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Chapter 483 – Demonic Finger

The avatar exploded and a crazed aura spread out. The surrounding dirt and sand were kicked into the air and even the nearby Purple Forest Pavilion partially collapsed.

The explosion of the avatar cause the area to be surrounded by a cloud of dust. She felt the force around the area loosen and was about to turn around to escape.

But just at this moment, from inside the dust before her, a demonic thumb appeared!

The woman’s eyes revealed a trace of terror and despair.

What followed right after the thumb were Wang Lin’s cold eyes. He looked at the woman as if he was looking at a dead person.

At this moment, several rays of light flew over from the distance and an angry roar came from them. “Stop!”

Wang Lin coldly snorted. He was waiting for those people to arrive. Not only did his thumb not stop, it moved even faster. At a speed several times faster than before, his thumb pressed down between the woman’s eyebrows.

The woman’s eyes suddenly dimmed, her body trembled, and she began to fall from the sky, but her origin soul was trapped by Wang Lin’s finger.

At this moment, the dust cloud disappeared. Wang Lin was still floating in the air. He put his thumb next to his mouth and with one breath sucked her origin soul into his body to be sealed within the soul flag.

The rays of light arched across the sky and four figures appeared 100 feet before Wang Lin.

Three of the four people were male and one was female.

Among the three males, Wang Lin recognize two of them. One of them was the gentle-looking man, Zhao Xingsha, and the other one was Bai Wei, who he met on the trade planet.

As for the last male, this person was middle-aged. Although he looked ordinary, his rage was monstrous. He stared at Wang Lin and shouted, “Killing members of your own sect!? Today I’ll clean the sect for Master!”

Behind the three of them was a woman. She was very beautiful and had a very tempting figure. Just by standing there she emitted a beautiful fragrance. She looked at Wang Lin with a strange expression and seemed to be here with the intention of watching a show.

Countless rays of light arrived behind the four of them as well. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found them to be disciples of the purple division. They must have felt the fight and came to see what was going on.

These people didn’t close in but stopped 10,000 feet away.

Gradually, more and more people came and soon, the entire sky was covered by disciples of the purple division. All of their gazes were on Wang Lin.

There were many different expressions among those gazes, but the most common expression was shock.

The middle-aged man who shouted was about to move forward but was stopped by Zhao Xingsha. The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Xingsha and said, “What is the meaning of this, senior apprentice brother?!”

Zhao Xingsha’s expression was very serious. He didn’t pay any attention to the middle-aged man but looked at Wang Lin with a gloomy gaze. He said, “Wang Lin, you are the seventh disciple, so I’ll call you seventh junior brother. What is the cause of this?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. The appearance of these people were within his expectations. He expected that all of this was secretly manipulated by the All-Seer, but he had no idea why the All-Seer would do this. Despite not knowing what was going on, there was no trace of fear on his face at all.

Zhao Xingsha was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation! Bai Wei was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation! The middle-aged man was also at the mid stage of Soul Transformation! The only person Wang Lin wasn’t sure of was the woman; her cultivation was very strong!

“Late stage Soul Transformation…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Toward Zhao Xingsha’s question, Wang Lin calmly asked, “Who is Sun Yun?”

The moment he spoke, that everyone’s expressions changed. Zhao Xingsha stared at Wang Lin for a bit. Shortly after, he said, “Seventh brother, you were in the wrong. Senior brother can’t help you here!” With that, he let go of the middle-aged man.

With one step, the middle-aged man crossed almost 100 feet and stopped 10 feet before Wang Lin. He stood before Wang Lin and said, “Trash from a wasted cultivation planet, today I’ll show you what a real spell looks like!”

A dangerous aura came from this person. Wang Lin looked at this person and placed his hand on his bag of holding.

Just at this critical moment, Bai Wei revealed a look of hesitation and said, “Second brother, using a forbidden technique on a fellow disciple is against the sect rules!”

The middle-aged man looked at Bai Wei and said, “He killed fifth sister. Could it be that you have your eyes on him, Bai Wei?”

Bai Wei’s eyes revealed mysterious light as he looked at the middle-aged man and said, “Senior brother’s words have touched one of my taboos. I’ll remember this!”

