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Chapter 369 – The Reason

Chi Hu quickly arrived before Wang Lin and kicked him, causing him to fly very far. This kick not only didn’t harm Wang Lin, it even sent another wave of spiritual energy into him.

“Brother Ceng, escape to the southeast!” Chi Hu’s anxious voice entered Wang Lin’s ears.

The middle-aged man was able to see through it instantly and snorted.

The ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan charged out and shouted, “Chi Hu, what are you doing?!”

Chi Hu moved to block his ancestor. His eyes were clear as he shouted, “Ancestor, that star compass is something I gifted to Ceng Niu, not something he stole. I, Chi Hu, am a man! Ceng Niu saved me multiple times in the Celestial Realm and he is my friend. How could I abandon him just like that?!”

The ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan let out an angry laugh. He was about to go around Chi Hu.

However, Chi Hu roared and the axe image on his forehead flashed. He took a step toward his ancestor and shouted, “That star compass is useless to us! So what if I give it to someone else? You already took his flying sword! Is that not enough?!”

The ancestor suddenly turned around and stared at Chi Hu. He reached out with his hand and Chi Hu immediately felt himself completely locked in place by a powerful force.

“If you weren’t the junior with the most pure Giant Demon blood, I would kill you today, you ungrateful brat! Once we return to the clan, you will be punished with 100 years of closed door cultivation and suffer the pain of having your body refined!”

With that, he chased after the escaping Wang Lin.

Chi Hu clenched his fists as he looked toward where Wang Lin had escaped to.

“Brother Ceng, I… tried my best…” Chi Hu felt melancholy. He didn’t think that Wang Lin was going to survive. The reason he was willing to offend the ancestor was to not disappoint himself.

“I, Chi Hu, am an honorable man! Ceng Niu considers me a friend, so I can’t do something so heartless.”

Wang Lin had recovered some spiritual energy with Chi Hu’s help and was using it to escape.

As he flew, Wang Lin pointed at this brow and sighed. He didn’t know what formation the enemies had laid down; he only knew that he couldn’t tear open space nor teleport, and he even felt something blocking him from entering the heaven defying bead. At least right now he wouldn’t be able to enter it without some time.

This formation was very mysterious. It was not only Wang Lin who couldn’t teleport, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor who placed the formation couldn’t teleport either.

“The celestial sword was stolen… If I live today, I must take it back!” A hint of hatred appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

However, just at this moment, the middle-aged man caught up to Wang Lin and coldly said, “You won’t be able to escape. I’ll send you to your death!”

He lifted his right hand and pressed down with his right thumb. A powerful force surged out from the thumb, but just before the force hit Wang Lin, a powerful domain also surged toward him.

This domain had a fragrance, the fragrance of tea. To put all of one’s effort into appreciating tea to experience life and have the tea accompany one for life.

Wang Lin’s life and death domain immediately appeared, but when put up against the domain of a Soul Transformation cultivator, he couldn’t compete. He coughed out more blood and his origin soul was damaged again.

Wang Lin’s body fell from the sky.

Marks that looked like tea leaves appeared on Wang Lin’s face. Every time they shined, Wang Lin’s body would weaken. His origin soul was slowly dissipating.

At this moment, the ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan caught up and lowered his head to look at Wang Lin.

“We have already wasted a lot of time. After you kill this person, I still have other things to do. Fellow cultivator Li, go ahead.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he smiled. “You’re not willing to act because you’re afraid of Mount Suzaku. Fine, since this is my plan, I’ll do it!”

With that, he pointed at Wang Lin. He was about to end Wang Lin’s life.

However, just at this moment, a thunderous clap came from the sky and a giant rift in space was torn open. A black and purple coffin descended from the sky.

A cold snort came from the coffin. “The Heaven and Death Demon Sealing Formation. If I didn’t already know this formation, it would’ve been really hard for me to enter.”

A red-robed old man stared at the three below him with glowing eyes. After seeing the Giant Demon Clan ancestor and the middle-aged man, his face darkened and he cursed. “Ceng Niu, do you have nothing better to do instead of getting yourself into trouble?! I have to say, aren’t you two old farts embarrassed to have to team up to kill a Soul Formation junior?”

“Corpse Sect!” The middle-aged man withdrew his finger. His eyes sparkled as he stared at the old man.

The red-robed old man was the Corpse Sect’s head elder, Sun Tai!

Sun Tai’s expression was sullen as he looked at the middle-aged man before him. He then moved his gaze to the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. He secretly cursed. Although the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, he knew that members of the Giant Demon Clan gained access to their bloodline’s power when they reached the Soul Transformation stage. Even though he was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, that power was something he wouldn’t easily mess with.

Sun Tai said, “I’m going to take this person away!”

“Fellow cultivator…” The middle-aged man from Xue Yue was about to speak.

