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Chapter 342 – Remnant of the Savages

Wang Lin put down his cup and silently shook his head. He looked toward Qiu Siping and said, “Brother Qiu, if you give up everything and stay alone, you have a chance to comprehend the ways of the heavens.”

Qiu Siping wryly smiled. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep the fact that he was now following old man Hu from Wang Lin. He said, “Reaching the Soul Formation stage… is difficult.”

Old man Hu picked up the cup and took a sip. He was shocked by the flavor. “Fellow cultivator Wang, this tea…?”

Wang Lin smiled. “This tea is not from Suzaku but from another cultivation planet. I accidently got this during my trip to the Celestial Realm many years ago.

Old man Hu took a deep breath. He stared at Wang Lin with a trace of hesitation in his eyes before saying, “Rumor has it that when brother Wang went to the Celestial Realm, you took an arm from Red Butterfly. Was brother Wang able to obtain celestial spiritual energy?”

The way he referred to Wang Lin unconsciously changed.

Wang Lin looked at old man Hu and said, “I have obtained some.”

Old man Hu’s eyes lit up. He looked at Wang Lin and sincerely said, “I am willing to pay any price for some celestial spiritual energy. I hope fellow cultivator Wang is willing to sell some.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “This matter is not urgent. We can wait until it is time to breakthrough to the Soul Transformation stage. I wonder, what is fellow cultivator Hu going to the Immortal Graveyard for?”

Old man Hu secretly thought that although Wang Lin hadn’t cultivated for long, he was an old fox who could easily change the subject. After hearing Wang Lin, he laughed and said, “That is true. Then when this old man is about to reach the Soul Transformation stage, I’ll have to come and ask you for some. As for the Immortal Graveyard, you will have to ask fellow cultivator Zi Xin to explain.”

The white-veiled woman looked at Wang Lin and said, “Senior, inside the Immortal Graveyard there is a Reincarnation Tree. Junior has a map that can lead us there.”

Wang Lin calmly took a sip of tea.

The woman who came with old man Hu obediently poured another cup for Wang Lin. She would occasionally glance at Wang Lin.

After Qiu Siping heard “Reincarnation Tree,” his eyes were filled with desire. Xu Luo showed the same look.

The white-veiled woman looked at Wang Lin and found that his expression hadn’t changed at all after hearing about the Reincarnation Tree. His reaction was just like old man Hu’s. She couldn’t help but secretly sigh. Wang Lin was extremely mischievous, so she couldn’t see through him at all. It looked like aside from strength, a Soul Formation cultivator’s slyness was far above a Nascent Soul cultivator’s.

Old man Hu looked toward Wang Lin and found that there was no change in Wang Lin’s expression. Now he believed even more of the rumors about Ceng Niu.

“Sitting under the Reincarnation Tree allows a cultivator to experience an extra life cycle. This is very good for Soul Formation cultivators because it allows them to increase their understanding of their domain.” The white-veiled woman looked at Wang Lin. She didn’t believe that he wasn’t tempted.

Unfortunately, she still couldn’t see any changes in Wang Lin’s expression.

Wang Lin let out a faint smile. He looked toward old man Hu and said, “Ridiculous. The domain of a Soul Formation cultivator is something that they comprehend themselves. This Reincarnation Tree might have some effect on peak late stage Nascent Soul cultivators or early stage Soul Formation cultivators whose cultivation hasn’t stabilized yet. I believe old man Hu has other goals for this trip.”

The white-veiled woman was startled. She looked toward the old man in the black cloak to see that he was also frowning.

Old man Hu laughed. He didn’t try to hide it. He said, “Brother Wang is really knowledgable. I’m impressed. You are indeed correct.”

The white-veiled woman frowned and looked toward old man Hu.

Old man Hu laughed. “Fellow cultivator Zi Xin, don’t blame me. If it was just for the Reincarnation Tree, I wouldn’t follow you into the Immortal Graveyard. What I want is the Reincarnation Fruit!” After he finished speaking, he looked toward Wang Lin and said, “Without brother Wang, I’m only 30% confident in succeeding, but if brother Wang comes, I’ll be 60% confident.”

“Reincarnation Fruit.” Although Wang Lin’s expression remained normal, his heart was moved.

When he heard about the Reincarnation Tree, Wang Lin’s mind began to work. Then, when he heard the words “Reincarnation Fruit,” he was even more sure. He pondered for a bit and then said, “Is this the fruit that is the size of a fist and changes colors every two hours?”

Old man Hu’s eyes lit up. He took a long look at Wang Lin and then said, “Brother Wang really is very knowledgeable! That is the way to identify the fruit. For us Soul Formation cultivators, it is a great treasure. If it is eaten at the late stage of Soul Formation, it will increase one’s chance of reaching the Soul Transformation stage by 30%. I have only seen it in some old text.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. From the memories of the ancient god, there were few fruits that were very good for a young ancient god. Due to the ancient gods’ bodies, most fruits were useless. Even celestial fruits could only increase their spiritual energy by a bit.

