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Chapter 345 – Savages

The Immortal Graveyard was a mountain range surrounded by thick, black fog.

It was very quiet inside the mountain range and there were no signs of life. This kind of silence was too scary.

Deep inside the mountain range was a giant hole.

Old man Hu’s group of six sat outside this hole. Compared to the hole, they looked very insignificant.

Old man Hu sat cross-legged. He had been waiting here for almost one month. Although they had encountered no dangers along the way, something was making his skin crawl during the trip.

As a Soul Formation cultivator, he didn’t believe that this kind of feeling would occur for no reason. Now that he was near the hole, that feeling was even stronger.

Old man Hu thought, “Adding fellow cultivator Wang, there will be three Soul Formation cultivators. As long as we don’t go in too deep, there shouldn’t be an issue…”

Many years ago, he came here and went to the third floor. Although there were many dangers, he was able to obtain the thing he was looking for and then he left.

This was why he was willing to come here.

However, old man Hu was starting to regret it right now. His expression gradually darkened as he looked at the hole before him.

Old man Hu turned to the white-veiled woman next to him. “Zi Xin, are you sure the Reincarnation Tree is on the third floor?”

The white-veiled woman nodded and whispered, “I remember clearly that back when my father took me there, I saw a wilted Reincarnation Tree. However, his cultivation wasn’t strong enough, so we left.”

Old man Hu pondered. The third floor wasn’t too dangerous. It should be safe as long as they don’t go to the fourth floor. Also, the Reincarnation Tree had wilted, so there would probably be no savages guarding it.

He didn’t tell Wang Lin about any of these things in detail.

Old man Hu turned and faced the hole. Just at this moment, a sonic boom came from the distance, attracting everyone’s attention.

They saw a beast the size of a hill suddenly appear before them. On the back of the beast was a young man in white. This person was Wang Lin.

Old man Hu revealed a happy expression as he said, “Since brother Wang came, then our trip will succeed for sure!”

Wang Lin jumped off the mosquito. He smiled at everyone and said, “I made everyone wait. I encountered some small problems along the way.

“Oh, really?” Old man Hu’s eyes became focused.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and threw a head on the ground.

This head had very dark skin, like it was covered in dirt. The eyes were filled with rage and there was a vine-like tattoo on his face.

“Savages!” Old man Hu’s expression changed.

Wang Lin said, “I found this person following me after I entered the Immortal Graveyard. He was trying to ambush me.”

Old man Hu stepped forth and pointed at the head’s brow. The tattoo on the head began to slowly gather on its forehead until it formed the image of a half-leaf.

Old man Hu’s face was gloomy as he said, “He is not a savage but a cultivator who was refined by the savages.”

“Oh?” Wang Lin looked at the head.

Xu Luo hesitated before asking, “Ancestor, how did you know? Could it be the leaf?”

Not only him, but everyone else except the white-veiled woman revealed a look of confusion.

Old man Hu’s expression was serious as he pointed at the leaf on the head’s forehead and said, “I haven’t seen a real savage before, but I have read some ancient text that only someone with at least three leaves has blood pure enough to be a real savage. The rest are formed by refining cultivators. However, even these kinds of savages shouldn’t appear here. They should only start appearing on the second floor.”

An invisible pressure appeared in everyone’s heart as they looked at the head on the ground.

Old man Hu hesitated for a bit before his eyes lit up and he said, “Brother Wang, we have to take risks to get riches. Let us go down!”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then nodded.

Old man Hu jumped into the hole first, followed by Wang Lin and then everyone else.

This hole was very deep. As Wang Lin fell, he could see vine-like vegetation growing on the walls.

It didn’t take long for them to land on the ground. This was a plain-like area, but the ground was black, the sky was black, and the surroundings were completely silent.

Although it was very dim here, it didn’t obstruct a cultivators’ eyesight at all.

Wang Lin crouched down and grabbed a handful of dirt. The dirt here was very hard, like it was metal.

Old man Hu said, “The first floor is normally safe, but since there were savages outside, we must be careful here.”

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense. This place was very large, so his divine sense couldn’t cover it all.

