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Chapter 459 – Man of iron and stone

These wood carvings were all the same and they were all of a very handsome young man.

“Senior’s request has been completed by junior.” After that, Wang Lin sat down in a corner and no longer spoke.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up. He waved his hand and all the wood carvings disappeared. He looked at Wang Lin one more time before turning his gaze back to the door.

Wang Lin wasn’t interested in how Yunque Zi was able to enter this place. After all, the Forsaken Immortal Clan had been around for a very long time and he wasn’t the type who had to find the answer to everything.

Wang Lin had already given up on getting the Cultivation Planet Crystal; he just wanted his soul piece back.

After all, this crystal was connected to all living things on planet Suzaku. Wang Lin hadn’t reached the point where he was willing to sacrifice the lives of everyone in the world for his own selfishness.

Of course, if someone had enmity with him, that was a different story. Killing everyone who had the blood of the Teng family showed that Wang Lin wasn’t a saint by any stretch.

After he sat down, his eyes lit up as he looked toward Qiang Feng. At this moment, Qian Feng also looked toward Wang Lin and their gazes crossed.

Wang Lin revealed a cold smile before shifting his gaze toward the man with the mask. The man looked unfamiliar and Wang Lin wasn’t able to recognize him. Finally, his gaze shifted to the strange old man who had left behind that creepy smile.

“Who exactly is he…” The danger Wang Lin felt from the old man was several times greater than what he felt from Yunque Zi. A hind of coldness flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he stared at the old man.

When the old man noticed Wang Lin’s gaze, he looked toward Wang Lin and revealed a dark smile. This smile felt extremely familiar to Wang Lin, but he was sure that he had never seen this person in his life.

Just at this moment, a ray of light came the distance. There was a beautiful figure inside that ray of light. She dodged a rift and landed on the spirit mountain.

This woman was very beautiful; the bottom edge of her dress looked like waves moving up and down, making her look like a celestial as she stood on the top of the spirit mountain.

The moment Wang Lin laid eyes on this woman, his face sank. This woman wasn’t anyone but Liu Mei!

In fact, one thing Liu Mei said was right; she and Wang Lin were the same type of person. Deep inside each of them lied a sliver of ruthlessness.

Wang Lin only took one look before withdrawing his gaze. His expression was cold, no different than how he faced Liu Mei before.

After Qian Feng saw Liu Mei, he revealed a look of joy. He thought that with her here, his chance of getting his soul piece back had increased one fold.

Liu Mei revealed a trace of sadness as she raised her foot and walked toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t have any good feelings toward this woman. The thing that happened in that dream-like state was only an accident. He coldly looked at her and said, “I don’t want anyone to bother me. Don’t come closer!”

Liu Mei stopped. She looked at Wang Lin and asked, “Could you really be made of iron and stone?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he coldly said, “Leave!”

Liu Mei started laughing at him. “Then what status does Li Muwan have in your heart?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he said, “Scram! Although your domain has reached its completion, if I wanted to kill you, it wouldn’t be hard. Don’t start courting death!”

The purpose of Liu Mei’s words was to ruin Wang Lin’s dao heart, but she didn’t know that Li Muwan was taboo to Wang Lin. He would kill anyone who mentioned her name. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was not a good place, he would have already taken out the soul flag and killed this woman.

Wang Lin cared a lot about his few relationships, but he was cold to strangers.

He was a man made of iron and stone; this wasn’t false at all!

Liu Mei faintly smiled, then she turned around and walked toward Qian Feng.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and then saw the old man looking at him.

“Could this person be possessed?” Wang Lin’s heart skipped a beat.

He thought that this was one possibility. If not, there was no way this person would make him feel such familiarity. If Wang Lin was only a mortal, he wouldn’t have thought this much from just a smile. Even if he were a low level cultivator, he wouldn’t have considered the possibility.

But Wang Lin was an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator. Even among the stars, they were considered powerful and couldn’t be underestimated.

If it was before the Celestial Realm was broken, Soul Transformation cultivators would be the same as celestials. Their bodies would be made of celestial spiritual energy and they would possess some mysterious senses.

These senses were very strange; only the powerful cultivators could feel this.

If one’s cultivation level was high enough, with just a thought, they would vaguely see future events. The mysteriousness of these techniques was impossible to describe.

