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Chapter 312 – Looking for trouble

Wang Lin didn’t spread out his divine sense. He didn’t need to because he had a connection with these wandering souls. Not long after, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed.

Wang Lin quickly send out a message saying, “There is something abnormal 10 kilometers ahead.”

10 kilometers ahead of them was a strange, octopus-like creature slowly swaying about with countless tentacles swaying with its body.

One of the wandering souls got close. It was touched by a tentacle and immediately disappeared.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and sent out a vision of this along with the message.

Without a word, Chi Hu immediately changed the direction of the compass to move around it. As they passed by, one of the tentacles swept by the side of the compass.


The compass started to shake violently and began to spin as they were flung north.

Wang Lin could only feel a powerful force enter his body. He felt like his organs were hit by tens of thousands kilograms of force. Blood rushed to his mouth, but he was able to swallow it back down.

The compass was still spinning and in the blink of an eye flew far into the distance.

Chi Hu’s face was red. Blood came out from the corners of his lips and his eyes were bloodshot. He let out a roar and after a long time finally stabilized the compass. His entire body looked like it was ready to collapse. His breathing was rough as he took out pills from his bag of holding and swallowed them.

Red Butterfly also looked very disheveled. Her eyes revealed a rare look of shock.

After an unknown amount of time, Chi Hu took a deep breath and sent out a message saying, “Thank you, brother Ceng, for the early warning. The three of us would have died here today if it wasn’t for you.”

Red Butterfly asked, “What kind of beast was that?”

“I don’t know what it is either, but something that can live inside the void of the Celestial Realm is not something we can handle. It only brushed past us and that was enough to almost kill us. Terrifying.” Chi Hu still had fear lingering in his voice.

Wang Lin slowly said, “This beast is called Xu.”

Chi Hu was surprised. “Brother Ceng knows this beast?”

Wang Lin said, “This Xu is considered a minor destructive beast. It is born from devouring the earth and lives by feeding off Yin energy. Even during ancient times, the ancient cultivators would need many people to defeat it.”

There was a description of that creature in Ancient God Tu Si’s memory. That creature had three treasures. The first were the tentacles, which were top-quality treasure refining materials. The second was its brain, which could increase one’s lifespan. The third was its core, which could give one the strength to lift ten thousand kilograms.

The ancient god clan members liked the core the best. After all, their cultivation was all focused on the body.

Wang Lin didn’t share this information.

Chi Hu said, “Brother Ceng is really knowledgable, I’m impressed.”

Red Butterfly snorted and said, with a cold voice, “Who knows if it is true or false? Don’t make up a random name.”

Wang Lin calmly said, “Ignorant!”

“You!” Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up.

Chi Hu felt a headache. Just as he was about to speak, Wang Lin said, “This creature normally has its tentacles withdrawn and only has it spread out like that when it is looking for food. Brother Chi Hu, quickly fly north. When the creature hunts, it spreads out a red aura. It is not something we can resist.”

Chi Hu was startled. If they were to continue going north, they would be completely lost. He couldn’t help but hesitate. In truth, he also had doubts about what Wang Lin said, but he wasn’t going to point it out like Red Butterfly did.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He stood up and jumped off the compass. The restriction flag surrounded his body as he quickly flew north.

“Brother Ceng!” Chi Hu was shocked.

Red Butterfly coldly said, “It’s fine that he left. I don’t believe he recognized that creature.”

Chi Hu frowned. Survival was more important, so he clenched his teeth and spread out his divine sense south. Shortly after, his expression changed as he saw a wave of red aura spreading toward them.

Chi Hu was shocked. He steered the compass and flew north.

Red Butterfly was also shocked. After spreading out her divine sense, her face became very ugly.

After Wang Lin left the compass, he charged north. Although he didn’t know the exact power of the red aura, it left a deep impression in ancient god Tu Si’s memory.

That was why he didn’t hesitate to leave the compass and flew away by himself.

Chi Hu’s face was gloomy as he steered the compass. He was flying quickly to the north, but that red aura was very dangerous and it caught up to them in almost an instant.


The moment a corner of the compass was touched by the red aura, it disappeared as if it was devoured.

The compass shook greatly. Chi Hu coughed out a mouthful of blood and even Red Butterfly’s face became abnormally red.

Chi Hu shouted, “Red Butterfly, act! I must focus all of my attention on controlling the compass, so I can’t use any spells to resist!” He regretted not listening to Ceng Niu’s words. How else would they be in this crisis with the compass’ speed?

Without a word, Red Butterfly pointed at her brow and the rose appeared again. She quickly plucked two flower petals and flicked them at the red aura.

