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Chapter 344 – Do you still remember Wealth?

It’s giant probiscus looked very threatening. The mosquito beast was very wary of the thunder toad, so it kept on letting out sounds.

The thunder toad looked at the mosquito beast with a provoking expression.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and jumped down from the thunder toad. He ignored the two beasts staring at each other and walked toward the pagoda.

Standing in front of it, he clasped his hands, took a deep breath, and said, “Senior, junior was asked by senior Zhou Yi to look after you for 1000 years. The Immortal Graveyard will be very dangerous, so I would like to ask senior to lend me a celestial sword.”

With that, Wang Lin bowed and walked into the pagoda.

At the top floor, Wang Lin saw the white-robed female corpse. The female corpse was lying on a bed of celestial jade. There was no movement at all. Beside her were two celestial swords, one big and one small, releasing waves of celestial spiritual energy.

Looking at the two celestial swords, Wang Lin began to ponder. His gaze locked onto the larger sword more than the smaller one.

Wang Lin felt like this large sword looked familiar when he first saw it. However, it was too dangerous to really think about it back then. After he came back, he was with Li Muwan the whole time, so he didn’t have time to think about anything else.

Now that he was looking at it after everything was over, that feeling of familiarity was even stronger.

“I must have seen this sword somewhere before…” Wang Lin pondered for a long time before reaching out to the sword. There wasn’t any discomfort as he held the large celestial sword in his hand.

This sword could no longer be considered a sword but a rectangular sign.

“Sign?” Wang Lin was startled and began to ponder. After a long time, his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Wealth!”

It was Wealth!

When Wang Lin was in the Heng Yue Sect, he was given a token from his master to pick out a flying sword. The one he picked was the most ridiculous flying sword in the Heng Yue Sect, Wealth!

Wang Lin walked down the pagoda filled with confusion. He stood outside the pagoda staring at the large sword.

Memories from more than 400 years ago played in his mind. Thinking back to the moment when he first saw Wealth, he felt very regretful. He could still recall the full golden body sword. However, it didn’t shine because of the quality of the sword; it was due to the layer of gold coating the surface.

The gold wasn’t even used to hide a valuable sword. What was under the gold was the most common kind of iron.

Holding the sword in his hand, Wang Lin remembered two giant gems on the hilt of Wealth. However, the two gems had no spiritual energy at all. They were only there for looks.

Even the tassels of Wealth were made from pieces of gold.

Wealth disappeared within the void when Wang Lin’s bag of holding was destroyed.

If it wasn’t for this celestial sword, Wang Lin wouldn’t have remembered Wealth.

However, looking at it now, besides the two giant gems and the gold tassels, the two swords were shockingly similar.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled. He didn’t believe that this was a coincidence. Could it be that the creator of Wealth once saw this celestial sword? But that made no sense either.

That senior from Zhao must have only been a Nascent Soul cultivator at most. How could he have gone to the Celestial Realm and seen the sword that was hidden until the white-robed woman called for it?

Wang Lin began to ponder. He began to recall the life of that senior that was recorded on the sign next to Wealth.

That person was originally useless in the Heng Yue Sect but was able to save the Heng Yue Sect from a disaster once. Then he died and left behind this large sword for future disciples.

“A completely useless person was able to save the Heng Yue Sect. I didn’t think about it too much back then, but thinking about it now, that senior must have had some secret!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He once again looked at the celestial sword in his hand.

“This celestial sword has already lost its soul, so it’s a lot weaker. If I want to use it at its full power, I need a sword soul for it…” Thinking about this, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding.

“Come out, Xu Liguo!”

A pillar of grey smoke shot out from the bag and turned into Xu Liguo. After he came out, he pounded his chest. He had a very excited look in his eyes.

Xu Liguo roared a few times. “I’m finally out, haha…”

At this moment, the thunder toad and the mosquito beast that were staring at each other turned around and looked at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo quickly became quiet when he saw the two beasts.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and grabbed Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo let out a scream as Wang Lin threw him into the celestial sword.

The sword suddenly trembled and the golden color on it dimmed

Wang Lin frowned and pointed at his brow. Wandering souls came out one by one and entered the celestial sword.

The sword’s color darkened again. Soon, it became black.

