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Chapter 435 – The giant under the Corpse Sect

The woman raised her hand and called to the dragon and tiger tattoos. The two tattoos immediately trembled and then, without any hesitation, they flew to the woman. The two tattoos circled the woman as if they were very happy.

Shortly after, the woman slowly returned to the scroll and following her were the two tattoos.

The third ancestor in the eleventh layer immediately coughed out blood. This was an injury caused by her tattoo beasts being stolen. Her face was filled with shock.

“Which ancestor is this? She was willing to seal herself into the Tattoo Beast Atlas to become a tattoo beast herself…” The third ancestor took a deep breath, then she pointed at her forehead and a nine-leaf plant appeared.

“Tattoo Beast Altas, return!”

The scroll in the first layer quickly closed after the third ancestor called it and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without a word, he grabbed his scroll. He didn’t have time to check it as he flew toward the exit.

At the giant hole leading out of the Immortal Graveyard, Wang Lin surrounded himself with soul fragments once more to get through the tree. It was now night outside and completely dark.

The moment he came out, he disappeared once more without a trace. Wang Lin didn’t return the domain soul fragment to the third ancestor. Ever since this domain soul fragment had left the third ancestor, it was its own existence and was no longer under her control. Otherwise, there would have been no way for the Giant Demon Clan ancestor to obtain it.

If the third ancestor had any control, she probably would have taken it back when she saw Wang Lin.

In addition, Wang Lin could tell from their talk that she didn’t care too much about this domain soul fragment; it was as if it didn’t matter whether she had it or not.

However, to Wang Lin, this domain soul fragment had great use. It was his ace to deal with a certain person.

Zhuque Zi was currently cultivating in the back mountain of Mount Suzaku. There was a red crystal floating before him. This crystal was shaped like a heart. It was the Cultivation Planet Heart, which was used to control the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

Shortly after, Zhuque Zi opened his eyes. There was a trace of madness in his eyes. This kind of gaze didn’t appear on him often.

“Yunque Zi, I don’t hate the Forsaken Immortal Clan, but my hatred for you is too great! You traitor, haha, what a good betrayal! Although I was injured when you sneak attacked me, I was excited. Qian Pinghai, if you still have a soul, take a good look; this is the person you chose!

“Yunque Zi, you and I grew up together and have similar talent, yet why did the previous Suzaku, Qian Pinghai, always look favorably upon you? He always had praise for you, yet to me, he was always full of abuse. He always looked at me with a cold gaze; it felt like he would have killed me if I made a single mistake.

“When he gave me the Mysterious Suzaku Formation, I was very excited and felt very grateful to him. I even forgot all the unhappiness in the past and only had one thought in my mind: give my life to planet Suzaku and become a good Suzaku.

“However, I never thought that Qian Pinghai was that vicious. The Mysterious Suzaku Formation is a double-edged sword. Every time it is used, the origin soul suffers great damage. If it is used too much, the origin soul will never be able to recover. Even now that he’s dead, I still don’t understand why he did all of this!

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I had secretly planned for many years and finally got the Cultivation Planet Crystal from the last Suzaku when he died, I’m afraid that this generation’s Suzaku wouldn’t have been me.

“Qian Pinghai, you were blind to appoint Yunque Zi as the next Suzaku! If I had followed your order and given Yunque Zi the Cultivation Planet Crystal, the planet would have been taken by the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Qing Pinghai, you old fart, I didn’t bury your body in the Suzaku grave but sold it to the Corpse Sect! That was the only way to sooth my hatred for you.

“Qian Pinghai, the truth proves that I’m the most suited person to be the next Suzaku. You were wrong back then, so, so wrong!

“This old man searched through the entire planet and finally found Qian Feng among your descendants. This person has the same spirit root as you and he looks similar to you as well. Every time I see him, my hatred for you increases a bit. This old man is going to raise him and give him the Mysterious Suzaku Formation. Every time I see him use it, my heart will be filled with joy!

“This is the only way for me to repay you for what you have done to me.

“Yunque Zi, you know about the existence of the Cultivation Planet Crystal. You gave me three months to consider if it is worth it to destroy everything to get help from the Cultivation Alliance…

“Although the Cultivation Planet Crystal was sealed by the second Suzaku, which made it so that the future Suzakus won’t be able to control it, as long as the Cultivation Planet Heart breaks, it can still cause the Cultivation Planet Crystal to break as well. However, the price is too big because even I have a piece of my soul inside. Once the Cultivation Planet Crystal breaks, then even I will die.

