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Chapter 362 – Battle with Red Butterfly

Wang Lin said, “Come in!”

Without any sound, the door opened and a boy wearing black entered the room.

He was carrying a tray of fruits in his hands. After entering, he didn’t even look at Wang Lin as he placed down the tray and then turned to leave.

Wang Lin said, “Wait a moment!”

The boy stopped, turned around, and looked at Wang Lin.

Although the room was dim, he could still clearly make out what the boy looked like. The boy was very young; only about 13 or 14 years old.

Without waiting for Wang Lin to ask, the boy opened his mouth and pointed at it. Inside his mouth he only had half of his tongue.

Wang Lin was stunned and didn’t speak.

The boy gently smiled at Wang Lin before turning around and leaving, gently closing the door on his way out.

For some reason, Wang Lin had a creepy feeling about this immortal cave.

Looking at the fruits on the tray, he pondered for a bit and before going back to cultivating. His right hand was still on his bag of holding so he would have time to resist incase any danger showed up.

Time passed by, and in the link of an eye, three days had passed. In these three days, only the boy ever came to his room. On the morning of the second day, he went outside but found that all of the servants were missing half of their tongues, making them unable to speak.

In addition to this, most of the area was covered by powerful restrictions which sealed them from going too far. Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to break any of them in a short period of time.

There was something strange about this place.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit until he just gave up on thinking about this. He focused on cultivating to keep himself at the best condition for the fight against Red Butterfly.

Ten days passed without any distractions. On this day, while he was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and saw a middle-aged man sitting before him. The middle-aged man poured a cup of tea and looked at Wang Lin.

This person was good-looking but not extremely handsome. He didn’t have a beard but there was stubble on his face. His eyes were bright but seemed to be somewhat covered in mist. Although he didn’t speak, he emitted a sense of majesty.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He wasn’t surprised by the fact that this person was able to enter without him knowing. There were many people with cultivation levels higher than Wang Lin’s here. He wasn’t a boy who had just starting cultivating, so he wouldn’t easily be shocked.

The middle-aged man took a sip of tea and gently tapped the table with his finger. He didn’t say a word.

Wang Lin also pondered and didn’t speak.

The room was completely silent. This was a very scary kind of silence. A sense of pressure began to build with each tap of the middle-aged man’s finger.

If Wang Lin hadn’t reached the Soul Formation stage, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand this. Even if he were still at the early stage of Soul Formation like he was before he entered the Celestial Realm, he would’ve had trouble.

However, Wang Lin was very calm right now.

After a very long time, the middle-aged man stood up and, without even looking at Wang Lin, left the room. He hadn’t said a single word the entire time.

After he left, Wang Lin stood up and walked over to where the middle-aged man previously was. There was some tea spilled on the table in the shape of two words.

“Lose, die.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He wiped the table with his hand and the words disappeared.

He looked at the darkness outside the window and his eyes lit up.

The middle-aged man must’ve been at least at the Soul Transformation stage. He was probably White Snow’s master.

The two words left by this person were very clear. If he loses the battle against Red Butterfly, the only road that would be left for him was death.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He then closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

A few days later, the day of the big battle arrived.

It was very lively around the giant altar in Suzaku. All of the cultivators that had arrived were eagerly awaiting this big battle.

Suzaku had announced this battle between Wang Lin and Red Butterfly ten years ago. This battle caught the eyes of a lot of cultivators.

Although the two people battling were only at the Soul Formation stage, there was a huge difference in their social statuses.

Red Butterfly was the genius of Xue Yu and was the number one genius in Suzaku. She was able to reach the late stage of Soul Formation in only 100 years and was the number one candidate to reach the Ascendant stage.

Ceng Niu was of unknown origin but was able to obtain a rain cauldron. Then he took an arm from Red Butterfly and instantly became famous.

If that was just the case, it wouldn’t have attracted so much attention, but this Ceng Niu was only at the early stage of Soul Formation when he entered the Celestial Realm. He was able to fight against a late stage Soul Formation cultivator when he was at the early stage and even took an arm from her. As a result, he became a legend.

Now it was the second battle between the two, which attracted the attention of everyone.

Red Butterfly was standing on the right side of the altar. She was wearing a blue, court dress with a dark purple flower embroidered on the edge of the dress. It was very simple and clean. Her hair flowed down like a waterfall with only a ribbon tying it together.

