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Chapter 454 – Strange Treasure

Wang Lin pondered a bit before flying off into the distance. He had his divine sense spread out and was proceeding very carefully. The rifts gave him a headache because with them around, he had no choice but to move slowly.

In the last two days, Wang Lin passed over many places destroyed by the rifts. He saw a basin in the distance with piercing sword auras that pierced the sky like swords.

He scanned the area with his divine sense and found that there were more than 10,000 basins here. They covered an area so huge that he couldn’t even see where it ended.

There was a long sword stabbed into each basin. Although half of the swords were underground, Wang Lin could clearly feel the powerful sword intent.

“Metal soul pieces…” Wang Lin pondered.

He had been inside the Suzaku Tomb for a while, and everything was so different from what Situ Nan told him. Wang Lin wasn’t dumb; he already had his own speculations on why this happened.

“I’m afraid that the Suzaku Tomb is in fact the Cultivation Planet Crystal itself. I’m in the Suzaku Tomb and also inside the Cultivation Planet Crystal!

“This is why all these strange lifeforms were born in the tomb… This is why those strange rifts appeared when the Cultivation Planet Crystal began to shatter. These rifts are the collapse of the Cultivation Planet Crystal.” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the basins before him. This, however, was still only his own speculation; he would need to go to the center of this place to confirm it. If the mountain was there, then he was wrong, but if it wasn’t, then he was right.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he spread out his divine sense and his heart trembled.

At the center of this area was a large basin that was covered by a layer of dark blue ice, so no one could see what was inside.

However, the sword intent here was the strongest one; it pierced the heavens and gave off an arrogant aura.

This aura was not something a normal flying sword could have. Wang Lin personally saw something with a similar aura back at the Celestial Realm.

“How could this place have such a thing?!” Wang Lin looked at the basins before him. The basins covered too large of an area, so it would take too much time to go around. There would also be other lifeforms along the way anyway, so there was in difference in the amount of danger.

Also, the thing in the center basin gave him a familiar feeling.

This feeling wasn’t from a certain soul piece but a general familiarity.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin walked into the area of the basins. However, after 100 feet, one of the basins revealed a cold intent. The sword in the basin came out of the ground and flew toward Wang Lin.

This was a very common sword; it was three feet long, two fingers wide, and was completely silver. The tip of the sword was pointed at Wang Lin and releasing waves of sword hums.


A divine sense came from the sword. This divine sense was very tyrannical and was filled with arrogance.

“Lifeforms formed by metal elemental souls are similar to a sword spirit…” When Wang Lin felt the divine sense inside the sword, his eyes lit up and he thought of something.

The sword intent coming from the big basin at the center was very similar to the sword intent from the celestial swords.

He touched his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared. The moment the celestial sword appeared, the sword from earlier paled in comparison like a firefly next to a roaring fire.

Wang Lin shouted, “Xu Liguo!”

Black gas came out from the celestial sword and Xu Liguo took form. He looked at the sword and mischievously laughed. “Grandkid, although your grandpa Xu Liguo only became a sword spirit halfway, you…”

Without waiting for him to speak, the arrogant sword trembled and quickly escaped without any hesitation.

This scene stunned Xu Liguo, but then he quickly became arrogant. “Run? Did your grandpa Xu Liguo let you run?” With that, he carried the celestial sword and chased after it.

“A sword spirit naturally needs another sword spirit to suppress it.” Wang Lin raised his feet and walked forward.

Xu Liguo cleared the path for Wang Lin. All of the treasure swords they passed by came out but ran after seeing Xu Liguo.

This scene was very strange; it was as if all of the treasure swords were afraid of Xu Liguo. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he calmly watched all of this and continued to walk forward.

Xu Liguo was very excited as he let out roars. He would fly here and there with the celestial sword while letting out excited roars.

One by one the treasure swords came out from the basins and gathered at the center basin. Once there, they no longer escaped but floated there, releasing a powerful sword intent and cold aura.

Along the way, Wang Lin quickly flew toward the center with Xu Liguo leading the way.