“The Cultivation Alliance won’t casually get involved in matters with every cultivation planet, but that is only under the premise that the Cultivation Planet Crystal doesn’t break. The Cultivation Alliance is almost crazy about keeping the Cultivation Planet Crystals intact. This matter is filled with mysteries and none of the previous Suzakus could figure out why. However, one thing is for sure: once the Cultivation Planet Crystal shatters, the Cultivation Alliance will immediately send people to investigate. At that moment, your tiny Forsaken Immortal Clan will die for sure!

“You gave me three months of time to let me carefully consider this because you didn’t want to push me too far. Yunque Zi, this old man is going to play a game with you. If you can get this Cultivation Planet Crystal before my life ends, then I have no problem giving it to you. But once you lose, this old man will have to go crazy and destroy the Cultivation Planet Crystal to drag your Forsaken Immortal Clan down with me!

“This old man can’t be the first Suzaku, but I can still be the last Suzaku. Don’t give me the chance!”

The madness in Zhuque Zi’s eyes deepened and he began to laugh like crazy.

To the west of the Suzaku continent was a plain. This plain was covered in thousands of simple huts.

There were cultivators cultivating inside and outside the huts.

Most of these cultivators were disciples of sects from rank 5 cultivation countries. This place was the western defense line.

The three months of truce was a good time for them to recover. However, it didn’t mean that they had dropped their guard; there was still a large number of cultivators out patrolling.

The area 5,000 kilometers away from them was covered by a black cloud. That was where the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s western assault army was located.

In the center of the cultivators’ camp there was a very lavish hut. Qian Feng sat inside it with Red Butterfly behind him. There was confusion in her eyes along with a very well-hidden sense of struggle.

Qian Feng’s eyes were like lightning as he stared at the black cloud in the distance. His expression was very gloomy.

“What is that old man thinking? Things are getting too dangerous. We might as well give up on planet Suzaku and go far away then come back when we have the power to win. If this stalemate continues for too long, people’s hearts will break.”

His eyes lit up, he let out a cold snort, and muttered to himself, “I wonder where that Ceng Niu is. He dared to injure me. If I meet him, I will definitely devour his domain. Although the one-billion-soul soul flag is powerful, the old man gave me a treasure. Seeing how bothered the old man was, this treasure must be very powerful. With this treasure I have a certain amount of confidence in dealing with Ceng Niu’s one-billion-soul soul flag.

“However, it is best not to use the treasure the old man gave me unless I have to. That old bag of bones hid his intentions well, but long ago I noticed that his attitude towards me is a bit strange.

“I will require junior apprentice sister’s help to devour Ceng Niu’s domain. I’ll have to carefully plan this out! After I devour this person’s domain and capture junior apprentice sister, I’ll leave this planet. The universe is large and I can do wherever I want. Before, I cared about the title of Suzaku, but now that the planet is a mess, that title is useless to me! However, before I leave, I have to kill that slut, Zi Xin!”

One month later, a figure appeared near the Corpse Sect in Zhao. This person was a young man wearing a white robe. His face gave off an ancient aura.

He was Wang Lin.

After leaving the Immortal Graveyard, Wang Lin didn’t rest and used the transfer array in Chu to enter the foreign battleground. He wanted to use the wandering souls there to repair the one-billion-soul soul flag.

Unfortunately, although he had found wandering souls, they couldn’t be used to repair the one-billion-soul soul flag. The moment a wandering soul entered the soul flag, it would go crazy. It would either devour soul fragments to make itself stronger or be attacked by multiple soul fragments and be destroyed.

The two were natural enemies, so, like fire and water, they couldn’t be mixed.

As a result, using the wandering souls to repair the one-billion-soul soul flag was a failure.

As for soul devourers, Wang Lin caught one to test, but the result was the same, so he gave up on this method and left the foreign battleground.

The last thing Wang Lin needed to do was get to the giant body under the Corpse Sect in Zhao.

This body belonged to the Giant Demon Clan ancestor that brought the Giant Demon Clan to planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin had a giant axe in his bag of holding. This axe belonged to this founding ancestor.

Wang Lin came to extract a large amount of blood from this Giant Demon Clan ancestor so his original body could use the blood to use the ancient gods’ techniques. This was part of his preparations for leaving this place.

Wang Lin had no interest in getting involved with the mess on planet Suzaku; he only wanted to get the Cultivation Planet Crystal to retrieve that piece of his soul. Then he will go to planet Tian Yun to find the All-Seer and become his disciple. He will then cultivate to the Ascendant stage under a new sky.

He will definitely come back to planet Suzaku in the future, but at that time, he won’t be someone caught in someone else’s plan; he will be like an emperor that the current Suzaku will have to look up to.

“And I’ll definitely have a chance to see just what kind of powerful organization this Cultivation Alliance really is!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. As he looked into the sky, his urge to leave increased.

“However, before leaving, although I have no way of dealing with Zhuque Zi, I have to test his two disciples, Liu Mei and Qian Feng.”

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