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Chapter 456 – Rose Red

If Red Butterfly was here, then Qian Feng was also around. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out. Qian Feng was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, so if he wanted to hide himself, it would be hard for Wang Lin to find him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he clasped his hands at Red Butterfly and said loudly, “Long time no see, fellow cultivator Red Butterfly.”

The red figure in the not-so-distant peak was filled with a sense of hollowness. She gave Wang Lin a deep look and then, in the blink of an eye, she disappeared from the mountain and reappeared 1,000 feet from him.

After she got close, her hollow and empty eyes were imprinted in Wang Lin’s mind. His expression became very ugly. He had heard about what happened to Red Butterfly and even noticed her presence when he battled Qian Feng.

But today was the first time he truly met her again after battling her.

What Wang Lin saw in Red Butterfly’s eyes was only death.

The current Red Butterfly was still beautiful, but Wang Lin could no longer see the prideful and arrogant daughter of heaven she once was.

The Red Butterfly from back then was Xue Yue’s genius, the blessed daughter of the heavens, someone who reached the late stage of Soul Formation in only 100 years. She considered Wang Lin a mere ant, and their small encounters eventually led to their decisive battle.

Although this was the case, in Wang Lin’s heart, he still respected her. This respect was one’s acknowledgment of their opponent.

Seeing that his past opponent was now like this made Wang Lin sigh. The phrase “while things may remain the same, people don’t” wasn’t wrong at all.

Comparing her past self to now, Wang Lin would rather see the prideful Red Butterfly from before. Only by fighting people like her could he step toward the peak of cultivation.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He buried the regret in his heart as he looked at Red Butterfly and shouted, “Qian Feng, come out!”

Red Butterfly stood there looking up into the sky with eyes devoid of emotion.

Qian Feng’s voice came from the void. “Ceng Niu, I don’t have time to deal with you today. Since you found this place, we will meet at the spirit mountain.”

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and looked at a mountain in the distance. A black fog came out from the mountain and charged toward the spirit mountain at a shocking pace.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He let out a cold snort and was about to charge toward the spirit mountain.

“Red Butterfly, didn’t you want to battle Ceng Niu again? I’ll give you that chance today. Kill him!” Qian Feng’s voice came from the distance and then he disappeared.

“Ceng Niu, this is a good chance to catch up with your old friend, so take your time. Once I get my soul piece, I’ll come and deal with you.”

The hollowness in Red Butterfly’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with the urge to battle. She moved before Wang Lin to block him and took out a red long sword.

At the same time, a powerful aura spread out from Red Butterfly. This aura was no weaker than Wang Lin’s and contained celestial spiritual energy. Although her cultivation level wasn’t at the Soul Transformation stage yet, it wasn’t far from it.

“Ceng Niu!” A cold voice came from Red Butterfly as her cold gaze locked onto Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slightly frowned as he looked at her. He was not in a rush to find Qian Feng, and he didn’t expect the spirit mountain to be here. If they really were inside the Cultivation Planet Crystal, then the spirit mountain shouldn’t exist.

However, now that he did see the spirit mountain, this whole thing was strange, but since Qian Feng wanted to go scout it, let him.

Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up and she waved the red sword. The sword flew out of her hand and shot toward Wang Lin’s head like lightning.

Wang Lin backed up, then his right hand touched his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared in his hand. He shook the flag and countless restrictions flew out, forming shields before him.

The red sword landed on the layers of shields, creating a series of thunderous rumbles that echoed throughout the area.

A large amount of dirt and sand was blown into the air. A red flash could be seen inside dirt and sand as Red Butterfly quickly charged out. A piece of red ice was now in her hand. The red ice discharged a cold aura and immediately covered the surrounding area with it.

As Red Butterfly closed in, her battle intent flickered for a moment, revealing a deep sense of sorrow. As she closed in, her lips trembled.

“Kill… me…”

A faint voice came from her mouth, but the sorrow from her eyes disappeared and was replaced by that powerful battle intent.

Her power was at its peak as she charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. When he heard Red Butterfly’s voice, his gaze toward her became complicated.

