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Chapter 402 – The ancestor dies!

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out a wry smile. How could he resist the one-billion-soul soul flag that even Ascendant cultivators dreaded? Although he had the founding ancestor’s axe, with his current cultivation level, he couldn’t use its full power.

His eyes lit up as he let out a roar and he threw the axe at Wang Lin.

The axe broke through all the soul fragments and closed in on Wang Lin in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled. He didn’t show any sign of worry; when the axe got close, the celestial sword blocked it.


More blood seeped out of Wang Lin’s mouth and he was forced back several tens of feet. The axe was knocked away and landed on the ground.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with madness. He shot Wang Lin a vicious look and took a deep breath, then his origin soul shook and he shouted, “Bloodline power!”

The reason he didn’t use his bloodline power until now was because if he were to use it before he finished his possession, it would cause grave damage to his origin soul. It was very likely that his origin soul would collapse from using it, so it would be no different from suicide.

Only when he completes the possession will he be able to use the bloodline safely, because a majority of the backlash will be absorbed by the body. Although some of it would still reach his origin soul, it was withstandable.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he looked at the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. He pointed at the soul flag and even more soul fragments charged out.

Wang Lin had to kill this Giant Demon Clan ancestor who knew that he had the heaven defying bead. He had to kill him no matter what.

The entire sky seemed to be moved by a giant hand and then a giant vortex suddenly appeared above the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

This scene was exactly the same as when Wang Lin saw him use it against Sun Tai.

At this moment, countless soul fragments covered the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. They were all in the process of devouring him. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out a sinister laugh.


The giant vortex suddenly began to turn and an unimaginable suction force appeared. The moment it appeared, some of the soul fragments around the Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out miserable screams and were sucked in.

Wang Lin felt the powerful suction force surround his body and his body unwillingly flew toward the vortex.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted, “Wang Lin, this old man will risk my origin soul shattering to trap you in the void!” There were countless soul fragments surrounding him and the 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments had already entered his body and began to devour his origin soul.

His flesh had already been sucked dry and his origin soul was damaged.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. As he was sucked into the vortex, he looked toward the Giant Demon Clan ancestor and let out a intriguing smile. He whispered, “Devour!”

The moment he said that, the soul fragments began to devour even faster. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out several miserable groans before his origin soul was completely devoured.

This generation’s Giant Demon Clan ancestor had died!

But the bloodline power had already been activated and Wang Lin’s body was dragged in. The moment his body entered the vortex, his reached out with his right hand and all the soul fragments quickly formed a chain to keep Wang Lin from being sucked in.

Using the window of time the chain of soul fragments bought him, he activated the formation he had prepared ahead of time. As he felt the suction increase, he quickly recalled all the soul fragments and of course he wouldn’t forget the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s bag. Then the suction force increased even more and Wang Lin knew he couldn’t resist it any longer.

His eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at the giant axe 1000 feet away. He reached out toward it, but a powerful force resisted his hold.

Wang Lin let out a sound of surprise. At this moment, his body was being quickly dragged into vortex. Wang Lin raised his hand again and used all the spiritual energy in his body. “Collect!” he shouted.

The axe resisted once more, but this time Wang Lin had a tight grip on it and he dragged it toward him.

The resisting power from the axe became even stronger; it was trying to break out of Wang Lin’s grasp.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He pointed with his left hand and a few golden-purple souls flew out to bring the axe back.

At this point, half of Wang Lin’s body was inside the vortex, and at the moment he was pulled completely into it, he finally managed to bring the axe over to him and put it into his bag. Then Wang Lin disappeared from planet Suzaku.

Shortly after, the vortex faded away.

There was only the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s broken body left on the ground.

From when he was forced to come out until the moment he died, he didn’t get any chance to release the seals on his clan members; he could only watch as his clan fell from grace.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the void outside of planet Suzaku. His face was deathly pale without a trace of blood.

