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Chapter 460 – The Metal Armored Burly man.

Even the lifeforms made of soul pieces disappeared along with the collapse…

The death of the lifeforms caused a series of chain reactions. Right now some mortals, cultivators, and even beasts on planet Suzaku began to die.

These deaths came silently; they were impossible to avoid and could only be considered a calamity.

Fortunately, not a lot of people died, but if the Cultivation Planet Crystal collapses, the entire planet will be dead…

Zhuque Zi’s mad laugher echoed within Mount Suzaku. He was currently sitting inside Mount Suzaku and his eyes were filled with madness. He revealed a cruel smile and muttered to himself, “My junior apprentice brother, how are you enjoying the game…. The game has only just started and has not yet reached its climax. My good disciple, Qian Feng, I hope you will use that treasure I gave you. Once you use that treasure, the climax of this game can start…”

On the spirit mountain in the inner part of the Suzaku tomb, the collapse this time lasted 60 breaths of time. Even more cracks appeared on the door, covering almost the entire door.

Just at this moment, Yunque Zi suddenly moved and appeared next to the giant door. Then a straw hat appeared in his hand. He hit the straw hat and it immediately scattered into countless tattoos. The tattoos all glowed brightly as they smashed into the door like meteors.

A series of rumbling sounds came from the door and the cracks quickly increased.

Yunque Zi loudly shouted, “Attack!”

The two from the Forsaken Immortal Clan quickly flew into the air and attacked the door.

Just at this moment, the old man’s eyes started glowing red and revealed a sneer filled with disdain. He pointed his hand to the air and said, “Greed, ignorance…”

The moment he said those words, the two Forsaken Immortal Clan members that were attacking suddenly started trembling. Their eyes released a demonic glow and a green and purple aura started pouring out of the two’s bodies.

The old man then said, “Explode!”

With two bangs, the two Forsaken Immortal Clan members exploded and the shockwave collided with the door.

The moment Wang Lin saw this spell, he recognized it as the spell of Six Desire Devil Lord.

The door shook violently after the two Forsaken Immortal Clan members exploded and more cracks appeared on it.

Yunque Zi suddenly turned around and looked at the old man. He let out a snort before letting out a roar and pressing on the door.


A heaven-shattering explosion echoed across the Suzaku Tomb. On the left side of the door, a small piece fell off and a ray of golden light shot out. It pierced into the sky and remained there.

Yunque Zi flew into the hole in a ray of red light, then the old man quickly followed him in.

Then the remaining people on the spirit mountain activated various spells and charged inside.

Wang Lin was the fourth person to enter the hole. When he took a step inside, he created a cloud of smoke and disappeared inside it.

Inside the door was a golden sea. This sea was very large with no end in sight.

The only other thing in sight was a golden island far away in the horizon. There was a building in this island; it was a very extravagant-looking palace that released a golden glow.

After Yunque Zi went through the door, his eyes released a mysterious light and he quickly flew toward that island.

The old man quickly followed. His feet moved and he quickly flew toward the palace. He was only about 300 feet behind Yunque Zi. The eyes of the monkey on his shoulder glowed brightly and revealed an excited expression.

As for everyone else, both Qian Feng and Liu Mei were flying toward the island at top speed.

Zhou Wutai and Zi Xin hesitated a bit. They slowed down and didn’t rush to be in front.

As for the person wearing the mask, he didn’t even look at the island but instead looked at the sea below him and began to ponder.

Wang Lin’s figure moved like lightning toward the palace.

In an instant, there were several rays of light moving across the sky and sonic booms could be heard.

Yunque Zi arrived above the palace on the island and immediately charged inside.

At this moment, the old man’s eyes glowed bright red as he grabbed the monkey and let out a roar. Then he threw the monkey very hard and it used the force of the throw to jump. Its body completely disappeared and when it reappeared it was a bit faster than Yunque Zi.

Yunque Zi’s expression darkened as he let out a snort and quickly charged into the palace after it.

However, just at this moment, the palace suddenly shook and rays of dazzling light shot out from it. Yunque Zi was forced out of the palace with an ugly expression. He was shocked.

As for the little monkey, it let out a few squeaks as it was pushed back out as well. The red light in its eyes reached out like a one-inch-long lightsaber. It looked very shocking. The monkey didn’t return to the old man; it sat there and stared viciously at the palace.

At the same time, waves of deep rumbling sounds came from the palace as a burly man in golden armor walked out.

This burly man in golden armor looked very majestic and the large, golden sword in his hand was emitting a golden light.

A head of black hair flowed behind him. With one jump, he arrived above the palace. He coldly looked at everyone and swung the sword. The entire golden sea rumbled as a large wave came crashing toward the island.

In the blink of an eye, the island was submerged by the golden sea and disappeared.

Yunque Zi’s expression was ugly. He was about to sink into the golden sea when the burly man in golden armor swung his sword. A 100-foot-long wave of sword energy came crashing toward Yunque Zi.

Yunque Zi let out a roar. His hair started moving without any wind and he pointed at the air. A red light appeared where he was pointing to and collided with the sword energy.

With a bang, Yunque Zi’s body moved like a meteor into the sea and disappeared.

The burly man with golden armor didn’t chase but directed his gaze toward the little monkey. Sword energy gathered on his golden sword and he was about to swing it.

The little monkey’s eyes started to glow even redder. The red light was now three inches long, making it look extremely fierce.

The burly man with golden armor was startled and stopped his swing.

The little monkey smiled and moved to the old man’s side. They were about to enter the sea.

When the burly man in golden armor looked at the old man, his eyes lit up and the sword energy that stopped earlier moved once more. A 100-foot-long wave of sword energy shot out at the old man, but before it even got close to him, the sea below him parted.

The old man let out a roar and his eyes started glowing red. As soon as the sword energy closed in, a red, illusionary image came out of his body.

The illusionary image was so barely visible. It was clear that it was a person, but whether it was male or female was unclear. The image raised its hand and stopped the sword energy.

Then it waved its hand and the sword energy was thrown aside into the sea.

The burly man with golden armor looked at the old man, nodded, and didn’t look at him anymore.

The illusionary image returned to the old man. The old man’s body trembled as his eyes glowed red and he went into the sea. The little monkey followed him into the sea.

Wang Lin carefully watched this scene unfold. With his smarts, he was instantly able to tell that the burly man in golden armor meant no harm. However, to go into the sea to search for the palace, one must be able to take one swing from him to prove that they are qualified.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up like he was able to see through some secret. When the old man and monkey were separated, the burly man in golden armor was clearly ready to deal with them individually.

But when they moved together, the burly man in golden armor only attacked once.

It seemed the burly man in golden armor had tested them as one.

Just at this moment, the burly man in golden armor’s eyes lit up and he swung his sword. A ray of sword energy landed in the sea, causing a series of rumbling sounds to spread throughout the water. A large wave came out from the sea, creating a wave that launched Zhou Wutai and Zi Xin into the air. They stopped 1,000 feet above the sea. Zhou Wutai’s face was pale and he started coughing out blood.

As for Zi Xin, her face was filled with shock.

The two of them were hiding under the sea and secretly moving forward. They didn’t expect to be stopped by the burly man with golden armor. They were forced to retreat when the sword energy came, but even so, they weren’t fast enough and were injured.

The burly man with golden armor didn’t chase but turned his gaze toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. That sword energy was as powerful as an attack from an Ascendant cultivator. This was why the old man released his soul to resist against it.

Only Yunque Zi could block the attack and borrow it to enter the sea.

However, this burly man with golden armor didn’t have any ill intentions, or else there would be no way for Zhou Wutai and Zi Xin to be alive right now.

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