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Chapter 401 – Zhou Wutai

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor held the red axe in his hand. Right now his aura was completely different form before; it was as if he had become a different person just by holding this axe.

Red gas came out of the axe and entered the body of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. The red gas could be seen coming out of his orifices. From a distance, he looked extremely fierce.

This red gas didn’t stay around him; it was absorbed back by the axe, creating a cycle.

The red gas would enter the ancestor’s body and then come out to be reabsorbed by the axe. Every time this cycle completed once, the aura of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor became stronger.

He floated in the air and lowered his head to look at Wang Lin with a grin on his face. There were red lines gathered at where his left arm was cut up. These red lines slowly took the shape of a red arm.

With a roar, he threw the axe with his right hand. Then the left hand, which was formed by the red gas, caught the axe. The moment he caught it, the axe released a bright, red glow.

“Wang Lin, accept your death!” As the Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted, he stepped forward and swung the axe downwards.

He moved very fast; in the blink of an eye, he arrived before Wang Lin as the axe descended.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised the celestial sword and then it collided with the red axe.


A sound that could shatter the sky and earth and travel through the highest heavens could be heard the moment the collision occurred.

Wang Lin could feel a powerful force from the axe. His body trembled as blood seeped out from his mouth and he quickly backed up.

He backed up 1,000 feet.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor coughed out a mouthful of blood, but his feet felt like they were rooted in place, so he didn’t move at all. However, his body quickly shrank until it was ⅓ the size it was before.

Although the current Giant Demon Clan ancestor wasn’t a bag of bones yet, he didn’t look as strong as he did before.

A roar came from the mouth of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. The current him was like a primal beast. His eyes were glowing red as he took a step forward and charged at Wang Lin with the red axe.

“Little child Wang Lin, die!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor raised the axe and swung down again.

As Wang Lin backed up, his eyes became cold, his hand formed a seal, and he said, “Honored soul flag!”

The sky darkened as if all the light had gathered before Wang Lin. A 30-foot-tall soul flag that was glowing bright like a flame in the darkness appeared in his hand.

The flag’s pole was 30 feet tall, but the flag itself was much larger. It was moving in the air without any wind and there were 12 golden-purple dots on it.

The moment the flag appeared, countless ghostly wails came from the earth like there were lingering ghosts letting out their resentful cries. Strands of black gas came from ground and began to flee in all directions.

The sky was completely dark. It was if black sand had covered the sky and the sun and moon had fallen.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s charge suddenly slowed down and the red axe in his hand let out a loud buzzing sound.

His red eyes revealed a hint of shock and a very well-hidden sign of terror.

“This… this is the Soul Refining Sect…” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor took a deep breath. He seemed to recognize where the flag came from, but he couldn’t believe it. After all, there was no way for the flag from his memories to appear in Wang Lin’s hands.

But at this moment, this flag looked exactly the same as the one in his memory, making it so he had to believe it.

The one-billion-soul soul flag was used by Wang Lin for the first time.

At this moment, at the border of the Giant Demon Clan, the purple-robed woman who was still watching suddenly frowned. “Du Tian kicked me out of the Soul Refining Sect so he could pass the one-billion-soul soul flag to Wang Lin. Although this is only an illusion, it is not something the Giant Demon Clan ancestor can resist.”

The purple-robed woman let out a sigh. She had been observing Wang Lin for a long time and still wasn’t able to find his Dao heart. She might be able to succeed if she uses a secret technique while he is passed out.

Thinking about this, she took a step forward and was about to head over when she suddenly stopped and turned around to look into the distance.

A purple-robed burly man wearing a straw hat was walking over from that direction.

His voice arrived before his body and said, “Lady Liu Mei, your opponent is me!”

The purple-robed woman looked at the burly man and whispered, “To have martial uncle Yunque’s straw hat means that you are one of the four candidates he selected. However, with your mere mid stage Soul Formation cultivation, you cannot stop me.”

The burly man let out a laugh and said, “Lady Liu Mei’s cultivation is too much for me, but I can’t just ignore senior Yunque’s order. How about you have a drink with me for a bit? Then I can leave and say I didn’t disobey orders.”

