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Chapter 365 – Power of Domains

Wang Lin’s origin soul shouted, “Xu Liguo!”

The celestial sword let out a miserable scream as black gas appeared on the sword and it blocked the fist.


The giant’s fist hit the celestial sword and was pushed back by the shockwave. However, Xu Liguo let out a weak cry before the celestial sword fell to the ground. No more sounds came from it.

The giant’s eyes lit up as it ran up again.

Just at this moment, even more chains flew out of the war chariot and dragged the beast spirit back. The beast spirit was filled with rage as it turned toward the ice giant and charged toward it.

The giant immediately raised its head. It stopped its attack on Wang Lin’s body and punched the incoming beast spirit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The giant continued to attack and knocked the beast spirit away. This angered the beast spirit. Its mouth expanded greatly and devoured the ice giant.

However, the moment it tried to devour the ice giant, the whip came out and hit the beast spirit. The beast spirit felt pain and immediately shrank a bit.

Pa! Pa!

The continuous whipping caused the beast spirit to be furious, but it ignored the whip to continue to devour. The beast spirit went through the ice giant’s body.

The giant’s body shook and a large amount of cracks appeared on it. More ice fell off and the ice giant shrank once more. It was now only 20 feet tall and the ice around its right shoulder began to melt.

The beast spirit was about to turn around for another attack when Red Butterfly opened her eyes. The curse was suppressed back to the single black line on her forehead.

Red Butterfly’s rushed voice contained a hint of darkness as she said, “Soul lasher! Reveal your true form!”

This time, a pure-white whip appeared in the ice giant’s hand. This whip isn’t illusionary like before but solid. It whipped the beast spirit like crazy.

The pain caused the beast spirit to become even more enraged. It was about to charge out again when it suddenly let out a painful cry and looked back at the war chariot. After all, he was only a spirit and was limited by the chariot. Also, Wang Lin was not using it properly for it to display its full power, so now it was feeling the call of the chariot.

The beast spirit let out a reluctant roar into the sky as it changed into gas and returned to the war chariot.

Wang Lin’s origin soul had returned to his body during the fight between the beast spirit and the ice giant. He had also consumed pills to recover and sent spiritual energy into the celestial sword to awaken Xu Liguo. With the celestial sword in his hand, he swung down.

Wang Lin’s sword energy quickly arrived. The ice giant let out a roar and punched the sword energy. It turned around, kicked the ground, causing the ground to crack, and quickly escaped.


Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he raised his sword and chased after her!

Red Butterfly’s face was gloomy. The battle today was much harder than their battle back in the Celestial Realm. She never would have even dreamt that this Ceng Niu would have gained this much power in a mere decade.

Thinking back to the Celestial Realm, when she used her full power to kill this person, Ceng Niu could only run and had no power to resist. Even later on, it was only because he had a treasure that could collapse a Celestial Fragment that she was suppressed. She never saw Wang Lin as anything.

In her heart, this Ceng Niu was not someone at the same level as her. He was weak; an insect, a stepping stone that would obey the strong.

She had killed many Soul Formation cultivators like Wang Lin during her battle against the Four Sect Alliance. Even in Suzaku, she kept this mentality.

This was her pride!

However, this pride crumbled when Wang Lin took her arm. She couldn’t stand the fact that a weak and insignificant cultivator dared to sneak attack her. Her hatred for Wang Lin had reached its limit.

She resolved herself to kill Wang Lin in order to make her dao heart complete again. She even took out Xue Yu’s national treasure, the ice god, to kill this person.

Even her senior apprentice brother secretly borrowed the Heavenly Jade Sect’s main treasure, the soul lasher, and let her borrow it to get on her good side. She originally didn’t want to use the soul lasher. She thought that with the ice god and her life treasure, killing Ceng Niu would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

However, she had heard a lot of rumors about the soul lasher and was moved by them, so she didn’t reject the offer. She hid it inside the ice god to use it as a secret weapon to win.

But right now, after so many rounds, their battle had reached its boiling point. This Ceng Niu’s treasures were endless, far more than she could have imagined.

Especially that beast spirit; it was too fierce. If Ceng Niu had the power to control it and the beast spirit continued to attack, she was sure that without the soul lasher, she would have lost.

Right now she could only escape. The ice god was extremely weak. From all the damage it took, it was now only 20 feet tall. If it shrank any more, it would collapse completely.

She had only experienced this kind of escape twice in her entire life. The first time was when she was forced into a corner by Wang Lin and the second time was right now.

