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Chapter 383 – Inner Sect of the Soul Refining Sect

The death spell was created by ancient cultivators who studied the Ji Realm. Although it was difficult to cultivate, it was easier to control than the impossible-to-control Ji Realm.

Once it was completed, all one would have to say was “die” and the targeted person would immediately die.

In order to cultivate this technique, one has to fuse three auras into one.

The three auras are the death aura, yin aura, and killing aura.

The death aura comes from absorbing energy from corpses. Although this is a type of yin energy, it is filled with death.

The second, yin aura, is yin energy from the souls of females. This yin aura contains life.

After obtaining those two auras, the cultivator has to fuse them and then combine the result with a third aura, the killing aura! After fusing the three auras, they will experience a trial with only a 10% chance of survival. Whoever lives through it will be able to start using the death spell. Once one starts cultivating the death spell, they will have to suffer an unimaginable amount of pain every day and go through a trial every three years with only 10% chance of surviving each one.

After experiencing several cycles, the death spell reaches its first stage of completion. If one wishes to continue to cultivate it, their chance of death increases. This spell tries to mimic the Ji Realm.

However, it is much weaker than the Ji Realm and much more dangerous to cultivate, making it somewhat pyrrhic. Although its offensive capability is amazing, the death spell eventually became a lost technique as fewer and fewer people cultivated it.

Sima said the word “die” and activated the death spell. A strange fluctuation of spiritual energy immediately began to spread out from the finger he was pointing with.

The air was like a calm pool of water that just had a rock thrown in. Countless ripples spread in the air.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. He didn’t move at all as he experienced the death spell. The moment Sima pointed at him, he felt a sliver of yin aura inside his body.

This yin aura was very different from the yin energy he had used to cultivate the Underworld Ascension Method. The moment that yin aura appeared, another aura appeared within his body,

The appearance of this aura shocked Wang Lin. If it had appeared in his original body, he wouldn’t be surprised, but this body hadn’t kill much at all, yet a bit of killing aura still formed.

Although this killing aura was faint, it fused with the yin aura to form a very sharp blade that charged directly into his origin soul.

However, with Wang Lin’s strength, he only needed one thought to destroy this mysterious power. With one thought, his origin soul froze this mysterious power. Due to his understanding of the Ji Realm, he was able to instantly see through the death spell.

Although the death spell was powerful, it was still far too weak compared to the Ji Realm.

The Ji Realm was a mutation from the divine retribution lightning; it would instantly kill cultivators of the same realm.

This death spell was a technique that could kill anyone with a lower cultivation level in one hit but had very little effect on people with higher cultivation levels.

For example, if a mid stage Core Formation cultivator were to use it, they would instantly kill anyone with a lower cultivation level. Even against cultivators at the same level, it had a chance to succeed, and if not, it would at least shock the enemy.

However, when facing a late stage Core Formation cultivator, this technique was not very useful, and if the user was not careful, they would be affected by backlash.

This was far too weak compared to the Ji Realm.

Wang Lin faintly shook his head. Although this death spell was mysterious, it was useless to him. With a thought, the mysterious power of the death spell disappeared from his body.

The moment it dissipated, Sima’s pupils shrank, his body trembled, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He wasn’t able to contain the injury caused by the backlash of the death spell, so he fell to the ground.

At this moment, another ray of spiritual energy shot out from the inner sect and dragged Sima’s body into the inner sect.

Without any suspense, Wang Lin became the winner of this competition.

The inner sect disciple in charge of this fight clasped his hands at Wang Lin and said, “My name is Wang Zhen. The next time we meet, I’ll have to call you junior apprentice brother. Qing Mu, come and follow me to meet the elder.”

Wang Lin nodded and smiled. He followed Wang Zhen into the inner sect.

The Inner sect of the Soul Refining Sect was like heaven. When he passed through the formation, he saw three heaven-piercing mountains.

As they flew, Wang Zhen explained, “These three mountains belong to the three factions that exist within the Soul Refining Sect. They are Soul Refining, Soul Extracting, and Soul Sealing.”

Wang Lin nodded and looked toward the three mountains.

Behind the three mountains were giant rings of golden light. They each seemed to contain their own universe as they lit up the entire sect.

“Those nine golden rings of light are where the nine Soul Formation seniors cultivate. One day I’ll reach the Soul Formation stage and become the 10th golden ring!” Wang Zhen’s voice was filled with desire.

Wang Lin looked at the golden rings of light. From here he could clearly feel that the nine golden rings were emitting powerful spiritual energy.

“If I can recover, none of the cultivators in the nine rings of light will be a match for me!” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm.

Wang Zhen turned his head and asked, “Qing Mu, do you know about Ceng Niu?”

“Ceng Niu?” Wang Lin calmly nodded and said, “I’ve heard of him.”

