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Chapter 343 – Country of Suzaku

After doing all of this, Wang Lin clenched his hands, causing the basin to morph into a container. The arm was now sealed inside it.

At this very moment, in a location in Suzaku that looked like a painting, Red Butterfly was cultivating on top of a lotus.

The area was surrounded by clear, blue water and luscious greens. There were even spirit beasts nearby.

Inside the water were some carps with very long whiskers. Their eyes showed life. They clearly had gained intelligence.

Red Butterfly was wearing a red robe, only the sleeve for her right arm was empty.

Sitting on a lotus facing her was a very handsome, middle-aged man.

He stared at Red Butterfly with tenderness in his eyes and said, “Junior apprentice sister Red Butterfly, I have given you the spirit of the eastern sea that will regrow your arm. Why haven’t you used it?”

Red Butterfly opened her eyes and coldly responded, “Every time I look at my empty sleeve, my urge to kill Ceng Niu increases! Until I kill him, my arm will stay missing. Senior apprentice brother, don’t try to change my mind.”

“Ceng Niu!” A hint of killing intent flashed through the middle-aged man’s eyes.

“Ceng Niu wanted to destroy my Dao heart; however, because he took my arm, not only was my Dao heart not destroyed, it is now even more complete. I’m glad that Mount Suzaku wants him to fight me!” Red Butterfly raised her head and looked into the distance.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for Mount Suzaku, I would have already gone out and captured Ceng Niu for junior apprentice sister to kill.” The middle-aged man’s eyes were sparkling.

Red Butterfly was about to speak when her expression suddenly changed. A black line with a sliver of red inside appeared in her forehead and quickly spread.

Red Butterfly’s left hand quickly pressed on her forehead. Her face constantly changed colors as she struggled. After a long time, the black line receded. There was a deep look of hatred on her face.

“Ceng Niu is trying to injure me by refining my lost arm.”

Red Butterfly’s left hand formed multiple seals and sent them to her forehead. After a long time, she struggled to stand up before sitting down again. She had a gloomy expression on her face

“Junior apprentice sister, I’m going to kill Ceng Niu even if it is against Mount Suzaku’s orders. At most, they will just punish me by making me go into closed door cultivation for 100 years.” The middle-aged man’s heart ached as he turned around to leave.

Red Butterfly whispered, “Senior apprentice brother, if anyone is going to kill Ceng Niu, it will be me. Mount Suzaku sent out two messages about Ceng Niu. If you kill him, it won’t be something as simple as 100 years of closed door cultivation.

The middle-aged man’s expression was sullen as he sat back down again. However, he took out a piece of jade, recorded some information, and threw it out.

“I won’t go myself. I’ll send out some cultivators from those lower ranking cultivation countries. That way, Mount Suzaku can’t do anything to me either.”

Red Butterfly didn’t respond. She closed her eyes to focus her attention on sealing in the black line that had invaded her.

East of Suzaku, there was a mountain shaped like a bird. This mountain became known as Mount Suzaku.

Mount Suzaku was the holy land of Suzaku. Everything that happened in Suzaku had to receive their approval.

On this day, a white-robed young man arrived at the foot of the mountain. He was in a difficult position. He paced around the foot of the mountain for a while before climbing up the steps.

Outside a palace midway up the mountain, the young man knelt down on one leg and said, “Disciple Feng Yushan seeks an audience with elder.”

After a long time, a voice came out from the palace.

“What is it?”

“Disciple was ordered by Mount Suzaku to send a challenge letter to Ceng Niu. However, Ceng Niu didn’t accept it and delayed it by ten years.” Feng YuShan didn’t dare to lie at all.

The voice in the palace gloomily said, “Hmph! Ceng Niu really doesn’t know his place. You can leave. Someone else will bring him here.”

Feng YuShan’s forehead was covered in sweat as he quickly left.

“Zi Wu, go bring Ceng Niu here!” As the voice echoed in the palace, a person covered in fog suddenly appeared.

Zi Wu lazily asked, “Dead or alive?”

The voice from the palace answered, “However you like!”

“Okay!” Zi Wu turned around and was about to leave.

However, just at that moment, a red light came down from the top of Mount Suzaku and entered the palace.

The owner of the voice from the palace was surprised. He slowly said, “Wait!”

After a long time, a gentle snort came from the palace. “Forget it, you don’t have to go; we will wait ten years for him.”

Zi Wu shrugged his shoulders and disappeared within Mount Suzaku.

Inside the palace sat an old man whose hair and eyebrows were now all white. He stared at the red jade in his hand and muttered, “What kind of background does Ceng Niu have for him to interfere three times?”