Red Butterfly hadn’t lost all her sanity yet; there was still a sliver of it that was hidden very well.

Red Butterfly was proud; her pride came from her bones, from her very being. She was as proud as a rose from the moment she was born.

The sliver of sanity she kept well hidden would rather die than live the life of a dog.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and faced the incoming Red Butterfly. His right hand reached out and strands of restriction gas started glowing while gathering in his hand.

A 30-foot-long black lance formed in his hand.

Holding the lance in one hand, Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning, then he looked at Red Butterfly and thrusted the lance at her.

The sound created by the thrust was similar to the sound of hundreds of ghosts wailing. This sound came from the tip of the lance and echoed throughout the area.

She suddenly pressed the red piece of ice on her forehead. At this moment, a red light shone from her forehead and then layers of red ice spread from it, forming a set of red armor.

This armor covered her completely and released a cold aura. The light illuminating the armor made her even more beautiful. The current her was like a war celestial. Next, the armor started glowing red and a black whip suddenly appeared in her hand.

The Soul Lasher! This whip was given to her by Qian Feng to deal with Wang Lin.

Red Butterfly’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as she snapped the whip in her hand, causing a series of popping sounds from where the whip passed through. The whip moved like a dragon and shot toward Wang Lin like lightning.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the lance moved at the same time. He backed up and formed a seal with his hand while muttering something. A gust of wind containing celestial spiritual energy shot out from the tip of the lance.

The Soul Lasher and the lance collided!


The shockwave that resulted from the whip and lance colliding was so powerful that it seemed like the heavens and earth were going to collapse. The gust of wind pushed all of the force of the shockwave toward Red Butterfly.

This all happened in a split second. The moment the Soul Lasher hit the lance, it flew out of her hand. The Soul Lasher moved like black lightning as it charged through the shockwave toward Wang Lin.

With a bang, Wang Lin quickly backed up more than 1000 feet. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he muttered, “Soul Lasher!”

This whip was once his, but he had to give it back right after taking it. Now that he saw this whip again, he had to keep it this time!

As for Red Butterfly, with the gust pushing the shockwave at her, she had to back up. A large amount of cold aura came out from the red armor and extended forward. Waves of cracking sounds could be heard as various ice sculptures formed in the air before her.

This cold aura froze the shock wave, turning it from something intangible to something tangible!

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he stared at the armor.

Red Butterfly raised her hand and pointed at the ice sculptures before her. A series of crackling sounds could be heard as cracks appeared on the outer layer of the sculptures. The cracks expanded like crazy. In the blink of an eye, there were no smooth surfaces left on the ice sculptures, and with a bang, they shattered.

“Kill… me…” Red Butterfly revealed a struggling expression; her face was filled with pain.

At this moment, the Soul Lasher was moving around her body like a dragon and her armor was releasing waves of cold aura.

Wang Lin looked at Red Butterfly and silently nodded. He touched his bag of holding and a giant axe appeared in his hand. The sky darkened as soon as this axe appeared and all of the light gathered on the axe’s blade.

Strands of purple lightning moved from the axe to Wang Lin’s body, causing a series of crackling sounds to emit from his body.

At this moment, a desire for battle that he had never felt before appeared in his heart.

This axe was summoned by the Giant Demon Clan ancestor before he died; it was the weapon of the Giant Demon Clan founding ancestor who was trapped under the Corpse Sect in Zhao. After Wang Lin got it, he was originally going to let his original body use it. However, now that the celestial sword didn’t have a sword spirit to unleash its full power and he didn’t want to use the soul flag, this was the best weapon for him to use with his full power.

Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin and opened her mouth. A red light flew out from her mouth and took the form of a crystal red rose. This rose started floating before her.

Then it suddenly opened. As it bloomed, a red smoke came from the flower, and a figure that looked just like Red Butterfly appeared within the smoke.

This figure contained a powerful sense of pride; it was exactly the same as the Red Butterfly that Wang Lin remembered.

“Ceng Niu, act now!” The Red Butterfly in the red smoke was filled with pride as she looked at Wang Lin.

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