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Chapter 436 – Cao Yidou

At the far west side of Zhao lies an extremely cold plain. Even cultivators rarely step foot there.

Other than the extreme cold, this place has the Nine-Earth aura, something that even Nascent Soul cultivators don’t want to touch. Anyone under the Nascent Soul stage will be seriously injured if they touch it.

This is where the Corpse Sect in Zhao is located.

Wang Lin’s figure moved past the plain like a ghost. He could see now that this place was surrounded by a giant formation, so normal people wouldn’t be able to enter at all.

However, this formation was really easy to break for the current Wang Lin. He stopped somewhere on the plain, then he took a step and disappeared.

He was standing on one of the formation’s eyes when he disappeared. When Wang Lin reappeared, he was underground. He looked around and saw the endless tunnels and caves of the maze-like Corpse Sect.

There were cultivators cultivating in each of those the caves. These people were at various cultivation levels; most were at the Foundation Establishment stage, there were a few at the Core Formation stage, and even fewer Nascent Soul cultivators.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and the entire Corpse Sect appeared in his mind. He paid extra attention to the cave at the center of the Corpse Sect.

Li Qingping was quietly cultivating at the large cave at the center of the Corpse Sect. There was a cloud of black fog behind him that had countless tentacles extending from it.

Li Qingping was the current sect master of the Corpse Sect in Zhao. He had already reached the late stage of Nascent Soul.

His outer appearance made him seem like he was around 40 years old. Although some of the hair on his head had turned white, he looked very handsome. He must have been a ladies’ man when he was younger.

He has been in charge of the Corpse Sect in Zhao for 200 years and has always been very cautious. He rarely interacted with the outside world, making the Corpse Sect even more mysterious in Zhao.

He spent all his time in closed door cultivation in the hopes of reaching the Soul Formation stage before the soul inside his corpse puppet takes him over. Once he reaches the Soul Formation stage, the Corpse Sect headquarters on planet Suzaku will have a good body prepared for him. As a result, he will be able to become a core disciple of the Corpse Sect, and if his performance is good, he might been get moved to the headquarters.

Li Qingping, who was cultivating, didn’t detect Wang Lin’s divine sense at all, but the black fog behind him trembled as two ghostly eyes appeared within it.

However, what the eyes revealed wasn’t the normal calm and coldness; they were filled with fear and terror.

“Senior…” The figure trembled and was about to speak.

“You are an interesting little fellow to be able to detect my arrival with only your mid stage Soul Formation cultivation!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the ears of the black fog.

The black fog began to tremble even more. When Wang Lin’s divine sense swept by, he felt a cold wind blow on him, causing his soul origin soul to become unstable to the point that it was on the verge of collapsing. This kind of thing only happened when he faced the elders of his sect.

The black figure quickly said, with a trembling voice, “Please have mercy, senior. The reason junior was able to notice is because junior’s cultivation method is related to divine sense, so I just barely managed to notice.”

He knew that with this senior’s cultivation, even if he had his body, the senior would be able to kill him without any problems. He guessed that this person was a Soul Transformation old monster.

“Oh? What sect are you from?” Wang Lin sent out a message with his divine sense.

“Senior, I’m not a person from planet Suzaku but a disciple of the Mile Sect on planet Tian Yun. Junior lost his body and spent a great deal of resources to buy a body from the Corpse Sect,” the black fog quickly replied, and he didn’t dare to lie about anything.

“If you are someone from planet Tian Yun, why are on on planet Suzaku?” Wang Lin’s divine sense was cold.

The black fog’s keen perception of divine sense was really good, so he was immediately able to detect the coldness in Wang Lin’s divine sense. His body trembled and he quickly answered, “Senior, please don’t be angry, don’t be angry. If I were to recover on planet Tian Yu, it would cost too much. Junior can’t afford to pay that many celestial jades. So I could only choose to recover on planet Suzaku. Although it will take longer to possess, it is the best choice for junior.”

Wang Lin asked, “What is your name?”

The black fog quickly replied, “Junior’s name is Cao Yidou.” The black fog’s careful reply reminded Wang Lin of Xu Liguo.

“Cao Yiduo…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense formed a giant head that reached toward the black fog.

Cao Yiduo was terrified and immediately left Li Qingping’s body. He tried dodging the hand and then said, “Everything junior says is the truth, it’s the truth!”

He had some mysterious connection with Li Qingping. Now that Cao Yiduo had moved, it shocked Li Qingping awake and he shouted, “Who?!”

