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Chapter 403 – Mei Ji

The other thing that caught Wang Lin’s attention was a wheel-shaped treasure.

This wheel wasn’t large; it was only about one inch in radius.

The wheel was extremely plain without any decorations or shine; there were even signs of rust on it.

The reason Wang Lin was interested in it was because Xu Liguo told him that there was a soul sealed inside it and begged him to release the soul.

Xu Liguo’s words made Wang Lin be on guard. He understood Xu Liguo very well because in a way, Xu Liguo was created by him.

Xu Liguo had the intelligence that wandering souls lacked. The fact that he was a Nascent Soul cultivator turned into a wandering soul had a big part in this. After that, Xu Liguo’s intelligence slowly recovered until he became the devil sword spirit he was now.

Xu Liguo’s personality was that of a scaredy cat, but at the same time he was also very proud. Overall, this made him a very complex devil. For him to beg Wang Lin so much to release the soul made Wang Lin cautious.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he was able to guess what happened. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor must have used the soul inside the wheel to tempt Xu Liguo. This was why Xu Liguo was still thinking about it even after returning to him.

After looking at the wheel for a bit, he took out the celestial sword. The moment the celestial sword appeared, Xu Liguo appeared as well. He let out a howl as he stared at the wheel with glowing eyes.

Xu Liguo quickly said, “Master, this is the treasure wheel. There is a soul inside it; quickly release her!”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “How do you know about the soul inside this treasure wheel?”

“The Giant Demon Clan ancestor called her out… master, quickly release her!” Xu Liguo’s expression became very anxious.

Wang Lin looked at Xu Liguo and asked, “What cultivation level does this soul have?”

The anxiety on Xu Liguo’s became even stronger; it was like he could hear the little sister fairy calling out to him to save her. He became very impatient and said, “There is no cultivation level, it’s just a soul fragment. If you’re not going to save her, I’ll do it myself!”

Xu Liguo didn’t even realize that after seeing the wheel, his fear of Wang Lin disappeared and his tone unconsciously changed.

Wang Lin’s eyes faintly lit up and he smiled. “Don’t rush. I’ll release the soul for you now.”

With that, Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and shot out a ray of spiritual energy into the wheel. However, the treasure wheel released a green glow and quickly dissolved the ray of spiritual energy.

Wang Lin let out a surprised sound and then looked more closely at the treasure wheel. Before, nothing about the wheel had caught his attention, but now that it was able to emit a green glow that neutralized his spiritual energy, it had his full attention.

When the green light lit up, Wang Lin felt no spiritual energy fluctuations from the wheel. He pondered a bit before sending out another ray of spiritual energy.

His eyes remained calm. A strange symbol the size of a thumb nail quickly appeared then disappeared. The green glow then appeared once more to dissolve the spiritual energy.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Xu Liguo had reached his limit. Without a word, he charged out from the celestial sword toward the treasure wheel.

Wang Lin shot Xu Liguo a cold look. Xu Liguo’s actions were too strange; there was something off.

He noticed that the moment Xu Liguo got close to the treasure wheel, the strange symbol appeared once more. The green glow appeared again and then Xu Liguo let out a miserable groan as he was knocked back ten feet.

His eyes were bloodshot. He let out a roar and was about to try again when Wang Lin pointed at him and locked him in mid air.

Xu Liguo turned around toward Wang Lin and shouted, “What are you doing?! Let me go! I’m going to release her!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo’s body trembled and seemed to regain a trace of clarity. He looked terrifyingly at the treasure wheel and said, “Master, master, please don’t blame me. Every time I see the treasure wheel, I become unable to control myself.”

Wang Lin ignored Xu Liguo and then grabbed the treasure wheel. His left thumb pressed down on where the strange symbol was.

The moment he did so, the strange symbol appeared and began to rapidly flash as the wheel release a green glow. Wang Lin let out a groan, but he kept on pressing down like he was breaking through countless barriers until he directly touched the treasure wheel.

Then, along with a series of crackling sounds, countless cracks appeared and covered the treasure wheel. With a bang, the treasure wheel shattered into pieces.

In an instant, a blinding, red light charged out from the shattered wheel. A crisp laughter that was filled with enough demonic power to shake anyone’s heart came from the red light.

