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Chapter 416 – Tradition

Cracks began to appear on the two slabs of celestial jade. The cracks began to spread and then the jades slowly turned grey.

On this day, the last strand of celestial spiritual energy was extracted from the celestial jade in front of Wang Lin. With a bang, the slab of jade collapsed into small pieces, forming a small hill of dust before him.

At the same time, the celestial jade behind him also collapsed.

Wang Lin’s hair flowed in the air without any wind. The amount of celestial spiritual energy in his body was now countless times higher than before. A powerful aura began to spread from his body, knocking away the seven white flags because they couldn’t withstand it.

Wang Lin slowly raised his head. When he stood up, his eyes released a golden light before calming down.

“I’ve completed ⅓ of the process…” Wang Lin’s eyes landed on Du Tian, who was sitting in the corner.

Du Tian opened his eyes and smiled. “Good, now follow me while I take you to go steal some celestial jades. Although things are a mess due to the war, some war can’t stop this tradition of my Soul Refining Sect.”

Du Tian laughed as he ripped open the space before him, creating a black vortex that he walked into.

Wang Lin let out a faint smile as he followed him into the vortex.

When they reappeared, they were already in the sky outside of the Soul Refining Sect. Du Tian had his hands behind his back as he flew forward riding on a cloud.

As Wang Lin casually followed behind Du Tian, he felt how the celestial spiritual energy had changed his body.

There wasn’t much spiritual energy left in his body at the moment; a majority of it had been converted to celestial spiritual energy. However, he had to fill his body to the brim with celestial spiritual energy, so he still needed a large amount of celestial jades to reach the Soul Transformation stage.

There was a swarm on the western side of Pilu. This was a land of death where you couldn’t see a living person within a radius of 10,000 kilometers.

This place was a haven for insects. There were a lot of poisonous insects living here that even some cultivators wouldn’t dare to mess with.

Here one could often seen large swarms of insects moving around. They were the kings here.

There were other types of beasts inside the swarm that were also poisonous. However, they couldn’t match the insects, so they spent most of their time inside the swarm and would normally not come out.

All of the cultivators in Pilu knew not to take a step into the swarm. It was not forbidden because it was dangerous but because this land was the home of the Demonic Insect Sect.

The Demonic Insect Sect was located in a swamp.

The Demonic Insect Sect was a very strange sect. Instead of having a main sect hall, its buildings and structures were scattered across the swamp.

There were a few spots that were solid ground. It was in these spots that the disciples of the Demonic Insect Sect lived. They lived in these scattered areas that were spread across the entire swamp.

The disciples of the Demonic Insect Sect didn’t have much sense of camaraderie with each other. Their cultivation method was related to insects, so the large amount of poisonous insects in the swamp did make it more convenient for them.

On this day, two figures appeared in the sky above the edge of the swamp. One of the two was old and the other was young. The old man was wearing a black robe, his hair was grey, and he was very skinny. He had his hands behind his back, his eyes were cold, and he exuded an aura that caused all of the insects to run away in terror.

The person beside him was a young man. He was wearing white and had his hair casually flowing behind him. Although he wasn’t handsome, he had this abnormal aura to him. His eyes were especially clear; one look from them could shake a person’s heart.

These two were Du Tian and Wang Lin.

It was clear that Du Tian was very familiar with this place, because he led Wang Lin directly here. He looked at the swamp below him and sighed. “Ceng Niu, even though they are all hiding like rats, don’t look down on the Demonic Insect Sect members. Let me tell you that these people must all have been filthy rich in their previous lives. When my teacher brought me here, the amount of celestial jades we stole was more than three times what we took from the other sects.”

With that, he reached out to the void and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand. After grabbing the one-billion-soul soul flag, Du Tian’s aura changed completely. He stared at the swamp below him and waved the flag. Countless soul fragments immediately flew out and covered the area. The sky changed colors and time seemed to have stopped.

The entire area was surrounded by soul fragments which constantly let out ghostly wails. The sound waves of these wails spread across the entire swamp. They were no weaker than attacks from magic treasures.

More than ten golden-purple soul fragments charged out with excitement in their eyes and rushed forward without any commands. All of the poisonous insects ran as if they had met their natural enemy.