There weren’t many rifts here; Wang Lin only encountered three along the way. This place was one of the few places that weren’t heavily affected by the collapse earlier.

The deeper he went, the fewer rifts he encountered. Finally, he started moving at his full speed and charged toward the center like a meteor.

Several hours later, the large basin in the center came into view. Hundreds of flying swords were floating above the center basin, releasing their sword intent. Wang Lin could feel the powerful sword intent all the way from here.

Xu Liguo stopped and didn’t dare to move forward. He looked at Wang Lin with a pleasing smile and said, “Master, you saw that I didn’t slack off at all along the way and herded all the sword spirits here for you. Now that there isn’t much left for me to do, how about I go back into the sword until you wipe out all those sword spirits? I’ll come out right after.” With that, Xu Liguo quickly returned back toward the celestial sword.

However, when half of his body was back inside the sword, Wang Lin grabbed the sword and threw it along with Xu Liguo into the mass of treasure swords.

Xu Liguo let out a scream as he quickly retreated back into the celestial sword and was about to control it to escape.

“If you can’t break through this place for me, then it will be useless to keep you!”

Wang Lin’s cold voice echoed in his ears. He secretly complained and cursed Wang Lin in his heart. However, he didn’t dare to try to escape anymore. He bit the bullet. He controlled the celestial sword and charged toward the dense mob of treasure swords like crazy while letting out vicious roars.

His roars came out through the celestial sword, making them heaven-shaking sword hums.

These sword hums could pierce the high heavens and caused all those treasure swords to make a path. At this moment, the blue mist covering the basin began to stir and a half-moon blade floated out.

Wang Lin revealed a look of disappointment. When he felt the aura similar to the celestial sword, the first thing he thought of was Wealth.

Although he knew that it was unlikely, the feeling wouldn’t go away.

Unfortunately, the item before him was not Wealth but a half-moon blade. Since ancient times, swords and blades were equal in fame, but swords had their pride and blades had their own craze. It was fine if they were just normal pieces of metal, but once they gain a spirit, they can’t coexist.

It was even less likely for a blade that could make countless swords worship it to coexist with a sword, and this blade was not simple!

But no matter how extraordinary this blade was, it was still made of countless soul pieces, so it was impossible to take it with him. Even if he manages to take it once he leaves the Cultivation Planet Crystal, it will shatter into countless soul pieces and they would return to their owners.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He was about to raise his hand to call back the celestial sword and charge out of his place when he suddenly stared at the mysterious blade.

“That’s not right! The blade’s spirit was not made by countless soul pieces but just one…” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

He had seen many lifeforms since he arrived here, and all of them were made of countless soul pieces. None of them were made of just one soul piece like this blade spirit.

When the half-moon blade flew out of the basin, all of the surrounding swords let out sword hums as if they were paying respects to their lord before backing away.

Xu Liguo saw the half-moon blade from inside the celestial sword and began to become nervous. He had always been a scaredy cat, so after seeing all the other swords back away, he wanted to submit as well but was afraid of Wang Lin.

His tremble transmitted to the celestial sword, causing it to tremble slightly.

The half-moon blade appeared next to the celestial sword by using some mysterious method . With a ding, the celestial sword was pushed back, but there wasn’t a single scratch on it.

Xu Liguo let out a scream and flew toward Wang Lin without any hesitation.

Wang Lin frowned. He always knew that Xu Liguo was a scaredy cat, but he didn’t think Xu Liguo would run without even fighting.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the celestial sword flew into his grasp. At this moment, the half-moon blade quickly closed in.

Wang Lin quickly backed up and at the same time swung the sword, creating a wave of sword energy that collided with the half-moon blade.

With a bang, the sword energy collided with the half-moon blade, but the half-moon blade wasn’t damaged at all. Instead, it glowed even brighter and colder as it sent out a divine sense message.

“Leave behind…. His soul… you, leave…”

After the divine sense message was sent out, the half-moon blade suddenly grew until it was 100 feet tall and sent out a heaven-splitting wave of blade energy.

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