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Chapter 363 – Soul Lasher

Thin lines flew off the petal and formed a giant net that flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved the restriction flag, causing a screen of black fog to appear. Then he took out the celestial sword and swung at the net.

The sword energy went through the black fog and landed on the flower petal.


Cracks immediately appeared on the petal but it didn’t shatter. Countless threads from the flower petal covered the sky as it arrived before Wang Lin.

Red Butterfly’s eyes became even colder as she plucked another flower petal. She threw it forward and formed a seal with left hand as it flew. Then she pointed at the petal and it immediately grew many times larger. It was still heading toward Wang Lin.

Red Butterfly didn’t stop but plucked another flower petal. She bit her tongue and spat out some blood. The blood fell on the petal and nine sword symbols made of blood appeared on the petal. Nine rays of sword energy appeared and shot toward Wang Lin.

“Three flower petals! Ceng Niu, I want to see if you die or not!” Red Butterfly slapped the ice giant under her. The ice giant let out a roar and swung its fist right behind the nine rays of sword energy.

For every step it took, there would be a giant hole left on the ground. Countless trees fell over and the vibrations caused many cracks to appear on the ground.

This could be considered one of the most dangerous battles in Wang Lin’s life. He didn’t want to use the war chariot unless he had to. After all, this was Suzaku; there was bound to be many people watching. Exposing too many of his secrets wouldn’t be good for him.

Facing the net coming at him, Wang Lin let out a roar and swung the celestial sword like crazy, forcibly creating an opening in the net.

Wang Lin quickly charged out from opening and opened his mouth to spit out a black ray of light. It quickly changed into a giant black stamp that slammed into the giant petal.

The black stamp trembled before it was wrapped by the petal and turned into a puddle of black water. Wang Lin’s face was pale. He used the moment the black stamp stopped the petal to teleport away.

Just at this moment, the nine rays of sword energy silently arrived. They moved as fast as lightning. Wang Lin quickly touched his bag of holding and two bells appeared. They collided with the sword energy, creating a sound wave.

The nine rays of sword energy paused for a moment under the effect of the sound wave but then continued toward Wang Lin.

With that pause, the two bells shattered and the pieces formed a suit of armor around Wang Lin. He let out a roar and teleported again. This time he was charging toward Red Butterfly.

However, just when he reappeared, the ice giant’s fist arrived before him. The this punch was much faster than the one before. It landed on Wang Lin’s body in almost an instant.

Wang Lin’s body was sent flying. The nine rays of sword energy stabbed into his body as he flew through the air. Then the giant flower petal quickly wrapped around him, leaving no opening.

Killing intent filled Red Butterfly’s eyes and she shouted, “Ceng Niu, accept your death!”

Her left hand formed a seal and pointed at the petal. Soon, sounds of explosions came from within the petal.

However, just at this moment, a ray of black energy leaked out from the flower petal. Red Butterfly’s expression changed when a huge ray of black sword energy that felt like it could destroy the world came out from within the petal.

The petal was split in half and Wang Lin slowly walked out.

The ribbon that was tying his hair had broken. His hair flowed in the air without any wind and his eyes were filled with intense coldness. He looked at Red Butterfly like he was looking at a dead person.

There were many cracks on his armor and behind him the nine rays of sword energy all shattered.

Wang Lin’s voice was low as he slowly said, “Red Butterfly, the battle has just started. What happened just now was only a warm up!”

Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin and pointed at the rose with six remaining petals. She was about to use a spell.

“Red Butterfly, look at this.” Wang Lin revealed an evil smile as he took out a cocoon-like stone that had many Dao symbols on it.

Wang Lin’s right hand hit it and the symbols on it began to glow.

Red Butterfly’s face became pale as a small amount of black gas emerged from her forehead. She shouted, “Ceng Niu, what is that!?!”

“It’s just an arm!” Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he hit the stone. Pieces of rocks fell off, revealing a dark and withered arm.

Holding the arm in his hand, he let out an evil smile. “Red Butterfly, is this arm familiar to you?”

Red Butterfly’s body trembled as she stared at the arm. She then suddenly turned toward Wang Lin. The coldness in her eyes had reached its limit.

“Ceng Niu, you villain!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he laughed out loud. Then his eyes suddenly darkened and said, “I’m a villain? Back in the celestial realm, there was no hatred between us. I had never messed with you. Yet you tried to kill me multiple times. Even now, I still don’t know why you wanted to kill me. Why can’t I resist if you tried to kill me?”