The purple-robed woman moved a strand of hair behind her ear and let out a beautiful smile. “You are an interesting person, but you will have to wait for me to help the Giant Demon Clan ancestor first, then I’ll have a drink with you.”

The burly man shook his head and smiled. “That’s no good. Wang Lin is my friend; how could I let you leave?”

The purple-robed woman let out a sigh. She looked at the burly man and said, “Leave. I don’t want to hurt you.” With that, she prepared to leave.

The burly man sat down in the lotus position, his hand formed a seal, and his domain immediately appeared. Behind him, the image of a young man appeared and looked at the burly man with deep admiration in his eyes.

The purple-robed woman paused once more and looked back at the burly man. Behind her beauty was a very well-hidden ruthlessness. She whispered, “Emotion cutting domain… No wonder you were chosen by martial uncle. What willpower, what a strong heart…”

“To comprehend the emotion between master and disciple, you created an idea from intent, then used the idea to accept a disciple. To love the disciple as your son, to show kindness to gain gratitude, and to use the tragedy to enter the Soul Formation stage. Everything you did was to make yourself completely emerged in this master/disciple relationship.”

“The day he finally comprehends his own domain and is about to break into the Soul Formation stage is the day where he must kill his own disciple. Not only must he kill his disciple whom he loves like a son, he can’t give him a quick death; he must slowly make his disciple suffer. Only then can the pain in his own heart grow enough for him to use this sadness to reach the Soul Formation stage.”

“It looks to be filled with emotion yet it is ruthless, but somewhere in there is still a hint of emotion. To reach the Soul Formation stage like this is definitely not something a normal person can achieve.”

Back then, when Wang Lin saw this person, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh. It wasn’t something he could do himself.

Wang Lin held the one-billion-soul soul flag up and then entered it with his origin soul. The flag began to move and a howl that could pierce the high heavens came from inside it.

Countless soul fragments came out from the soul flag following the lead of the 12 golden-purple Soul Transformation soul fragments.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s expression changed greatly. He never thought that Wang Lin would have this kind of treasure. He felt very bitter in his heart; if he knew that Wang Lin had this kind of treasure, then no matter what, he wouldn’t have started the fight. Using his full power to escape would have been the best choice.

However, now that things had reached this stage, he had no choice but to fight. If he were to retreat now, the only road left for him would be death, so he might as well go all out. A hint of madness appeared in the eyes of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. With a loud shout, he charged out once more. With speed even faster than before, he raised the axe and shouted, “Founding ancestor’s right arm, help me kill this person!”

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. This lighting was red, and when it crossed the sky, the earth temporarily seemed to be dyed blood-red.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor was the person holding the lightning bolt, but compared it, he looked very small and insignificant.

The red lightning bolt became the only thing left in the sky. As it descended, the shadow of the red axe could be seen inside the red lightning.

Wang Lin looked at the red lightning before him. His eyes were calm as he pointed forward and said, “Soul flag, devour!”

The one billion soul fragments charged forth. As the red lightning descended, the 12 golden-purple soul fragments charged out. They were as powerful as 12 Soul Transformation cultivators. Their hands formed seals as they all worked together to activate a spell.

Rays of golden light connected the 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments to form a net that trapped the red lightning within.

At the same time, the one billion soul fragments around the net seemed to have received an order from the 12 primary soul fragments. They all charged toward the net from all directions, giving off an aura that felt like they could shatter the world.

If one were to look from above, the 12 primary soul fragments formed a circle and countless soul fragments surrounded the circle. At this moment, the countless soul fragments charged into the circle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the soul fragments charged in, the heavens and earth shook. It was impossible to see what was going on inside; one could only occasionally hear the miserable screams of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

But just at this moment, a ray of red light cut an opening through the soul fragments. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor, who now looked like a bag of bones without any sign of life, charged out holding the red axe.

After he appeared, he immediately coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He gave Wang Lin a poisonous gaze and was about to escape, but he was still too late.

The countless soul fragments once more charged forth. The 12 golden-purple primary souls let out eerie laughs and pounced at the Giant Demon Clan ancestor once more.

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