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Chapter 425 – Boy

Zhuque Zi pondered a bit. His expression became very unsettled before he let out a sigh. He really didn’t have the guts to go test his theory. He stomped his foot on the ground and a large crack appeared in the sky as he stared viciously at the direction of Pilu.

“Second generation Suzaku…” Zhuque Zi flew toward Mount Suzaku.

Inside the Soul Refining Sect in Pilu.

Wang Lin’s figure wavered and then fell from the sky after he made sure that Zhuque Zi had left.

Du Tian was shocked and quickly went up to Wang Lin. The current Wang Lin’s face was pale and his eyes were closed; he was clearly in pain.

Du Tian took a few closer looks, then his expression changed greatly and he shouted, “Possession!”

He instantly clenched his teeth and raised his hand. He was about to press his hand down on Wang Lin’s forehead to help him fight the possession; however, just as he was about to press down, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes were now clear and contained none of the arrogance from before.

Wang Lin weakly said, “Senior, stop.”

Du Tian stared at Wang Lin and said, in a serious tone, “What exactly happened?”

“You were way too rash, you little brat. Couldn’t you see the severity of the situation?! If this old man had his old temper, I would kill you with a slap! Don’t think that because your lifespan is about to be up this old man can’t make you taste what it’s like for your life to be slowly drained away.”

A very arrogant voice came from Wang Lin’s brow. Shortly after, a green light flew out from Wang Lin’s forehead and stood on the side. This green light took the form of a large middle-aged man with a rough face and a large build. The moment he appeared, he released a powerful aura.

The sky’s color suddenly changed. Due to the impact of this person’s aura, clouds began to form. Lightning could be seen and rain began to fall.

The middle-aged man raised his head toward the sky and shouted, “Scatter for this old man! Did I let you rain?”

With just one roar, the clouds in the sky scattered without a trace; even the rain that was falling was blow away. Not even a single drop had landed.

Du Tian’s body trembled violently as he stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him. He was unable to say a word.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and let out a cough. When the Holy Suzaku Flame arrived, Wang Lin’s origin soul had already returned to his body and he had reached the Soul Transformation stage. However, there was no way for him to help in the fight between Du Tian and Zhuque Zi, so when the Holy Suzaku Flame appeared, he hid inside the heaven defying bead.

When he went in there, Situ Nan awakened!

The just awakened Situ Nan had a fierce image, but in reality he was very weak. They didn’t even have time to talk before Situ Nan noticed what was going on outside, entered Wang Lin’s body, and scared Zhuque Zi away.

It has to be said that Situ Nan’s acting skill was very powerful.

When Situ Nan made Zhuque Zi cut off his fingers, Wang Lin was extremely nervous, but Situ Nan wasn’t nervous at all and was as arrogant as he always was.

Afterwards, Wang Lin asked why he had asked Zhuque Zi to leave behind the fingers. Could he not have been afraid of Zhuque Zi retaliating?

Situ Nan’s response was, “Because I’m Situ Nan!”

“Earlier you almost ruined my plan by asking for that fourth soul, you little brat. If I had let that little thieving sparrow see through me, this old man would’ve had to go back to sleep right after waking up! As for that fourth soul, once I find a body and recover my cultivation, I’ll just kill my way up Mount Suzaku and steal it back for you!” Situ Nan glared at Du Tian.

Du Tian hadn’t been called a little brat for thousands of years. He could only warily smile and ask, “Senior is?”

Situ Nan raised his head and arrogantly said, “Wang Lin, tell this little brat who I am!”

Wang Lin wryly smiled. He looked at Du Tian and said, “He is Situ Nan.”

“Situ Nan?” Du Tian thought for a very long time and couldn’t think of any expert named Situ Nan.

Then Wang Lin said, “The second generation Suzaku!”

Du Tian’s body trembled and he staggered backwards. His eyes were filled with extreme shock. He finally understood why Zhuque Zi was scared away.

The fame of the second generation Suzaku was too large; in some ways it even exceeded the first generation Suzaku’s fame.

Shortly after, Du Tian took a deep breath. He respectfully bowed toward Situ Nan and said, “Junior Du Tian from the Soul Refining Sect greets senior.”

Situ Nan nodded and said, “Considering the fact that you protected Wang Lin and are giving him the one-billion-soul soul flag, this old man promises you that if there is an opportunity, I’ll help you revive the Soul Refining Sect!” Situ Nan reminisced about the past. If it wasn’t for his good friend from the Soul Refining Sect, he wouldn’t even have had the time to escape into the heaven defying bead during the battle with the foreign cultivators.

Du Tian revealed a smile on his face. He had given up his entire life for the Soul Refining Sect, and it was the thing he worried about the most in his life. This was why he was willing to use the end of his life to befriend Wang Lin; it was all in order to find a way to keep his Soul Refining Sect alive.

Zhuque Zi’s arrival made Du Tian despair; however, things changed so fast that he felt like he had experienced an entire lifetime already. Now that the second generation Suzaku had personally promised to keep the Soul Refining Sect alive, Du Tian was satisfied.

He sat down in the lotus position with a smile on his face and slowly closed his eyes.

