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Chapter 478 – Seeking Dao

The Heavenly Fate sect was on the eastern side of planet Tian Yun. It was covered by mist.

Mist and clouds densely filled the area. Looking from a distance, it was as if the sect was covered by layers of mist, making it impossible to see what was inside.

A huge temple was floating in the middle, emitting a gentle, golden light.

Under the temple were floating stones that formed steps that led to the mountains below.

This was where the outer sect of the Heavenly Fate Sect was located.

At this moment, rays of sword light were flying back and forth through the Heavenly Fate Sect. The sect was very lively.

Wang Lin was standing outside the mountain and looked at the giant temple. He took a deep breath and took a step forward.

He then turned into a ray of white light and rushed forward.

It didn’t take long before Wang Lin arrived at a large mountain. Just as he was about to cross the mountain, his expression changed and he stopped and looked into the distance.

“Incomer, stop!” A faint voice came from the distance. This voice was very plain without any emotion; it was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

Wang Lin’s expression became respectful. He clasped his hands and said loudly, “Planet Suzaku’s Wang Lin is here to greet Senior All-Seer.”

“Wang Lin, the honorable All-Seer already knows of your arrival. However, to enter the Heavenly Fate Sect, even honorary disciples must go through three trials. Do you dare to accept them?”

Wang Lin’s expression was very serious. He didn’t immediately respond but asked, “What are the three trials?”

“The first trial is the Human trial; this trial tests your dao heart. The second trial is the Earth trial; this trial test your cultivation. The third trial is the Heaven trial; this trial tests your domain. Only by going through these three trials can you enter the Heavenly Fate Sect. Do you dare?” The voice was still plain without any anger.

After the voice finished speaking, tens of thousands of rays of light gathered to form an oval-shaped ring before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Why would I not dare?” With that, he walked into the oval ring.

In the Heavenly Fate Sect on top of a tall mountain was a Bohi tree.

The crown of this tree was very large; it was like an umbrella that could cover the sky. Anyone who looked at it would feel the urge to worship it.

At this moment, there were three people under this tree.

The person in front was an old man. He had a gentle expression and his white hair flowed in the wind. However, he didn’t give off a feeling of being old and instead exuded an out-of-this-world feeling. His eyes were even brighter than some young men’s at their prime.

In particular, his two eyebrows were like two white dragons on his face that moved gently with the wind.

His gaze looked into the distance and showed a hint of age.

Two people were standing respectfully behind him. Both of them looked to be around 30 years old. One of them was smiling and looked very friendly. The other one had a serious expression; his eyes are cold and he stood there emotionlessly.

The smiling man looked at the gentle old man and said, “Teacher, this person is only an honorary disciple; why make him go through the three trials?”

The old man’s eyes were like lightning looking into the distance as he slowly said, “I accepted him as a disciple on a whim and planted the karam of teacher and disciple between us. In a mere 100 years, his cultivation has already reached this stage. He is not simple!”

The gentle-looking man faintly smiled and said, “To catch Teacher’s attention is his fortune.”

“If he can pass the three trials, take him to the Purple Cloud Pavilion!” The old man looked at the void again, then he took a step forward and disappeared.

The gentle-looking man and the cold-faced man both responded. They lowered their heads in respect until the old man left.

The cold-faced man sneered and said, “Purple Cloud Pavilion… Interesting!”

“Junior apprentice brother Zhou, what is interesting about it?” The gentle-looking man turned to the man named Zhou.

“Senior apprentice brother, are you trying to test junior brother? The Purple Cloud Pavilion is not some place an ordinary honorary disciple could stay in. The Purple Sky Palace and my Purple Dream Palace are places that only true disciples of our teacher can stay in!

“I’m afraid that the Purple Cloud Pavilion will soon be named the Purple Wood Palace!”

The gentle-looking person smiled and said, “That Wang Lin is not simple and teacher seems to have really been moved to accept another disciple. We are about to gain other apprentice brother. Isn’t that a joyous occasion?”

“Senior apprentice brother, you don’t have to say what your heart doesn’t think.” The man named Zhou snorted and left.

At this moment, only the gentle-looking man was left. His eyes were calm and contained a look as if he couldn’t completely figure something out. He whispered to himself, “The Purple Cloud Pavilion… Teacher’s choice is really interesting… Junior apprentice brother Sun Yun, it seems teacher has really lost all faith in you…”

As for Wang Lin, after he stepped into the oval ring of light, his vision blurred and he appeared in a vast, white world.

He couldn’t see where this place ended; it was as if he was in space. Standing here caused a sense of loneliness to appear in his heart.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and that hint of loneliness in his heart disappeared.

“Interesting, this place could cause a change in my heart.” Wang Lin spread out his divine sense like crazy in all directions.

With his early stage Soul Transformation divine sense, in a few moments everything within several tens of thousands of kilometers appeared in his mind.

“The first trial will test my dao heart…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit.

Just at this moment, a blurry figure appeared before Wang Lin and began walking towards him step by step.

Wang Lin looked over, but his body didn’t move.

The figure slowly got closer, revealing her beautiful face. She was Li Muwan.

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin and revealed a happy smile. She opened her mouth to say something, but Wang Lin wasn’t able to hear a word.

Shortly after, Li Muwan became anxious and walked a few steps closer.

Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan and whispered, “Is this the first trial… an illusion formed from my dao heart… this is not hard at all… “ Wang Lin let out a sigh, then he took one step and quickly moved next to Li Muwan. He grabbed hold of her waist and smiled. “Dao heart, dao heart…”

Li Muwan revealed a faint smile and she disappeared along with Wang Lin.

In the Heavenly Fate Sect, under the Bohi tree, the gentle-looking young man exclaimed and his eyes revealed a mysterious light.

“Unless Teacher was wrong, this person has great wisdom! Ordinary people only do two things for the first trial: they either calm themselves to avoid it all or try to break through by force. This person is indeed interesting; he decided to seek dao!”

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