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Chapter 385 – Golden Soul Flag

Ancient soul restrictions were the most rare of ancient restrictions. This restriction used a soul as its medium. Not only did the ancient restriction change in a strange fashion, it was also much more powerful.

Normal restrictions could be seen as a dead objects; they were like locks that needed certain keys to open.

But a soul restriction wasn’t the same. It could be considered a living thing. In reality, it was a soul fragment that was being kept alive as a formation.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering for a while, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was near the ancient soul restriction.

Just as his body appeared, the black fog began to move and two ghostly eyes appeared. At the same time, a ghostly wail came from inside the fog.

Wang Lin’s origin soul shook after hearing the wail, so he quickly backed up. He stared at the black cloud and silently pondered.

That roar just now was a warning.

“There must be a treasure if it requires a soul restriction to seal it!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His expression became serious as his hand quickly moved. One illusion after another appeared and surrounded his body.

“Break!” Wang Lin shouted, as he pointed at the black fog. The illusions around him transformed into a dragon and charged into the black fog.

The two ghostly eyes were filled with anger and the fog began to move. Then came a roar even more impactful than the last.

The roar entered Wang Lin’s soul and he immediately felt pain coming from the cracks on his origin soul. Wang Lin quickly backed up with a gloomy expression.

Just at this moment, the black fog began to move even more violently and rapidly shrank. All of the black fog condensed at the center. In the blink of an eye, the black fog had condensed into a beast.

The moment the beast appeared, Wang Lin could see that there was a small, golden flag inside the fog. The black fog came from this flag.

The beast landed on the ground. With its head facing Wang Lin, it opened its mouth and stared at Wang Lin with a ghostly gaze.

The illusionary restrictions Wang Lin shot out earlier were all still flashing on the body of the beast.

The beast waved its head and shot two streams of hot air out of its nose. Then it looked at Wang Lin and suddenly charged toward him.

“Qilin?” Without any hesitation, Wang Lin disappeared.

The beast missed. It looked into the distance and let out a roar. The roar traveled toward the spirit veins but was blocked by a gentle force after 1000 feet.

The beast let out a few more angry roars before turning back into black fog and disappearing back into the small, golden flag.

Wang Lin appeared in a spirit vein more than 1000 feet away. He frowned slightly as he looked back at where the black fog was.

“It’s not a Qilin, but it is similar to the Qilin that Ling Tianhou had back in the Celestial Realm. That small, golden flag must be a treasure of the Soul Refining Sect. That beast is the guardian of the flag as well as one of the souls inside it.”

“It looks like the method to making the soul flag of the Soul Refining Sect is closely related to the ancient soul restrictions. Only, I don’t know what the exact methods are.” Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled as he pondered.

“This beast’s power is around that of an early stage Soul Formation cultivator’s. My cultivation hasn’t recovered yet, so I’m in no rush to capture it.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before going back io cultivate.

After seeing Liu Mei, the feeling of danger Wang Lin felt toward Suzaku appeared once more. It was very bad that Liu Mei was able to find him.

He secretly thought about it for a long time but still couldn’t figure out her motive. He also couldn’t see through her cultivation, which was why he didn’t kill her earlier.

“All of this is very strange, and Suzaku’s decisions makes no sense… If it comes down to it, I’ll just leave Suzaku, go find Tian Yunzi, and leave this mess behind.” Wang Lin began to ponder.

Time quickly passed. In the blink of an eye, several more months had passed.

When he first arrived, the area outside of Wang Lin’s cave was filled with wild grass and was rather bleak. After all, the place he chose was too remote.

But now there wasn’t any wild grass, and someone had even planted flowers with great fragrance nearby. All of the rocks were cleared away and replaced with smoothly cut stone. There were even a few stone canopies scattered around.

Someone even made a pool at the center with small, golden fish living in there that would occasionally create ripples.

This gave the area fairyland-like aura.

Xu Yun and Liu Wei were sitting under one of the canopies with a plate of fruit before them. They were chatting with each other and would occasionally look toward the door of the cave.

Liu Wei’s brow trembled as she said, “Senior apprentice sister Xu Yun, do you think that when senior apprentice brother Qian Mu comes out, he will hate us for doing all of this without his permission?”

Liu Wei was one of the two girls from earlier. She had a small body and was a head shorter than Xu Yun, but her body was very beautiful and very exquisite.

