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Chapter 485 – Celestial Spell

The woman’s origin soul was freed from the seal she was trapped in within the soul flag. A ray of purple light flew out from Wang Lin’s mouth and turned into the figure of the woman several feet away.

The moment she appeared, she let out an angry roar and pounced toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t move an inch, but his eyes became cold.

The All-Seer calmly said, “Enough!”

With one word, the purple-robed woman’s origin soul collapsed into specks of light, and with a wave of his hand, the All-Seer collected all the specks of light in his sleeve.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled and his pupils shrank as he stared at where the purple-robed woman disappeared and silently pondered.

“All of you, leave! Wang Lin, stay!” The All-Seer slowly descended from the sky and landed outside the Purple Forest Pavilion.

Bai Wei quickly and respectfully acknowledged it. He turned around and flew into the distance.

As for the late stage Soul Transformation woman, her expression was also very respectful, and she left with Bai Wei.

The expressions of the middle-aged man and Zhao Xingsha were both very gloomy, especially Zhao Xingsha’s. His expression was very ugly as he took a meaningfully look at Wang Lin before leaving.

The other disciples of the purple division all slowly left. Their attitude toward Wang Lin had completely changed. No one in the purple division would dare to be disrespectful to Wang Lin from now on.

Wang Lin respectfully stood next to the All-Seer and remained silent with his head down. The power of the All-Seer was far beyond his imagination. He secretly used Situ Nan as a comparison and he had to admit that Situ Nan was far from being the All-Seer’s opponent!

After all, Situ Nan couldn’t collapse an origin soul with one word and restore everything with just a single wave. This was already in the realm of celestial spells; it was not something normal cultivators could do.

During the one month of time they had together, Situ Nan explained a bit about different the types of spells cultivators used, and the one that stuck out to Wang Lin the most were celestial spells.

Spells that used celestial spiritual energy were not automatically considered celestial spells. Real celestial spells were powerful spells that were on par with the seals the cultivation alliance gave to the leaders of cultivation planets!

However, the seals required inheritance, while celestial spells only required the seal and chant.

After the Celestial Realm collapsed, a large amount of celestial spells disappeared, and as time went on, the number of celestial spells decreased. Celestial spells were split by the ranks of low quality, medium quality, and high quality. There was also a top quality, but it was so rare that Situ Nan had only heard rumors about it, so he didn’t talk much about it.

As for the three killing spells Situ Nan taught Wang Lin, they were things he derived from an incomplete low quality celestial spell that Ye Wuyou had.

Situ Nan couldn’t replicate it, he could only imitate it. After years of studying, he was able to derive the three killing spells from it.

The three killing spells had demonic attributes because Situ Nan followed the demonic path.

The All-Seer stood silently outside the Purple Forest Palace and silently stared at the word “Forest.”

The surroundings were completely silent. Wang Lin stood there, accompanying the All-Seer, and remained silent. He didn’t know what kind of personality his new master had, and he wasn’t able to see through what his master was thinking. However, from the expression on the All-Seer’s face, the All-Seer didn’t seem angry.

After a long time, the All-Seer let out a sigh and withdrew his gaze. He looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “What a good ‘Forest!’ Not bad. There is a tyrannical aura coming from this word that could pierce the heavens. Yes, there is someone you know very well that cultivates the demonic path, and that person caused a sliver of demonic aura to linger in you!”

Wang Lin’s heart shook. Although his expression didn’t change, his mind raced. In the end, his memory focused on the Second Brother, the one who used the forbidden avatar technique to gain the body of an immortal demon. Then he made a decision as he truthfully nodded and said, “Disciple did indeed know someone, but our paths split up on the journey here.”

The All-Seer rubbed his white beard and smiled. “Even if he came to planet Tian Yun, it would have been fine. In your master’s eyes, there is no good or evil; one only needs to follow their desires! Heavenly fate, heavenly fate! Everything in the world depends on fate! As long as one’s heart is determined, then one can cultivate any of the millions of daos that exist!”

Wang Lin nodded in agreement. He thought of the technique that the Second Brother used, which was almost a demonic technique in nature. This was why he decided to tell the truth rather than lie and be seen through by the All-Seer.

“You take a good rest. Three months from now will be my birthday celebration. Many powerful cultivators from planet Tian Yun and the surrounding planets will come. I’ll take this opportunity to announce accepting you as a disciple and let the people on planet Tian Yun have some impression of you. I presume that shortly from now, your senior apprentice brother will come to tell you more about it later!” As the All-Seer spoke, he walked into the air and slowly disappeared into the distance step by step.

Wang Lin respectfully sent the All-Seer off and then walked into the Purple Forest Pavilion.

In the secret chamber on the third floor of the Purple Forest Pavilion, Wang Lin let out a breath of relief as he looked around with a mysterious light in his eyes.

