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Chapter 390 – Three amazing gifts

As the voice came, a figure wearing a blue robe with hair extending to his waist walked out from one of the blood rings. With just one step, he arrived before everyone. His robe was very large, so as he moved, it also began to move.

This person’s face was grey and he looked very old, but his eyes shined like the stars. He carefully looked at Wang Lin and then waved his hand.

“The nine of you can leave!”

That wave contained a powerful pressure. The nine Soul Formation cultivators respectfully bowed and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and revealed an urge to battle. He couldn’t see through the old man’s cultivation level, but he was sure that this old man was at the Soul Transformation stage.

“Little friend Ceng Niu, this old man has waited two years for this day!” The old man looked at Wang Lin with a mysterious light in his eyes.

Wang Lin was immediately able to recognize these eyes as the same ones from yesterday. He was surprised that this old man knew him. If Liu Mei could find him, then it wasn’t strange for the Soul Refining Sect’s Soul Transformation ancestor to know as well.

“For our meeting today, I’ll first give little friend a small gift,” he said, before pointing toward the Soul Refining Mountain. His voice changed from the gentle tone it first had. It was now filled with pressure and killing intent. “Junior Liu Mei, you have ten breaths of time to get out of my Soul Refining Sect. If you don’t, even if you’re the disciple of the current Suzaku, I’ll still kill you! Scram!”

Liu Mei’s exquisite figure appeared above the Soul Refining Mountain. She looked at the old man with a lovely expression and whispered, “Senior, junior has orders from my master and I didn’t anger you. Why be like this…”

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal, but he quickly began to analyze what was happening.

The old man calmly said, “Six breaths!”

Liu Mei sighed. She bit her lower lip and said, “Senior, if junior just leaves like this, master will punish me. If master asks what happened, I’ll have no choice but to tell him.”

“Four breaths!” Killing intent poured out of the old man. He reached out and the image of a 30-foot-long flag appeared in his hand.

Although this flag was only an image, a powerful pressure could be felt from it. For the first time, Liu Mei’s expression changed greatly.

“One-billion-soul soul flag…” She stared at the old man and clenched her teeth before disappearing and leaving the Soul Refining Sect.

The old man didn’t even look at where Liu Mei had gone to. He then turned to Wang Lin with a mysterious light in his eyes. “Little friend Ceng Niu, how was that small gift?”

Liu Mei’s existence was like a thorn at Wang Lin’s side. When she was around, he felt like he was being targeted by a cobra. Now that Liu Mei left, this feeling suddenly disappeared.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled. “What kind of small gift is this? Senior is willing to offend Suzaku; rather than feeling happy, it makes me very afraid.”

“This Soul Refining Sect ancestor is very interesting,” thought Wang Lin. He was sure that Liu Mei had the ancestor’s permission to enter the Soul Refining Sect, or else there would be no way for her to enter.

This old man didn’t kick her out before; he chose to do it today before Wang Lin. This was to tell Wang Lin that the Soul Refining Sect’s relationship with Suzaku had broken down and that all of it was for him.

This was not a small gift!

The old man laughed and said, “This is not enough to offend the country of Suzaku. The current Suzaku is old and can’t make the entire planet listen to him.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he looked at the old man and said, “What does senior want? You can just tell me.”

The old man revealed a look of appreciation in his eyes and said, “No rush; that was only the first gift. Now this is the second. Ceng Niu, your origin soul has almost recovered. The reason you came to find me was to borrow my pressure to help you recover. My second gift is to help you recover your cultivation!”

After that, he didn’t wait for Wang Lin to speak and his eyes lit up. A pressure several times more powerful than the spirit vein’s suddenly appeared around Wang Lin’s body.

“Is it enough?”

Wang Lin’s body trembled. Under this pressure, he felt like there were countless mountains on top of him and crackling sounds came from his body. The gaps between the pieces of his origin soul were closing, but this speed was still too slow.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and said, “Not enough!”

The old man’s eyes lit up. His hair began to move without any wind and his robe began to flap.

A pressure ten times more powerful than before came down. Small cracks in space began to appear and spread as a result.

“How is this?”

Wang Lin’s clothes were soaked by the blood that had been forced out of his pores, the vein on his forehead was bulging, and one of the two remaining tea marks disappeared.

