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Chapter 410 – Soul Transformation (1)

Zhou Ru’s journey to find uncle continued. She had no idea why uncle left, so she wanted to find Wang Lin and ask him for the reason.

At this moment, Wang Lin was on top of a mountain with all of the celestial jades he owned on the ground around him.

While sitting in the middle of the circle, he put aside all other thoughts in his mind and concentrated on cultivating.

The current Wang Lin’s cultivation level had reached the peak of the Soul Formation stage and his domain had reached completion, so now he needed to breakthrough to the Soul Transformation stage.

The Soul Transformation stage is a goal all cultivators pursuit.

Once they reach the Soul Transformation stage, their domains can materialize, causing its power to reach an unimaginable degree. Aside from that, they will be able to absorb celestial spiritual energy. This means that all of their techniques and spells will contain celestial spiritual energy, making them infinitely more powerful.

In ancient times, before the Celestial Realm collapsed, a Soul Transformation cultivator wasn’t a rare sight. However, now that the Celestial Realm has collapsed, a Soul Transformation cultivator is a powerhouse.

The key to breaking through from the Soul Formation stage to the Soul Transformation stage is the amount of celestial jades. The more celestial jades there are, the more dense the celestial spiritual energy will be and therefore the chance of breaking through to the Soul Transformation will be higher.

Of course, one’s domain plays a large role in reaching the Soul Transformation stage as well. If one’s domain doesn’t reach completion, then that person will have no hopes of ever reaching the Soul Transformation stage.

Comprehension of the laws of the heavens is of great importance for a Soul Transformation cultivator.

Wang Lin’s comprehension of the heavens’ law was different from others’. After seeing that the heavens’ messenger was an ancient god, he developed a hint of doubt.

What is the heavens’ law…

Wang Lin’s earlier understanding was that the heavens’ law was a natural law that has always existed, like the law of destruction.

No one can replace the heavens’ law. Cultivators merely go against the heavens’ law and break free from it. No one thinks that they can replace or control the heavens’ law.

However, after Wang Lin saw the ancient god, his understanding of the heavens’ law underwent a subtle change.

There was a mystery before him, but with his current understanding, he couldn’t comprehend all of it.

“Heavens’ law… interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled.

He took a deep breath and opened all the pores in his body to absorb the celestial spiritual energy from the celestial jades around him.

When Wang Lin went to the Celestial Realm, he was able to obtain quite a few celestial jades. These celestial jades became the driving force for Wang Lin to reach the Soul Transformation stage. At this moment, a powerful surge of celestial spiritual energy entered Wang Lin’s body.

Compared to the last few times he absorbed celestial spiritual energy, it was a lot less painful this time. The celestial spiritual energy surged into him and suppressed the spiritual energy in his body.

The two different forces were like fire and water as they began a life and death battle in his body.

Wang Lin’s body had a lot of spiritual energy, so at first, when only a bit of celestial spiritual energy entered his body, it was immediately beaten back. However, as time passed and more celestial spiritual energy entered his body, the spiritual energy could no longer hold the celestial spiritual energy back.

Although there was still much more spiritual energy than celestial spiritual energy, the difference in quality was too high. A strand of celestial spiritual energy was equal to all of the spiritual energy of a Core Formation cultivator.

As a result, the spiritual energy was naturally pushed back.

When a Soul Formation cultivator becomes a Soul Transformation cultivator, their spiritual energy will go through one of two types of changes. The first one is all the spiritual energy is pushed out of one’s body and then, when it contains only celestial spiritual energy, the body transformations and breaks through to the Soul Transformation.

This method is relatively easy and it’s what most cultivators choose to do. However, all of that spiritual energy is wasted and will have to be cultivated back. Also, their cultivation at the early stage of Soul Transformation ends up being unstable.

This method also requires a cultivator to go into closed door cultivation for 100 year to adjust their body.

The second method is to refine the spiritual energy in one’s body until it reaches the same quality as celestial spiritual energy. This method is very difficult as the spiritual energy needs to be refined constantly.

But once it succeeds, it gives one a great advantage during the early stage of Soul Transformation. One won’t need to go into closed door cultivation for 100 years and they will still have the same result.

The advantage of the second method is to save 100 years of closed door cultivation and naturally this increases cultivation speed by a lot.

Wang Lin chose the second method. After all, he didn’t have the time to go into 100 years of closed door cultivation.

The spiritual energy in his body was being compressed by the celestial spiritual energy. The compressed spiritual energy then slowly gathered at this dantain. Next, celestial spiritual energy would course through the veins around his dantain. This was a process of transformation. The celestial spiritual energy was like a mill grinding the spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body to refine it to the point that it could fuse with the celestial spiritual energy.

This process was very slow. In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Wang Lin still hadn’t moved. ⅔ of the celestial jades around him had turned grey and some of them had already shattered.