However, the gentle breeze that would cause her empty sleeve to flutter put a blemish on the almost painting-like Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly’s beauty was like her talent; it was filled with arrogance and ruthlessness.

Around the perimeter of the altar were rings of white light with chairs placed on them. There were already many people sitting there; men and women, young and old. All of them were various messengers of different cultivation countries.

Although there weren’t 100 people, it was very close.

Although there were almost 100 people, there wasn’t any noise.

These people sat on the outer ring. On the inner ring there were only four chairs, and there were four people sitting on them.

These four people were all white-haired old men.

At this moment, a white crane came from the distance. On the back of the crane stood a young man wearing white. He was standing up straight, his hair was tied with a purple ribbon, and although he looked average, he gave off a manly aura.

Beside him stood a woman in purple. Her looks weren’t at all inferior to Red Butterfly’s.

The crane arrived at the altar and let out a cry. The white-robed young man jumped off and landed on the altar.

He was Wang Lin!

Red Butterfly lowered her head to look at her empty sleeve before raising her head. Her eyes became cold. There was also a deep sense of hatred hidden in her eyes. As the heaven’s chosen daughter, until she met Wang Lin, she had never lost.

Not only was Wang Lin the first person to ever defeat her, he even took one of her arms. If Wang Lin had beaten her in a straight up fight, although she would hate him, her hatred would not be this strong.

But back then, Wang Lin acted when she was at her weakest and tried to destroy her dao heart. In all these years, her cultivation level hadn’t moved. This was all because of Wang Lin.

Only by killing him could her dao heart recover.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he calmly looked at Red Butterfly.

One of the old men sitting in the inner four chairs coldly looked at Wang Lin and Red Butterfly and said, “I’m the elder of Mount Suzaku, Gong Sunpo, and I’ll be the judge for this fight.”

His right hand formed a seal and then pointed forth. A door of light suddenly appeared on the altar before them.

“Go inside. That is where your battlefield will be.” The old man closed his eyes and no longer spoke.

Without a word, Red Butterfly walked into the door of light and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he carefully looked at the door of light and walked inside.

After the both of them entered the door of light, it immediately expanded to cover the entire altar. Inside the door was a deserted mountain range. People could see what was going on through the door of light.

After Wang Lin entered the door of light, he was able to detect that this door of light was a transfer array. Where he appeared was a deserted mountain range.

The surroundings were completely quiet and there was no light coming from the sky. An aura that would make you feel irritated filled the air.

Giant and ancient oak trees grew everywhere. Ten feet away, a giant, red python was coldly staring at Wang Lin and sticking its tongue out.

A shout came from the sky. “Ceng Niu!”

Wang Lin flew into the sky to see a ray of red light charging toward him. Before she even arrived, a cold aura had already spread out.

This cold aura condensed into small ice particles that gathered 100 feet away from Wang Lin into a giant ice sculpture.

This giant ice sculpture was over 100 feet tall and was shaped like a person. Its face was expressionless as it swung its giant fist at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he backed away.

A flash of red light appeared on the head of the ice sculpture and Red Butterfly appeared. Her eyes were cold as she stared at Wang Lin and whispered something. A bright light appeared and turned into a ice rose before her.

She made up her mind to not have a long fight with Ceng Niu. She would use the quickest method to kill this person.

As the ice giant swung out its fist, Red Butterfly plucked a rose petal and sent it forth. The petal swayed back and forth like a boat on the rocky sea.

Wang Lin snorted. He waved his right hand and the restriction flag appeared in his grasp. Restriction gas came out in the shape of dragons. They intertwined and fused into a giant fist that met the fist of the ice giant.


The shock wave caused many of the trees below them to fall over. Even the python was knocked onto the ground. It was squirming due to the many wounds on its body. All of the wounds were caused by the vibrations of the shock wave.

The huge impact caused the ice giant to take a step back. Cracks had appeared on his fist and pieces of ice were flying everywhere.

Wang Lin’s hand shook. The fist formed by the restriction shattered and as the vibrations reached the restriction flag, it caused cracks to appear on it.

“This is a treasure that my country of Xue Yu has been refining for 500 years: ice god! Ceng Niu, you will die for sure!” Red Butterfly’s eyes became even colder as her hand moved and the floating rose petal suddenly began to change.

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