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Chapter 356 – Leaving

The original body’s expression was still cold as he slowly asked, “Where did the two of you come from?”

The white veiled-woman’s body shook as she looked at the old man who might be dead. She was filled with despair and no longer dared to lie. “Junior just came from the Immortal Graveyard.”

The original body looked at the white-veiled woman and calmly said, “There were seven of you when you entered the Immortal Graveyard. Why did only the two of you come out?”

The white-veiled woman’s body trembled again. She was shocked at this young man. The more she looked at him, the more familiar this red-haired young man became, but she was sure she had never met him before.

The white-veiled woman bitterly said, “Junior has her own difficulties…”

“Follow me!” The original body looked at the white-veiled woman and then flew toward the forest below them.

The whited-veiled woman hesitated for a bit before following.

As for the old man, the original body didn’t even look at him. That old man was only at the early stage of Soul Formation and he didn’t have any treasures to protect himself with, so he was dead for sure.

However, just at this moment, the original body looked at where the old man had landed.

He saw a tattered figure stand up. This person was covered by a black fog. A five leaf plant appeared within the fog.

The old man coughed out blood inside the fog and was struggling, however, his eyes were still clear.

The original body only took one look and his face darkened. When he looked at the white-veiled woman, her expression was completely pale and terrified.

“So it was like that!” The original body immediately understood how the two of them didn’t die and were able to leave.

The original body raised his hand and was about to kill the old man.

At this moment, the white-veiled woman quickly put herself between the original body and the old man. Then she kneeled down and said, “Senior must have known one those five people. Junior admits her mistake. If you have to kill someone, please kill me. Please don’t make it difficult for him…”

The old man struggled to stand up. He looked at the original body and said, “If you are going to kill me, just kill me. I’m tried of living like someone else’s puppet. I might as well die by senior’s hand. However, my lady has always been against this, so please let her go.”

The original body’s eyes lit up. He looked at the two before grabbing them and taking them to the Immortal Graveyard.

Along the way, the wound on the old man’s body slowly healed and the black fog disappeared. However, the plant on his forehead would still occasionally shine.

The white-veiled woman closed her eyes and began to ponder.

Soon, the original body arrived at the entrance of the Immortal Graveyard.

After landing, the original body punched the air toward the hole and a spatial rift opened up. He flicked out two drops of blood. One landed on the white-veiled woman and the other on the old man before throwing them into the spatial rift.

“Go search for Wang Lin. If you can find him, I’ll let you two live!” The original body’s voice echoed in their minds before the spatial rift closed.

The original body sat cross-legged outside and began to ponder. He couldn’t go inside because there would be no one to guide Wang Lin out if he did.

However, if he didn’t go inside, it would be too difficult to find himself. This was why he didn’t kill the two of them but left imprints to make them search.

Inside the void, Wang Lin sat on the star compass. He suddenly opened his eyes and muttered, “So that’s what happened!”

His eyes became cold as he stood up and controlled the compass to start moving. At the same time, he had his divine sense spread out looking for the two in the void.

Time slowly passed. One day, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up and he started to fly even faster. Soon, he saw two people flying in the distance.

It was that old man and the white-veiled woman.

The two of them were a mess right now and their vitals were very weak.

After the two of them saw Wang Lin, they revealed complex expressions. The white-veiled woman wanted to say something, but she only opened her mouth before closing it and letting out a sigh.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the two and arrived before them. He waved his hand and two drops of blood flew from their foreheads into Wang Lin’s hand.

The white-veiled woman hesitated for a bit and whispered, “Senior… I… “

Wang Lin didn’t even bother with the two of them. After getting the two drops of blood, he put away the star compass.

Just at this, moment the original body suddenly opened his eyes and punched the air, causing a round spatial rift to appear.

The rift appeared right before Wang Lin. Wang Lin was not shocked by the appearance of the rift and entered it.

From the beginning, he hadn’t said a thing to the two of them.

After Wang Lin entered the the rift, the rift silently closed, leaving the two of them to fend for themselves inside the void.

