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Chapter 486 – The 7 true disciples of the All-Seer

Wang Lin secretly sighed and walked out of the pavilion. Outside stood Bai Wei, wearing a purple robe with some floral embellishments. Bai Wei was definitely a handsome man, but under the light of the sun, he really gave off the feeling of a beautiful woman.

Wang Lin kept a certain distance from this person as he said, “I wonder what business Third Brother has.”

Bai Wei let out a beautiful smile, bit his lower lip, and said, “Of course I have business. Seventh Brother, you haven’t obtained your token nor your clothes yet. I have obtained them for you and brought them here.” With that, he waved his right hand and a bag of holding flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught the bag and scanned it with his divine sense. The bag did indeed contain two purple robes and a purple token.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks!”

Bai Wei smiled. “No problem. You aren’t familiar with this purple division mountain yet; how about having senior apprentice brother here show you around?”

Wang Lin revealed a strange light in his eyes and flat out refused. “Thank you, senior apprentice brother, for your good will, but I’m still busy with cultivation, so let’s do it another day.”

As Wang Lin spoke, he took two steps back. He got a very strange feeling from Bai Wei, and talking to Bai Wei made him feel very uncomfortable.

Bai Wei looked at Wang Lin with a dimmed expression and softly said, “Seventh Brother, I mean no harm, but the purple division is really complex. I spent all night sorting out this information for you. Do you really not want to hear it?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he slapped his bag of holding, and with a flash of white light, a table and two chairs appeared. There was even a tea set on the table.

Wang Lin’s eyes were clear as he sat down and said, “Third Brother, please sit!”

Bai Wei faintly smiled as he sat down. He first poured a cup for Wang Lin and then poured himself a cup. After placing down the teapot, he said, “When I first met you, I never would have expected you to be the honorary disciple master happened to talk about once.”

Wang Lin only smiled but didn’t say a word.

Bai Wei picked up the teacup and took a sip, then his eyes lit up and he said, “Wang Lin, beware of senior apprentice brother!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He raised his head to look at Bai Wei, waiting for the rest.

Bai Wei put down the tea cup and slowly said, “Senior apprentice brother is the one in the purple division that has followed Master for the longest, so he knows a lot of things we don’t know, like why Master has been on this planet for tens of thousands of years. Most cultivators on planet Tian Yun only cultivate for thousands of years, and very few stay for more than ten thousand years. Senior apprentice brother definitely knows the truth to things like this.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. He had considered this question before, but because he didn’t know much, he didn’t consider it too deeply. Now that he heard Bai Wei talk about it, he began to think again.

“Where did all of Master’s earlier disciples go? Not just you and me, but no one else can figure it out either.

“The only other person that might’ve known of this secret besides senior apprentice brother was the previous Seventh Brother, Sun Yun! I suspect that the reason he betrayed the sect back then was due to this!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. Shortly after, he slowly said, “Third Brother, since there is no conclusive evidence, it is best not to wildly guess.”

A faint, mysterious light flashed across Bai Wei’s eyes. He pondered a bit before saying, “The purple division is the weakest out of all the divisions, but the competition here is still high; senior apprentice brother has been aiming for that true disciple position for a very long time.

“Don’t underestimate senior apprentice brother; his cultivation was not like this before. Back then, he failed in his battle against Sixth Brother for the true disciple position and was heavily injured, causing his cultivation level to drop greatly. However, he is very determined; he went into closed door cultivation for hundreds of years to prepare himself to recover.

“Unfortunately, Sun Yun appeared, and he defeated Sixth Brother and senior apprentice brother for the position as Master’s true disciple.

“In Master’s birthday celebration three months from now, the new true disciple of the purple division will be selected. Until Sixth Brother comes back, you will be the person senior apprentice brother must remove!”

Wang Lin slightly frowned and said, “The title of seven true disciples of the All-Seer is merely a title. Why fight over it?”

Bai Wei was startled. He looked at Wang Lin for a very long time before laughing out loud. “A mere title? Seventh Brother, do you understand that once you become one of the seven true disciples of the All-Seer, you are below only a few and above tens of thousands. Every cultivation country will have to be respectful to you, and you will have countless people wanting to be your followers.

“In addition to all of this, each of the seven true disciples can have an entire cultivation country to train in. You may pick any cultivation country on planet Tian Yun, or even one of the countries on the surrounding planets!

“And that’s not the most important part. You and I are Soul Transformation cultivators, and the one thing we want the most is to reach the Ascendant stage! Reaching the Ascendant stage means to seek dao or die trying; you should have heard of this before. The moment a cultivator reaches the Ascendant stage is very dangerous. There might not even be a chance to cultivate again. It has a 10% survival rate!

“But once you become one of the seven true disciples, Master will personally act. Although it can’t be 100%, he can increase the chance by 30%!