“My Soul Refining Sect had ten Soul Formation cultivators, but one of them was killed by Ceng Niu.” Wang Zhen’s eyes were filled with admiration. “He is my goal. One day, I’ll become the number one cultivator below the Soul Transformation stage on Suzaku!”

“Oh, really?” He thought for a long time but couldn’t remember when he killed a Soul Formation cultivator from the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Zhen said, “Not many people know of this, though. This Soul Formation ancestor was visiting other countries but got into an argument with Ceng Niu and was killed by him.

Wang Lin rubbed his nose. He really couldn’t remember at all.

“This Ceng Niu sure did disappear at the right time. My Soul Refining Sect’s Dun Tian was about to go ask him about this matter.” Wang Zhen sighed.

“Ancestor Du Tian?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“It’s not a big deal to tell you this now since you will become a member of the inner sect. Our Soul Refining Sect has two Soul Transformation ancestors; one of them is ancestor Du Tian.”

Wang Lin raised his head. He could faintly see a trace of a blood-red aura behind the nine golden rings of light.

As the two talked, they arrived at the Soul Refining Mountain. At the top of the mountain there was a hall made of green stones. Wang Zhen said, “Qing Mu, go inside; the elder will arrange things for you.”

Wang Lin nodded and calmly walked into the hall.

The hall was completely dark. The moment he entered, he felt a pressure surrounding him, only this pressure was nothing to Wang Lin. He revealed an expression that made him look like he couldn’t bear this pressure and stopped walking.

After a few seconds, the pressure receded and an ancient voice said, “Come up!”

Wang Lin released a look of relief and walked up.

The hall suddenly lit up and green lights lit up around the hall. At the center of the hall sat an old man wearing a green robe. He was looking at Wang Lin.

This person’s cultivation level had reached the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul. He was only missing his own domain to reach the Soul Formation stage.

The old man withdrew his gaze from Wang Lin and blandly asked, “What is your name?”

Wang Lin clasped his hands and respectfully answered, “Disciple’s name is Qing Mu.”

The old man’s eyes became serious and he asked, “How did you break Sima’s death spell?”

Wang Lin calmly responded, “Disciple has hidden his cultivation level. My real cultivation level is at the peak of the late stage of Core Formation, so the death spell naturally wasn’t able to hurt me.”

The old man nodded. From his point of view, this Qing Mu was not lying and had indeed hidden his cultivation level. From the moment he entered, the old man noticed that his cultivation level was not at the mid stage of Core Formation but at the peak of the late stage of Core Formation.

The old man arrived before Wang Lin in the blink of an eye. His finger was as fast as lightning as he pressed it between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

Wang Lin didn’t dodge. The moment the finger touched him, a cold energy entered his body, but with Wang Lin’s origin soul, he wasn’t worried at all.

Shortly after, the old man withdrew his finger. His eyes were no longer cold. He said, “I’m the head elder of the Soul Refining Mountain. You can go to the side mountain to pick up your token and clothes. You can also go to the the Soul Refining Mountain’s library to pick out a technique. Also, you can open up a cave on any part of the mountain to cultivate.”

“There are no teachers in the Soul Refining Sect; everyone cultivates on their own. If you have any questions, you can ask me. Now go.”

Wang Lin nodded and respectfully left.

Shortly after he left, two powerful divine senses appeared inside the hall.

“Junior apprentice brother, how is this person?”

The old man snorted and said, “Nothing to worry about!”

“Junior apprentice brother, in these past several years, all of the ancestors have been in closed door cultivation. We have to hold down the fort and not let anyone with ill intent enter.”

The old man’s voice was cold as he said, “What a joke. It’s not like we don’t already have a lot of people in the Soul Refining Sect with ulterior motives. One more won’t be too much, and one less won’t be too little. One out of ten disciples under my two senior apprentice brothers have ulterior motives. You two should manage your own mountains. Matters of my Soul Refining Mountain are none of your concerns.”

“Junior disciple’s grievance is strong. That junior with the anticipation intuition was chosen by me. That person who knows the death spell was picked by the junior apprentice brother in charge of the Soul Sealing Mountain. The last person left is the winner of the competition. Is junior apprentice brother still not happy?”

The old man’s expression was ugly. “What nonsense; both of them have special abilities, but this person only has a slightly higher cultivation level! I won’t be sending two senior apprentice disciples off!”

The two divine senses let out a loud laugh and then dissipated.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense as he walked along the mountain.

“All of the Soul Formation and above cultivators are in closed door cultivation, and the Soul Refining Sect is being managed by the three of them.” Wang Lin pondered this as he walked toward the side hall.

After he got his token and clothes, Wang Lin noticed that it was still early in the day, so he went to the library.

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