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Chapter 424 – Situ Nan

Waves of Forsaken Immortal Clan members were gathering inside the endless black cloud on the eastern side of the continent of Suzaku.

In the center of the black cloud sat countless Forsaken Immortal Clan members. They were all chanting in unison. The power of their tattoos had moved out from their bodies and floated in the air.

The tattoo power quickly rose up to the air.

Every two hours these clan members would use up all of the tattoo power in their bodies and then another group would switch places with them to continue the chant.

This process had lasted for several months. On this day, a middle-aged man wearing a grey robe appeared. He had no tattoos on his body other than a purple leaf on his left cheek that was emitting a purple glow.

He stood there as he stared at the large amount of clan members in the center and revealed a thoughtful look.

Behind him followed three old men. The aura the three of them gave off was exactly the same as the eight-leaf old man who chased Wang Lin before.

One of the old men respectfully said, “Fifth ancestor, it is time. The fourth ancestor has already activated it on the ancestral tree side.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “The ancestral tree was freed because the ancient ancestor gave up his life and used his body to break the five-sword seal. We can’t fail this time!”

“The four sub-trees of the ancestral tree have surrounded the continent of Suzaku. This time the country of Suzaku will be destroyed!” The old man’s eyes revealed a hint of excitement, but that quickly disappeared as he said, “Fifth ancestor, about second ancestor…”

The middle-aged man frowned and said, “Don’t bother with him. He has been in the country of Suzaku for too long and thinks differently than us. Hmph, if it wasn’t for his unwillingness to fight, we could have wiped out the country of Suzaku in that battle a few years ago!

“I just don’t believe that the Cultivation Planet Crystal that the country of Suzaku holds has the power he spoke of!”

The old man nodded and no longer spoke.

“The people of the Corpse Sect are here.” The middle-aged man looked into the distance.

A large coffin was quickly closing in from outside the eastern edge of the continent of Suzaku. On top of the coffin sat three people. The three of them all had white hair. Aside from the one in the middle, who was at the early stage of Soul Transformation, the other two were at the late stage of Soul Formation.

The three of them were sitting on the coffin which moved very fast. In the blink of an eye, they arrived before the black cloud. The tattoo symbols in the black cloud flashed to prevent them from entering.

The early stage Soul Transformation old man from the Corpse Sect said, “I’m the elder of the Corpse Sect on planet Suzaku and the two behind me are corpse deacons. I ask the Forsaken Immortal Sect to open the tattoo formation.”

The tattoos inside the black cloud flashed again and a tunnel appeared. The large coffin from the Corpse Sect quickly flew inside.

The coffin stopped at the center of the black cloud. The early stage Soul Transformation elder from the Corpse Sect jumped down.

Before him was the middle-aged man and the three eight-leaf shamans.

The middle-aged man calmly said, “Elder Sima, I have been waiting for you.”

The Corpse Sect elder laughed and said, “I’m late because I encountered some trouble on the way. Aside from delivering the corpses, I’m also here to tell your Forsaken Immortal Clan a piece of news.”

The middle-aged man looked at the Corpse Sect elder with calm eyes as he waited for the news.

The Corpse Sect elder’s eyes lit up and with a smile that was not a smile he said, “Zhuque Zi went to the Soul Refining Sect and is having a battle with Du Tian to steal the one-billion-soul soul flag!”

The middle-aged man’s expression remained the same, then he smiled. “What was the result?”

The Corpse Sect elder laughed. “That I don’t know, but with my Corpse Sect’s understanding of the current Suzaku, if he went, then he must be at least 80% confident. Your Forsaken Immortal Clan will have to be careful!”

The middle-aged man’s expression hadn’t changed yet. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. He looked toward Pilu at the northern end of the continent of Suzaku. From there he felt an aura that made him tremble.

Zhuque Zi had long forgotten what pain from his origin soul felt like. Right now he felt the fear he had only felt back when he met the last generation Suzaku.

Zhuque Zi was, after all, someone from a high position, so he quickly calmed himself and asked, “Your excellency, who are you?”

A ray a of rainbow-colored light flashed by as Wang Lin appeared. He floated in the air with his hair flowing without any wind, but he gave off an extremely strange aura.

His body was emitting a blue aura, a cold aura that could freeze anything in the world.

The current Wang Lin was completely naked, translucent, and glistening. His eyes were no longer clear but filled with an evil aura.

Qian Feng’s eyes were also filled with evil, but compared to Wang Lin’s, it was like a campfire next to the sun.

