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Chapter 340 – Messenger of Suzuka

Wang Lin flew to where the pagoda was and landed next to it. His original body separated from him, coughed out some blood, and sat down to cultivate.

After a very long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He quickly sat down, took out some pills, and started to manage the spiritual energy in his body.

Three days later, he and his original body both opened their eyes at the same time.

“My injury is too serious this time. I must go into closed door cultivation to recover!” Wang Lin secretly thought that the messenger of the heavens had no intent on killing him until that very last blow. The messenger had no emotions; it did everything by the rules.

“With how much of Wan Er’s Nascent Soul dissipated, it will take her 19 years to recover and awaken. Once she awakens, the heavens will come again to wipe out anyone who dares to try to escape the heavens’ law.” Wang Lin stared at the sky.

Wang Lin stood up. At the same time, his original body silently flew away toward the giant hole that was created during the battle. It landed in the hole and sank down. As it sank, the dirt around the hole followed it in. Soon, the hole was filled. It was like it was never there.

Thousands of kilometers underground, the original body sat there cultivating. The two purple stars on its forehead spun rapidly. A faint, purple light came out of its body, forming a small ball of light beside him.

The injury the original body suffered was much heavier than Wang Lin’s. Especially on that last attack, where the original body took 70% of the damage. However, with the strength of the original body’s body, it was not life threatening, but it had to go into closed door cultivation as well.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He then slapped his bag of holding and took out a jade. After leaving a message inside, he threw it into the sky and it disappeared, leaving a streak of light.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin sat down next to the pagoda and activated the sliver of Zhou Yi’s domain. Unless an Ascendant cultivator comes, no one else will be able to approach him.

Just like this, Wang Lin closed his eyes and silently healed his injuries.

During the day, the rays from the sun landed on Wang Lin, giving him a hint of warmth.

At night, the moonlight quietly arrived, bringing with it the cold of the night.

On rainy days, the rain fell down from the sky and landed on Wang Lin, completely soaking him almost instantly.

On snowy days, the snow slowly fell from the sky, covering everything. No matter where one looked, everything was covered in white. There was even a snowman next to the pagoda.

Whether it was day or night, rainy or snowy, Wang Lin’s body still wouldn’t move. He was like a an old, dead monk; there was no vitality coming from his body.

Six months after the battle, spring came again. In the old Zhou’s home in Apricot Village, a baby was born. Her name was Zhou Ru.

This baby girl was born crying like other babies, but no one knew that this cry was different than a normal baby’s cry.

The baby girl’s body was very weak. Luckily, old Zhou was respected in Apricot Village. He also owned a store, so his life was better than most people’s.

There was a cave in the mountain 50 kilometers away from the Apricot Village. Tie Yan had been cultivating there for more than six months. Six months ago, Tie Yun an Lu Fei received Wang Lin’s message ordering one of them to come and guard Li Muwan.

After the two talked about it, Tie Yan came. His divine sense was locked onto the village at all times as he silently guarded it.

Wang Lin’s healing continued. The snow outside the pagoda had already turned to water and was absorbed by the earth.

The original body was thousands of kilometers underground. During these six months, it had gone deeper three times. Each time it did so, it sank several thousand kilometers.

The original body had already traveled 1/5th of the way to the planet’s core.

It was not a lie that the ancient gods grew in battle. After this fierce battle, the original body was showing signs of breaking through. Although it was slow, he had already reached the peak of the two star stage. The third transformation was not far away.

In the blink of an eye, a year passed by. Zhou Ru was now one year old. Most children at this age would start making sounds even if they couldn’t speak, but Zhou Ru remained silent.

Thus, the people of the village began a rumor stating that this girl was a mute.

On this day, a group of people walked out of a normal transfer array on the edge of Chu. Among them was a woman wearing a veil. There was a hint of fatigue in her eyes, but they still shined like the stars and would mesmerize almost anyone.

Following behind her was an old man. The old man was wearing an old, black coat, and his eyes were dim. It was like he was going through a severe illness.

If Wang Lin saw them, he would recognize them as the two that had bought the rank 6 pill recipe.

Beside the two of them stood a white-haired old man. He was the Soul Formation cultivator from the Treasure Refining Pavilion named Hu.