Du Tian’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Mice of the Demonic Insect Sect, your grandfather Du Tian has come! The rule is the same as usual: quickly hand over the celestial jades!”

After Wang Lin heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Could there even have been some rule set for stealing celestial jades?

Wang Lin didn’t know that the Soul Refining Sect was used to being this bossy. Back when Du Tian’s master brought him here, his master said the same thing, and it was rumored that his master’s master also said something similar.

In short, there was indeed a rule to this.

A few angry roars came from the swarm before two people flew out. The soul fragments tried to stop them, but they were all knocked back by their auras.

However, the two of them knew what to do; they merely pushed the soul fragments back without injuring them.

One was an old man who was wearing a purple robe and had two blood-red scorpions around him. He quickly shouted, “Old ghost Du Tian, there are no more celestial jades!”

The other person was an old woman wearing a palace dress. Although her face was filled with wrinkles, her eyes were bright. She coughed to cut off the purple-robed old man, then she looked at Du Tian and said, “Old ghost Du Tian, we can’t give you any celestial jades. When the Forsaken Immortal Clan attacked, I was seriously injured and required a lot of celestial jades to finally recover. Considering the future, we can’t give you any.”

Du Tian’s eyes became serious and then his gaze landed on the old woman. He pointed at his forehead and the death aura he had been suppressing was released. He said, with a hoarse voice, “Yan Hong, I have less than two years left to live.”

The old woman trembled and her expression changed slightly.

The purple-robed old man’s expression became ugly and he muttered, “You people of the Soul Refining Sect are all crazy. When your lifespan is almost up, you take the one-billion-soul soul flag and steal celestial jades from people…”

Du Tian laughed and said, “That is correct. I only have less than two years left to live, so I naturally don’t fear death. Give me celestial jades and I’ll leave. If you don’t give me any, I won’t fight with you, but I’ll wipe out all the poisonous insects in this swamp.

The purple-robed old man laughed in anger and was about to speak when the old woman coughed and said, “Old ghost, why be like this? Not only can the two of us can wipe out your Soul Refining Sect, this junior beside you will die for sure.”

Wang Lin let out a faint smile as his right hand pointed to the air and the celestial sword flew out with a swing. Wang Lin used a strand of celestial spiritual energy in that swing. Although he hadn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage, he could still use a bit of celestial spiritual energy.

The celestial sword naturally needed celestial spiritual energy to be used. Once celestial spiritual energy was used, it released a blinding, golden light and exuded celestial pressure. The sword energy descended like lightning.

The old woman’s expression greatly changed as she reached for her bag of holding and took out a turtle shell to block the sword energy.


A loud bang could be heard as the turtle shell turned to dust when it stopped the sword energy.

The old woman’s expression was very ugly. Even the purple-robed old man’s expression was ugly as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly asked, “Do you two still think I’ll die for sure today?”

The old woman said, with a serious tone, “Who are you?!” That sword energy just now contained celestial spiritual energy, but she wasn’t surprised about that. She had already noticed that Wang Lin was at the step between the Soul Formation and Soul Transformation stages.

She didn’t consider this kind of cultivator a threat, but she could have never imagined that he would have a celestial treasure.

No matter what quality, as long as a treasure uses spiritual energy, it’s called a spirit treasure.

At the same time, treasures that use celestial spiritual energy are called celestial treasures.

The so called celestial treasures are treasures that can withstand the power of celestial spiritual energy and perfectly display its power. This kind of treasure is very rare. The only thing most Soul Transformation cultivators want other than reaching the Ascendant stage is to find a celestial treasure for themselves.

Among Soul Transformation cultivators, having a celestial treasure and not having one is a huge difference. With a celestial treasure one can use celestial spiritual energy to its full potential, but if one doesn’t have one, they have to use it with their techniques, which are always weaker than treasures.

In addition, there are some treasures that lie somewhere in between spirit and celestial treasures. They can be activated with both types of energy, and although they can’t fully utilize the power of celestial spiritual energy, they are much more powerful than treasures that use spiritual energy. These types of treasures are called pseudo celestial treasures.

The one-billion-soul soul flag and restriction flag are considered pseudo celestial treasures.

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