To be forced to escape like this twice by the same person was like a slap in the face for her. This made her feel very ashamed and her hatred deepened.

Wang Lin chased closely after her with a gloomy expression on his face. He looked at the figure constantly teleporting before him and said, “Red Butterfly, where is your pride? Does the heavenly daughter of Suzaku have to run from me, a mere mid stage Soul Formation cultivator?”

“Ceng Niu!! If I don’t kill you, I’m not called Red Butterfly! Avatars!” Even though Wang Lin was taunting her, her pride made it so that she had to fight him.

A change suddenly occurred.

She let out a scream and the rose appeared before the ice giant. There were no flower petals, only two stamens. Red Butterfly didn’t hesitate as her origin soul flew out and split in half. One half went into the stamens.

The two stamens fused together to form a very beautiful figure. The figure quickly took form and revealed its appearance.

An avatar that looked exactly like Red Butterfly appeared, only this avatar had all of her limbs.

Red Butterfly’s avatar opened her eyes and looked very calm. The original Red Butterfly was very cold and ruthless, but this avatar showed no emotion and was extremely calm.

“Ceng Niu, I don’t mind giving up my chance to reach the Soul Transformation stage anytime soon just to kill you!”

This avatar was something she had been cultivating to make it easier for her to reach the Soul Transformation stage.

Unless it was absolutely needed, she wouldn’t bring the avatar out.

But now, in order to kill Wang Lin, she didn’t care about the cost!

This avatar had no spiritual energy inside even though it contained some of her origin soul. This avatar was filled with her domain. She had been pouring her domain into the avatar for a while.

Red Butterfly and her avatar both said, at the same time, “Ruthless domain!”

The avatar quickly flew forward and emitted a rainbow-colored light.

Red Butterfly’s avatar said, in a very alluring voice, “To lure out all the emotions of the mortal world and then using the blade of intelligence to cut it all away. This is the ruthless domain!”

“Emotions, come forth…”

The color of the sky suddenly changed and a mysterious power covered the heavens and earth. Seven rainbow-colored orbs suddenly appeared next to Red Butterfly and then flew toward Wang Lin.

“Familial love!

Two balls of light shattered to form a man and woman. The man had trimmed white hair and the woman had a loving gaze.


Li Muwan’s figure appeared in the orb. She stared at Wang Lin with eyes filled with sadness.

“Hatred!” Teng Huayuan teared open the orb of light and walked out. There were countless souls in his hand. The souls of the Wang family cried out in anguish.

“Appreciation!” Ceng Daniu’s three generations walked out and stared at Wang Lin in confusion. He opened his mouth to talk but couldn’t say a word.

Wang Lin’s body stopped moving and he sat cross-legged. His origin soul flew out and said, “Under the reincarnation cycle, life and death domain!”

The sky was suddenly torn open by a pair of giant hands and a rift appeared. A giant, black and white painting came out of the rift.

There were many large mountains and flowing rivers inside the scroll. Although they looked still, they were in fact moving. Under the life and death scroll, Wang Lin’s origin soul was glowing. He revealed a complex expression as he looked at the people before him.

Red Butterfly’s avatar said, “Sword of intelligence!”

A rainbow-colored sword appeared before Red Butterfly’s avatar.


Wang Lin’s parents were killed by the sword. They were soon followed by Li Muwan. Da Niu’s family was killed by Teng Huayuan and then he disappeared after a swing of the sword.

“Ruthless!” Red Butterfly and her avatar looked very worn out. She then pointed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s origin soul shook and his eyes became dim. His right hand raised up and pointed at the life and death scroll in the sky.

Wang Lin softly said, “Even a ruthless person can’t escape the reincarnation cycle… How could the emotions in the world be so easily cut or discarded? Although the sword of intelligence is powerful, it can’t cut through the cycle of reincarnation!”

Black and white gas appeared and fused together to make the grey gas of the reincarnation cycle. The grey gas suddenly came out of the scroll in the shape of a giant thumb and pressed down before Red Butterfly’s avatar.

Red Butterfly’s avatar’s body trembled. She shook her head, bitterly smiled, and said, “If I could have reached the Soul Transformation stage, even the reincarnation cycle would be suppressed by ruthlessness. If the heavens’ reincarnation cycle wasn’t ruthless, then it wouldn’t be the heavens’ reincarnation cycle anymore… unfortunate…” The avatar let out a sigh as it disappeared.

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