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Chapter 313 – Female Corpse is Better

There was nothing growing on the ground and there were countless bottomless holes. Spacial rifts, which would sometimes fuse and disappear without a trace, filled the sky.

One could occasionally see collapsed buildings on the ground.

After Chi Hu arrived, his eyes lit up and he said, “This is the place. Xi Zu once described the first layer to me.”

Then he lowered his head and silently calculated. His divine sense spread out as if he was searching for something.

Wang Lin frowned as he looked around and suddenly said, “Since that location is at another layer, which layer is it brother Chi Hu?”

Red Butterfly hadn’t talked in many days. She let out a snort and said, “Useless question. Of course it’s the second layer! It is already very unlikely for fragments to overlap once in the Celestial Realm!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became focused as he coldly said, “Ignorant!”

Being called ignorant again caused Red Butterfly’s eyes to fill with killing intent as she stared at Wang Lin.

Chi Hu bitterly smiled as he quickly raised his head and said, “Brother Ceng, it is indeed the second layer, but my ancestor Xi Zu once speculated that there might be a third layer below.”

Red Butterfly was startled. Her eyes wavered and she remained silent.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change. He still felt like something was wrong. Since a while ago, he felt like someone was following them. This had nothing to do with his cultivation but a sense for danger he had developed from his years of killing.

“I found it. Follow me!” After a long time, Chi Hu moved and flew forward.

Soon, the three of them stopped somewhere in the north-east.

“This is the place. Xi Zu once left a plum flower mark here and the method to find the mark.” Chi Hu’s face was filled with joy as he landed near a pit.

Wang Lin lowered his head. The surrounding pits did indeed form the shape of a plum flower.

Chi Hu jumped into the pit. Red Butterfly looked at Wang Lin before following in.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and couldn’t detect the bottom of this pit. After pondering for a bit, he jumped in.

Shortly after the three of them entered the pit, the middle-aged man with the gourd appeared near the pit. He took a drink, flipped his hand, and the pagoda appeared again. The woman in white’s body flew out and was held by him.

He looked at corpse, shook his head, and muttered to himself, “Tinge Er, those juniors seem to have come for nothing. That jade coffin has already been used by me to make the pagoda. Unfortunately, that jade coffin was almost sucked dry by you in only a few thousand years. Ting Er, rest assured; I’ll go find more celestial jade for you. The third layer should have more celestial jade.”

With that, he kicked the woman’s forehead and then suddenly frowned. He waved his hand and the woman’s corpse and the pagoda disappeared as he looked at the sky.

He saw the cracks in the sky connect together and a person walk out. This person had a head full of white hair and his face was filled with wrinkles. He charged out of the cracks with incredible speed.

“Why did I even come to this damned place? I have checked almost every single fragment and still haven’t found the body of a celestial.”

He sighed as he descended to the ground and saw the middle-aged man. “Hello, hello.”

The middle-aged man frowned. Out of all the people that came from Suzaku, this old man was the only one he dreaded. This old man had the same cultivation level as him; both were at the mid stage of Soul Transformation.

But even with how long he had lived, he didn’t know this person. There weren’t many Soul Transformation cultivators on Suzuka, so he felt like he should’ve known every single Soul Transformation cultivator on Suzuka.

He looked at the old man and without a word jumped into the pit.

“Well… ignoring me? How rude.” The old man rubbed his nose. He looked at the pit the middle-aged man had jumped into and was about to leave when his nose suddenly moved because he smelled something.

“Ehh, the scent of death! Yes, this is the scent of death. I would never mistaken the scent of a celestial! It should be a female corpse, haha, a female corpse is even better!” The old man’s eyes lit up. He looked around and suddenly locked his eyes onto the pit the middle-aged man had gone into before charging in.

The old man wore a happy expression and thought, “Now I can complete the sect master’s task and leave this dog shit Suzaku. Sect head is also strange; our Corpse Sect has all kind of bodies, so why does he want the body of a celestial? I wonder what customer from what planet has such a unique taste.”

Wang Lin’s group of three made their way down the pit at a very fast pace. They had been descending for an unknown amount of time with no end in sight, but a resisting force that was pushing up became stronger and stronger.

“This is the place. Once we descend, we will arrive at the location recorded on the jade, but it is sealed by restrictions. However, with the three of us, we should be able to open it within ten days.” Chi Hu’s voice was filled with joy.

The more the three descended, the stronger the resisting force became. After the force reached a certain point, their speed began to slow down.

After a long time, the resistance became even stronger. Wang Lin took a deep breath as covered his body with spiritual energy to act against it.

He secretly calculated that they had already descended tens of thousands of meters with no end in sight. When he spread out his divine sense downwards, there was a mysterious force that prevented him from seeing more than 1000 meters down.

