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Chapter 484 – All-Seer

A beam of purple flame came out from his finger. The purple flame was flickering and wasn’t very eye catching at all; it was as if it could extinguish at any time.

However, this strand of flame was something Wang Lin barely managed to learn from Situ Nan after a month of hard work. This flame was a demonic flame!

Using the celestial spiritual energy in his body as fuel, a fire was created and then changed into a demonic flame. According to Situ Nan, any ordinary mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator would die immediately upon encountering this spell.

His expression was very cold as the flame moved between his fingers. Thanks to the flickering of this flame, Wang Lin looked very demonic as he pointed at the middle-aged man.

The moment the black mist closed in, the demonic flame on Wang Lin’s finger flew out and fused with the mist.

In a flash, the black mist began to churn like boiling water. The black mist started churning violently and then it stopped three inches away from Wang Lin before backing up. A cry of shock could be heard from within the black mist while it retreated.

Wang Lin sneered. He charged forward and the Soul Lasher appeared in his hand. He viciously swung the whip several times toward the black mist.

The black mist churned even more violently as if it was about to collapse. Wang Lin chased closely after it and continued to swing the Soul Lasher.

At this moment, among the three people watching, Zhao Xingsha’s expression changed. He quickly charged out and shouted, “Seventh Brother, stop!”

As Zhao Xingsha spoke, he slapped his bag of holding and a light wheel appeared in his hand. A strange light appeared in his eyes and he was just about to throw it.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly turned around to face Zhao Xingsha and said, “You, scram!”

Zhao Xingsha’s expression changed and he sneered. Instead of backing away, he moved even faster and threw the light wheel toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a look of contempt as he pointed at the war chariot beside him and said, “Seal, release!”

After he said those two words, a roar that shook the entire surrounding area suddenly came from the war chariot.

This roar contained a powerful unyielding nature; it was unyielding toward the heavens, unyielding toward the earth, unyielding toward immortals, unyielding toward demons, unyielding toward everything in the world.

Zhao Xingsha’s body stopped and his face became completely pale. He turned and looked at the war chariot dumbfoundedly before quickly retreating.

A giant spirit beast more than 100 feet tall came out from the war chariot. It raised its giant head, revealing its two cold eyes, and gave off a demonic glow that would make anyone’s body shiver.

The moment the beast appeared, Bai Wei backed up without any hesitation. He didn’t stop until he was more than 1,000 feet away and stared at the beast with terror in his eyes.

As for the woman who was at the late stage of Soul Transformation, her expression also changed and she quickly backed away several hundred feet. From the look of her gaze, even she dreaded this beast.

If they reacted like this, then there was no need to talk about the other disciples of the purple division. One by one, their faces became filled with a expressions of shock. That roar earlier shook many of their hearts; some of them weren’t even able to stay in the air because the movement of spiritual energy inside their bodies was blocked.

Among the surrounding disciples, there were also some disciplinary elders, and they all secretly complained. They realised that the struggles between the ancestor’s disciples wasn’t something they could get involved in. Which disciple accepted by the ancestor was ordinary? They had underestimated this disciple because he was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, but his battle strength shocked even a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

The surrounding disciples all backed up and stared at Wang Lin with shock in their eyes, but there was also an added hint of respect.

The strong would garner respect from the weak no matter where they were. This was a law set in stone in the cultivation world!

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he stared at Zhao Xingsha, who was running away. He coldly said, “Kill him! I’ll allow you to devour his soul as your prize!”

The spirit beast suddenly turned its giant head, looked at Wang Lin, and let out another roar. This time it suddenly moved, causing the chains that linked the beast to the chariot to appear. However, the chains were pulled completely straight and made rattling sounds as if they were about to break.

Even the war chariot was pulled along by the spirit beast.

Zhang Xingsha’s expression changed greatly as he quickly backed up and shouted, “Third brother and fourth sister, act now!”

Wang Lin sneered and ignored Zhao Xingsha as he continued to whip the black mist. The cries from the black mist got louder and louder. Three breaths of time later, the black mist collapsed and turned back into the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was completely pale and his eyes were dim. The moment he landed, his legs trembled and he almost fell over. Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s whip arrived and knocked his origin soul three inches out of his body.

Wang Lin put away the Soul Lasher and took out the soul flag. With one wave, several of the primary souls came out and rushed toward the middle-aged man.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin calmly floated in the sky and looked down at his surroundings. In the distance, all the disciples of the purple division lowered their heads and didn’t dare to meet his gaze.