This sound was filled with a mysterious power. The power that was holding Xu Liguo in place seemed to have melted like ice that had met the blazing sun. Soon, Xu Liguo regained his freedom.

His eyes were filled with desire as he quickly flew toward the red light.

The red light turned into a very enchanting woman. She was only wearing a thin layer of clothing that revealed a lot of skin. She glanced at Xu Liguo and smiled. “Elder brother Xu, little sister has waited for a long time. Why did you only save me now?”

With that, she raised her delicate hand and pointed at Xu Liguo. Her expression made it look like she was flirting with her lover.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. When the woman appeared, even his heart was affected. Luckily, he had cultivated the soul sealing technique, which linked his soul to the one-billion-soul soul flag, allowing him to quickly recover.

But just this caused him to be shocked. If he was distracted like that during a fight, he would be put in a dire position.

“You dare to use such a demonic technique before me?!” Wang Lin let out a cold snort. This sound entered Xu Liguo and the woman’s ears and echoed like thunder.

Xu Liguo’s body trembled and his eyes immediately became clear. He was already a devil, so after being called out twice by Wang Lin, he realized what was wrong. Terrified, he quickly backed up.

The woman turned around and stared at Wang for a bit before letting out a beautiful smile. At this moment, everything else dimmed and her smile was the only thing remaining.

The woman’s eyelashes slightly trembled and she whispered, as if she were complaining, “What a vicious person. It’s not like I meant to offend you…”

Her voice contained a mysterious power. When it landed in Wang Lin’s ears, his heart trembled once more.

Xu Liguo’s body trembled and the clarity in his eyes disappeared only to be filled with desire once more.

The woman let out a proud smile and flew toward Wang Lin. She arrived before him and reached for his forehead.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes became clear and there was a hint of disdain in them.

The woman exclaimed. She realized that something was wrong and tried to back away. However, Wang Lin took out the soul flag and along with Li Yuanfeng, over 1,000 soul fragments charged out.

The woman exclaimed once more and backed up without any hesitation.

Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment quickly charged out and surrounded the woman with the other soul fragments. Just as they were about to devour her, a mysterious power came from her eyes and she smiled. “Big brothers, why must you all be like this? I’m not your enemy.”

With just one sound, even Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment was startled and his eyes filled with confusion. The other soul fragments looked even worse as they stared dumbfoundedly at the woman.

“He bullied me. Help me kill him, please? After killing him, I’ll spend some time with you all…” The woman’s cheeks blushed.

With that, Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment trembled and along with the other soul fragments charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He didn’t even look at the soul fragments and pointed behind him. Xu Liguo had also fallen under the woman’s lure and was about to sneak attack Wang Lin but was injured before he could. The black gas around him quickly dissipated and he quickly backed away.

His eyes regained their clarity. This time it was his fear of Wang Lin that won over the woman’s charm.

He secretly cursed in his heart. Why did he attack this fiend? Great, now all the credit he had earned from killing the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was gone.

The more Xu Liguo thought about it, the more angry he became, so he shouted at the woman, “Wretch, it’s all your fault for charming me!”

She revealed a sad expression and was about to speak when Li Yaunfeng’s soul fragment along with the other soul fragments arrived before Wang Lin. Wang Lin pointed with his right hand and all the soul fragments let out miserable groans. Along with Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment, all of them scattered.

“Enough! You, come here!” Wang Lin reached out. The woman exclaimed and tried to dodge, but she was caught by Wang Lin and brought before him.

After carefully looking at the woman, he was able to see through her secret. Inside the soul fragment was a domain. This domain was very strong and could charm a myriad of things in the world.

“A soul fragment with a domain… Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

“What is your name?”

The woman struggled for a long time. She was breathing hard as she charmingly said, “I didn’t even offend you. Why aren’t you letting go?”

Her charming breathing carried a hint of her charm.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the woman and pointed at her brow. She revealed a painful expression and soon began to scream. Strands of black gas came out from her body as if she could dissipate at any moment.

“Mei Ji… my name is Mei Ji…” the woman quickly said, as she looked at Wang Lin with terror in her eyes.

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