a thunderous roar that shook the heavens.

“Greetings, Ancestor!”

After them were the guests. Among them, there were those that shouted loudly and those that merely nodded.

Although the old man looked slow, it only took three breaths of time for him to arrive in the sky above them. Looking at the surrounding cultivators, the old man faintly smiled and calmly said, “I, the All-Seer, am able to comprehend the heavens because I have cultivated for a long time. Today, I’ll let you fellow cultivators experience some of the enlightenments I had. This old man’s dao is about following the fate of the heavens. If there are any fallacies, I hope you all will forgive me!”

When he got here, he suddenly stopped and raised his head to look at the void above him. He let out a faint smile and said, “However, before that, let my old friend from the Cultivation Alliance speak first.”

After the All-Seer said this, the surroundings became very quiet, and everyone looked at the void above them. Especially those powerful cultivators, they all immediately became alert and revealed looks of surprise.

A long laugh that seemed to come from the void echoed in this silence.

At the same time, countless rays of golden light suddenly appeared within the surrounding 5,000 kilometers. After the rays of golden light appeared, they all gathered like crazy at one spot.

As the golden light moved, the entire sky looked like a huge restriction. This restriction wasn’t unmoving either; it was quickly shrinking.

In the end, when all of the golden light gathered at the same spot, the sun lost its color. The sky and the earth had also lost their color. The only thing that seemed to be left in the world was that golden light.

A person slowly walked out from this golden light. This person had long hair that flowed in the air without any wind. He had a burly stature and looked like a battle god.

He looked to be around 40 years old, his face was filled with resolve, and his eyes were like lightning. Anyone who looked at him would tremble, as just him standing there seemed to give off a huge amount of pressure.

There were powerful cultivators among the surrounding cultivators, but even when those people saw this person’s gaze, they couldn’t help but lower their heads.

This person was wearing a purple robe, and he had a three-eyed sable on his shoulder. The sable’s eyes were also like lightning, and it looked at everything with a cold gaze.

All-Seer’s expression was normal. After seeing this middle-aged man, he faintly smiled and said, “So it is elder Sun. All-Seer greets elder Sun! I can’t believe elder Sun sent an avatar over for this old man’s little birthday celebration. I’m extremely honored.”

The All-Seer’s speech was respectful, but he didn’t move at all. It was obvious that he was just being polite.

The middle-aged man didn’t seem to mind. After walking out of the golden light, he waved his hand behind him. The golden light behind him gradually dimmed, revealing itself to be a golden flying sword, which he then grabbed.

“Old monster All-Seer, how could I not come to your 10,000 year birthday celebration!?” The middle-aged man laughed as he threw the flying sword in his hand toward the All-Seer.

“I came in a rush, so I couldn’t prepare any good gifts. This flying sword is an upper mid quality celestial treasure, and because it was refined for 10,000 years, it has some power. I know you like rainbow colors, and this golden sword is a shade of earth yellow, so it should be to your liking!”

The All-Seer faintly smiled. After accepting the flying sword, he threw it toward the first person in the Yellow Division and said, “Kunpeng Zi, I gift this sword to you!”

The Yellow Division’s Kunpeng Zi’s body trembled as he quickly accepted the sword. His heart was filled with excitement as he replied, “Thank you, Master!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and bitterly smiled. “Your attitude still hasn’t changed!”

All-Seer faintly smiled but didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked around at the surrounding cultivators and slowly said, “The dao this old man will teach is the dao of the heavens’ fate. If anyone has any disagreement, they may state it at any time so we can debate the fruit of our dao!”

With that, the All-Seer waved his sleeves and sat down. At the moment he sat down, a cloud appeared beneath him.

The middle-aged man that came from the Cultivation Alliance also sat down next to him. He paid careful attention to All-Seer and prepared to seek dao. As for the three-eyed sable, it flew off his shoulder. It moved faster than lightning and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. This kind of speed was something only the half-moon blade at full power could compare to.

As he was pondering, he suddenly felt something heavy on his shoulder. The three-eyed sable had landed on his shoulder without him even detecting it. Wang Lin turned his head to look at the sable, and the little sable also looked toward Wang Lin.

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