This evil aura inside Wang Lin’s eyes only represented one word: arrogance!

Arrogance, much arrogance, an extreme arrogance that saw everything in the world as below him and no one in the world could match him.

He casually looked at Zhuque Zi. This gaze was several times brighter than lightning.

Zhuque Zi’s body trembled. At this moment, he really felt like he did back in the past. He felt the same fear from when he faced the previous Suzaku. He quickly backed up, and for the first time in a long time cold sweat came out from his forehead.

“You… you are Wang Lin! No, you aren’t Wang Lin. Your excellency, who are you?” Zhuque Zi took a deep breath and hid the terror in his eyes.

“This old man asked you which generation Suzaku you are.” These words filled with arrogance came out of Wang Lin’s mouth. His tone contained a “you have to answer” feel.

Du Tian stared at the scene. When he looked at Wang Lin, he felt a strong sense of unfamiliarity. His time with Wang Lin wasn’t short, so he was immediately able to tell that this person wasn’t him.

There wasn’t any way for Wang Lin to have this kind of pressure and this kind of “I’m above everyone else” arrogance. This type of pressure and arrogance could only be found on old monsters that have cultivated for countless years.

Zhuque Zi didn’t want to reply, but he involuntarily said, “Fourteenth generation Suzaku…”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before coldly looking at Zhuque Zi and saying, “On the behalf of Ye Wuyou, this old man won’t kill you. Now scram.”

“Ye Wuyou?” Du Tian was startled. He had never heard this name before.

However, after Zhuque Zi heard this name, his expression changed like it never had before. He immediately backed up even more and the terror inside him could no longer remain hidden, so it showed on his face.

“You…” Zhuque Zi took in a breath of cold air and his body shook as if he had been hit by lightning. His gaze toward Wang Lin was no longer just filled with shock, it also contained a deep sense of horror.

Ye Wuyou was a name that only every generation of Suzaku would know. No one else knew, not even the ancestors from the sects in Suzaku. They only knew that there was someone with the daoist name of Suzaku.

Ye Wuyou was the real name of the first generation Suzaku!

As Zhuque Zi looked at the blue aura around Wang Lin’s body, he recalled the history of the past Suzakus until he locked onto one identity.

At this moment, the terror in his eyes became even more intense. He respectfully clasped his hands toward Wang Lin without any hesitation and said, “Greetings, ancestor. Junior will leave now!”

With that, he quickly retreated.

Du Tian’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Leave behind the fourth soul!”

Zhuque Zi stopped. His eyes showed that he was struggling to make a decision and then he suddenly turned around and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of the past as he said, “Back then this old man owed Ye Wuyou. Forget it; since you are using it to fight the Forsaken Immortal Clan, this old man will lend it to you for three years. Three years from now you will return it to me.”

Du Tian panicked and was about to speak when Wang Lin looked at him. When Du Tian looked back, he could no longer see Wang Lin. There was only an unfamiliar aura that said something like “I’ll kill you if you speak,” and he knew that this person would kill him without any hesitation.

Du Tian’s heart trembled and he no longer dared to speak.

Zhuque Zi let out a breath of relief. If that person wanted the fourth soul back no matter what, he might’ve had to fight him. However, from what he had heard about about this person, Zhuque Zi lacked even the smallest amount of confidence in fighting him.

Zhuque Zi clasped his hands and was about to leave.

But Wang Lin’s eyes showed a flash of arrogance and he said, “Since you have guessed this old man’s identity, then you must know my rules. Are you just going to leave like this?”

Zhuque Zi pondered a bit and raised his right hand. He waved his left hand and cut two fingers off his right hand. “This matter is junior’s fault. Are two fingers enough?”

Wang Lin shook his head and arrogantly said, “Leave another one behind!”

Zhuque Zi clenched his teeth. He waved his left hand to cut off another finger. His face was pale as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin then said, “Scram!”

Zhuque Zi quickly left without turning his head. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

100,000 kilometers away, Zhuque Zi clenched his teeth and let out a roar at the sky.

“Second generation Suzaku! How can he be still alive?! How can he still be on planet Suzaku?! How can it be!?!?! The third generation Suzaku schemed against him by luring foreign cultivators over. How is he not dead!?!?!”

He roared the entire way back until he was above the country of Suzaku. He suddenly stopped as he looked back toward Pilu. The anger was now gone, but it was replaced with suspicion.

“Something is wrong. Going by what I know about the second generation Suzaku, there is no way he would go easy on me. Could it be that he has just awakened and was faking it?”

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