“Senior apprentice brother, your prediction worked… I, Du Tian, can meet you, teacher, and all of the previous ancestors with a smile. I, Du Tian, am not a sinner of the Soul Refining Sect. I found a new hope for the Soul Refining Sect. I can see that in the future, my Soul Refining Sect will become an existence beyond a rank 6 cultivation country. I, Du Tian, have left my mark on the history of the Soul Refining Sect…

“Teacher, I managed to accomplish what I promised you. I, Du Tian, am willing to wipe away my consciousness to enter the soul flag for eternity!”

On a rainy night on a public road, the bandits killed everyone, and among the rubble was a youth crying…

With a long sigh, an old man walked out from the rain. After gently rubbing the youth’s head, he revealed a gentle smile and said only one sentence.

“Are you willing to come with me?”

The youth grew up inside the Soul Refining Sect. The talented youth immediately stood out among the other disciples. He did all of this just because of that one sentence.

In order to follow the old man’s footsteps, he cultivated hard every day. Day by day, year by year, he continued this boring cultivation until he comprehended the heavens and reached the Soul Formation stage. He became the old man’s disciple, was given the daoist name Du Tian, and followed the old man everywhere.

Time was like a song; there will be a day when the song ends and people leave. Before his teacher’s soul entered the one-billion-soul soul flag, he made a promise to protect the Soul Refining Sect for the rest of his life only for that one sentence in his youth.

“Are you willing to come with me?”

“Teacher, disciple…. Is coming…” Du Tian let out a smile as he closed his eyes. The last bit of his lifeforce disappeared….

A ray of golden-purple light flew out from his brow. The one-billion-soul soul flag suddenly appeared, and with a wave, the golden-purple light disappeared inside it.

Although the one-billion-soul soul flag had lost ⅓ of its soul fragments, ten primary souls, and the fourth soul, it was still the one-billion-soul soul flag!

This 30-foot flag represented the roots of the Soul Refining Sect. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it floated toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and grabbed the soul flag, then he looked at the smiling Du Tian with a complex expression and melancholy. He kneeled down and kowtowed toward Du Tian.

“Although senior wasn’t my teacher, you treated me as your disciple… I will never forget about this…” The melancholy in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger. In truth, his time spent with Du Tian wasn’t very long, but Du Tian’s kindness to him was engraved in his heart.

“Zhuque Zi, one day I’ll definitely find you and make you pay for wiping out the Soul Refining Sect!” Wang Lin looked at the direction of the country of Suzaku and his eyes became cold.

With a gust of wind, Du Tian’s corpse began to slowly disintegrate as if everything about this person was disappearing. Only in Wang Lin’s memory did Du Tian’s figure still remain…

“For you to meet this person was your luck. He is worthy of being remembered….” Situ Nan let out a sigh. His voice was no longer filled with arrogance as he thought about his good friends in the past…

Wang Lin pondered a bit and looked toward Situ Nan. “What’s your plan?”

Situ Nan’s eyes lit up and the arrogance reappeared. He said, “Find a body with talent suitable for me, recover my cultivation, and look for those people who caused me to end up in this situation. If they have long died, then I’ll take out my anger on their descendants!”

Situ Nan’s personality had always been like this. Back then he kept teaching Wang Lin this almost demonic path of cultivation. The reason Wang Lin had killed so much had a lot to do with Situ Nan’s influence.

Wang Lin nodded and said, “The heaven defying bead has already fused with my soul and is unable to be removed…”

Without letting Wang Lin finish, Situ said, “Nonsense! It’s all that damn bead’s fault that I ended up in such a state. Even if you give it to me, I won’t want it!”

Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan and whispered, “Situ.”

“What is it?” Situ Nan rolled his eyes.

“Thank you…”

Situ Nan pondered. In truth, he had already guessed that the heaven defying bead was a very rare treasure, most likely beyond a celestial treasure.

But although he was a tyrannical and arrogant person, he highly valued the kindness others had shown him. The first Suzaku showed him kindness and that was why he gave up on leaving the planet to stay behind and protect the country of Suzaku.

The relationship between him and Wang Lin was very difficult, but that just made the relationship between them even closer. He had basically watched Wang Lin grow up as a cultivator, so to him, Wang Lin was like his own disciple!

Which was why he couldn’t ask for the heaven defying bead!

Situ Nan snorted as he turned his head and said, “If you want to thank me, then go find me a body. Wait a bit and let me check if there is a body suitable for me on this planet right now. Although this old man can’t fight enemies, I still have my spells, so finding a body should be easy.” With that, Situ Nan’s eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he said, “Zhuque Zi has a disciple named Qian Feng. His body should be pretty good.”

“Zhuque Zi’s disciple… Forget it; I owe the first generation Suzaku. If you want to kill him, I don’t care, but for me to do it, it’s a bit too much… Eh? How could this kind of body exist on planet Suzaku? Although this body is still only a boy, it is top-quality possession material! Not bad! I don’t give a shit if he’s just a kid, this boy is made for possession!” Situ Nan looked toward the extreme north with eyes filled with joy.

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