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Chapter 364 – Fury of the Chariot

That whip was simply too fast. Wang Lin didn’t have any time to react when his origin soul was whipped out of his body. As his soul flew backwards, he was shocked and then pain started coming from all over his origin soul.

This pain was like his heart was being pierced. This pain meant that his origin soul was about to be damaged.

He didn’t hesitate at all to use spiritual energy to stop himself. With one teleport, he went back into his body.

Wang Lin opened eyes and quickly backed up. There was shock in his eyes. The attack from the giant just now was simply too strange.

“What kind of whip is that?” Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled as he stared at the ice giant.

Luckily, Wang Lin’s sword energy had landed on the giant and the divine retribution lightning was still inside the ice giant. Due to these two factors, the ice giant wasn’t able to attack Wang Lin while his origin soul was knocked out of his body. The situation would have turned very ugly for Wang Lin otherwise.

Just as the sword energy landed on the ice giant’s waist, the divine retribution lightning destroyed the last of the restriction gas and suddenly disappeared. The red clouds left as quickly as they arrived and the sky returned to normal as if the red clouds had never appeared.

The ice giant shook its body. Pieces of ice fell off it and landed on the ground. The giant was now only half of its original size at 50 feet.

The wound on its waist quickly closed and soon disappeared. However, the image of the whip was still at its chest releasing a demonic light.

Without a word, Wang Lin turned around and escaped. That whip was simply too dangerous. If his origin soul were to get knocked away again and his body got destroyed, then even if he won, he will still have lost.

Red Butterfly appeared once more on the head of the ice giant and shouted, “Ceng Niu, I want to see what you can still do!”

The ice giant that was now only half of its original size became more nimble than before. It got up from the ground, causing the earth to shake, and chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin continued to run. Luckily, the battleground was very large and he hadn’t reached the boundary yet.

He quickly took out a pill and consumed it to adjust his body as he flew. As for the ice giant behind him, he completely ignored it.

Red Butterfly’s expression was as cold as ice. She hated the person before her down to her bones. If it wasn’t for the ice giant, she would have been killed the red lightning.

“This Ceng Niu had a treasure to call down divine retribution lightning. However, I don’t believe he has two of them, or else he could have just used both right away. Even with the soul lasher, the ice giant won’t be able withstand two divine retribution lightning strikes.” Red Butterfly’s eyes were gloomy. She gave a command and the whip suddenly appeared in the ice giant’s hand.

Red Butterfly shouted, “Ceng Niu, accept your death!”

The giant swung the whip in his hand. It moved even faster than lightning toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression changed. Although the whip’s speed was quick, he had been on guard this whole time. As the whip was coming toward him, he disappeared with a teleport.

He reappeared 1000 feet away and coughed out blood. When he was teleporting away, the whip touched him. Although it didn’t knock his origin soul out, it injured him.

“What an amazing whip treasure!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and continued to escape. He took out a large amount of pills and devoured them to recover as much spiritual energy as possible.

Red Butterfly’s eyes were cold as she controlled the ice giant to chase Wang Lin in a mad pursuit.

As Red Butterfly chased Wang Lin, she insulted him. “Ceng Niu, you are now running away like a homeless dog. Where is your dominating aura from back then?”

Wang Lin laughed and said, “Red Butterfly, you haven’t resolved the curse from that arm yet. You’re only suppressing it with your spiritual energy. This is true reason you used your most powerful treasure right at the start.”

Red Butterfly’s expression became gloomy and she snorted. Every single time they met, she had never been able to beat Wang Lin in words, so she no longer spoke. She controlled the giant and whipped the air before them multiple times.

After a while, Wang Lin recovered a bit of spiritual energy. His eyes lit up as he took out an item. It was Red Butterfly’s arm. He chanted while his left hand formed seals and pointed at the arm. The arm glowed a demonic light as various symbols appeared on it.

Wang Lin’s left hand slapped the arm and he shouted, “Explode!”

A black line immediately appeared on Red Butterfly’s forehead. Her body trembled and her face became pale. She shouted, “Ceng Niu, if I don’t kill you, then I’m not called Red Butterfly!”

Wang Lin sneered and shouted, “Suppress it! I want to see how long you can suppress it! Explode! Explode! Explode!”

The black line on Red Butterfly’s forehead suddenly began to spread and soon covered Red Butterfly’s beautiful face.