“It looks like I have gotten a foothold in this Heavenly Fate Sect. It also looks like I can’t be kind. It seems those who are more domineering have a better chance of survival here.

“The All-Seer was probably paying attention the entire time and he clearly saw all the treasures that I used. The war chariot is fine, but the key is the celestial sword… Everything is within expectations, but if I want to have a stable root here, I can’t hide the celestial sword. There is no way to hide the celestial sword from the All-Seer, and I don’t have anything that can be used to protect myself from him, but I believe the All-Seer doesn’t have the face to ask his disciple for it. Even if he asks, I’ll just directly give it to him and probably get some good benefits out of it. That forbidden avatar technique Second Brother used was pretty good!

“Now my cultivation has reached the peak of the early stage of Soul Transformation, and during the Human Trial, I experienced countless cycles and solidified my Dao heart.

“In the Heavenly Trial, I was able to comprehend the heaven’s dao and gained enlightenment in my domain. However, in order to reach the mid stage of Soul Transformation, I need celestial jades. The amount of celestial jades I have is not enough”

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin sent out several restrictions to protect the pavilion and then began to cultivate.

On the east side of the purple division on a bedding of jade rocks, there was a very luxurious pavilion with three large words carved on it: “Purple Star Pavilion”.

Zhao Xingsha walked into the Purple Star Pavilion with a gloomy expression. The moment he arrived inside, he clenched his fist before punching at the air.

“Wang Lin!! I have followed Master for 2,000 years, so I understand Master’s personality very well. He didn’t directly take you to the ancestral temple and didn’t give you a life-saving forbidden technique. There must be a reason to all of this! If I’m not wrong, this is master’s real test for you. If in the birthday celebration three months from now you can show off your talent, then he will truly accept you as a disciple… However, Wang Lin, I won’t give you that chance!!

“I don’t care about the Purple Forest Pavilion, but the spot of direct disciple within the purple division will be mine for sure!!! Second Brother has been injured and definitely harbors a hatred that can be used. As for Third Brother… that person is very unpredictable, so he might be a bit of a problem, but I still have a way to make him listen to me.

“Fourth Sister… her cultivation level is high, but I naturally have ways of dealing with her. Sixth Brother has already reached the Ascendant stage, but after having his spot taken by Sun Yun, he left the Heavenly Fate Sect to train himself outside. If he comes back, I can’t do much, but if he doesn’t, then my only opponent will be Wang Lin!!

“I originally didn’t think of his person as a threat, but today I saw that his spells aren’t bad, his treasures are good, and although his cultivation is only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, he can threaten someone at the late stage of Soul Transformation. He is my greatest enemy! Unfortunately, after all these years, my injuries still haven’t recovered; otherwise, a mere early stage Soul Transformation cultivator wouldn’t be enough to get my attention!”

Zhao Xingsha’s eyes revealed a devilish light as he looked toward the Purple Forest Pavilion and revealed a sinister expression.

“Seventh Brother, I’ll let you battle Fourth Sister first! I won’t kill you, but I’ll injure you so badly that you will need years to recover. By then, I’ll already be one of the seven direct disciples and my cultivation’s recovery will be in sight, so you will no longer be worthy of my attention!”

On the west side of the purple division, there was a very elegant and milky white pavilion. This place was the Purple Wei Palace! Bai Wei was quietly sitting inside the pavilion and before him was a tree branch.

This was a branch that was just broken off from a tree. There were still some young buds growing on it.

Bai Wei looked at the tree branch and revealed a pondering expression.

“This Wang Lin’s cultivation is strange! When I met him back on the trade planet, I felt that he had the same strength as he just showed, and back then he didn’t even use all of these treasures and spells. This Seventh Brother sure has a lot of secrets… but the more secrets he has, the more attractive he is…” muttered Bai Wei as his eyes revealed a hard-to-figure-out expression.

He placed his right index finger gently on the corner of his mouth….

Night came. The purple division felt very quiet under the moonlight. Tonight, the only thing the disciples of the purple division talked about was Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s name was like the eye-catching meteor that was arcing across the sky that everyone couldn’t help but raise their head to look at. The question was: will this meteor only last for a few short moments or continue to exist forever?

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position and cultivated through the entire night without a word.

On the morning of the second day, when the first ray of light came in from the roof of the pavilion, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes shined brightly as he stood up and walked down from the third floor.

“Celestial jades…” Wang Lin pondered a bit before raising his head to look outside the pavilion.

Shortly after, a gentle voice came from the outside.

“Seventh Brother, do you have any free time?”

Wang Lin’s expression immediately became strange. In the purple division, he wasn’t afraid of Zhao Xinsha or the Fourth Sister, but toward Bai Wei, he felt the need to avoid him.

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