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Chapter 487 – Sword Intent

The treasure pavilion was in the center of the purple division on a giant platform that branched off from the mountains. This pavilion had a total of nine floors, and when looking at it from a distance, the dense spiritual energy it released looked like an umbrella.

This pavilion was made of green jade tiles. The outside of the building had an ancient feel as if it had been cleansed countless times by the passage of time. Some of the green jade tiles had even turned grey.

A few green vines were growing out of the cracks in the green jade tiles and covered parts of the building. On every section of vine grew a purple flower that gave off a fragrance that could shake people’s hearts.

There was a giant formation under the pavilion. This formation expanded across the entire platform and had the treasure pavilion at its center.

From a distance, the formation looked like Yin and Yang fusing together, creating a sense of chaos in the middle. There were also three powerful auras within the formation that seemed to be trying to break out from it.

These three auras formed three white marks that moved within the formation, but oddly enough, they never collided with each other.

There was currently a person sitting in the lotus position outside the treasure pavilion. This person was a middle-aged man who was wearing a black robe, his eyes brows were like swords, his skin was as white as jade, and his beard, which was divided into three strands, was flowing in the wind, giving him the air of a celestial.

This person’s cultivation was completely hidden. Unless someone had a higher cultivation level, it would be very difficult to see through this person. He sat there with a calm expression as if nothing in the world mattered. Right now all his attention was focused on the object in his lap!

In the person’s lap sat a seven-foot-long sword. The sword was completely green and gave off a ghostly light. Under the sunlight, the surrounding area was covered in this green light, painting everything around it green.

Wang Lin stood several dozen feet outside the treasure pavilion as he stared at the person sitting outside.

“This person’s cultivation is at the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation, but there is a very well hidden sword intent inside him!”

The middle-aged man opened his eyes and saw Wang Lin standing not far from him. He was startled and quickly stood up, clasped his hands, and respectfully said, “Disciple Zhang Xiangfan greets Seventh Ancestor!” That green sword turned into a ray of green light and disappeared into his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes landed on Zhang Xiangfan’s forehead and then he calmly asked, “Can you let me see your flying sword?”

Zhang Xiangfan was startled. He nodded and said, “Disciple’s flying sword is just an ordinary item. I obtained it from a shop outside the sect, and it has nothing special about it. If Seventh Ancestor wants to see it, then that is naturally fine.” With that, he pointed between his brows and let out a low roar. A green light flew out, took the form of the seven-foot-long sword, and released waves of sword hymns.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he reached out with his hand. When the green sword was caught by him, he pulled it towards him and began to carefully examine it.

Just earlier when Zhang Xiangfan put away the flying sword, the sword intent Wang Lin felt disappeared. Now that he called out the sword again, Wang Lin realized that what gave off the sword intent earlier wasn’t Zhang Xiangfan but this flying sword.

Wang Lin’s heart started trembling when he gently touched the sword with his left hand. If it was anyone else, it would be very difficult to feel the sword intent on this sword. If someone else found it, they would realize that this sword was not normal. However, when Wang Lin felt this sword intent, his heart trembled. A very familiar feeling filled his heart when he felt this sword intent.

“Zhou Yi…” Wang Lin pondered.

The sliver of sword intent on this sword was clearly the sword intent Zhou Yi gave off when he turned into a sword spirit!

Back then, Zhou Yi chased after Sword Saint Ling Tianhou. He had been gone for more than 100 years since then.

This was the first time he had felt Zhou Yi’s sword intent. If he hadn’t spent a very long time under the pagoda comprehending Zhou Yi’s domain, there would’ve been no way for him to know at a glance that this sword intent came from Zhou Yi.

There was only a small trace of sword intent in this sword. After feeling this sword intent, Wang Lin pondered for a bit and rubbed the flying sword. The sword suddenly began to glow bright green and a ray of green light flew out of it. The green light turned into a green star and floated before Wang Lin.

Looking at the star, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He grabbed the star, looked at Zhang Xiangfan, who didn’t know what to do, and said, “There is a trace of sword intent in his sword from an old friend, so I’m taking it away. However, I won’t mistreat you. Here, take this jade. There are 18 restrictions on his jade; place them on any high quality or lower flying sword and they will make its power increase several fold!”

With that, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding. A jade appeared in his hand and he threw it at Zhang Xiangfan.

As for the green flying sword, Wang Lin also returned it. Although Zhang Xiangfan showed a look of respect, his eyes revealed the pain of loss. He accepted the jade without much expectations and subconsciously scanned it, but he was immediately shocked and revealed a startled expression.

