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Chapter 382 – Ji Realm and the Death Spell

No one knew Wang Lin’s Dao heart other than himself.

Wang Lin felt gloomy after Liu Mei’s appearance. The country of Suzaku was like this massive giant and its presence could be felt by everyone everywhere on the planet.

The higher his cultivation level became, the more he became aware of this feeling. Although his stay at Suzaku was short, that sense of danger was engraved in his heart.

No matter whether it was at the celestial cave where all the servants were mute, or during his fight with Red Butterfly, he felt this huge pressure on him that made it hard to even breath.

It felt like the sky covered by a massive black cloud, and unless he had the power to break through the black cloud, there wasn’t any way to resist.

The country of Suzaku was the supreme ruler of the planet Suzaku.

However, from Wang Lin’s point of view, although the country of Suzaku was the ruler, there was a hint of death. This wasn’t a real death aura but a feeling. The country lacked change, and without change it was dying.

“I’m afraid that Suzaku has reached its end…” Wang Lin raised his head and looked into the distance. That direction was where Suzaku was located.

Two days later, the competition in the outer sect began. The tens of thousands of disciples were divided among hundreds of arenas. There were dozens of fights a day on each arena. Among these outer sect disciples, there were rogue cultivators and cultivators from cultivation families. All of them had the goal of joining the inner sect.

There was only one rule, and that was to win. They didn’t care about the life and death of the outer sect disciples at all. If you had the ability, you could kill everyone and they wouldn’t care.

There was even a rumor that the more you killed, the higher chance you have of entering the inner sect. If there was someone who killed everyone they fought, their chances of entering the inner sect would be unimaginably high.

This rumor would go around every time the competition started. A long time ago, there was one fiend who killed his way through the competition. Although he failed to win, he was still accepted into the inner sect in the end.

The one extraordinary occurrence caused this rumor to spread like wildfire.

Every time there was competition, less than half of the outer sect disciples would be alive after it ended. The losers would have to pay even more spirit stones to ensure that they could stay for the next competition.

No one could keep track of or knew how many outer sect disciples had died throughout all these years. After each competition, the main soul flag in the sect gained countless souls.

The entire Soul Refining Sect kept on growing stronger thanks to this cruel method.

Every day, a large amounts of outer sect disciples died. The more than 100 battle arenas were flooded with blood. Wang Lin carefully observed over these past few days. Every time someone died, their soul would be absorbed by the arena and disappear.

On the day of Wang Lin’s battle, he gently floated onto the battle arena. A Core Formation inner disciple wearing a black robe was managing this battle arena. He coldly looked at Wang Lin and was shocked to find that Wang Lin’s cultivation level was close to his. Not many outer sect disciples could reach this level of cultivation. He said, “Number 8972, battle!”

A shout came from the surrounding disciples and then a short and fat disciple jumped out from among the disciples like a ball of meat and landed on the arena. He didn’t say a word. Right after he appeared, his hand formed a seal and balls of fire appeared, then they smashed down toward Wang Lin like a rain of fire.

“Late stage of Foundation Establishment…” Wang Lin shook his head. For this competition, he had locked his cultivation level to the mid stage of Core Formation. He waved his hand and jumped off the stage.

The moment he jumped off the stage, the short and fat disciple’s body trembled. All of the fire disappeared and the disciple fainted.

Wang Lin didn’t kill him; to kill a Foundation Establishment junior was simply too shameful.

As time passed, many outer sect disciples died. After seven days, aside from the 100 that made it through, 50% of the remaining outer sect disciples had died.

The remaining ones all either gave up ahead of time or both sides were heavily injured, so they lived.

During these seven days, four people among the outer sect disciples caught people’s attention.

Among the four of them there was a grey-haired old man at the late stage of Core Formation. Everyone he encountered was killed by the same technique. All he did was point at the person, said the word “die,” and his enemy would fall over and die.

When Wang Lin saw this technique, he immediately thought of the Ji Realm and was shocked. However, when he looked closely, this technique was different from the Ji Realm.

