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Chapter 341 – Three Message From Mount Suzuka

That messenger was very fast, so he soon arrived before the six. The messenger slightly paused for a moment. His green eyes swept across the six of them.

Aside from old man Hu and the old man in the black cloak, everyone’s hearts trembled and they lowered their heads.

“There are two Soul Formation cultivators here!” The light disappeared, revealing the handsome-looking young man.

Although the woman who came with old man Hu had her head lowered, her cheeks still turned slightly red. This man was the most handsome person she had ever meet.

“Where are you guys going?” The young man’s voice was calm, but it didn’t hide the condescending aura.

The old man was immediately able to tell that this young man’s cultivation was at the peak of the early stage of Soul Formation. He sneered in his heart but revealed nothing on the surface as he said, “We are going to the Immortal Graveyard.”

The young man’s gaze landed on the woman with the white veil and he said, “Take off your veil.”

The old man with the black cloak stepped forward and said, “Lord messenger, my lady has orders from the head of the house that she can’t easily reveal her face. I hope that lord messenger can understand.”

The young man’s gaze lit up. After pondering for a bit, he waved his sleeves and flew away.

The six of them pondered for a while. Old man Hu’s eyes lit up and then he followed the young man. He wanted to see why this Suzaku messenger had come to Chu.

After he moved, Qiu Siping, Xu Luo, and the woman quickly followed.

The white-veiled woman looked at the old man, clenched her teeth, and followed them. The old man let out a sigh and followed her.

Everyone followed the young man, but from a distance. They saw him flying north. It seemed like his destination was also the Immortal Graveyard.

Old man Hu secretly thought, “Could some kind of treasure have appeared in the Immortal Graveyard?”

But just as that thought went through his head, his expression suddenly changed when he saw the young man flying over a valley. The young man seemed to have met some kind of powerful force and was pushed back more than 100 feet. The young man revealed a shocked expression.

Old man Hu landed on a nearby mountain. Everyone else followed him and looked at the young man.

The young man frowned. He took out a jade and checked it. The instructions inside the jade led to this place.

He pondered for a bit before taking a few steps forward. Then he suddenly felt a terrifying pressure, so his expression changed and he quickly backed up.

Old man Hu was curious. He looked toward the valley and saw a pagoda. Below the pagoda sat a person, but there was no life coming from that person. It looked like a mummified body.

The young man tried a few times but couldn’t go more than five kilometers deep into the barrier. His expression was unsettled, and in the end he clasped his hands and said, “I’m Feng Yushan of Suzaku. I wish to greet fellow cultivator Ceng Niu!”

“Ceng Niu!” Old man Hu’s eyes became serious. He was shocked. His eyes unconsciously landed on the mummified body below the pagoda. It was no surprise that he was this shocked. The name Ceng Niu had become very famous in the Sea of Devils. Stories about Ceng Niu almost never ended.

There was a rumor that he had been secretly trained by Suzaku and would be the person to inherit the title of Suzaku. Otherwise, how else would Suzaku not respond with their usual overbearing style after he took an arm from Red Butterfly?

There was also a rumor that he was a disciple of some secret power and that his talent was far beyond Red Butterfly’s. The rumors also stated that within this secret power, there were many cultivators far more powerful than Ceng Niu, which was why Suzaku didn’t dare to move against him.

In addition, there some even more ridiculous rumors saying that Ceng Niu hadn’t even cultivated for more than 60 years, making him even more valuable to Suzaku than Red Butterfly.

There were numerous stories and rumors like this.

“Ceng Niu!” The white-veiled woman’s eyes lit up and her breathing became rough. She thought that if Ceng Niu would help her, then everything would be alright.

The old man beside her revealed a hint of respect in his eyes.

“I never thought that the famous Ceng Niu would be here!” Qiu Siping took a deep breath.

“No wonder a messenger from Suzaku would come to Chu!” Xu Luo revealed a look of disbelief.

The beautiful woman softly said, “I wonder what relationship this Ceng Niu has with Chu…”

The moment she said this, old man Hu pondered for a bit and then said, “Cancel the order to send someone to the Cloud Sky Sect.”

Xu Luo was startled, but he quickly agreed.

The young man waited for a bit. After hearing no response, he frowned and said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, I’m not here about you injuring Red Butterfly but to deliver her challenge letter. I hope you can come out to meet me.”

The moment he said this, the six people all had various expressions on their faces. Old man Hu’s eyes lit up and he looked toward the valley.