Shortly after, he suddenly raised his head and respectfully said, “Thank you, Seventh Ancestor!”

Zhang Xianfan has cultivated for a long time and had seen a lot, so he was immediately able to tell that these 18 restrictions were not simple. These 18 restrictions were all attack restrictions, and what was even more rare was that they could be stacked on top of each other. Zhang Xiangfan suppressed the excitement in his heart. He wished he could go into closed door cultivation right now and imprint the 18 restrictions on a flying sword right away, then he would never have to fear fellow late stage Soul Formation cultivators!

These 18 restrictions were only two groups of restrictions that Wang Lin had been studying from Yunque Zi’s straw hat. These weren’t even remotely enough for the restriction flag to reach the next stage.

Wang Lin didn’t waste any time and directly said, “I came here to pick up my celestial jades!”

Zhang Xiangfan quickly nodded and said, “Seventh Ancestor, you get 100 celestial jades every month. Give me your token and I’ll open up the transfer array for you.”

Wang Lin remained silent as he waved his hand and threw the token over.

After Zhang Xiangfan received it, he respectfully took a few steps back, then he checked the ground for a bit, calculated a bit with his fingers, and finally pressed the token against the ground.

Wang Lin clearly saw that Zhang Xiangfan had pressed down when all three auras were at the same location.

As soon as the token pressed down on the formation, all three auras charged toward the token. There was a loud rumble and Zhang Xiangfan wasn’t able to hold on to the token any longer, so he was forced back several steps.

But that token started floating in the sky and the three auras flew out from the ground and through the token. They moved faster and faster until one could only see afterimages connecting together.

After several breaths of time, the token released a powerful, purple light that shined on the surrounding area. Then the three auras charged out of the token and fused into one. The combined auras flew toward the treasure pavilion, stopped before the seventh floor, and turned into a giant gate of light.

Zhang Xiangfan quickly and respectfully said, “Seventh Ancestor, please enter with the token.”

Without a word, Wang Lin walked forward, grabbed the token, and flew directly toward the seventh floor.

This light door clearly had the effect of transfer array. The moment Wang Lin stepped inside, his eyes blurred, and when he could clearly see again, he was in a world that was like the celestial realm.

This place was filled with the fragrance of flowers, clear water rushed through a stream, the sky was covered in seven-colored clouds, and there were even cranes that would occasionally fly by.

At this moment, the seven-colored clouds quickly gathered in the sky to form a figure. Wang Lin couldn’t see the exact face of this figure, but waves of celestial spiritual energy were coming from it.


A majestic voice came from this giant figure.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he threw the token. The token quickly flew toward the giant. When the token got close to it, it collapsed into golden specks of light and fused into the giant.

Shortly after, the giant spoke again.

“The seventh disciple of the purple division hasn’t withdrawn celestial jades for 103 years. Do you want to take them all out at once?”

Wang Lin was startled. Even with his mental strength, he couldn’t help but be shocked. He took a deep breath and said, “I want to withdraw it all!”

“A total of 123,600 pieces!” As the giant’s voice echoed, countless celestial jades flew out of the giant’s body and piled up before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stared at the the pile of celestial jades as it rapidly grew and felt his throat dry up. He never would have thought that the Heavenly Fate Sect distributed celestial jades like this.

“If a disciple spot remains empty for tens of thousands of years, then won’t the amount of celestial jades collect to an unimaginable degree? Celestial jades are supposed to be rare, so why does the Heavenly Sect have so many…” Wang Lin took a deep breath. At this moment, the celestial jades had already formed a small mountain. His eyes lit up as he quickly put them into his bag of holding.

After doing all of this, he touched his bag of holding. He still felt like none of this was real.

He bitterly smiled and shook his head. No wonder people considered him a hick; his current knowledge was still not enough. These 100,000 plus celestial jades were already enough to make his eyes red. If anyone had tried to stop him earlier, no matter who it was, Wang Lin would have attacked without any hesitation.

He took a deep breath and then his eyes became clear again. Only now did he recovere from the shock of the celestial jades.

At this moment, the giant figure in the sky slowly disappeared and turned back into those seven-colored clouds. There were specks of golden light in the sky that slowly reformed back into the token and flew toward Wang Lin like lightening.

Wang Lin raised his right hand. At the moment he touched the token, an invisible force pushed him back several dozen feet and he disappeared from that place.

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