Ripples appeared in the air as Wang Lin walked out. The moment Wang Lin walked out, he looked coldly at Li Qingping.

Just one glance caused Li Qingping’s body to tremble and start soaking in cold sweat. He secretly cursed. That one glance was like a sword piercing right through his body. Even his Nascent Soul was frozen and his entire body felt cold. It was if he was completely naked and had no secrets left to hide in front of this person.

Wang Lin coldly said, “You, shut up!” Then he looked at the black fog that was huddled in the corner of the cave.

Li Qingping inhaled a breath of cold air. He didn’t dare to move an inch as cold sweat covered his forehead. Even when he met Soul Formation seniors back at headquarters, none of them even had 1/10,000th of the aura that this person had.

Li Qingping’s heart was pounding as he bitterly thought, “Soul Transformation!!! It must be a Soul Transformation old freak!! When did this old monster get here…”

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and Cao Yiduo’s origin soul was dragged over from the corner. This Cao Yiduo’s face was filled with panic as he screamed, “Senior, I’m a customer of the Corpse Sect. If you capture me to refine a treasure, the Corpse Sect definitely won’t let you go!”

Wang Lin sneered and calmly said, “Who said I was going to refine you into a treasure? You are not even worth it!”

Cao Yiduo trembled and thought that if this Soul Transformation cultivator wanted to capture a Soul Formation cultivator’s soul, it would be too easy; there was no need to come looking for him.

Cao Yiduo suppressed the fear in his body and carefully asked, “Senior, you…. Could it be that you want me to do something?”

Wang Lin’s voice didn’t contain a trace of arrogance as he calmly said, “Become my slave for 100 years. After 100 years, I’ll gift you a Soul Transformation body. Do you agree?”

Cao Yiduo was startled. A Soul Transformation body was something he never thought he could obtain in his life. If he had a Soul Transformation body, then increasing his cultivation level to the Soul Transformation stage would be a lot easier. Even if he couldn’t reach the Soul Transformation stage, all of his spells would still become a lot more powerful. It has to be said that a Soul Transformation body was like the body of a celestial.

In the Corpse Sect, the cost of a Soul Transformation corpse was beyond imagination. Even if he had all of his life span, he would still need more than 1000 years to buy half a corpse.

He clenched his teeth. “Senior, you have to promise that I won’t die in this 100 year period.”

Wang Lin calmly said, “As long as I don’t die, you won’t!”

Cao Yiduo quickly and respectfully said, “Okay, Cao Yiduo greets master!” He was going to risk it all. A Soul Transformation cultivator had no reason to trick him. He also knew that the reason Wang Lin had thrown out such a tempting offering meant that he would be of a great use to this person. However, to get anything good, there had to be risks, and he was willing to take this risk for a Soul Transformation body.

“Very good. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to do anything dangerous. I just want your knowledge about planet Tian Yun. How much do you know about the planet?” As Wang Lin said this, he waved his hand and Li Qingping passed out.

Wang Lin didn’t want others to know that he was about to go to planet Tian Yun; he had been very careful about this matter.

Cao Yiduo quickly said, “Planet Tian Yun? Master, I grew up on planet Tian Yun, and although it is very big, I’m very familiar with it… Master, could it be that you want to go to planet Tian Yun and have me act as your guide?”

“That is correct. Since that is the case, our deal can happen!” Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a soul flag. This soul flag was the one containing Li Yuanfeng, the one he had personally made.

With one wave, before Cao Yiduo could react, Wang Lin put Cao Yiduo inside the flag. With that, Wang Lin disappeared from the cave.

This wasn’t his first time here, so he was very familiar with his place. He moved through the maze-like Corpse Sect toward the spot where he once cultivated.

Along the way, not a single Corpse Sect disciple was able to detect Wang Lin. Even those that weren’t cultivating were unable to notice Wang Lin as he passed by them.

Just like this, Wang Lin soon arrived at the cave where he cultivated before. There was someone cultivating inside.

This cultivator was a girl. She looked ordinary, but she had a determined expression on her face as she continued to absorb the Yin energy coming out from the small holes in the wall.

Wang Lin appeared inside the cave and took a look at the girl before turning into smoke and entering one of the small holes in the wall.

When Wang Lin was still at the Foundation Establishment stage, his body couldn’t enter the small hole. He could only enter with his divine sense and it required a lot of energy, so he had to keep drinking the dew from the heaven defying bead to slowly extend his divine sense until he reached where the giant was.

After he was inside the small hole, before he even got far, a call came from underground.

“Save me…”

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