“What a powerful bloodline power. If the Giant Demon Clan ancestor had reached the mid or late stage of Soul Transformation, the formation ancestor Du Tian gave me wouldn’t have been of any use at all.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before slapping his bag of holding to bring out the star compass. He controlled the star compass to fly toward planet Suzaku.

“Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor are both dead. News of this should quickly spread across planet Suzaku. Right now the most important matter is to help Wan Er get through the second arrival of the heavens’ messenger.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the star compass flew even faster.

Half a month later, planet Suzaku appeared in his view. From here, planet Suzaku really did look very small. Next to it was an even smaller planet; this was where Wang Lin was accidentally transported to on his way back from the Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he steered the star compass toward that small planet.

The star compass flew toward the small planet like a meteor. After he entered its atmosphere, he saw a mountain range below him.

The star compass lost its effect in the sky, so Wang Lin jumped off of it and put it away.

Then he moved like lightning. He disappeared as soon as he moved, and when he reappeared, he was already 5,000 kilometers away.

The spiritual energy here was much weaker than on planet Suzaku. It was also very impure, making it unsuitable for cultivators to absorb.

Wang Lin moved like he was very familiar with the surroundings. After a day, he arrived before a tall mountain. With a scan of his divine sense, he found a transfer array on the peak of the mountain.

“The formation is still here!” Wang Lin stood before the ancient transfer array. He looked down at it and began to ponder.

Back when he was teleported here from the Celestial Realm, he appeared in this transfer array, and it was also this transfer array that sent him home.

“I killed Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor, so it must have caught some attention. I might as well spend a few years here cultivating and then quietly I’ll go back.” With that, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged and his avatar and original body split.

The original body sunk into the ground.

This planet was only 1/10th the size of planet Suzaku, so, with the body of a three-star ancient god, Wang Lin could withstand the pressure at the center. He sat down in the middle of the magma and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a ray of red light flew out, turning into a giant axe before him.

This axe was glowing red and it released a powerful killing intent. Wang Lin pondered a bit before trying to use his divine sense to leave a mark on it. Just then, a powerful force that resided inside the axe bounced Wang Lin’s divine sense away.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his hand formed a seal and his origin soul left his body. He looked at the red axe and sucked. The red axe trembled before it turned into a ray of red light and was swallowed by Wang Lin’s origin soul.

There were now two items inside Wang Lin’s origin soul; one was the one-billion-soul soul flag and the other was the red axe.

His origin soul returned to his body.

“There must be an axe spirit inside the axe. I won’t force it out, but I’ll suppress it with the one-billion-soul soul flag and refine it with my origin soul. I want to see how long the axe spirit can last!” Wang Li sneered as he took out a bag.

This bag of holding belonged to the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

He touched it to imprint his own divine sense onto the bag and then the objects inside quickly appeared in his mind.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor had a lot of good stuff inside his bag; there were several dozen celestial jades and even top quality spirit stones.

There were naturally some treasures as well, and although they were powerful, they weren’t anything noteworthy. After all, for the Giant Demon Clan, their bodies were their best weapons, so treasures weren’t used much.

However, there were two items that caught Wang Lin’s attention.

One of them was a half-empty red jade bottle that contained some blood-like liquid. Wang Lin smelled the liquid and confirmed that it was indeed blood. When he saw the blood, he had a feeling that he had seen it before.

Wang Lin pondered a bit while holding the bottle and then suddenly remembered. When he was exterminating the Teng family, he had found a similar bottle on Teng One.

“This blood contains a hint of the bloodline of the ancient gods. Back then I used the bottle to activate an ability of the ancient god!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Although my original body became an ancient god from practicing the ancient god tactic, it was completely based on my own cultivation. Back then I only obtained the inheritance of knowledge and not power, so there are some abilities I can’t use. This is a very useful thing for me whether I let my original body absorb it or use it to use an ability. No matter how big the price of this fight was, just getting this was worth it!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and carefully put the small bottle into his bag of holding.

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