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Chapter 315 – Stealing Corpse

Chi Hu’s eyes became brighter and brighter until he finally let out a roar and stood up. Cracking sounds came from his whole body as it grew. He was now a 30-foot-tall giant.

Many blue veins were popping out on his body, making the current him look like a demon god.

Behind him was an illusionary figure. The figure gradually became solid, revealing itself to be Zhou Yi.

As for Zhou Yi’s original body, it was sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed.

Looking at Red Butterfly, her face was already covered by a blackish-purple color and her face could no longer be seen bar her red eyes. The ribbon on her hair broke and her hair flowed in the air without any wind.

Traces of the scent of death spread out from her body and spread out into the surroundings. An illusionary figure stood behind her as well. This figure was not of the old man but of a handsome youth. However, upon closer inspection, this youth had the same facial features as the old man.

At this moment, his entire body was surrounded by black fog. As for his original body, it was sitting in the lotus position on top the coffin with its eyes closed.

Although the young man was surrounded by black fog, one could still see weird patterns on his body. This pattern was shaped like a one-horned monster. It looked very fierce.

Chi Hu let out a roar as his body suddenly began to move. His large body was unexpectedly quick as it charged forward like lightning. He joined his hands to form one fist and a giant swirl appeared, followed by powerful suctioning force.

The handsome young man behind Red Butterfly quickly moved his hands and Red Butterfly’s hands followed. Death aura quickly gathered before her, forming a long bow.

The moment Chi Hu came roaring at her, the ghostly light in her eyes suddenly shone brightly as she pulled back the long bow’s string.


The moment she let it go, a ray of death aura formed into an arrow and slammed into Chi Hu.


The earth shook, but it didn’t collapse. It was clear that Red Butterfly and Chi Hu’s attacks were still only at late stage Soul Formation level.

But the law of the heavens contained in these attacks were far beyond a what Soul Formation cultivator could display.

Chi Hu’s body backed up dozens of feet as he coughed out mouthfuls of blood. The illusionary image behind him immediately frowned and formed a seal. Chi Hu moved along with him as he began a mysterious chant.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, then a mysterious aura came out from some of the spacial rifts and gathered before Chi Hu.

In the blink of an eye, a giant sphere formed before him. The sphere released a powerful pressure.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he watched the scene before him. The method of urging the heaven’s power to move was clearly more powerful and more intricate than borrowing the heaven’s power.

The handsome young man’s eyes lit up. The illusionary figure turned into smoke and completely entered Red Butterfly. She let out some unwilling and painful groans as her body began to tremble.

But soon, four different-colored spirit bodies appeared before her.

From Red Butterfly’s body came a man’s voice saying, “Ehh? Why is it missing an earth spirit?”

The moment Wang Lin saw the four spirit bodies, his eyes lit up and he began to ponder.

After the four spirit bodies suddenly appeared before Red Butterfly, Chi Hu suddenly let out a roar and he revealed a painful expression as the axe on his forehead flickered rapidly. It flickered faster and faster until it left his body and landed on the sphere before him.

Suddenly, the sphere shook and began to move in a strange way until it took the shape of a heaven-splitting axe.

Every single pore on Chi Hu’s body spewed out blood, making him look like a person made of blood as he charged toward Red Butterfly.

The illusion behind Chi Hu slowly said, “My domain is craze! Because I have gone crazy for love, I have reached the epitome of madness. This craze can shake the heavens and earth. Chi Hu, I’m going to use your body to display my domain that hasn’t been shown in over 1000 years. Even if you die, you can die in peace!”

There was currently a strange domain appearing around Chi Hu’s body. The look of pain was no longer on his face. Instead, there was a crazed expression that would shock anyone.

His eyes were filled with determination. He no longer looked at Red Butterfly but at the axe in his hand, and the determination only deepened.

This craze didn’t have to be for a person, it could be for an object. For Chi Hu, it was his axe! His dao heart at this point was also this axe! As long as the axe didn’t shatter, his will to fight wouldn’t be extinguished.

This determination turned into a powerful fighting aura! At this point, Chi Hu stood there like a giant ready to split the sky.

“The craze domain contains persistence, an obsessive kind of persistence. Zhou Yi’s domain is indeed strange! Although Chi Hu is only at the Soul Formation stage, this fighting aura created by this persistent obsession feels like it could slay celestials!” Wang Lin revealed a shock expression as he understood the true meaning of the craze domain.