Behind him were three people. One of them was someone Wang Lin knew well: Qiu Siping.

The other two were Xu Luo and a very beautiful woman. This woman was the person who delivered the purple jade.

After the six of them exited the transfer array, the old man looked toward the north and said, “Although Chu isn’t the quickest way to enter the Immortal Graveyard, it is easier than going through Zhou.”

The woman with the white veil nodded and said, “What senior said is correct. Although going through Chu takes longer, there is no checkpoint to pass through like there is in Zhou, so it is much easier.”

The old man named Hu flew forward. Everyone else quickly followed.

Qiu Siping secretly sighed. After Wang Lin left, he decided to follow old man Hu in hopes of reaching the Soul Formation stage one day.

Although his cultivation level had risen in the last ten years, it was still too far away from the Soul Formation stage. He believed that if he were able to obtain that object in the Immortal Graveyard, then reaching the Soul Formation stage would no longer be a dream.

The woman secretly sighed. During these ten years, she had reached out to many Soul Formation cultivators. In the end, she remembered that the Treasure Refining Pavilion had a Soul Formation cultivator. After she revealed some secrets she hadn’t told Wang Lin, she was able to convince the old man to help.

The six of them flew north. They passed by many sects, but no one dared to stop them.

Old man Hu was surprised. “I haven’t come to Chu in over 100 years. There seems to be many changes.”

Behind him, Xu Luo respectfully said, “Ancestor, in these recent years, the Cloud Sky Sect has devoured several other sects and officially became the number one sect in Chu.”

Old man Hu nodded and said, “The Cloud Sky Sect focuses on alchemy, so they must have a lot of Nascent Soul cultivators. When we return from the Immortal Graveyard, remind me to take a trip to the Cloud Sky Sect to ask for some pills!”

Xu Luo faintly smiled. He was sure that the Cloud Sky Sect would immediately hand over pills for their own safety.

As the six of them flew, a pillar of light shot into the sky. From where they were, the pillar was only as thick as a baby’s fist, but if they were closer, the pillar would be countless times larger.

Old man Hu suddenly turned toward the pillar of light. Even with his experience, he was shocked.

The eyes of the old man who was behind the woman suddenly lit up as he looked toward the pillar of light. He was also shocked.

This pillar of light was coming from the center of Chu, where the Heaven’s Tower was.

“This is a messenger from an upper cultivation country descending. But a messenger from a rank 4 cultivation country wouldn’t cause this big of a commotion!” The more the old man looked, the more shocked he became.

Then, several golden dragons appeared around the pillar of light, and soon, a white-robed young man slowly walked out.

The moment he walked out, the golden dragons let out roars. Even with how far the six of them were, they were able to clearly hear the roars.

Shortly after, the golden dragons all charged at young man in white. Right as they were about to collide, they turned into countless golden threads and became embroidered onto the young man’s clothes.

“A messenger from Suzaku!!!” The old man revealed an aghast expression. He realized that something big was about to happen in Chu. Why else would a messenger from Suzaku come to a mere rank 3 cultivation country?

The woman’s face revealed a trace of panic. The old man took a step forward and stood in front of her.

The panic on the woman’s face quickly disappeared, but her clenched fist was covered in sweat.

Qiu Siping, Xu Luo, and the beautiful woman were all shocked. Qiu Siping was especially shocked. He looked at the light and muttered, “This is the first time I’ve seen someone from Suzaku… Suzaku…”

The beautiful woman took a deep breath and softly asked, “Ancestor, why did a messenger from Suzaku came to Chu?”

“Fellow cultivator Gong Sun, what do you think?” Old man Hu looked toward the old man wearing the old, black coat.

The old man slowly said, “Fellow cultivator Hu, I have just entered the Soul Formation stage, so I don’t know many things about Suzaku. However, I believe that something big is about to happen. I don’t know what it is, but why else would a messenger from Suzaku come to Chu?”

Old man Hu secretly thought, “Rubbish!” His gaze turned toward the pillar of light.

Just at this moment, the pillar of light started to fade. The young man in white flew toward the six of them like a meteor.

The woman with the white veil’s body trembled. Her eyes were filled with extreme fear.

This scene was noticed by old man Hu. He didn’t show any reaction on his face, but a hint of doubt appeared in his heart.

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