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Chapter 338 – Li Muwan

I can’t fight the life and death cycle, and time won’t wait for me. When will you come to take me away…

In my left hand is the brief karma from the Sea of Devils, and in my right hand is more than 100 years of loneliness.

Li Muwan was quietly lying on her bed wearing a white dress. Although her face had aged, her eyes were still bright as she stared at the man before her…

She wanted to carve the person’s image into her memory.

She didn’t know if she what she felt for the man before her was true love, but she knew that in those 100 years, whenever she played music, his image would appear in her mind.

Wang Lin grabbed Li Muwan’s hand with a gentle smile on his face while his heart felt like it was being cut apart.

Li Muwan moved her gaze to outside the window and whispered, “Wang Lin, last night I had a dream. I saw my big brother smiling at me, and there were two elders behind him. They looked like my parents…”

Li Muwan’s parents died when she was very young. It was her big brother that raised her.

Wang Lin’s heart hurt even more.

At night, Wang Lin stood outside the stone room, looking toward Zhao. His heart called out to it.

In Zhao, deep under Heng Yue mountain, a red-haired young man with a face as cold as never-melting ice suddenly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the entire country of Zhao shook. It was as if some kind of demon was awakening, shocking every cultivator in Zhao.

His original body’s eyes were filled with coldness and ruthlessness. On his forehead were two spinning, purple stars, and around his body was purple lightning.

He slightly turned his head. His gaze seemed like it could pierce the earth as he looked toward Chu. He ripped open the ground and walked toward Chu underground.

Six months quickly went by.

Li Muwan’s body was even weaker now, and her soul was on the verge of collapsing. The life and death cycle was constantly pulling her as if it wanted to completely take her away from Wang Lin.

On this day, Ouyang Zi came over with a bright, red pill. There was hint of excitement he couldn’t hide as he gave it to Wang Lin.

“I, Ouyang Zi, completed a rank 6 pill!” After he finished speaking, his eyes dimmed and he fell down.

He didn’t die, but he was very weak.

Holding the pill, Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan, who was on her deathbed. Her hair was all white and her once young and beautiful face had been affected by the passage of time.

In these several years, Wang Lin personally saw her slowly age and her beauty drying up.

Endless sorrow filled the sea in his heart. However, the sea was too deep and too large. In the end, the sea turned into two streams of tears.

He walked the path that defied the heavens and cultivated the domain of life and death. His life was filled with twists and turns, and while his heart was tired, he still believed. However, at this moment, although his expression didn’t change, his heart aged as the girl before him aged.

In his eyes, the age of this girl was but an illusion. In his eyes, the girl will forever remain how she looked back in the Sea of Devils, back when she was playing the zither in her loft, back when she stood there watching him leave.

Wang Lin gently touched Li Muwan’s face as he slowly put the pill in his hand into her mouth. The pill immediately melted in her mouth and her face became red.

In an instant, an endless amount of spiritual energy surged from all over Chu and entered Li Muwan’s body.

The stone house couldn’t withstand this powerful spiritual energy, so cracks began to appear all over it. With a blow of the wind, the stone house turned to dust and disappeared.

Lu Fei and Tie Yan were awakened from their cultivation. The expressions on their faces immediately changed. At this moment, Ouyang Zi’s body was pushed away by a gentle force and landed before Lu Fei and Tie Yan.

Wang Lin’s voice drifted toward them saying, “Take Ouyang Zi and wait for me in the Cloud Sky Sect!”

Tie Yan didn’t say anything. He quickly grabbed Ouyang Zi and left with Lu Fei. It wasn’t until they were more than 50 kilometers away that they turned around and looked back.

Although the stone house was destroyed, Li Muwan’s body was still floating in the air. Boundless amounts of spiritual energy surged into her body, causing her face to become more red. Slowly, a golden core formed in her body.

The moment the golden core appeared, it caused all of the spiritual energy to rush into it.

Wang Lin formed many seals that landed on the golden core.

His expression was extremely serious, and he started making the seals even faster until a crack appeared on the golden core.