The ghostly light in Red Butterfly’s eyes shined even brighter as she pointed at her brow, causing her rose to appear, but her rose was no longer red, it was now black.

Without any hesitation, she plucked the remaining two stamens and the remaining petals. Then she threw them at the four spirit elements, creating a powerful swirl.

At the same time, a cloud of green smoke flew out of Red Butterfly’s brow. The moment the smoke appeared, it turned into the handsome young man and in one smooth motion he entered the swirl. The swirl immediately stopped moving and after a series of rumbling sounds fused with the handsome young man.

There were some strange movements as the swirl turned into an evil-looking creature. The creature let out a grin and roared.

Red Butterfly’s body quivered. After the handsome young man left, the black smoke disappeared from her body. She took a few steps back. Her face was terrifyingly pale as she regained consciousness.

As Chi Hu arrived, he swung his axe down like a meteor. The creature raised one of its claws to match it.


The axe was deflected and countless black flower petals fell from the creature’s claw.

Chi Hu’s eyes became vicious as he swung down again.


The creature’s claw shattered, revealing two stamens.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

After three attacks from the axe, the flower stamens were all destroyed, but the axe was also shattered by the attack of the creature’s horn and turned into sparkling dust.

However, the creature also dissipated and turned into nothing. At this moment, the old man sitting on top of the coffin coughed out a mouthful of black blood. His body slumped over and looked like there was no more energy left inside.

Chi Hu stared dumbfoundedly at his empty right hand. His faith came from this heaven-splitting axe, his battle intent was born from this axe, and his dao heart was the axe itself.

The axe collapsed, so the craze domain that Zhou Yi had infused into Chi Hu also dissipated.

Chi Hu’s eyes became clear, but he immediately let out miserable groans.

Pain! His body felt extreme pain!

Chi Hu fell to the ground head first. His face was completely pale without a trace of blood.

Wang Lin stared at the scene before him and sucked in a breath of cold air.

“What is my dao heart?”

Both Red Butterfly and Chi Hu regained their consciousness. Zhou Yi’s illusion also returned to his body and slowly descended, but just at this moment, a black claw suddenly appeared in the air and grabbed toward him.

This claw was very close to Zhou Yi’s body. The expression on his origin soul’s face immediately changed and it let out a roar as he rushed toward his body. He managed to enter his body as the claw came and moved slightly to the side, but he was still hit by the claw.

Zhou Yi’s abdomen was hit by the claw, which opened up a large wound, from which blood spewed out. This claw’s target wasn’t Zhou Yi’s body, but his bag of holding.

Zhou Yi’s body had only been grazed by the claw, but as for the bag of holding, it was completely torn apart. Countless objects flew out of the bag, including the pagoda, which was grabbed by the claw before it quickly retreated.

“No!!!” Zhou Yi’s eyes were bloodshot. He ignored the wound on his abdomen and let out a roar that shook the heavens. Anyone that heard this shout would feel sadness.

He didn’t hesitate at all to give up on his body. His origin soul flew out and chased after the pagoda.

“Ting Er, I won’t allow anyone to steal you from me! I won’t allow it!”

Without his origin soul controlling it, his body fell and blood poured out of it as his face turned purple. His body plummeted to the ground. For Ting Er, Zhou Yi was even willing to let his body be destroyed.

Thousands of years companionship, their daily talks, and their times together year after year. All of these scenes flashed before Zhou Yi’s eyes and he went insane.

Ting Er was his sensitive scale.

The origin soul followed like lightning, but just at this moment, the old man on top of the coffin suddenly opened his eyes. He jumped off and appeared before Zhou Yi, then started laughing.

“Zhou Yi, you are indeed powerful. If you are given 1000 more years, you might even enter the Ascendent stage. But you didn’t know that this old man was the Corpse Sect’s head elder and that I have three souls. You only killed one of my souls, so how could I be dead?!”

As he laughed, the claw behind him turned into a young man. The overall features of the young man looked like the old man, and in his hand was the pagoda.

Wang Lin stared at the scene before him and took a deep breath. His gaze suddenly turned to the weakened Red Butterfly.

Zhou Yi’s eyes revealed a crazed look as he stared at the old man like a beast ready to devour.

“Return Ting Er to me!!!”

“Ting Er? Haha, Zhou Yi, you even gave a corpse a name. This is the corpse of a celestial. I’m afraid that when she was born, you were still in the reincarnation cycle.” The old man laughed out loud. The young man behind him also laughed as he hit the pagoda and a ray of white light shot out.

The female corpse appeared!

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