Wang Lin pressed his right hand on the sword. After pondering for a while, he muttered to himself, “Using wandering souls as the sword spirit can only activate a part of the sword’s power. If I use a soul devourer, then I should be able to use more of its power. Sadly, I don’t have enough time, but I must go capture a soul devourer in the future!”

Wang Lin stood up and put the sword away. He then touched the pagoda, causing it to immediately shrink. He put it away inside his bag of holding.

Then Wang Lin took a breath, put away the thunder toad and mosquito beast, and then disappeared.

In the old Zhou’s house at the Apricot Flower village, a woman was looking at a baby girl with a tender gaze.

“Ru Er, your dad went to get you some ginseng to help nourish your body. I don’t know what is wrong with this child for her body to be so weak.”

The woman was holding the baby while singing a song from their village. The baby girl’s breathing was steady. It seemed she had already fallen asleep.

After making sure that the baby had completely fallen asleep, the woman put the baby down and kissed her on the forehead before going to the kitchen to prepare food.

Just as the woman left, another person appeared in the room.

Wang Lin stared at the baby girl with tenderness in his eyes. His hand trembled as he gently touched the baby and whispered, “Wan Er…”

“I forgot what day, month, and year it was that we met outside the Sea of Devils, but I remember your smiling yet sad expression toward me.”

The baby girl’s eyelashes trembled as her clear eyes opened and silently stared at Wang Lin.

Because her Nascent Soul was asleep, the body was too weak to hold any of her memories. Although even though she couldn’t remember his name, his voice, or his appearance, the feeling of him was something forever engraved in her.

The baby girl’s gaze toward Wang Lin was no longer clear but filled with confusion. Even she didn’t notice the tear that fell from eye.

Wang Lin’s heart ached as he stared at the baby girl.

You gave me one teardrop and I was able to see everything in your heart…

Wang Lin looked at the baby girl for a very long time. Time passed by, but she was still holding her gaze.

“I’ll come to pick you up…” Wang Lin softly whispered before leaving.

Just as he left, water filled the baby girl’s eyes and she began to cry.

The woman who was cooking in the other room quickly came into the room, picked up the baby girl, and started to comfort her.

The baby girl’s cry soon stopped but she was still looking toward outside the room. Her eyes are filled with confusion.

Tie Yan sat down cross-legged in the cave while he guarded the baby girl. He had gotten used to being in half closed door cultivation for the last year. Half a year ago, Yu Fei messaged him to switch, but he rejected the offer.

After Tie Yan entered the cultivation world, he hadn’t experienced anything like what he had experienced in this last year. He had his divine sense spread out across the whole village every day. He knew every household and every person in the village.

This feeling was very mysterious. In fact, Tie Yan had recently given up cultivating and had emerged himself in the mortal world.

Wang Lin walked into the cave. When he saw Tie Yan, his eyes suddenly became focused.

Tie Yan quickly stood up to greet Wang Lin.

Wang Lin said, “Not bad compared to Lu Fei. All you have to do is keep this up and you can reach the Soul Formation stage. However, remember that you have to reach the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul first.”

Tie Yan was startled. He quickly nodded.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before taking out a time domain carving. He said, “I’m giving this to you. Study it well.”

Tie Yan quietly stared at the wooden carving

Wang Lin sat on top of the mosquito beast and flew toward the Immortal Graveyard.

At this moment, inside the Sea of Devils, there was something stirring within the Chaotic Broken Stars.

In the sea of blood inside the land of the ancient god.

The sea of blood looked very different from before. Most of the pillars were gone; only the one Ta Sen was sitting on was left.

There were less than 100 cultivators inside the sea of blood. Each of them had a red splinter on their forehead. All of them were silently cultivating.

Among these people, there were a lot of people that Wang Lin was familiar with, such as Ancient Emperor.

Each of them were releasing a demonic aura that smelled like blood. As they cultivated, the blood in the blood sea slowly entered their bodies.

On the pillar that Ta Sen was sitting on sat a man with long, red hair. His head was down.

On the ground below him there were countless words carved by his fingernails.

It was just one word carved over and over again.

“Wang Lin!”

This red-haired man was Ta Sen, the one who obtained the inheritance of strength from the ancient god. His hair covered his face, but his eyes filled with hatred were visible.

“Wang Lin, the lifespan of the ancient god’s body is reaching its limit. Once that happens, I will be able to escape from here. Wang Lin, you better not die. Continue keeping that inheritance of knowledge safe for me!”

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