“You tell me, who wouldn’t be tempted?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes lit up.

“This is not all of it. The amount of celestial jades people at our cultivation level needs is unimaginable. Even though as Master’s disciple you get a monthly allowance, as your cultivation level increases, it will not be enough. But once you become one of the seven true disciples, you will have access to the endless stock of celestial jades from the Heavenly Fate Sect!

“Are you tempted yet?”

Wang Lin’s pupil shrank!

“Also, if you don’t care about the title, don’t care about reaching the Ascendant stage, and don’t care about celestial jades, do you know that once you become one of seven true disciples, you will receive Master’s true dao inheritance?!

“Master’s inheritance isn’t some vague dao but real celestial spells! Be a true disciple for 100 years and you can receive a low quality celestial spell; this is a complete, low quality celestial spell!

“Being one of the true disciples for 1,000 years earns you another low quality celestial spell. You will also be sent to the Cultivation Alliance to study further and truly become a powerhouse in the cultivation world!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious and he asked, word for word, “If I’m a true disciple for 1,000 years, I will receive a complete celestial spell. Is this true?!”

Bai Wei nodded. “It is absolutely true! The green division’s true disciple, Li Shengnan, has been a true disciple for over 1,000 years. 100 years ago, he received a complete, low quality celestial spell from Master. He is still in closed door cultivation studying it now. Once he comes out, his strength will be at an unimaginable level!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. After silently pondering for a while, he nodded and then stood up. He clasped his hands at Bai Wei and said, “Third Brother, I’m tired. I’ll talk to you another day. I’ll come over to visit you.”

Bai Wei smiled as he stood up and said, “No problem. Then I won’t be bothering you any longer. Seventh Brother, if there are any problems, you can come and find me.” With that, Bai Wei stood up, clasped his hands, and turned around to leave.

At the moment he turned around, the smile on his face disappeared without a trace and was replaced with a gloomy expression.

“Senior apprentice brother, you want to become one of the seven true disciples, but as long as I, Bai Wei, live, I’ll never let you succeed! I will make you fail each time! That is the only way for me to get revenge on what you did to me back then!”

Wang Lin returned to the Purple Forest Pavilion and his eyes lit up.

Before, Wang Lin didn’t know the value of a complete, low quality celestial spell, but after being with Situ Nan for a month and learning the three killing spells, Wang Lin gained a deep understanding of celestial spells.

The three killing spells that Situ Nan derived from a broken celestial spell already possessed so much power, so one could only assume that the power of a complete celestial spell was unimaginable.

Celestials were powerful due to two reasons: one was celestial treasures, and the second was celestial spells!

A celestial that had high quality celestial treasures and knew high quality celestial spells was powerful beyond imagination. The higher their cultivation, the more terrifying they became.

There might be spells that could compete with celestial spells, but as far as Wang Lin knew, only the techniques of the ancient gods could be a match.

Wang Lin had a lot of techniques of the ancient gods from the memories of Tu Si. However, all of them have very strict requirements, and with the current cultivation of his original body, he couldn’t use any.

“The seven true disciples of the All-Seer, interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he put on the disciple clothing and walked out of the pavilion.

It was currently high noon. The blazing sun was high in the sky as Wang Lin walked out with a long robe. His robe fluttered in the wind, giving him a sense of elegance.

As he walked through the purple division, whenever a disciple saw him, they would stop, respectfully bow to him, and call him “Seventh Ancestor.”

Along the way, Wang Lin gradually realized something: this Heavenly Fate Sect wasn’t like the sects back on planet Suzaku, where the strong were respected.

Instead, it maintained the ancient ways of the older being respected, and one’s position in the sect depended on when they entered the sect.

As a result, aside from someone like Wang Lin, who suddenly appeared, the ranks here were very stable generation after generation without any problems.

This was why even though Sun Yun had already become one of the seven true disciples, he would still have to call Zhao Xingsha “senior apprentice brother” when they met.

The purple division was very large. He had checked this area many times, so he wasn’t unfamiliar with the road. His destination this time was the purple division’s treasure pavilion!

This pavilion was where disciples obtained pills and spirit stones. This was also where Bai Wei obtained Wang Lin’s token and clothes.

As a disciple of the All-Seer, he would enjoy special privileges such as a monthly allowance of celestial jades. He decided to come here after hearing it from Bai Wei.

“If I want to contest for the position as one of the seven true disciples, my cultivation must reach the mid stage of Soul Transformation! On planet Tian Yun, I, Wang Lin, will be a domineering person! This isn’t a place to hide one’s strength; if I were to show weakness, I would immediately be under someone’s boots. Even the All-Seer allows this, or else the fight earlier wouldn’t have happened!

“Since that is the case, I want to see how far I can climb in this Heavenly Fate Sect! As long as I don’t cross Master’s bottom line, I can do anything I wish!”

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