The middle-aged man snorted, then he turned around, looked at Wang Lin, and said, “Attack. I’ll let you use three spells! Even if you’re using magical treasures, I’ll let you use them first!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at this person. This person’s cultivation was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation and he had far more celestial spiritual energy than himself. However, Wang Lin had a lot of magical treasures, and adding the three killing spells that Situ Nan gave him, Wang Lin had 70% confidence against a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

“Three spells…” Wang Lin let out a faint smile as he raised his thumb toward the person and said, “Good!”

In an instant, the celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body moved like crazy and his thumb gave off a demonic light as if it had attracted all the light around them. At the same time, Wang Lin took a step forward and pressed his thumb down!

The middle-aged man had already noticed this spell from Wang Lin earlier. Seeing it again from up close, he couldn’t help but sneer. He took a deep breath and suddenly closed his hands. A golden light suddenly began to appear from his forehead. This golden light was extremely blinding and immediately covered his entire body.

A vast force spread out from this person’s body.

Wang Lin’s thumb quickly landed on the golden light around the middle-aged man as the middle-aged man shouted, “Forbidden Avatar, return!”

In an instant, the golden light seemed to have become alive and moved like crazy. At the moment Wang Lin’s thumb descended, it formed an identical thumb and collided with Wang Lin’s thumb.

Wang Lin revealed a mocking smile as he quickly withdrew his thumb and touched his bag of holding. The Soul Lasher suddenly appeared in his hand, and with a one whip, the thumb created by the light collapsed. Even some of the golden light surrounding the middle-aged man collapsed as well.

“This is the first attack. Now it will be the second attack. Second brother, you better not dodge!” As Wang Lin spoke, he whipped the Soul Lasher again. The Soul Lasher whipped out like a dragon and moved with terrifying force.

With a loud “pa,” the whip struck the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man’s face became pale as his origin soul was almost whipped out of his body and all the golden light around him completely collapsed.

Seeing that the third hit was about to come, the middle-aged man quickly backed away

Wang Lin stared at him and faintly smiled. “There is still one more attack!”

The middle-aged man’s expression was gloomy as he let out a snort and took out a large long sword. He held the large long sword and with one shake, a powerful sword intent appeared.

“Including that thumb, it has already been three attacks. How is there one more? Let me clean the sect for Master today! Wang Lin, accept your death!” With that, he suddenly charged out as he threw the sword into the air and shouted, “Exponential Omnipresence Formation.”

The moment the sword flew out, it split from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, and continued until there were countless swords descending on Wang Lin.

At the same time, the middle-aged man sat down, his hand formed a seal, and he began to chant. A strand of black smoke came out from his forehead and remained floating in front of it. The longer he chanted, the larger the black smoke got until it was like a dark cloud in the sky.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pointed at his celestial sword. The celestial sword flew into the sky toward the countless swords. The half-moon blade followed the celestial sword like lightning.

Waves of thunderous roars came from the sky as the countless swords shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin waved his left hand and the axe appeared in his grasp. Right now he was like a primal war god as he charged toward the middle-aged man and swung down the axe.

The middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes, revealing his completely black eyes. He let out a smile as he suddenly stood up. The black cloud above him began to rush into his body through his orifices.

“Forbidden avatar technique, Immortal Demonic Body!” The middle-aged man let out a roar and took a step forward as Wang Lin’s axe landed on his body.

The sound of two pieces of metal colliding echoed the area. Afterwards, there was not a single wound on the middle-aged man’s body. As for Wang Lin, he found a powerful force coming from the axe and his arm suddenly felt numb.

The middle-aged man smiled, then his body shook and turned into black mist that charged toward Wang Lin. Everywhere he passed, the earth cracked up and the greenery wilted.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he backed up. At the same time, he waved his hand and the beast trap flew off his wrist. The beast trap landed on the ground and turned into the God Slaying War Chariot.

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s eyes. This person had started with this Forbidden Avatar technique. This technique was very powerful, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin had plenty of treasures, he wouldn’t have been able to stand against it.

The black mist formed by the middle-aged man charged toward Wang Lin like crazy. The celestial sword in the sky charged toward the black mist with the half-moon blade closely behind it. In almost an instant, the celestial sword charged through the black mist.

A cold snort came from the middle-aged man inside the black mist. He didn’t care about the sword or blade as he charged directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as his right hand formed a seal and he softly said, “Demonic Finger!”

The second killing spell that Situ Nan had taught him now activated!

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