At this moment, Wang Lin had this feeling. He knew he wasn’t wrong. That creepy smile was very familiar.

“I have cultivated for 600 years and met a lot of enemies, but for one to be able to make me feel like this with just a smile… there is only one!” Although Wang Lin appeared calm on the surface, his heart was in turmoil.

He took a deep breath and lowered his head. Then his pupils shrank and his eyes revealed a trace of dread.

“Tu Si’s demon, Tuo Sen!” Wang Lin felt his body became cold. When speaking of the people Wang Lin dreaded the most on planet Suzaku, Zhuque Zi wasn’t even number one. The number one spot belonged to the demon-like young man he angered back in the Land of the Ancient God when he was only a Core Formation cultivator, Tuo Sen!

The inheritance of the ancient god was split into two: the inheritance of power and the inheritance of knowledge.

Among the two inheritances, the inheritance of knowledge contained all of Tu Si’s knowledge, like how to come an ancient god, the ancient god tactic, and more.

There was even a giant star map in Tu Si’s memories. This was a map of everywhere he had traveled.

These memories were very helpful to Wang Lin. Without the inheritance of knowledge, Wang Lin’s original body wouldn’t have been able to cultivate to a three-star ancient god.

But memories were only memories; they came without any power. There were many techniques in Tu Si’s memory that could instantly destroy planet Suzaku.

He knew the chants and methods of all these techniques, but he didn’t have the power to use them. He needed to at least reach the seven-star stage to use these techniques.

This was why he could only take it step by step to make his original body stronger and finally use the full power of Tu Si’s memories.

Similarly, Tuo Sen was in the same situation. He inherited Tu Si’s power, the power of an eight-star ancient god.

But even though he had power, he couldn’t use it to its full potential. It would be the same if his body had no meridians; no matter how much power his body held, he couldn’t use it.

All of the techniques he controlled were techniques he learned after he was born. Through these he was able to use a bit of his inheritance of power, but right now he was only able to use a bit of it, so he was unable to display the full power of his inheritance.

To be more accurate, the limit of the power Tuo Sen could control was only as much as a five-star ancient god could use. Compared to Tu Si, who was once an eight-star ancient god, this power was simply too weak.

However, compared to all the life on Suzaku, a five-star ancient god was an existence of legends, an existence that was one whole level higher than Ascendant cultivators.

Tuo Sen’s greatest wish is to obtain the inheritance of knowledge. After that, he would only need time to absorb it all, refine his body, and become a real eight-star ancient god.

At that moment, even those old monsters of the cultivation alliance would dread him.

If it wasn’t for what Wang Lin did inside the Land of the Ancient God that day, Tuo Sen would have been able to escape.

To be more accurate, he was Tu Si, but he was only a piece of the demonic thoughts that appeared when Tu Si failed his divine sense division technique.

He was determined to catch Wang Lin!

Wang Lin raised his head and casually scanned the old man. This time his gaze focused on the little monkey.

After having an idea this time, Wang Lin was immediately able to see through them. The red light that appeared in the small monkey’s eyes were the unique aura from the people inside the sea of blood.

Wang Lin felt very bitter in his heart. He thought of Six Desire Devil Lord, Hunchback Meng, Ancient Emperor, and the rest of them. All of them either died or became cultivators in the sea of blood.

In addition, there were those ancient cultivators. They were born before any cultivators arrived on planet Suzaku. Those people’s cultivation levels were also very high.

However, with Wang Lin’s current experience, he was able to guess that they hadn’t gone past the Ascendant stage. It must’ve been due to some restriction set up by the Land of the Ancient God that prevented their cultivation levels from increasing in all these years.

However, within their hands were some techniques unknown to the future generations. Once they used them, their power would sharply increase.

“Tuo Sen… He shouldn’t be fully free yet, or there would be no need to possess someone like this; he would have come out to find me personally. However, why did he not come here instead of hunting me down? Could he also be after the Cultivation Planet Crystal?” Wang Lin’s heart trembled.

“Could it be that the Cultivation Planet Crystal could free him completely of the shackles of the Land of the Ancient God?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Just at this moment, the spirit mountain began to shake once more and a series of thunderous roars echoed from the sky. The collapse appeared for the third time.

A large amount of the inner parts of the Suzaku Tomb collapsed into countless rifts. Cultivators and Forsaken Immortal Clan members who weren’t able to find the spirit mountain all died.

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