“You…” Red Butterfly coughed out black blood. She was indeed worried about the curse on her arm, which was why she wanted to end this battle as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. The battle went outside of her control.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he once more shouted, “Explode!”

The arm in his hand immediately exploded. There was no longer any blood left inside, so it exploded into a cloud of black dust which spread out in all directions.

The explosion of the arm activated all of the curses inside Red Butterfly’s body. She coughed out another mouthful of black blood and a dark aura covered her face.

Wang Lin’s body immediately stopped. He no longer ran. He used this moment to throw out the beast trap and with a bang, the war chariot arrived.

The beast spirit immediately came out with a roar. Its bloodshot eyes stared at Wang Lin and the giant.

The current Wang Lin couldn’t worry about exposing too much. The most important matter right now was winning.

After the chariot appeared, it would take time to activate. Wang Lin held the celestial sword in his hand and swung down.

The sword energy created a sonic boom as it flew out and smashed into the ice giant.


The ice giant stumbled back several steps as a wound appeared on its body. Red Butterfly’s eyes were closed. She was concentrating all her attention to suppress the curse.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He went up and swung down again.


After the bang, the ice giant backed up even more. Red Butterfly struggled to open her eyes and stared viciously at Wang Lin before spitting out a word. The ice giant’s eyes released a demonic light. Red Butterfly had given up on controlling the ice giant and was using all her power to suppress the curse.

The giant’s body began to move. It swung its fist and the image if the whip immediately appeared.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate at all and the used celestial sword to block. With a bang, Wang Lin was pushed back more than 100 feet. Although the celestial sword wasn’t damaged, Wang Lin coughed out blood from the force of the blow.

Just at this moment, the ice giant landed before Wang Lin with one leap. It swung its fist down and inside the fist was the image of the whip.

Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he quickly threw the celestial sword toward the fist.

The moment the fist hit Wang Lin, the sword flashed by the right arm and cut the entire arm off.

The celestial sword itself was very different from the sword energy. The celestial sword landed 1000 feet away and stabbed deep into the ground.

Blood sprayed out from all over Wang Lin’s body and many of his bones were broken. However, he laughed and said, “Red Butterfly, I took one of your arms and now I took one of this useless ice giant’s arms. It is now more fitting for you.”

He waved his hand and the ice giant’s right arm appeared in his hand. A flash of blue light appeared and the ice immediately fell from the arm until it shrank to half its size.

Right now the many spikes on the war chariot released a black aura that was being absorbed by the spirit beast. The spirit beast grew larger and its eyes revealed a vicious gaze.

The ice giant let out a roar and rushed toward its broken arm.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he spat out a ray of white light that surrounded the arm. He was now using all of his energy to refine it.

More cracks appeared on the arm and it shrank again.

The giant’s speed was very quick. It arrived with one jump and then it swung its left arm.


Wang Lin backed up and then disappeared. Cracks immediately appeared on the ground where Wang Lin was just standing.

When Wang Lin reappeared, he was next to the celestial sword and grabbed it.

Wang Lin shouted again. “Break!” The arm coated in white light cracked again and a large amount of ice fell off. Right now, this arm was the same size as a normal person’s arm.

The giant suddenly turned around and swung out another punch that was as fast as lightning. Wang Lin raised the celestial sword and swung down.

Just at this moment, the whip suddenly appeared on the ice giant’s chest. Wang Lin’s expression changed and he moved the celestial sword to block before him. However, the whip changed directions. It went around Wang Lin and hit his body.


Wang Lin coughed out blood and his body was knocked back 100 feet. His origin soul was once again whipped out of his body and flew out 1000 feet.

The ice giant’s eyes released a ghostly light. It ignored Wang Lin’s original soul and instead walked toward Wang Lin’s body.

“War chariot, activate!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. During the time he managed to delay the ice giant, the God Slaying Chariot managed to activate.

The beast spirit let out a roar and charged out. All of the chains on the beast spirit were gone. However, instead of charging at the ice giant, it charged toward Wang Lin.

“Disobedient beast!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hand formed a seal and a chain flew out from the chariot. The chain locked the beast spirit in place.

The beast spirit beast struggled vigorously and didn’t change its direction. It clearly wanted to use whatever it took to devour Wang Lin.

At this moment, the giant arrived next to Wang Lin’s body and smiled as it smashed its fist down.

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