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Chapter 457 – Like a butterfly

At this moment, 5,000 kilometers away from Wang Lin and Red Butterfly’s battle, Zhou Wutai was still flying. His cultivation level was below Wang Lin’s, so he was still catching up.

The moment that half-moon blade zoomed past him, it shocked him greatly; he had never seen anything that fast before in his life.

As he was flying, Zhou Wutai suddenly frowned and stopped, then he turned around and looked behind him. He saw a red cloud closing in from the distance. It was causing the entire sky to turn red.

Even the rifts in the sky disappeared due to the red cloud.

Zhou Wutai let out a sigh. He immediately became very respectful and stood still.

The red cloud was like an ancient, fierce beast flying through the sky. When it passed over Zhou Wutai, an ancient voice came from within it. “Come in!”

Zhou Wutai quickly responded and flew into the red cloud.

There was an old man in red clothes inside the red cloud. He was staring into the distance. Although his feet weren’t moving, the red cloud was flying at an incredible speed.

Zhou Wutai respectfully stood beside the old man.

“Zhou Wutai greets senior.”

The old man nodded and looked into the distance. His eyes seemed to be able able to penetrate into the distance and see Wang Lin and Red Butterfly’s battle 5,000 kilometers away. He pondered a bit before calmly asking, “Where is Zi Xin?”

Zhou Wutai answered, “Zi Xin and I encountered Wang Lin and then she left by herself.”

The old man sighed and said, “Forget it. Let’s ignore her. You follow me to the spirit mountain.” With that, the red cloud sped toward the spirit mountain.

The old man was Yunque Zi.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan used the ancestor’s skull. With the tattoo power of a twelve-leaf shaman, they were able to break through the Cultivation Planet Crystal’s seal and send Yunque Zi inside.

However, if the ancestor was still alive, he might have been able to break the restriction on the Cultivation Planet Crystal completely. Because they only had the tattoo power from his skull, the situation wasn’t exactly ideal. Although they were able to send Yunque Zi inside, there was a time limit. Once that time limit is up, Yunque Zi will be killed by the mysterious power of the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

This was why the moment he entered, he didn’t waste any time and charged straight toward the spirit mountain at the center.

At this moment, Qian Feng was also charging toward the spirit mountain. Besides the two of them, there were a few other people rushing toward the center of the Suzaku Tomb.

Among these people were members of the Forsaken Immortal Clan and some cultivators.

At this very moment, there was an old man who was already at the spirit mountain. Although he looked normal, his eyes gave off a blood-red glow. There was a small monkey on his shoulder; the red glow from the monkey’s eyes was even stronger.

The old man was standing on top of the spirit mountain. In the void above the mountain was a door that emitted a blinding, golden light.

This door was more than 1,000 feet tall and it had a very eye catching, scar-like crack going down its center.

The red in the old man’s eyes became more intense as he looked at the door. He let out a creepy smile as he sat down and began to cultivate. The monkey on his shoulder looked all around with a vicious gaze.

Back to Wang Lin and Red Butterfly.

The glistening red rose gave off a tender charm. The image of Red Butterfly was the sliver of divine sense she had been keeping hidden. This was the real her.

She looked at Wang Lin with eyes filled with pride and whispered, “Ceng Niu, act now… kill me… this life without my will is not worth living. I, Red Butterfly, would rather die than live this life…”

Scenes of Red Butterfly flashed through Wang Lin’s head as she spoke.

“A blessed daughter of the heavens ended up in such a state. How sad!” Wang Lin let out a sigh. What he saw in this image of Red Butterfly wasn’t pride, but sorrow; a very well hidden sorrow in her heart.

This sorrow contained a very deep sense of pain. Looking at it would cause anyone’s heart to tremble.

“Red Butterfly, I’ll grant your wish…” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious, then he waved the axe. He suddenly jumped into the air, let out a roar, and threw the axe. The axe shot toward Red Butterfly like a meteor surrounded by lightning.

This axe carried a powerful aura. As it crossed the sky, the sky shook as if it were about to collapse.

As the axe got closer to the ground, it caused the ground to crack and shatter.

Red Butterfly raised her head and looked at the axe. The sliver of divine sense left in the rose turned into smoke and entered her body’s forehead. At this moment, Red Butterfly’s eyes were no longer filled with hollowness and battle intent. At this moment, Red Butterfly’s eyes were filled with clarity, pride, and hate.