“That shouldn’t be the case since every cultivator likes a good environment. We made this place this beautiful; even if he doesn’t display any happiness on the surface, he won’t be angry. Junior apprentice sister Liu Wei, relax.” Xu Yun smiled as she picked up a fruit and took a bite.

Liu Wei revealed a look of joy and said, “In these past few months, senior brother Qing Mu’s reputation has been spread by us sisters, so our lives have been much better. If this can continue, it would be great. I managed to collect more broken souls in these past few months than I did in a year before.”

Xu Yun nodded and said, “Without talent, as long as no one steals from us, we can definitely make a hundred-soul flag. Then we can use that to cultivate and reach the late stage of Core Formation for sure!”

Lu Wei whispered, “Senior apprentice sister, I’m still a bit worried because we are getting more and more visitors every day. If senior Qing Mu finds out that it is us causing all of it, he might not let us off easy.”

“He shouldn’t…” Before Xu Yun could finish speaking, a ray of red light suddenly descended from the mountain’s peak and landed before the entrance of the cave. The light revealed a very handsome middle-aged man. His long hair flowing in the wind gave off the feeling of a celestial.

“Junior apprentice brother Qing Mu, I’m Guodong Jian. I hope we can talk.”

Xu Yun stood up and said, “Senior apprentice brother Guodong, please go back; senior apprentice brother Qing Mu is still in closed door cultivation.”

Guodong Jian frowned. He turned to look at Xu Yun and asked, “The two of you are Qing Mu’s concubines?”

Liu Wei’s face turned red and she didn’t say a word. Xu Yun’s expression remained normal as she said, “Senior apprentice brother, we are indeed senior apprentice brother Qing Mu’s concubines.”

Guodong Jian’s eyes became cold and he shouted, “What a bunch of nonsense! It’s fine if you wish to fool others, but you dare to fool me?! The two of you, scram!”

With that, he turned around and raised his hand. A ray of spiritual energy shot out from his hand, turned into the shape of a dragon, and charged toward the cave.

The moment the dragon appeared, the wind began to howl. When the dragon collided with the door of the cave, the restriction on the door flashed, stopping the dragon, and at the same time a giant hand appeared. The giant hand caught the dragon and squeezed it. The dragon let out a miserable howl before shattering.

Guodong Jian’s expression changed. He backed up several steps and stared at the cave.

Wang Lin slowly walked out of the cave. When the sun light hit Wang Lin, one could see black gas. The black gas slowly gathered behind him to form a giant skull.

“Thousand-soul soul flag illusion!!” Guodong Jian’s expression changed again and he backed up even more.

Wang Lin’s eyes calmly scanned Guodong Jian. This person’s cultivation level was at the early stage of Nascent Soul.

“Surrender your soul flag and I’ll let you leave.” Wang Lin’s voice was calm.

Guodong Jian’s expression turned gloomy as he took out a small flag with two golden lines on it. He shook the flag and one by one soul fragments flew out of the flag. They surrounded Guodong Jian and roared at Wang Lin.

He muttered as he tooked a few steps back and said to Wang Lin, “I also have a thousand-soul soul flag. If you can win, I’ll hand it over!”

The soul fragments around him suddenly charged toward Wang Lin. Some of those soul fragments were at the Foundation Establishment stage and others were at the Core Formation stage. There was even one that had grown limbs and gave off the aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator.”

Wang Lin remained calm. He pointed with his right hand and said, “Vortex!”

As he spoke, the soul fragments charging at him all let out a miserable screams and were sucked in by the vortex. Soon, all of the soul fragments besides the one giving off the Nascent Soul aura disappeared.

The soul fragment with the Nascent Soul aura let out a scream and then used some method unknown to Wang Lin to escape the vortex. It quickly tried to escape into the distance.

“What’s this?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He reached out and the soul fragment let out another miserable scream as it was caught.

Wang Lin looked at this soul fragment and then at Guodong Jian. “Where did you get this Nascent Soul soul fragment?”

Guodong Jian secretly sighed. When he saw Wang Lin use the soul vortex, he had already given up on resisting.

“Senior apprentice brother Qing Mu, congratulations on being the third person in the Soul Refining Mountain to master the soul vortex. As for the Nascent Soul fragment, I traded a 900-soul soul flag along with the Soul Extracting Mountain’s soul flag production manual for it.”

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