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Chapter 455 – Red Butterfly

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. As he backed up, he raised the celestial sword to block before him.

The blade energy closed in and with a bang, Wang Lin was blown back. Using this force, Wang Lin backed away. The power of that blade energy was as strong as a full power attack from a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. Without using the one-billion-soul soul flag, there was no way Wang Lin could match it.

Wang Lin quickly backed away. He didn’t escape the same way he came but to the opposite direction; he went deeper into the Suzaku Tomb.

Waves of divine sense messages were sent out from the blade. It was commanding all of the treasure swords to chase after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin moved very quickly as he passed one basin after another. Countless treasure swords were chasing after him with the half-moon blade in the back.

The celestial sword was already put away, so he could fly with all his might.

The treasure swords from the basins before him all flew out and closed in on him, surrounding him completely. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his right hand reached out and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared. The soul flag turned into black fog and surrounded Wang Lin, causing his speed to increase several fold.

The treasure swords coming at him from the front all missed, but they quickly turned around to chase after him. At this moment, there was an endless sea of treasure swords behind Wang Lin. They were creating a sword intent that could destroy the heavens. The cold aura they created was causing the temperature to drop so much that even frost was appearing.

It felt like the sword hums were the only things remaining in the world; the sword hums shook the heavens and the earth.

This sound was so loud that cultivators within tens of thousands of kilometers all heard this. Many cultivators flew toward this location to see what was happening.

Each of the swords released sword hums and a cold aura. When all of the swords combined, they seemed to have formed an ancient sword immortal. Rays of sword energy passed by Wang Lin from behind him.

Wang Lin, who was surrounded by the soul flag, moved around like a cloud of smoke. Even though many sword energies still landed on him, they were all blocked by the soul flag.

Only when the sword energy from the half-moon blade closed in would Wang Lin take out the celestial sword to block it.

This whole situation was very exciting to Wang Lin; it made him remember the old days when he was being hunted by others back when his cultivation level was still low.

Just at this moment, two rays of light flew toward Wang Lin. They stopped 5,000 kilometers away, but when they noticed what was happening, they quickly turned to escape.

Wang Lin let out a laugh as he turned around and looked at the countless treasure swords behind him and the half-moon blade. He teleported and reappeared 5,000 kilometers away.

However, as soon as he reappeared, those treasure swords that were about to catch up to him released a bright flash and instantly closed the distance.

A thunderous rumble echoed through the tomb and the aura of destruction from when the tomb was collapsing seemed to reappear.

As the two rays of light quickly escaped, Wang Lin immediately recognized the two people. One of these two was a male and the other one was a female. Just from seeing his ears, Wang Lin knew that he was Zhou Wutai. As for the woman, she was wearing a purple veil. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he recognized her as well.

Although Wang Lin was being chased by all the treasure swords, his expression was calm and he laughed. “Don’t leave, brother Zhou. Wait for me for a moment!”

Zhou Wutai’s expression was ugly as he muttered, “Unlucky!” He pretended not to hear Wang Lin and flew even faster.

As for the woman, the moment she saw Wang Lin, she revealed a face full of fear and quickly escaped.

Just like this, the two of them flew in front with Wang Lin behind them followed by countless swords. The half-moon blade would occasionally appear and send out a wave of blade energy.

This blade energy was the only thing that Wang Lin was really worried about. Every time one was thrown at him, he had to dodge it quickly.

The half-moon blade was very strange. Thanks to his divine sense, he noticed that every time this half-moon blade reached a certain speed, a mysterious power would force it to slow down. Otherwise, it could have easily caught up to Wang Lin.

The three of them were flying at their top speeds. After three incense sticks of time, the edge of the basin-filled-area appeared in their view. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately teleported. When he reappeared, he was already at the edge of the area. As soon as he appeared, he immediately charged off without a moment of pause.

Zhou Wutai hesitated a bit before chasing after Wang Lin. As for the woman, she hesitated a bit before choosing another direction and split off from Zhou Wutai.

The treasure swords all stopped here; only the half-moon blade didn’t stop at all and charged out of the area of the basins.