“Death spell?” After pondering for awhile, Wang Lin guessed the name of the spell.

Back in the Sea of Devils, his Ji Realm was mistaken for the death spell. That’s how he learned about it.

This death spell was very difficult to cultivate. In his 500 years of cultivation, this was the first time he had seen it.

The other person was a very small and thin young man. Although he was only at the early stage of Core Formation, he was like a wild beast. He was also able to detect the flow of spiritual energy before someone could use a technique and would act accordingly.

If he was fighting someone stronger than him, it wouldn’t be of much use, but against people of the same cultivation level, it was a heavenly advantage.

Wang Lin couldn’t help but appreciate this talent. He even had the urge to take him as a disciple, but he quickly threw that idea out of his mind.

The third person was someone Wang Lin was familiar with. It was the butcher-like cultivator from cave 743. He had a talisman treasure that had killed countless people. Everyone he battled was killed by the talisman.

As for the last person, it was Wang Lin himself. He breezed his way through the competition and knocked out every disciple with just a wave of his sleeves. This would naturally catch the attention of everyone.

However, this was something Wang Lin was doing on purpose. Only by doing this would it not seem strange when he enters the inner sect.

As for Liu Mei, he assumed that she had some sort of agenda. Even if she didn’t appear in the competition, she would be able to get into the inner sect somehow.

Time quickly passed and seven more days went by. Of the 100 or so disciples, only four remained.

It just so happened that the four remaining people were the four that caught the eyes of the Soul Refining Sect.

This was the day of Wang Lin’s battle. He stood on the stage as he watched his opponent walk onto the stage and reveal a weird smile.

The person who came up wasn’t a stranger but the butcher-like cultivator from cave 743.

The person in charge of this battle was an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator from the inner sect. He was already middle-aged with greying sideburns. He looked around and coldly said, “Battle, start!”

The moment he finished speaking, the butcher-like cultivator bitterly smiled and said, “I give up!”

The Nascent Soul cultivator was startled. He looked at the butcher-like cultivator and asked, “You give up?”

The butcher-like cultivator quickly nodded and said, “I surrender!” With that, he quickly got off the stage. His heart was pounding as he secretly thought, “I still have the restriction that that brat placed in my body. He could have killed me with just a thought!”

After he got off the stage, he let out a smile to try to please Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a smile and faintly shook his head before walking off the stage. The Nascent Soul cultivator thoughtfully looked at Wang Lin and then went on to manage the second battle.

The battle between the old man who controlled the death spell and the young man with very good instincts was quick.

The young man wasn’t able to resist the death spell at all. When he wasn’t able to hold on anymore, he was saved by a ray of spiritual energy that came all the way from the inner sect.

At this point, only two people remained in this outer sect competition: Wang Lin and the old man who was named Sima.

The battle between the two started on the second day.

Sima’s eyes were gloomy as he stood on the stage. He had cultivated the death spell for so long just for this day. Once he enters the inner sect, he will have a chance to form his Nascent Soul.

Moreover, the Soul Refining Sect’s soul flag would go very well his death spell. According to his teacher, if he cultivated both at the same time, his power would be close to that of the long lost and legendary Ji Realm.

When thinking of his teacher, his eyes were filled with a hint of fanaticism. His teacher was able to kill any Nascent Soul cultivator just by uttering the word “die,” and only a few Soul Formation cultivators would be able to escape.

In his mind, his teacher had the ability to challenge Soul Transformation old monsters.

“Death spell. Unless someone has a much higher cultivation level than you, they won’t be able to resist the death spell. The death spell is rumored to come from the ancient cultivation world when the cultivators back then tried to mimic the Ji Realm. Rumor has it that cultivating the death spell to its peak allows one to gain a sliver of the Ji Realm.”

His master’s words still echoed in his head as Sima stared at his last opponent.

He didn’t consider the young man named Qing Mu a threat at all. Killing intent flashed across his eyes and he said, “Die!”

The death spell shot out toward Wang Lin as he said the word.

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