Only a handful of spirit fruits could have any effect. While they wouldn’t increase their cultivation level, if they smeared one of those fruits all over their body, it would strengthen their foundation.

This was called body cleansing among the ancient gods.

Normally, an adult ancient god finds a fruit and cleanses the body of a baby ancient god before they throw them into the core of a planet.

An ancient god that has gone through body cleansing has their meridians completely hidden inside their body. As a result, the speed at which the ancient god absorbs spiritual energy increases greatly. The meridians only reappear when the ancient god reaches adulthood, and at that point, the rate at which they absorb spiritual energy will already have reached a terrifying degree.

In ancient times, every single ancient god was hunted by every living thing because wherever there was an ancient god, there would be no spiritual energy for anyone else. However, most things that try to kill an ancient god end up dying themselves.

Only after going through body cleansing could Wang Lin’s original body be considered a real ancient god.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before saying, “Immortal Graveyard…”

Old man Hu said, “This Immortal Graveyard is very dangerous. After all, there is a power there that even Suzaku dreads. However, as long as we don’t go in too deep, then there shouldn’t be too many powerful savage people.”

Wang Lin didn’t know much about the Immortal Graveyard. He only knew from the map that the Immortal Graveyard was very large and that compared to its surface, the underground portion was even larger.”

No one besides Suzaku knew exactly how many layers the Immortal Graveyard had.

“Brother Wang should know that these savages were the natives of this planet. When Suzaku became a rank 6 cultivation country, they were gifted this planet by the Cultivation Alliance. They then had a large war with the savages. This originally lively planet was ravaged during the war and has now turned into a half-wasted planet. All of this was caused by the savages.”

“During this war, 90% of the savages were killed. The survivors then escaped into the Immortal Graveyard. Every 100 years, Suzaku sends countless cultivators to kill them, but they still can’t wipe them all out.”

“The Reincarnation Tree grows underground and is considered holy by the savages. However, there are a total of nine Reincarnations Trees, which give us a chance.”

“As for the Reincarnation Fruit, as long as we can find a tree, I have a secret method for it to bear fruit within three hours.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He looked toward the white-veiled woman and asked, “Why did your father go to the Immortal Graveyard?”

The white-veiled woman whispered, “To get me a piece of Reincarnation Wood.”

Wang Lin didn’t ask further questions. He pondered for a bit before saying to old man Hu, “I can’t make a decision right now.”

Old man Hu nodded. “No problem. The Immortal Graveyard is indeed dangerous. I hesitated for a long time before making the decision as well. How about this: we will wait for you outside the Immortal Graveyard for one month. If you don’t come, we will go on our own.”

Wang Lin nodded.

Old man Hu stood up and smiled. “Then I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll wait for you there.” With that, he clasped his hands and left.

Qiu Siping and company quickly stood up and said their goodbyes.

The white-veiled woman stood up, hesitated, and whispered, “Zi Xin hopes to see senior there.” She then flew up and left.

The old man behind her clasped his hands and followed her.

After the six of them left, Wang Lin picked up the tea cup and took a sip. His eyes were sparkling.

“The Reincarnation Fruit is very useful for the original body. If i can obtain it, the original body’s power will increase by a lot…”

He pondered for a bit before slapping his bag of holding. Three carvings appeared in his hand.

“Six of these time domain carvings have been destroyed, leaving only three, so the power of the time domain that they can display has greatly weakened. Sadly, there are no hundred-year-old trees to make new ones with.”

After putting away the wooden carvings, Wang Lin checked his bag and took out an arm.

This arm had remained in good condition. There was even a thin layer of ice covering it, releasing a cold aura.

“Suzaku didn’t act to help Red Butterfly but sent this challenge letter instead. It is indeed strange.” Wang Lin pondered for a long time, but he couldn’t think of why.

“It looks like a battle with Red Butterfly is inevitable, but as long as she hasn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage, I’ll have a chance to win.” Wang Lin sneered. He then reached out and a stone chair flew over and landed before him.

The chair looked like it was going to melt, but it morphed into a basin. Wang Lin put Red Butterfly’s arm inside it, then he formed a seal and black light appeared on his hand.

Wang Lin pointed at the arm and the black light entered the arm.

Subsequently, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out several small bottles. These bottles were things that Wang Lin had obtained during these past few hundred years. They contained the poison from a spirit beast.

He broke the bottles open and poured out the contents. Red, blood-like liquid came out and fused with the arm.

Then Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He formed a seal that created a ghostly light. The ghostly light quickly took the shape of a skull and entered the arm.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. He continued to create skulls until 99 more of them had entered the arm one by one.

The color of the arm suddenly changed from the original snow white to black and red. It looked terrifying and there was now also a stench coming from it.

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