The current Wang Lin could clearly feel the gaps between the pieces close, meaning his origin soul was quickly being repaired. A small portion of it had already fused back together.

A sense of comfort came from within his body and eased the pressure.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, “Not enough!”

“Oh, really? Okay, Ceng Niu; it has been 200 years since I last used my celestial spiritual energy. I’m spending a lot on this second gift!” The old man laughed and used the celestial spiritual energy in his body without any hesitation. A pressure very different from spiritual pressure descended.

This pressure contained celestial spiritual energy. This reminded Wang Lin of the power from a celestial fragment collapsing. His body trembled and his origin soul reconnected at an amazing speed.

After five breaths, the final tea mark on his face was gone!

At this moment, a laugh came from Wang Lin and his eyes lit up like the sun during dawn. His spiritual energy suddenly filled his body and his origin soul reached every corner of his being. He felt a soreness from all over his body that soon turn into a comfortable feeling like he had been limited for far too long.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and then Sun Tai’s seal collapsed as well.

His cultivation recovered to the mid stage of Soul Formation. In fact, it was even stronger than before.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Thank you!”

The old man looked at Wang Lin. The praise in his eyes deepened and he said, “It is a bit too early to thank me; I have prepared a third gift for you. Do you dare to receive it?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Now that he had recovered his cultivation, he gave off a dominating aura and faintly smiled. “Why would I not dare!?”

He understood that if the Soul Transformation ancestor was willing to expend so much, there had to be something that he wanted him to do, but he just didn’t understand what a Soul Transformation ancestor would need his help for.

“Good! Ceng Niu, this old man’s last gift is to help raise you cultivation level to the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation. As for your domain, you are on your own; I can’t help you there.” With that, the old man flew toward the blood ring.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then followed without a word.

Outside the blood ring, the old man reached out and the 30-foot-long soul flag appeared once more. This time, it was still only an illusion.

“This is the Soul Refining Sect’s main treasure: the one-billion-soul soul flag. It is because of this treasure that even though I’m only at the late stage of Soul Transformation, I dare to fight against an Ascendant cultivator. I’ll tell you the reason later, but as long as this treasure exists, my Soul Refining Sect will never die. However, if this treasure breaks, then my Soul Refining Sect is finished. Now I’ll use the soul force inside this soul flag to raise your cultivation level to the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation.” The old man looked at Wang Lin with a sharp gaze and shouted, “Sit down in the lotus position!”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and did what he was told without any hesitation. If the old man wanted to attack him, there was really no need for someone this powerful to do all of this.

However, Wang Lin’s caution never dropped. If he detected anything wrong, he would escape with the star compass.

The old man shook the 30-foot-flag in his hand and waves of roars came from within it. Ten soul fragments quickly flew out and surrounded Wang Lin.

These ten soul fragments all released purple and gold auras and were filled with arrogance. Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. Each of of these soul fragments had the power of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

“No wonder he can fight Ascendant cultivators with this soul flag…” Wang Lin felt like he understood a bit more.

The old man whispered, “Little friend Ceng Niu, all of the Soul Transformation souls inside this soul flag are ancestors of the Soul Refining Sect. When a Soul Transformation ancestor is about to die, they give up their body and become a soul fragment to be added to the soul flag. You have to remember that when I die, you must add my soul fragment into the flag as well…”

The last sentence from the old man was out of nowhere, causing Wang Lin’s heart to tremble. He gained some more understanding of what was going on.

Just at this moment, the ten Soul Transformation soul fragments emitted a powerful gold and purple light that seemed to cover the entire land.

A thick source of spirit energy from the ten soul fragments entered Wang Lin’s body. He didn’t even have to absorb it, as it all rushed into his body.

A strange scene appeared in the sky. There were ten soul fragments connected with gold and purple light, and at the center was Wang Lin.

The spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body increased at a speed he had never felt before. In an instant, it had increased one fold, but it continued to raise without even pausing.

Two fold, three fold, four fold… all the way until eight fold and it was still growing.

“Ceng Niu, remember this old man’s name: Du Tian! Absorb as much as you can; this old man isn’t stingy!”

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