“Not enough…” Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened. There seemed to be celestial spiritual energy moving inside his eyes. Right now he looked like a celestial.

Although the amount of celestial jades Wang Lin had couldn’t compare to what the big sects had, it was still a lot. But looking at it now, it was far from enough to reach the Soul Transformation stage.

He had only gone through 1% of the transformation, and the spiritual energy in his body was only compressed but hadn’t fused yet.

Wang Lin muttered to himself, “No wonder there are so few Soul Transformation cultivators. The amount of celestial jades needed to reach the Soul Transformation stage is something even some big sects can’t handle. No wonder…”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor used resources from the entire clan and all of the celestial jades Chi Hu had brought back to finally reach the Soul Transformation stage. This only succeeded because the Giant Demon Clan also had a large stock of celestial jades from when their clan moved to planet Suzaku.

In truth, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor could have reached the Soul Transformation stage a long time ago, but they simply didn’t have enough celestial jades, so it was delayed until recently.

It has to be said that celestial jades aren’t solely used for breaking through the Soul Formation stage to the Soul Transformation stage. Once a cultivator is above the Soul Transformation stage, they need celestial jades to fight, to heal, and even to refine treasures.

Rumor has it that the number of celestial jades required to reach the Ascendant stage is tens of thousands of times greater than the amount needed to reach the Soul Transformation stage. Then for the level above that, the amount is just unimaginable.

The only place to get celestial jades is the Celestial Realm.

After the Celestial Realm collapsed, the celestial veins disappeared, causing the amount of celestial jades to be very limited. Thus, one can easily imagine the value of a celestial jade.

In the current cultivation world, the more time passes, the fewer high level cultivators there will be as it’s getting harder to find the resources to cultivate.

One month later, all of Wang Lin’s celestial jades had shattered and there wasn’t anymore celestial spiritual energy left. He had to stop his absorption.

“The pagoda has a lot of celestial spiritual energy, but since I promised Zhou Yi that I would protect the celestial corpse, I can’t have any ideas about the pagoda…” Wang Lin stood up and looked into the distance.

His divine sense spread out and covered most of the moon. After completing 1% of the conversion, his divine sense was also stronger.

“The Soul Refining Sect must have a lot of celestial jades saved up… The other sects almost certainly have some as well… I can’t ask, so I’ll have to steal them. I must reach the Soul Transformation stage!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and then his body disappeared.

Zhou Ru was spiritless. While riding on Little White’s back, she looked at the vast plain before her.

“Leaving me all alone here while he went to do god-knows-what, it’s so infuriating!” Zhou Ru held a fruit in her hand and took a big bite.

“Little Ru Er…”

A familiar voice entered Zhou Ru’s ears. She was startled and immediately turned around. Behind her, Wang Lin’s familiar figure slowly appeared.

“Uncle!” Zhou Ru’s face was filled with joy as she jumped off Little White. In a few steps, she arrived before Wang Lin and jumped into his arms.

Zhou Ru was no longer a little girl; the current her was already 20 years old.

“Uncle, where did you go? You left me all by myself.” Zhou Ru’s eyes turned red.

In Wang Lin’s eyes, she was still a child. He gently patted her head, and his eyes contained a hint of complex emotion as he smiled. “Uncle went out to deal with some matters and now I’m finished. Little Ru Er, do you miss your parents? I’ll take you home…”

Zhou Ru wiped away her tears and happily said, “We’re going to leave? Okay, okay!”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru. He personally watched this child grow up just like Da Niu.

He slapped his bag of holding and the pagoda flew out and landed on the side. After Zhou Ru saw the pagoda, she pouted and said, “Uncle, I remember when I was little I almost starved to death inside the pagoda…”

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a large amount of fruits from the moon filled the pagoda.

After Zhou Ru and Little White entered the pagoda, Wang Lin looked toward the sky. A black dot slowly got bigger and bigger until it was revealed to be the mosquito beast.

It let out a roar as it landed before Wang Lin with joy in its eyes. Its large mouth licked Wang Lin all over. It clearly missed Wang Lin a lot.

“Let’s go, we are going home!” Wang Lin patted the mosquito beast before jumping on its back.

The mosquito beast let out a roar and then it charged into the sky.

In the void, Wang Lin took out the star compass and put away the mosquito beast as he flew toward planet Suzaku.

“Celestial jades, I need celestial jades!” Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled as the star compass flew toward planet Suzaku like lightning.

The moon was never far from planet Suzaku, so after only half a month, planet Suzaku was already before Wang Lin.

“What’s this?” Wang Lin frowned after scanning planet Suzaku.

He could feel a powerful aura from the planet. This aura came from a giant plant made of black fog.

“This is… the Forsaken Immortal Clan!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he charged into planet Suzaku like a meteor.

Breaking through the atmosphere of the planet, the star compass descended as fast as lightning.

He saw about ten cultivators in life and death battles not far away and he knew one of them.

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