Old man Hu and Zi Xin talked for a bit to confirm that the entrance to the next floor was to the east before they all headed east.

Along the way, Qiu Siping and company flew closely together and were constantly on guard.

Only Wang Lin, old man Hu, and the black-robed old man were still calm.

As for the white-veiled woman, she had been in a daze since she arrived here, as if she was recalling something.

The seven of them flew for a while before Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up and he looked at something behind them. He saw a dark light chasing after them. When the light got close, it dissipated and turned into a savage with black hair. He was wearing a beast skin.

There were some black streak marks on the savage’s arms and legs. He reached out and tried to grab Xu Luo.

Xu Luo’s expression changed. He opened his mouth and spat out a ray of light. There was a flying sword inside that ray of light and it lunged toward the savage.

The savage made a strange movement and dodged the sword as his hand swiped down. Xu Luo quickly backed up. Five straight rips appeared on his clothes, revealing something shiny underneath them. He was wearing armor under the clothes.

After finishing the attack, the savage quickly retreated.

Old man Hu snorted, “Stay here!” He didn’t move but reached out with his right hand.

The savage let out a strange roar as the marks on his arms and legs began to move. Black smoke came out from the marks and entered his body, then he swung his arm.

The black smoke gathered on his fist and then a punch was thrown out.

Old man Hu’s expression remained calm, but a hint of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He clenched his fist and the savage’s right hand was crushed into a bloody pulp. The savage let out a miserable scream and quickly retreated.

Old man Hu’s right finger pointed at the savage and shot out a ray of spiritual energy. The spiritual energy landed on the savage’s chest, causing the savage to fall over.

Old man Hu stepped up and pointed at the savage’s forehead. The marks on the savage’s body gathered on his forehead and a complete leaf appeared.

Old man Hu said, “It looks like some changes we don’t know of has occurred inside this Immortal Graveyard. These one-leaf savages didn’t appear until the second floor before.”

Xu Luo touched his chest and revealed a hint of fear. To be able to dodge a flying sword, this savage was too fast. If he wasn’t wearing this armor, the savage would have ripped his chest open.

Three days later, the seven of them arrived at the entrance to the second floor. Along the way, they had encountered a total of nine savages. These savages had appeared out of thin air. Even with their divine senses spread out, it was impossible to notice them until they had appeared.

Of the nine savages, they were all one leaf savages besides the last one.

The last savage appeared near the entrance to the second floor. This savage had more tattoos than the rest, especially on his right arm, which was covered in tattoos.

These tattoos looked like runes to Wang Lin.

After killing this savage, Wang Lin found two leaves on his forehead. This person’s strength was like that of a late stage Core Formation cultivator’s.

The second floor of the Immortal Graveyard was not very different from the first floor; it was still very dark here. However, there was an aura that would make one feel very irritated.

This aura had no effect on Wang Lin, but it had a big effect on Xu Luo and company.

Wang Lin was very confused as to why old man Hu brought Xu Luo and the woman here. They were only at the Core Formation stage, so any mistake could get them killed.

Wang Lin didn’t ask much about this. With his personality, unless it was pretty effortless to help, he wouldn’t do anything risky to save them.

On the second floor, they would occasionally spot beast bones and even some rotting corpses of beasts. They were all very different from the ones in the Sea of Devils. Wang Lin didn’t recognize any of them.

Just as they entered the second floor, Wang Lin was startled because a dark light appeared 100 feet from them. The light didn’t try to get any closer but turned into a savage.

This savage looked very different from the ones on the first floor. More than 1/4th of his body was covered in black, flowery tattoos. His eyes were also not red but very clear. However, if one looked closely, they would see a mysterious light in them.

This savage was not the same type as the ones from the first floor. The ones from the first floor, even the two leaf one, all had red eyes and were completely insane. They would attack them even when they knew the difference in strength.

However, this person didn’t get close but gloomily looked at them from 100 feet away. He took a few extra looks at the white-veiled woman.

The white-veiled woman suddenly said, “Savage! A real savage! The marks on his body have already reached the level of a three leaf, which is the same as a Nascent Soul cultivator.”

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