Bang Bang

Two earth-shattering explosions occurred, which pushed the red wave apart. Red Butterfly felt sweetness in her throat as she coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Using the power of the explosion, Chi Hu steered the compass out of the red aura, but they were not out of danger yet.

A opening was created in the red aura by the rose petal, but now that opening was like a big mouth moving to devour the compass.


The opening closed and the compass shook violently, then more cracks appeared on it. Chi Hu felt like he was about to lose all the strength in his body and Red Butterfly’s face was pale.


The aura attempted to devour the compass again. This time, it was only a hair away.

Red Butterfly clenched her teeth. She plucked a stamen from the flower and flicked it toward the red aura.

Bang bang bang.

The intense explosion could even be heard by Wang Lin in the distance. He let out a cold smile and flew even faster.

The mouth created by the aura was finally blown open again and the compass was able to break free from the red aura. The moment the compass escaped, it moved to the north like a shooting star.

Red Butterfly’s face was very ugly. The rose petals could be replenished, but there were only three stamens and it was very difficult to recover them.

As Wang Lin flew, he suddenly stopped and looked behind him. After a while, he could see the compass coming in closer. Chi Hu saw Wang Lin floating there and couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s usefulness increased indefinitely and far surpassed Red Butterfly’s.

He took a deep breath. The compass stopped by Wang Lin and he said, “Brother Ceng, come in and then we can talk.”

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate and quickly sat down on the eastern end of the compass.

This compass was now missing a corner. Only the east, west, and north corners remained.

Chi Hu felt awkward as he said, “Brother Ceng, I know I was wrong before. Is there anything else the beast will do after the red aura? How can we choose our direction after this?”

Red Butterfly’s face was ugly. She didn’t say a word.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Since we managed to escape the red aura, there shouldn’t be any issues for now. Brother Chi Hu should follow the map and try to get back on track.”

Chi Hu bitterly nodded. He secretly thought that they needed to hurry. With the compass in this condition, it wouldn’t last long.

A few days later, Chi Hu found a location on the map and the compass quickly followed the map toward their destination.

Along the way, Red Butterfly didn’t say a word and let Wang Lin lead the way. Chi Hu also no longer questioned Wang Lin and listened to whatever Wang Lin told him.

There were many creatures living inside the void. Along the way, Wang Lin’s world expanded a lot. He saw a lot of strange creatures from Tu Si’s memory.

Under Wang Lin’s directions, the compass passed safely with only some scares but no real danger.

They inched closer and closer to their destination.

Traveling in the void took a very long time and those strange creatures weren’t everywhere. At this moment, it had been more than ten days since they last encountered danger.

Wang Lin sat in a lotus position on the eastern end of the compass and would occasionally talk with Chi Hu about Dao. Both felt like they had gained a lot of knowledge.

Chi Hu smiled. “My Giant Demon Clan isn’t native to Suzaku. My ancestors moved there thousands of years ago, so it is natural that our techniques are different than yours on some level.”

Wang Lin nodded to himself.

Time quickly passed by. At this moment, Wang Lin was cultivating while keep a tab on the wandering souls until he suddenly opened his eyes. Through the wandering souls, he could see an object several meters wide floating in the distance.

This floating object looked like a large rock with flashes of purple.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. “Golden Purple Stone!”

In Tu Si’s memory, there was one necessary material for making a star compass and that was the Golden Purple Stone. If it was before he saw the star compass, he wouldn’t be tempted.

But at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He stood up and said, “Brother Chi Hu, please wait a moment. I saw a treasure refining material. Let me go get it first, then we can leave.”

With that, he didn’t even wait for Chi Hu to reply and flew toward the Golden Purple Stone.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “When I was comprehending the heavens to reach the Soul Formation stage, I met a senior named Tian Yunzi. That person said that if I could leave Suzaku, I can go find him at planet Tian Yun and he would take me as his honorary disciple for 100 years. His cultivation is godlike, so I must take this opportunity. I must get my hands on a star compass.”

His speed was very quick, so he arrived before the golden purple stone after a while. He looked at the large stone, took a deep breath, and put it inside his bag of holding before returning.

After returning to the compass, Chi Hu asked what kind of material it was, but Wang Lin dodged the question with a smile.

One more month passed. Wang Lin kept searching the surroundings but was unable to find more materials. On this day, the compass suddenly began to shake violently as cracks spread throughout its surface.

At the same time, a powerful force appeared and threw the three of them off the compass.

“The damage to the compass is too much; it can no longer continue to fly. The three of us will have to rely on our own to flying abilities. Luckily, we aren’t far from our destination. At full speed, we should arrive in three days.” Chi Hu let out a bitter smile as he waved his hand and the compass was put away.

Three days passed by quickly. Wang Lin saw land in the distance. This land was the first layer of the Celestial Realm fragment.

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