After coming out of the rift and feeling the sunlight on his skin, he took a deep breath. The feeling of making it out alive filled his body.

He lowered his head and looked at the hole below him before disappearing. His original body disappeared along with him.

Wang Lin left the Immoral Graveyard and arrived back at the valley. He took out the pagoda before sitting down to cultivate. The original body also sat down next to him to cultivate.

One day later, Wang Lin and his original body both opened their eyes.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out the reincarnation fruit that was glowing yellow. After pondering for a bit, he came to the conclusion that this fruit was much more useful to his original body than the one he was currently using.

“Unfortunately, there is only one!” Wang Lin tossed the fruit toward his original body.

The original body crushed the fruit, causing a golden liquid to leak out. There wasn’t much, but the liquid was absorbed when it touched the original body’s skin. The liquid slowly moved through the cracks on the original body’s skin.

The current original body looked like it was covered by a golden net. The cracks on its skin originally weren’t noticeable, but right now, the cracks were emitting a golden glow.

The golden glow became brighter and brighter until it seeped into the original body’s flesh and bones and disappeared.

The original body’s expression still remained the same and then a hint of gold flashed across his eyes. The reincarnation fruit had been completely absorbed by the original body, so the speed at which it absorbed spiritual energy increased countless fold.

The current original body could finally be considered a real ancient god!

As for the reincarnation fruit, it had disappeared.

The original body stood up and sank into the ground.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, slapped his bag of holding, and pieces of the reincarnation tree appeared before him.

He picked one up and started to create the time domain carvings.

Time slowly passed by.

Zhou Ru was now three years old and very beautiful. However, she still hadn’t said a word. Because of this, her parents had searched for many different doctors and she had eaten many pills, but she still never spoke.

Little Zhou Ru was a very quiet girl. Instead of playing with the other children in the village, she always silently looked at the sky from her backyard. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

Zhou Ru’s father, a burly man with rough hands, looked at his daughter and let out a sigh. He had bought many different medicines for his daughter and looked for many doctors, but this kid still wouldn’t speak.

Is she really a mute? Zhou Ru’s dad let out a sigh.

On this day, an old man wearing a cultivation robe entered the village. The village chief respectfully greeted him and told everyone to bring out all children six years old or younger.

Shortly after, all 19 six years old and younger kids arrived at the center of the village along with their parents.

Zhou Ru’s parents were among them. Zhou Ru’s clear eyes looked at her surroundings. She was kind of scared, so she was clenching the edge of her mother’s dress.

The woman crouched on the ground to comfort her. She then stood up, looked at her husband, and said, “Ru Er is too little. Let’s forget about this.”

Zhou Ru’s father shook his head and said, “Let her try. If she gets picked, then her future will be good.”

The woman bit her lower lip and didn’t say anything.

The old man wearing the robe had an air of arrogance about him. He was already a bit impatient because he had gone to countless villages and hadn’t found anyone with a spirit root. If it wasn’t for the fact that the sect had a rule stating that a disciple must go out to find a child with a spirit root every six years, he wouldn’t have bothered to leave the sect.

He came to this village six years ago and 12 years ago and didn’t find a child with a spirit root either time.

“I was able to find a child with a spirit root six years ago at Liu village. I wonder if I can find another one there this time. If I can find another one, then I can receive three medium quality spirit stones.” The old man looked at the children one by one. His eyebrows furrowed harder and harder and the look of disappointment on his face became even stronger.

His eyes suddenly became focused and locked onto Zhou Ru. He quickly arrived before Zhou Ru and pointed at her forehead. His face was filled with joy.

“This… naturally born with spiritual energy, all her meridians are opened, and a purple aura. Good!” The old man stared at Zhou Ru. What he saw wasn’t the child but a shining, high quality spirit stone.

His sect was very small, but they were a branch of the Cloud Sky Sect, so they did have some wealth. Although the elders were usually stingy, they rewarded disciples who found good talents very generously.

The old man laughed and said to the elders of the village, “This kid, I’ll take it!”

Zhou Ru’s eyes were filled with panic as she held tightly to her mother’s dress. Her face was pale.

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