Wang Lin took a glance at Red Butterfly. The woman’s body was releasing a blue light and there was no emotion on her face. As for Chi Hu, the axe mark on his forehead was rapidly flashing. Every time it flashed, the force around him decrease by a bit. It was very mysterious.

Time slowly passed. After an unknown of time, Chi Hu, who was in front, shouted in joy, “We are here!”

Wang Lin slapped his of holding and the restriction flag came out. Resisting the force with the flag, he charged forward and the three of them exited the cave at the same time.

The moment they charged out, a burst of bright light blighted Wang Lin. He quickly surrounded himself with the restriction flag, blocking out the slight, and observed the surroundings with his divine sense. His expression suddenly became very strange.

This place was not very large, only about 1000 feet wide.

At the center of this place there was indeed a pool of water.


There was no jade coffin on top of the pool of water, so there was no need to talk about the three celestial swords on top of the jade coffin.

As for the spirit herbs, there wasn’t even a trace of them.

Aside from having no treasures, it was exactly the same as the location shown in the jade.

Chi Hu stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him, his mind completely blank. He had spent all this effort. Even the compass had been trashed to arrive here, but he never would have thought…

Red Butterfly sneered. She said, with a trace of anger, “Chi Hu, this is the place you were talking about? This is the place I wasted a flower stamen to enter? If you don’t give me a proper explanation today, I will not let this go!”

Wang Lin looked around with a strange expression and couldn’t help but bitterly smile. He was not as angry as Red Butterfly. After all, he lost nothing on this trip, and had even found the Purple Golden Stone. Considering this, he profited.

Thinking about this, he moved forward and began to carefully search the area.

Red Butterfly’s eyes were filled with anger. She also began to search, hoping to find some treasure.

Chi Hu stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him and muttered to himself, “How could this be… impossible… could it be that someone else found this place after Xi Zu arrived and took all the treasure? Yes, it has to be!”

He bitterly shook his head. He turned to Wang Lin and Red Butterfly, clasped his hands, and said, “The two of you, this time it was me being reckless. I didn’t expect it to turn out this way…”

Red Butterfly was about to lose control as she stared at Chi Hu and said, word for word, “Just saying you were reckless could recover my wasted flower stamen? Chi Hu, I think you already knew that this place was like this and on the way purposely borrowed my power. You must have another objective. If you don’t clearly explain it, then don’t blame me for not caring about our clans’ relationship.”

Wang Lin calmly searched everywhere but found nothing. In the end, his eyes landed on the pool of water. Upon closer inspection, the pool was very deep and he wasn’t able to see the bottom.

After Chi Hu heard Red Butterfly’s words, his expression immediately became ugly, but he held his temper and said, with a heavy tone, “Red Butterfly, once we return to Suzaku, I’ll give you a proper explanation. However, you saying that I have another objective is completely false. I am the young master of the Giant Demon Clan. Although I can’t match you, I’m a man of my word.”

Red Butterfly sneered and was about to speak, but Wang Lin suddenly said, “Chi Hu, you said before that this place had a third layer?”

Chi Hu was startled. His eyes lit up and he said, “Brother Ceng Niu is correct. My ancestor Xi Zu once said that there might be a third layer.”

Red Butterfly coldly mocked him. “Xi Zu? Your Xi Zu also said that there were treasures on this layer.”

Chi Hu sullenly looked at Red Butterfly. After a long time, he took a deep breath, walked toward Wang Lin, and looked at the pool of water.

Wang Lin slowly said, “If there is a third layer, this should be the entrance to it.”

Red Butterfly slightly snorted. She gently moved herself next to the pool of water and looked into it.

Just at this moment, someone floated down from the tunnel above. He took one step and in a blur arrived in the air on top of the pool of water before them.

A powerful force surrounded them. Chi Hu’s face immediately turned white and he coughed out a mouthful of blood, then his body was thrown backwards.

As for Red Butterfly, she let out charming goan as she quickly backed up with shock in her eyes.

Wang Lin had already been on guard as he had always felt like someone was following them. The moment the other person appeared, he quickly backed up. Although he was still affected by the pressure, he wasn’t injured; only his face became red and he was pushed back several meters.

“Ehh?” The person looked at Wang Lin and took a large gulp from his gourd.

Chi Hu shouted, “Five Elements Sect, Zhou Yi!”

The middle-aged man let out a smile and asked, “Little guy from the Giant Demon Clan, you know me?”

After Red Butterfly heard the name “Zhou Yi,” her expression suddenly changed as she hid her look of disgust.

Chi Hu quickly and respectfully said, “Junior Giant Demon Clan’s Chi Hu greets senior. Junior knows senior’s name since youth.” He was born as the young master of the Giant Demon Clan, so he had been focused on by the family since early childhood. He had seen portraits of all Soul Transformation cultivators and above. The moment he saw the red gourd, he was able to recognize who it was.

This Zhou Yi had a very weird hobby. After this hobby had been confirmed, Chi Hu remembered him very well.

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