The rank 6 Return to Origin Pill’s purpose was to make the person who consumes it absorb spiritual energy much faster to break through a bottleneck. However, Li Muwan’s body was too weak. With her life almost over, it was hard to withstand this.

Wang Lin flew into the sky. He wasn’t looking at Li Muwan. Instead, he raised his head toward the sky with a determined expression on his face.

His greatest enemy was the heavens, the life and death cycle.

Li Muwan’s golden core began to crack even more as it absorbed more spiritual energy. Golden light was leaking through the cracks; however, the light wasn’t blinding. Instead, it emitted a gentle feeling.

However, just at this moment, gray gas appeared around her body. The amount of gray gas quickly increased and completely covered her body.

Wang Lin’s life and death domain had already covered Li Muwan’s entire body, but compared to this grey veil, it was trivial.

Mortals couldn’t see this grey veil; even most cultivators couldn’t see it. Only Wang Lin, who cultivated the life and death domain, could.

Only he understood what it was!

This grey veil was the law of the heavens, it was the life and death cycle, it was the sign that someone was about to die.

Li Muwan’s eyes showed a deep sense of reluctance. She looked at Wang Lin with a nostalgic gaze and then looked around before slowly closing her eyes. A teardrop fell from the corner of her eye.

The teardrop slowly fell down, creating a weak sound when it landed on the ground.

This sound entered Wang Lin’s ears. It made him feel like past was collapsing…

No one knew if where that tear fell will create a field of memories and sorrow by next year…

The moment she closed her eyes, her golden core immediately dimmed and then shattered soon after. A small person who looked exactly like the Li Muwan of the past appeared. Her eyes were pure, but they quickly closed due to Li Muwan’s death.

Wang Lin, I’m willing to give up everything. Even if the stars fall, as long as you are willing to accompany me, your heart is the brightest light.

Wang Lin, I’m willing to give up everything. Even if all my past lives are destroyed, it won’t extinguish my reluctance to leave you.

Wang Lin, I’m willing to give up everything. Even if my life ends, even if time passes on, I hope the flower of memories never wilt.

Wang Lin, this is the karma between us. This is the choice of the heavens. In the we are ink and water struggling under the heavens.

“Even if the heavens want you to die, I’ll steal you back!!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sadness. He suddenly raised his head and, with a determined gaze, his life and death domain surged forth.

In the sky above the valley, that black and white scroll appeared once more and slowly opened up.

It was as if there was a giant hand moving across the scroll, creating waves of ripples on as it went by.

The moment the scroll appeared, a thunderous roar spread throughout Chu.

Li Muwan’s body quickly decayed and turned to dust as it fell to the ground. Her Nascent Soul was also quickly dissipating.

However, as Wang Lin’s life and death scroll covered the sky, the speed at which her Nascent Soul was dissipating slowed down.

Wang Lin then charged forth and appeared in the sky. He reached out toward the scroll and pulled down. The scroll quickly surrounded Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul.

Now that the scroll was gone, a very strange scene unfolded. Red clouds covered the sky, and two shocking lights appeared within the rolling red clouds. They seemed to be looking at Wang Lin.

This unfamiliar yet familiar gaze caused Wang Lin’s body to tremble. However, he still stared at the sky with a determined look. Behind him was Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul wrapped up in the scroll.

Wang Lin was using his own life and death domain to prevent Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul from dissipating.

He was going to fight against the heavens!

“Even if the heavens want you dead, I’ll still steal you back!” This was a promise, as well as Wang Lin’s declaration of war against the heavens!

The two rays of light in the sky slowly disappeared. However, shortly after, countless red clouds condensed into a giant hand and reached toward Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul.

Wang Lin let out a shout. He quickly grabbed the scroll and then flew into the distance.

The giant hand seemed to be able to bypass distance and reached toward the scroll in Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised his head and clashed with the giant hand.


Wang Lin’s origin soul shook violently. It was knocked out of his body. However, he quickly returned to his body and his divine sense spread out. He was looking for something.

The giant hand was retracted and the two eyes inside the red clouds appeared again and looked at the scroll in Wang Lin’s hand. Then the giant hand descended again.

Wang Lin roared, “Original body!”

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