Even the disciplinary elders lowered their heads. Their hearts were filled with fear.

“This Wang Lin came from a wasted cultivation planet; how could he have spells like this?!” This question appeared in everyone’s hearts and stayed for a long time.

In the end, Wang Lin’s gaze landed on Bai Wei and the late stage Soul Transformation woman. He calmly asked them, “Do the two of you still want to act?”

Bai Wei bitterly smiled and shook his head.

The woman’s eyes lit up and she laughed. “Seventh Brother, you really did show off your might here today. If there is chance, we can always battle some other time.”

Wang Lin nodded, then he waved his right hand and the primary souls chasing the middle-aged man stopped and returned to him. When they got close, he opened his mouth and sucked them all in, returning them to the soul flag inside his origin soul.

The middle-aged man’s origin soul was filled with fear; he was truly scared now. Earlier he used the Forbidden Avatar technique to change his body into that of an immortal demon. The body was supposed to be able to devour everything, but he couldn’t devour the sword nor the blade, and then the weak-looking flame invaded his body. The flame caused his immortal demon body to collapse, but a sliver of it still remained. The flame also made all of the blood in his body evaporate very quickly.

And this was not even the end of it all. That strange whip kept attacking him, and the damage went through his body and directly damaged his origin soul. The final hit even knocked his origin soul out of his body. This kind of spell and magical treasure caused his heart to tremble.

Then he encountered several Soul Transformation soul fragments that chased after him. If Wang Lin hadn’t called them back, he would have to self-destruct and lose a large portion of his cultivation to escape with his life.

As for Zhao Xingsha, no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t escape the spirit beast. Just as he was about to be hit, a gentle light descended from the sky.

There were glowing specks inside this ray of gentle light that suddenly gathered and formed an old man. The old man had a gentle smile on his face and his long eyebrows flowed in the wind. With a hint of amusement on his face, he waved his hand at the spirit beast and said, “What a good Heavenly Beast!”

The spirit beast suddenly turned around and roared at the old man, but its eyes were filled with fear.

The old man faintly shook his head as waved his palm. The spirit beast let out a cry as its body shrunk, then the old man threw the spirit beast back toward the chariot and with a bang, the war chariot turned back into the beast trap.

Zhao Xingsha’s face was extremely pale. After seeing the old man, he respectfully said, “Greetings, Master.”

Bai Wei and the late stage Soul Transformation woman also became serious and respectfully said, “Greetings, Master.”

As for the middle-aged man, who was still not back in his body, he also became very respectful. He stopped going back into his body and respectfully said, “Disciple greets Master.”

At this moment, all of the surrounding disciples of the purple division bowed and greeted him.

The old man faintly nodded, then he waved his right hand and the middle-aged man’s origin soul was covered by a gentle light. The middle-aged man’s origin soul flew back into his body and all his injuries were healed.

After doing that, the old man’s gaze fell on Wang Lin and he smiled. “In reality, you have met me long ago!”

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the beast trap returned to his wrist. He looked up at the old man as his domineering aura disappeared and clasped his hands. “Junior Wang Lin greets senior All-Seer.”

The old man and looked at the Purple Forest Pavilion that had been mostly destroyed during the big battle. The only part that still remained relatively intact was the sign with the three words “Purple Forest Pavilion”.

“Good name!” The old man rubbed his white beard and then pointed at the pavilion. A gentle, white light surrounded the building, then the build was completely restored and looked like it had never been damaged to begin with. Even the cracks on the earth, the shattered rocks, and fallen trees were all restored as well.

This spell caused Wang Lin’s heart to tremble violently.

“Wang Lin, when I saw you back on planet Suzaku, I had the urge to accept you as a disciple. I originally planned to accept you as an honorary disciple for 100 years, but when I saw you again, I changed my mind. Wang Lin, are you willing to accept me as your master, to cultivate the dao of the heavens, and become a true disciple of the purple division?”

The All-Seer stared at Wang Lin with a serious expression.

Wang Lin stared back at the All-Seer. After a short while, he kneeled on one knee and respectfully said, “Disciple Wang Lin greets Master!”

“Good!” The All-Seer laughed as he looked at Wang Lin with a gentle smile. “Aren’t you going to release your fifth sister? If you are too late, won’t your master be short another disciple?”

Wang Lin raised his head and calmly said, “I can release fifth sister’s origin soul, but the other two were disrespectful to me, so I can’t release them!”

The All-Seer pondered a bit before letting out a smile. He gave Wang Lin a profound look and then said, “Good!”

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