Red Butterfly slowly revealed a faint smile. This smile was filled with joy; it was something rarely seen on her face.

The current her was like an innocent maiden who had dropped all the worries from her heart.

A monstrous battle intent came from the axe as it descended from the sky. It was as if there was an invisible giant holding the axe and swinging it down.

Although the smile on Red Butterfly’s face was beautiful, it still contained a hint of pride. This pride was her true self.

Red Butterfly spent her entire life being proud, and even at the moment of her death, she was still proud. Her pride was as high as the clouds and as captivating as a bright red butterfly…

The axe pierced the sky, creating a powerful gust of wind and a series of sonic booms that echoed through the heavens.

Red Butterfly hadn’t even lived for 200 years yet, but just like that bright red butterfly, although its life was fleeting, its beauty and pride were things people wouldn’t be able to forget!

Although her pride made many people unhappy, although her ruthlessness made it hard for people to get close to her, she was Red Butterfly!

The proud Red Butterfly!

The axe closed in on Red Butterfly. When it was less than 100 feet away from her, it released a destructive force. At this moment, if Red Butterfly wanted to resist, she had the power to do so. If she wanted to dodge, she had the ability to do so. However, she didn’t resist or dodge it. At this moment, her eyes were getting brighter and brighter and the pride in her eyes was getting stronger and stronger.

However, mixed in with that pride was a sliver of regret. Although it was hidden well, Wang Lin still saw it.

In her last few moments, Red Butterfly met her master. She saw her master’s face and heard her voice. She remembered her debt to her master for raising her and her master’s gentle and harsh words when she was a young woman. All of these appeared in her eyes.

In addition to her master, there was another figure, a weak-looking youth. His eyes were still gentle as he silently watched her.

After seeing this figure, Red Butterfly revealed a faint smile.

The scenes were still flashing before her eyes until it stopped on one figure. His eyes were filled with love for Red Butterfly. He was the one who dared to steal the Soul Lasher regardless of the consequences.

“Goodbye…” Red Butterfly’s smile slowly froze.

The axe arrived!

The red rose before Red Butterfly released a blinding light as the petals flew off one by one.

A stream of blood came from Red Butterfly’s mouth and her eyes slowly dimmed, but that deep sense of pride from between her eyebrows didn’t weaken.

“Next year, when the flowers bloom, there will be a field of roses on planet Suzaku. There will be a blue rose that will bloom in the northern plains. Wang Lin, that is my gift to you…”

The rose that lost its petals only had the stem left. When the axe closed in on it, it completely collapsed and disappeared.

A red mark appeared between her eyebrows as blood spewed out. It looked very shocking.

“Red Butterfly, you will face one trial in your life! It will be a life and death trial. If you pass it, then the rest of your life will be without trouble. If you can’t pass it, then all will be lost. Master used her life to help you foresee this, so please be careful…”

“Red Butterfly, I’m afraid your trial will be related to Ceng Niu. He can’t be left alive!”

Red Butterfly was covered in blood and her vision turned red.

“Master, you foresaw Red Butterfly’s trial, but unfortunately, you only saw the person caught in the middle and not Qian Feng, who was my real trial…”

The axe pierced through Red Butterfly’s body and landed on the ground.

It created a deep hole on the ground and black smoke slowly came out from that hole.

Cracks appeared on Red Butterfly’s armor. The cracks slowly spread until they covered the entire armor.

She closed her eyes and her body exploded into a mist of blood…

A gentle breeze scattered the mist of blood, causing tiny blood crystals to cover the area…

Heaven’s blessed daughter, Red Butterfly, died…

“Wang Lin… help me… kill Qian Feng… please…”

Wang Lin floated in the air and silently pondered. He raised his head and seemed to have heard Red Butterfly’s final message.

As captivating as a butterfly… although it was short, the butterfly’s beauty was engraved in people’s hearts, making it hard to forget…

Red Butterfly died, leaving behind only a piece of jade and the Soul Lasher. These two items floated there, giving off a lonely aura…

“Qian Feng’s domain is endless desire. He wants to devour everything, to obtain everything… In truth, how can domains be devoured? What Qian Feng wants was the moment of connecting with the heavens when one comprehends their domain.

“He devours domains to obtain different comprehensions until he can refine his own domain to completion…”

The information on his jade was what Red Butterfly learned by observing Qian Feng in these past few years.

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