At this moment, Wang Lin was sitting crossed-legged in the valley. Before him was a war chariot filled with spikes.

Wang Lin stared at the war chariot with an unsettled expression. He tossed out the beast trap and the thunder toad landed on the side with a thud.

The thunder toad’s injures had already healed, and its gaze toward Wang Lin contained a hint of gratitude.

If it wasn’t for Wang Lin’s help, he would have died to the injuries from before.

Wang Lin whispered, “Thunder toad, I’m going take away the beast trap. If you wish to stay, then follow me. If you don’t, then you may leave, okay?”

The thunder toad nodded.

Wang Lin formed several seals with both of his hands. The seals landed on the beast trap. A myriad of symbols began to spread out from the bracelet.

In the end, a very strange thing happened before Wang Lin. The symbols formed rings with the largest one on the outside. Each ring was smaller than the previous one, and in the center was the beast trap.

“Release!” Wang Lin shouted. Suddenly, the symbols began to spin. A sliver of green smoke came out from the beast trap. It moved through the symbols like it was escaping and entered the thunder toad.

The thunder toad let out a roar and its eyes sparkled.

The symbols didn’t disappear but kept spinning.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the thunder toad. Instead, he looked at the war chariot. His right hand formed a seal and pointed at the chariot. Black mist appeared on the chariot. A pair of eyes could be seen within the mist. A deafening roar came from the chariot and the beast spirit of the chariot appeared.

This was the smallest beast spirit among the three chariots. It had been sealed by Wang Lin, but now that it was released, it locked onto Wang Lin.

Its head had three horns, the body of an ox, and the tail of a dragon. There was even a face on the tail.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the beast before dripping a drop of blood on the beast trap. Then he pointed at the beast spirit of the chariot. The symbols from the beast trap suddenly shook and turned into a ray of light that began to spin around the beast spirit.

The beast spirit let out many roars as it tried to struggle, but the black chains came out of the chariot and locked the beast down.

The light formed by the symbols landed on the beast’s body and released a golden glow.

The roars from the beast became even more vicious. Some of the chains broke, but even more chains appeared to keep the beast completely locked down.

In the end, all of the symbols landed on the beast’s body and settled there. The beast was no longer struggling, but its eyes were even more vicious.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm. After those symbols were done settling, he whispered, “Return!”

The symbols on the beast shined brightly. The colors of the symbols changed from golden to black as it flew into the beast trap.

When the last symbol disappeared onto the beast trap, a new beast appeared on the bracelet. This beast looked exactly the same as the beast spirit of the war chariot.

At the same time, the war chariot turned into a ray of black light and disappeared into the beast trap.

Wang Lin took a deep breath before slapping his bag of holding and placing eight top quality spirit stones around him. The beast trap quickly flew toward him and wrapped around his right wrist.

A force countless times stronger than the one he experienced with the thunder toad suddenly started consuming his spiritual energy. Wang Lin’s body immediately began to shrink and he started to turn into a mummy.

However, his eyes were still clear. The eight top quality spirit stones around him shined brightly. A crazy amount of spiritual energy entered his body and went into the beast trap.

This process lasted three days.

Three days later, the force slowly started to disappear. Wang Lin’s body slowly recovered as well.

One of the eight top quality spirit stones shattered and turned to dust.

Wang Lin opened his eyes with a hint of worry. When he looked at the beast trap on his right wrist, his eyes became cold.

“The suction was powerful enough to use up a top quality spirit stone. God Slaying War Chariot… I’ll have to find the time to see if you are fitting of that name.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He didn’t put the seven top quality spirit stones away but kept them on him. From what he knew of the beast trap, it would likely suck spiritual energy from him after every use. It would be best to keep the spirit stones on him just in case.

Wang Lin touched the beast trap, then he stood up and looked at the thunder toad. Throughout these three days, the thunder toad hadn’t moved at all. It had guarded Wang Lin the entire time.

When he saw Wang Lin standing up, the thunder toad picked Wang Lin up with its head, so Wang Lin was now riding on its back. Wang Lin smiled. “Do you want to follow me?”

The thunder toad’s stomach expanded and it let out a roar as a reply.

“Good! From today onward, I’ll treat you the same as the mosquito beast!” He slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast came out. He hadn’t seen the mosquito beast in many years. It seemed to have grown. Its body was now the size of a small hill.

T/N note: Suzaku is a type of bird, so the mountain shaped like a bird really says “it’s shaped like a suzaku.” This will get a bit complicated later on because the person who’s the strongest cultivator in the planet has the title of “Suzaku.”

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