Red Butterfly’s face was gloomy. Without any hesitation, she pointed at the rose and all six petals scattered.

Wang Lin let out a snort. Without any hesitation, he slapped his bag of holding and a black flag appeared in his hand. This was the flag that was only missing one restriction to summon divine retribution lightning.

His left hand moved before him. A restriction appeared and he placed it on the flag. The restriction shook and a blinding light shined from the flag.

Red Butterfly’s expression changed. Her hand quickly formed seals and she chanted a very complex spell. The six petals quickly flew out and turned into six women wearing red.

However, a powerful force was being released from the restriction flag. This force pushed everything away. Wang Lin allowed himself to be pushed away and let the restriction flag float in the sky.

As for the six petals that had turned into six women, they were also stopped in their tracks. They were unable to go forward.

At this moment, rumbling sounds suddenly came from the sky. Red clouds covered the sky like the heavens were going to collapse.

Everyone watching the fight from outside was shocked. The four old men sitting in the inner circle all suddenly opened their eyes. Their gazes were locked onto the red clouds.

“Divine Retribution!” Gong Sunpo’s eyes lit up.

“Six return to one!” Red Butterfly’s expression changed as she quickly formed seals with her hand. The six women in red quickly fused with Red Butterfly. Behind her, six beautiful, red figures appeared.

Red clouds covered the sky. Wang Lin sneered as he pointed at the restriction flag. The restriction flag quickly turned into waves of restrictions that shot toward Red Butterfly.

Just at this moment, with a huge bang, all of the red clouds gathered and a ray of red lightning descended. Its target was exactly where the restrictions were at.

Red Butterfly quickly backed up, but Wang Lin had been keeping an eye on her. The moment she moved, he waved the celestial sword and a ray of sword energy shot out at her.

However, this sword energy wasn’t for Red Butterfly. It collided with the descending red lightning.


With a loud bang, the sword energy collapsed. The red lightning paused for a moment before it continued to descend.

Using this pause, Wang Lin shouted, “Restriction flag, scatter!”

The restriction flag suddenly shook as more restriction gas poured out of it. This continued until the restriction flag turned to dust and disappeared. However, the restriction gas that came out arrived before Red Butterfly in almost an instant and hovered around her. Much of the gas had already entered the ice giant’s body as well. Although the gas couldn’t do any damage, it could act as a beacon for the divine retribution lightning.

The giant quickly stomped the ground. Every time it stomped, a lot of restriction gas would dissipate, but there was simply so much gas that it kept on entering the giant’s body.

Red Butterfly was about to teleport when her expression suddenly became ugly.

“The moment divine retribution arrives, all teleports are sealed! Red Butterfly, accept your death!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

At this moment, the red lightning arrived. The moment the restriction gas touched the lightning, it dissipated. The red lightning descended upon Red Butterfly, who was surrounded by restriction gas.

Although all of this took a while to explain, it happened in the blink of an eye.

Red Butterfly’s face was pale and she clenched her teeth. The moment the red lightning arrived, the six figures behind her flew out.


One of the red figures exploded the moment it touched the red lightning, but it was unable to stop the divine retribution lightning.

Red Butterfly’s voice cracked. “Explode! Explode!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The divine retribution lightning pierced through them like they were paper. One figure collapsed, another figure collapsed, and soon all six figures had collapsed.

However, the power of the red lightning lowered a bit in these series of explosions.

Without a word, Red Butterfly sank into the ice giant. The moment she disappeared into it, the red lightning struck the ice giant.

The giant suddenly raised its head and let out a painful roar as many cracks appeared on its body. There was a red line moving within the ice giant. It wasn’t attacking the ice giant but moving to the remaining restriction gas in its body.

In addition, there was the ghostly image of a whip that would glow. Every time it glowed, the power of the red lighting would weaken a bit.

“A pity!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he swung the celestial sword at the giant. He let out a roar as he directed a large ray of sword energy toward the ice giant.

The giant opened its mouth and shouted. However, the voice belonged to Red Butterfly. “Soul Lasher!”

Just at this moment, the whip inside the ice giant glowed brightly, flew out from the chest of the giant, and struck Wang Lin.

Fast! Too fast! Wang Lin wasn’t able to dodge at all. He coughed out blood and his body fell. However, his origin soul was knocked out of his body and flew far away.

At this moment, the sword energy landed on the ice giant and its aura weakened a lot. A wound as thick as an arm went through its body.

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