Sun Tai looked at the middle-aged man and shouted, “Shut your damn mouth and scram! A mere early stage Soul Transformation cultivator, and one that reached it by force, doesn’t have the qualifications to talk to me!”

The middle-aged man’s face changed from blue to red. Ever since he had reached the Soul Transformation stage, he was treated like a sovereign in Xue Yue. Even when meeting other Soul Transformation cultivators, none of them dared to talk to him like this.

Sun Tai snorted and turned his gaze toward the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s expression was sullen as he stared at Sun Tai. After pondering a bit, he shook his head and said, “No, this person must die and his corpse must belong to me!”

The middle-aged man from Xue Yue was surprised. He turned his head to look at the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. This was the first time that he said he wanted the corpse.

Sun Tai snorted and shouted, “You’re not a member of my Corpse Sect. What use do you have for the corpse?!”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor stared at Sun Tai and decisively said, “I have my own use!”

He indeed did have use for the corpse. Even if the Xue Yue man hadn’t come to ask him, he would still have secretly acted to kill Wang Lin.

He knew that Ceng Niu’s real name was Wang Lin!

Taking back the star compass was just an excuse to kill Wang Lin. The real reason was the news that was brought back by a clan member who went to open a foreign battleground 500 years ago!

“The heaven defying bead is a treasure even the cultivation alliance wants! If my Giant Demon Clan gets it and gives it to the cultivation alliance, we will definitely be granted rank 6 status. Then we can leave Suzaku and get our own Giant Demon Clan planet. Then my clan will have the ability to have Ascendant level cultivators.”

“The heaven defying bead was obtained by this Wang Lin!” All of these thoughts quickly flew through his head. He made up this mind that Wang Lin wouldn’t be stolen by anyone else today!

That year, the clan member that reported the news was immediately killed by him and had his soul carefully searched. After determining that the clan member didn’t tell anyone else and that the number of people that knew was very small, he decided to not kill everyone off and to secretly look for Wang Lin.

However, although the ancestor had a lot of power, Wang Lin seemed to have evaporated, and Suzaku was simply too big. Based on information from the clan member, Wang Lin had disappeared inside a spatial rift inside the foreign battleground.

Thus, he personally went to the foreign battleground and searched inside the spatial rift for 100 years but still found nothing.

He gradually put it in the back of his mind and felt regret. He believed that Wang Lin had died without any remains and the heaven defying bead was once again lost.

However, all of this changed when Ceng Niu appeared. He found what Chi Hu said to be strange. After using his status as the ancestor to force Chi Hu, Chi Hu finally told him the truth.

The ancestor immediately became suspicious. After doing some investigation, he found that Ceng Niu was Wang Lin!

As a result, he immediately became happy, but due to Suzaku’s interference, he couldn’t act or else everything would be nothing but a dream.

However, he did kill the one other person that knew of this matter. It was a messenger from a rank 4 cultivation country. When the Giant Demon Clan ancestor searched the messenger’s soul, he found that the messenger wasn’t sure of the news and hadn’t reported it. After confirming this, he relaxed and decided to wait for the right moment to kill Wang Lin.

One day, Xue Yue’s Li Yuan came to ask him to set up a formation to help kill Wang Lin. He came up with the excuse of retrieving the star compass so that he could get close to Wang Lin.

As a result, even if Suzaku were to look into this matter, Xue Yue would take the blow and he would be able to secretly take the heaven defying bead. Even if Wang Lin were to die, he could use a secret technique to find the whereabouts of the heaven defying bead.

Sun Tai’s eyes darkened. He snorted and flew toward Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man quickly flew up. He took out a bronze watch and was about to block Sun Tai.

But Sun Tai shouted, “Scram!” and a force surged out from Sun Tai’s body, causing the middle-aged man to pause for a moment.

“You dare?!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor threw out a punch. A black vortex suddenly appeared and closed in on Sun Tai.

Sun Tai’s right hand pointed at the coffin behind him. The lid of the coffin moved a bit and a mummified body flew out to fight the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

He took this opportunity to reach out and grab Wang Lin. Wang Lin was very weak at the moment; his eyes were closed and his face was deathly pale.

Without a word, Sun Tai turned around and flew into the rift.

The middle-aged man’s expression was unsettled. He hesitated for a bit and didn’t act.

How could the Giant Demon Clan ancestor watch this fat sheep be stolen right out of his hands? He let out a roar as his body crackled and his body suddenly became 100 feet tall. Then a giant axe appeared in his hand. After chasing Sun Tai into the rift, he swung the axe down, causing a thunderous roar to echo in the void.

A giant wave of axe energy shot out, causing Sun Tai’s expression to darken. He already knew that the Giant Demon Clan was difficult to deal with. His right hand formed a seal and he shot it at the axe energy.


After a loud boom, Sun Tai charged out of the rift.

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