After the half-moon blade left the basins, its speed suddenly exploded. The mysterious force that was slowing it down seemed to have weakened, causing its speed to reach an unimaginable level.

In almost a blink of an eye, the half-moon blade went past by Zhou Wutai and charged toward Wang Lin.

Zhou Wutai’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. When the blade passed by him, he didn’t notice it at all; he only felt a powerful wind and saw a black dot disappear into the horizon.

“What is that item? What fast speed! It is at least tens of times faster than before!” Zhou Wutai’s heart was shocked as he chased after Wang Lin and the blade.

While Wang Lin was flying away, he had to slow down because after leaving the basin area, the rifts began to appear more and more often. After spending some time dodging rifts, he chose to stop on top of a mountain.

When he looked into the distance, he could see a mountain giving off a rainbow-colored glow. This mountain looked exactly the same as the spirit mountain Situ Nan had described to him.

Almost instantly after he stopped, a thunderous roar charged in from the distance. Wang Lin was already prepared and immediately teleported 10,000 feet away. With a bang, the mountain he was just at collapsed. With a flash of blue light, the half-moon blade flew out from the rubble.

At the same time, a divine message came out from the half-moon blade.

“Leave him… here!”

Wang Lin’s body disappeared again, but this time he felt pain from his left arm. When he reappeared 10,000 feet away, the sleeve on his left arm was gone and a wound appeared.

“What fast speed!” After Wang Lin reappeared, he teleported again. He didn’t dare to teleport too far, because if he ended up near a rift, it would be dangerous.

As a result, every time Wang Lin teleported, there would be a flash of blue light and the spot Wang Lin was just at would collapse.

That half-moon blade seemed to have gone mad chasing after Wang Lin.

With a flash, Wang Lin teleported 10,000 feet away and immediately moved to the side. Then a rift silently appeared next to where he was.

Right after Wang Lin teleported, a flash of blue light went through where he just was. Everything in the path of the blue light was destroyed, including mountains, the earth, and even some of the rifts that appeared before it all collapsed.

Seeing this caused Wang Lin’s skull to tingle. He once more teleported without any hesitation. This time he felt pain from his right leg and fresh blood was spewing out of it.

After appearing five kilometers away, Wang Lin’s right hand rubbed over the wound, causing it to close and the blood to disappear.

“What kind of treasure is this?!” A trace of greed appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He had only ever seen this kind of speed on one other thing, and that was the fourth soul from the soul flag.

After comparing the two, their speeds were almost exactly the same, only the power of the blade was stronger. After all, being pierced by the needle might hurt, but being hit by the blade might result in your head rolling on the ground.

“This is made of just one soul piece. Who does this soul piece belong to to have such powerful metal elemental power?! This blade is a treasure!!” Wang Lin’s body disappeared again, and everything around the spot he was just in collapsed once more.

The blade became even faster and Wang Lin soon became unable to keep up. If he was careless for just a moment, he would be injured. Now he knew why Zhuque Zi dreaded the fourth soul so much.

“I must made it mine!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he took out the celestial sword. With one flick, Xu Liguo was forced out of the celestial sword by him.

“Xu Liguo, bear with it for a while like you did with the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. Once I get my soul piece back, I’ll come and save you!” With that, Wang Lin waved his hand and Xu Liguo flew into the air.

Xu Liguo let out a cry and was about to escape when the half-moon blade caught him and they disappeared.

Xu Liguo’s cry came from the distance.

“Master, you mustn’t forget to save me…”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he held the celestial sword. He and Xu Liguo were linked, so he could feel where he was. Also, the blade spirit shouldn’t hurt Xu Liguo because it had other intentions.

And Xu Liguo was a devil, so he was not easily destroyed. Right now he was in a rush and didn’t have the time to deal with the blade at the moment. With Xu Liguo as bait, he will have plenty of time in the future to get it.

After he put the celestial sword away, he looked at the rainbow-colored mountain in the distance and was about to fly there. However, just at this moment, his expression changed and he turned around to look at a nearby mountain. There he saw a red figure. This figure was filled with hollowness and loneliness.

She stood there like a red butterfly that wanted to leave with the wind but was forced to stay.

“Red Butterfly!”

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