After a long time, there was still no response from the valley. Feng Yushan was very angry. He was a disciple of Suzaku, so he was shown respect everywhere he went. Not even rank 5 cultivation countries dared to retreat him like this.

Feng Yushan’s eyes became gloomy and he slowly said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, don’t refuse our good will only to regret it later. No one dares to ignore the orders of Suzaku!”

The moment he finished speaking, a powerful force came from the valley. The power formed a giant hand which grabbed the young man.

A series of crackling sounds came from within the hand. Feng Yushan’s forehead was covered in sweat and his eyes were filled with fear.

“I’m a messenger of Suzaku! Ceng Niu, don’t be rash. I’m only here to deliver the challenge letter!”

A calm voice came from within the valley. “The date!”

Feng Yushan quickly said, “Three months from now, on mount Suzaku in the western Heaven Temple!”

“How did you know I was here?” Although Wang Lin’s voice was calm, there was a hint of killing intent within it.

Feng Yushan didn’t hesitate to respond. “I really don’t know. This was sent from from mount Suzaku. If it wasn’t for them, Red Butterfly’s master would have already come looking for you. Your location was also sent down by them.”

At this moment, old man Hu’s expression became strange. He felt like he was familiar with this voice. He turned around and looked at Qiu Siping to see that Qiu Siping was dumbfounded. It seemed like Qiu Siping had already guessed the same thing.

After a pause, Wang Lin’s voice came from the valley. “I don’t have the time.”

The invisible hand around Feng Yushan disappeared, allowing him to regain his freedom. His back was covered in cold sweat at this point. Now he finally understood the terror of Ceng Niu. He originally thought that Ceng Niu was only able to take senior apprentice sister Red Butterfly’s arm because he used some tricks.

Now he no longer thought like that.

Wang Lin’s response put him in a difficult situation. He pondered a bit, clasped his hands, and respectfully said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, it is by the order of mount Suzaku that you battle with Red Butterfly. They rarely ever send out any messages. In the past 100 years, they only sent out three. The first time was to recruit Red Butterfly as a core disciple. The second time was to stop people from pursuing you. The third time was when they gave out your location and ordered you to fight Red Butterfly. I believe that you will receive great benefits if you win. After all, of the three messages, two of them were related to you!”

Wang Lin’s voice came from inside the valley. “Tell Red Butterfly that even if she wants to battle, it will have to be in ten years!”

Feng Yushan pondered for a bit, let out a wry smile, and clasped his hands. He turned around and disappeared in a ray of light.

“Old friends in the valley, please come in.” With that, Zhou Yi’s domain disappeared.

Old man Hu laughed and walked into the valley. Behind him, the white-veiled woman and her servant followed.

Qiu Siping hesitated for a bit before quickly following in along with Xu Luo and the woman.

Inside the valley, the mummified body moved when the six of them arrived. After a series of crackling sounds, the mummified body’s eyes opened.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, stood up, and let out a smile. He waved his hand and surrounded himself in a thick, white fog. After the fog disappeared, Wang Li appeared before them wearing a white robe.

Everything that had landed on his body during his time cultivating had disappeared.

Wang Lin pointed at the ground and suddenly a table made of stone appeared from the ground. Several stone chairs also appeared.

“Please sit!” Wang Lin sat down, waved his hand, and a tea set appeared on the table.

Old man Hu stared at Wang Lin and sat down across from him. The beautiful woman quickly greeted Wang Lin, walked up, and poured tea for everyone.

Wang Lin looked at the black-cloaked old man next to the white-veiled woman and smiled. “Fellow cultivator, please sit.”

The old man took a long look at Wang Lin. He recognized that this was the same person from back then. A complex expression appeared on his face as he sat down.

The others also sat down.

Old man Hu looked at Wang Lin and bitterly smiled. “I don’t know if I should call you fellow cultivator Wang or fellow cultivator Ceng.”

Wang Lin picked up a cup, took a sip and smiled. “Names are just what we call each other. There is no need to worry too much about it.

The white-veiled woman was still looking at Wang Lin. Her face showed a complex expression. She would never have guessed that the famous Ceng Niu was this person.

Wang Lin looked at the woman and said, “Lady is still as beautiful as before. I believe that you are heading to the Immortal Graveyard to save your father since you are with fellow cultivator Hu?”

The white-veiled woman whispered, “Back then, this little girl didn’t know senior’s identity. I hope senior forgives my rudeness.”

The name Ceng Niu was very famous throughout Suzaku. Even old man Hu was shocked by it, much less her.

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